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12 Best German Language Courses in Mumbai


When it comes to learning new languages, is both interesting and challenging. You’ll be surprised to know that German is spoken not only in Germany but in other various countries in Europe as well. As of now speaking the German language is in high demand but learning the German language is quite challenging because the language itself is a bit complex to learn on our own without proper guidance.

So to solve this issue, today, I have listed down the top 12 German Language Course Institutes in Mumbai providing the best training and guidance to master the German language.

1. Henry Harvin

About the Institute:

On the first on our list, we have Henry Harvin institute which is one of the top organisations that provide German Language Courses in Mumbai.

Henry Harvin is the world’s leading training and certification platform and has sustained over 2,00,000 associates.

The Institute ranks among the Top 500 Global Edtech companies with 3,00,000+ Alumni and Top 100 Edtech organisations of India, 900+ B2B Clients, 500+ Award Winning Trainers and 200+ Courses. Henry Harvin has a client base in over 97+ nations.

This institute provides both virtual and classroom training with their 9-in-1-course program where they train you accordingly and assign you projects which will help uplift yourself.

Internships are offered where you get the knowledge of working in the industry. It is a certified course with 100% placement support.

Course Details:

The course is divided into 06 levels:

  • Level A-01 and Level A-02 offer Beginners level training where you learn about the basic introductions, alphabets and numbers, arranging appointments, seasons and weather, working on a computer and basic grammar, etc.
  • Level B- 01 and Level B-02 offer Intermediate level training where you will learn about school training, cultural diversities, initiating small talk, living and renting, travelling, etc.
  • Level C-01 and Level C-02 offer advanced and proficient level training where you hone your skills of reading, writing and listening to sentence structure and formation along with the vocabulary in a wider sense.

Apart from these levels you also get two complimentary modules for soft skills advancements and resume writing.

Course Duration:

A-0156 HoursINR 12,500/-
A-0256 HoursINR 12,500/-
B-0166 HoursINR 15,500/-
B-0266 HoursINR 15,500/-
C-0166 HoursINR 17,500/-
C-0266 HoursINR 17,500/-

Perks of learning the German Language from Henry Harvin:

  • Live online two-way interactive sessions
  • Regular Bootcamp sessions
  • Free Hackathons and competitions
  • 1-year gold membership where you get full access to the German language training course.
  • 24/7 lifetime support and access
  • Flexible learning timings
  • Language Expert trainers
  • Certification and 100% placement support
  • Integrieter Lehrplan the educational program is planned as per the prerequisite of CEFR that assists competitors with acing the Important German language tests like DSH, TestDaF, Goethe-Institute.

You can choose your timings for the class as per your convenience and if you are not satisfied with the German language training program you will get your entire amount back which is a 100% guarantee they are providing for their learners. And as they offer online training you can easily access the German Language program with this institute in Mumbai.

Along with the German language program, Henry Harvin also offers other courses such as

  • Spanish language course
  • Japanese language course
  • French language course
  • Korean language course and many more.

Cities in India where German Language Courses are available:

Pune, Bhopal, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Kolkata, Agra, Chennai, Online and Bangalore.

02. Udemy Inc.

About the Platform:

Udemy Inc. is another best online learning platform providing German language courses in Mumbai with the help of German experts at an affordable range. Here they offer both paid and free classes. The price of the courses they offer is quite affordable.

They also often provide offers where you can easily purchase a higher amount of course on a reasonable budget. Udemy along with the German language course provides other different courses as well, there are almost 600 free courses they offer.

Perks of learning the German Language from Udemy:

  • Lifetime access to the courses you have purchased
  • Certification will be provided but only if you purchase the course note the certificate is not officially accredited.
  • If you are not satisfied with the course, in the first 30-days you will get your money back without any questions asked.
  • There are in total 7208-course videos for learning the German Language and the best part is you get to learn directly from the trainers from Germany itself so that you don’t have to worry about mispronouncing a certain word or phrase or a sentence.
  • Subtitles are available for a better understanding
  • Quizzes are conducted to enhance your language skill
  • Coding exercises
  • Practice tests
  • You get to choose your own preferred language you want to learn in.

