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44 Amazing Facts About Germany Revealed


Overview of Interesting Facts About Germany

“Germany !”, what strikes your mind when you think of this country? If your answers are beer, food, culture, free tuition, accessible and quality education, etc, then you are right! It just doesn’t stop there. There are hundreds of interesting facts about Germany you just can’t ignore.

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Interesting Facts About Germany

This article will introduce you to 44 interesting facts about Germany that you might have not known. Let’s get down to business, shall we? 

Germany is one of the most sort-after countries for various reasons. Germany has been attracting people across the globe, because of its rich forest landscape,  colorful culture, the biggest and the best breweries, and rich history.

History of the German Empire

Interesting Facts About Germany
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  1. Germany got its independence in the year 1871. It includes 16 federal states. Germany encompasses 403 districts where 107 districts are urban and the other 294 are rural districts.
  2. Germany is known to have a population of close to 83 million. It is called the second most populous country in Europe because of this reason. Russia occupies the first position with a population of close to 145 million.
  3. Berlin is the capital of Germany and the main urban center in the country. It is also known to be the official residence of the president of Germany. The most interesting fact about Germany is that Frankfurt, Aachen, Regensburg, and Nuremberg are the other five capitals of Germany apart from Berlin. Apart from being the major capital of Germany, it is also known as the largest and the most populous city in the country. 
  4. Another interesting fact about Germany is that about one-third of Germany is covered in