Course Details:

There are four levels of the German language training program:

  • Beginner
  • All levels
  • Intermediate
  • Expert

You can choose as per your knowledge. There are in total 584 free courses and 6624 paid German language courses available.

Apart from the German language course they also provide 19 other language courses which you can learn from Udemy with your preferred language choice i.e. if you are English you can learn German in the English language. If you are French then you can learn the German language in French or if you are Spanish you can learn the German language in Spanish or even Hindi, Italian, Korean, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bangla, Marathi and many other different languages.

As Udemy is an online learning platform you can easily access the German language course in Mumbai as well.

The companies associated with Udemy:

Nasdaq, box, NetApp, Eventbrite

03. 17 Minute Languages

Top German Language Course in Mumbai

About the platform:

17 minutes language is an online learning platform which is unlike other online language learning platforms providing German Language Courses.

Here you learn the German language in just 17 minutes per day. This means you will only have to give 17 minutes from your entire day. This platform has helped learners learn new languages in just 17 minutes per day for 02 decades.

Apart from the German Language Course they also provide other 81 Language courses.

Perks of learning the German Language from 17 Minute Languages

  • Learn only 17 minutes per day
  • They use the long-term memory learning method which will help you learn the German language in a very short period, and make you fluent in the German language.
  • You learn 32% faster with super-learning music
  • You can take the free German trial version and then decide whether this platform is worth your time and money.
  • Audio lessons for better understanding and pronunciation.
  • They have an insider learning community where you can exchange your ideas and thoughts with other German learners and make some new friends as well.
  • A new surprise awaits you at the end of every day when you learn for a long time.
  • The audio vocabulary is recorded by professional German speakers and every vocabulary is broken down into themes.
  • You can add your own vocabulary to the course.
  • 31 days of 100% money-back guarantee
  • You also get a German audio trainer, with the help of this trainer you can listen to and learn the German Language while doing physical activities or while driving, riding on a train or bus, while walking or while doing many other things.

What you will learn in this course:

The course is divided into four levels:

01. Beginners level

02. Intermediate level

03. Proficiency level

04. Business level

  • If you choose the beginner’s course then you will receive a basic vocabulary of 1300 words and reach the A1/A2 level.
  • Choosing the complete Korean learning program then you will learn over 5000 words and reach the C1/C2 level.
  • You will be taught the words in context using copious amounts of Idioms and dialogue texts within whole sentences.
  • As all the words and texts were recorded by Korean native speakers in a recording studio you will get a clear accent-free pronunciation and correct intonation from the beginning so it will be easy for you to memorise them.
  • New grammar exercises every day to build your language knowledge and every day new words will be added to your vocabulary.
  • You will have a verb trainer and the sentence construction trainer who will teach you the formation of the sentences and fluency in communication.
  • They have a sophisticated scoring system for each word you learn. The longer you learn during the day, you achieve more points per word.  And if you continue this cycle without any interruptions then you get rewarded for your efforts.

How does the long-term method work:

  • On the first day, you will get a word which you have to translate correctly into the German language. The program then tells you to wait for two days.
  • On the third day, you will receive the same word as you had on the first day and you have to translate the word correctly into the german language again. The program then waits for four more days.
  • On the eighth day, you will receive the same word and you have to correctly translate the word yet again. Then the program waits for eight more days.
  • On the seventeenth day, you will receive the same word again and have to translate it as well. The program then waits for the last nine days and you have to correctly translate the word one final time. If you manage to remember the word on every occasion then it is impossible for you to ever forget that word in your entire lifetime.

04. LingQ

Top German Language Course in Mumbai

About the Platform:

LingQ is an online learning platform launched in late 2007 by Steve Kaufmann and his son Mark. It is a combination of language learners and native-speaking tutors, they provide fun and interesting methods to learn the German language.

LingQ is based on Steve’s personal experiences through learning languages. Steve only spoke English until the age of 17 and even after 10 years of learning French in school he still couldn’t speak it. So, he determined on finding the best way to learn languages that work.

They offer a range of interesting topics like books, politics, science, culture, entertainment, sports, food and many more.

They use YouTube videos, blog posts and Netflix shows to teach you entertainingly. You can either download their app or sign up on their website where you can save the contents in the course library.

Resources LingQ offers:

  • Foreign language libraries on the web.
  • Thousands of hours of audio including matching transcripts.
  • Powerful vocabulary tools
  • Known words tracking system where you can track and measure everything you learn.
  • A global online community where you can join live conversations, have your writing corrected, get help from personal tutors and make friends.

How the course works:

  • Read and listen to the content you love.
  • Learn new words and phrases
  • Track your progress
  • Enjoy your journey anytime, anywhere.

Money factor:

You get to choose between two membership levels.

01.  Premium

  • In the premium membership, if you want to sign up for a monthly program then it will cost you 999 rupees.
  • If you sign up for six months program then the cost will be 5,536 rupees.
  • Signing up for one year program you will have to pay rupees 8,301.
  • And if you sign up for a two-year program then you will have to pay rupees 14,756.

02.  Premium Plus

  •  In the premium plus membership, if you want to sign up for a monthly program then it will cost you 3,077 rupees.
  •   If you sign up for six months program then the cost will be 18,002 rupees.
  • Signing up for one year program you will have to pay rupees 33,235.
  • And if you sign up for a two-year program then you will have to pay rupees 64,623.

What access you get:

It is not compulsory to pay for the course you can get access to the free version also so let’s take a look at the accessibilities between the free course and paid course.

Premium and Premium Plus

  • Thousands of hours of audio including transcript.
  • Access to all the lessons on the web and mobile. 20 vocabulary LingQs and 05 imported lessons.
  • Access to all 25 languages and download lesson audio.
  • Full-text translation and notes access, Sync lesson progress across devices.
  • SRS Vocabulary review tools, synced playlists across devices and track all learning activities.

·    These are the accessibilities you will get in both free and premium courses.

Premium Plus

  • Unlimited Vocabulary LingQs
  • Countless Imported Lessons
  • Vocabulary import/export
  • Offline access to mobile apps
  • Print lessons, Edit lessons
  • Additional activities
  • Enhanced statistics

05. Memrise

Top German Language Course in Mumbai

About the App:

Memrise is an entertaining and effective language learning app and website providing German Language Courses in Mumbai. Ed Cooke and Ben Whately founded this app in the year 2010. 

The app allows you to learn in a total of 22 other languages. It has a rating of 4.8/5 with 60 million users globally. You can download the app from Google PlayStore, App Store and Huawei AppGallery.

Why Memrise?

  • Proven memory techniques rooted in science:- Here you learn more, quicker, with a learning system created with the best cognitive science.
  • Two times quicker than learning in a classic classroom ambient:- a learning method that is better and faster than traditional rote learning.
  • Immersive learning:- Get familiar with the language individuals truly use.
  • Cover all that from occasion basics to longer-term objectives.

Memrise has three principles:

01.  Rich, real-life language content:

  • Here, you will learn the languages through the native people who are familiar with the language and are experts in it.
  • There are over thousands of videos of Native speakers speaking in their Native languages that will help you to understand legitimate voices and accents along with the scenery and get a sense of culture.

02.             A saucy recipe of tech and science:

  • Memrise is built with a mix of science and technology that excites your mind and makes it active.
  • It makes you use what you learn in certain ways and at specific times is both exciting and effective.

03.             If it isn’t fun, you just won’t learn:

This app makes learning fun, and exciting and keeps your attention engaged.

 Course details:

It is a three-step program:

  •   Step 01:- Super-smart learning engine where you learn German words and phrases from real-life experiences or examples from native speakers in the form of video or audio. It provides lessons as per an individual needs.
  • Step 02:- Their lessons include ongoing and convenient words and phrases of over 3000 and they provide over 10,000+ audio and video clips from the native speakers.
  • Step 03­­:- Achieve fluency in the German Language.

06. Langoik

Top German Language Course in Mumbai

About the institute

Langoik is one of the best autonomous institutes providing the German language course in Mumbai helping thousands of individuals gain expertise in the German language. The founder of the institute is Mr. Pradyumna Singh. They have Goethe-certified trainers to help you enhance your German language skills from levels A-01 to C-01.

They help their students to get scholarships and admissions to German Universities.

Perks of learning the German Language from Langoik:

  • Provides both virtual and classroom training.
  • Coherent, fun and efficiently framed lectures and exercises.
  • Learn new German Vocabulary words every day.
  • Offers video lessons
  • After completion of the course, you will master German communication skills, writing skills and reading skills.
  • Arranges Scholarships and smooth admissions to German Universities.
  • Prepares you for TestDaF and TestAS.
  • Certified course
  • Language expert trainers
  • Best placement opportunity
  • Specialised speaking sessions where you will interact with native speakers and hone your language.

Other courses offered by Langoik:

  • Computer Science
  • Business Administration
  • Information and Media Technology
  • Philosophy
  • Neurosciences with 70% and above
  • Musicology
  • Engineering
  • Linguistics
  • Health management
  • Health Economics and many more

Cities Langoik provides the German Language Courses:

Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Vadodara.

07. Preply

Top German Language Course in Mumbai

About the platform

Preply is an online learning platform providing German language courses in Mumbai. Preply was created in the year 2012 to showcase to the world what great language learning resembles. The trainers share a common goal “Shaping the future of effective learning.”

Perks of learning the German Language from Preply:

  • Select a trainer of your choice from over 1000 German trainers.
  • Affordable cost of learning
  • Verified and expert tutors
  • Learn as per your preferred schedule
  • Associate with language specialists from around the world.
  • Figure out how to tackle any issue in any language.
  • Foster your functioning jargon and convey it.
  • Establish a decent connection and assemble trust in any language.
  • Can request a private tutor
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Learn from the native speakers
  • Prepare you for TestDaF, DSH and OSD tests

Other languages provided by Preply:

Chinese, English, Italian, French, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Arabic.

08. The Language Hub

About the institute:

  • The Language Hub is one of the top institutes providing German Language Courses in Mumbai.
  • The tutors are friendly, professional and Goethe certified with over 5 years of experience, making the learning fun and efficient.
  • They currently provide training in German, Spanish, French and Mandarin (Chinese) languages.
  • They run unique centred courses which are figured out for Spouse Visa Clearance, Immigration, Higher studies abroad, advancing as a Hobby and Tourism.

Perks of learning the German Language from The Language Hub:

  • This German Language Course centres on all attributes of modules of reading, writing, listening and communication skills as per Goethe’s module by nurturing pupils in classroom activities like watching short stories, discussions and normal conversations.
  • They provide Live interactive sessions online
  • They will teach you the German Language from the scratch so if you’re not familiar with the language, don’t worry.
  • No specific age restrictions
  • This German Language Course provides from A-01 to C-01 levels.
  • They prepare you for OSD exams.
  • Free higher study consultations for all the students.

Course duration:

LevelsDurations (weekly and weekends)
A-01 and A-0245 Hours
B-01 and B-0255-60 Hours
C-01 and C-0280 Hours

09. Excel Academy

Top German Language Course in Mumbai

About the institute:

Excel Academy is India’s top foreign language academy offering training in 10 different foreign languages in writing, reading, listening and speaking foreign languages.

They train 80 students on average per month. Their training centres are located in Andheri and Malad.

Perks of learning the German Language from Excel Academy:

  • Learn the German Language in just 30 days.
  • Exceptionally inspired experienced and devoted faculties.
  • Limited four to six group batches for personalised attention.
  • One-on-one personalised training
  • Expertly planned Course materials with audio sessions.
  • Favourable class timings
  • Air-Conditioned classrooms provide you with a superior learning ambient.
  • This German Language Course offers reading, writing, conversational and transitional levels.
  • Train you as per industry requirements.

Other courses offered by Excel Academy:

Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, Mandarin, Russian, Italian, IELTS, TOEFL, and English.

10. Ziel Foreign Language Academy

About the Institute:

Ziel Foreign Language Institute provides the best German Language training established in the year 2004. The founder of this foreign language institute is Mrs. Kalyani Marathe and Ms. Moushami D. Kulkarni who has gained experience from more than 15 years of training in foreign languages.

Perks of training the German Language from Ziel Foreign Language Academy:

  • You will be fluent in speaking, writing and translating the German Language.
  • Internationally certified course
  • Language Expert trainers
  • Superior Education
  • More than adequate Practice Sessions
  • Adaptable Schedule and Timings – Walk-In Registration.
  • Provide you Interpretation Service
  • Provide you Corporate Training
  • Prepare you for the Zertifikat Deutsch (ZD) an international examination for the German Language.
  • The duration of the course is 2- 2.5 Months with A-01/A02/B-01/B02 levels.

Other Courses offered by Ziel Foreign Language Academy:

Chinese, French, Spanish, and Japanese

11. Polyglot Foreign Language classes and courses

About the Institute:

Polyglot Language School and Creative Hub is one of the top foreign language and creative arts institutes providing the German Language Course in Mumbai. The Co-founders of the institute are Mr Sameer Damle and Ms Bhavyaa Lodaya both are highly qualified in language training.

Mr Sameer Damle is fluent in Spanish and German and has an enormous experience of over 10 years in the language training field. Whereas, Ms Bhavyaa Lodaya is fluent in Spanish and has an experience of over 06 years in the language training industry.

This German Language Course contains:

  • Preparation for every one of the expert levels from A1 up to C2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) design.
  • Conducting internal exams after completion of each level.
  • Accreditation because of internal exams.
  • Preparing for global tests directed by Max Mueller Bhavan (Goethe).
  • Model tests to plan for global tests.
  • All parts of the language for example listening, reading, writing and speaking are covered in this course.
  • Extra spotlight on talking and listening angles.
  • Extensive and well-informed methodologies.
  • The duration of this German Language Course is four to five months coupled with preparations for the International Exams for the German Language.

Other language courses offered by Polyglot Language School and Creative Hub are Spanish and French.

12. ReSOLT (Republic School Of Languages and Training)

About the institute:

Republic School Of Languages and Training (ReSOLT) is one of the best institutes for language training in the world indulging thousands of individuals globally.

The institute is connected to the foreign dialect industry furthermore, numerous kinds of language learning coupled with corporate training, skill development, interpretation, translation, international exam preparations and many more.

Perks of learning the German Language from ReSOLT:

  • More than 500 experienced and certified trainers
  • Flexible timings
  • 24×7 doubt solving
  • Complete learning materials
  • Personalised experience
  • Roleplay and Creative exercises
  • Affordable prices
  • Specialised ReSOLT Learning App
  • Revision sessions and Mock tests
  • Live interactive sessions
  • Prepare you for Goethe Institute Certification

The duration of the German Language Course is of 2-3 months.

Consistently, the degree and interest in the German language are expanding quickly in India. You can benefit a lot of chances by learning the German language in India.


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01. Why learn the German language?

Ans. German is one of the most spoken languages in Europe. It is the second native language of many European Countries including Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium and many more.

02. Is it easy to learn the German Language?

Ans. It is not difficult to learn but may be complex to learn who are not much familiar with the language.

03. How can it benefit me?

Ans. As we know that German is one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe and probably the whole world so there are numerous job opportunities, and higher education opportunities available worldwide.

04. Why it is important to learn the German language?

Ans. German is the doorway to an elite advanced education. A significant number of the Western world’s most pivotal works of theory, writing, music, art history, religious philosophy, psychology, science, engineering and medication are written in German and keep on being created in German.

05. How long does it take to become fluent in German?

Ans. As per the FSI (Foreign Service Institute), you will require around 750 hours of learning to become fluent in the German Language.


  • German language classes in Mumbai provide the best environment for learning and help in better understanding of the concepts for the students to understand easily.

  • Learn german in Mumbai is easy because of various famous institutes which provides the best environment and easy learning of the german language for the people.

  • German language course Mumbai is best for students who are willing to learn a new language which will help them in future in their career

  • Unquestionably, this is among the best posts I’ve ever read about German language classes in Mumbai. We appreciate you sharing this content. Please write some more articles on the subject, please.

  • It’s simple to enroll in a German language course. You may effortlessly study a huge variety of languages using hybrid mode. You can choose a language to study based on your interests.

  • Learn a different language which is a new concept for you. Sometimes it sounds impossible when you know nothing in a new place. But I found the best institute, and the best faculty to learn from scratch.

  • I’m impressed with the diverse range of German language courses listed on this platform. The detailed course descriptions and flexible scheduling options make it convenient for anyone looking to master the language in Mumbai.

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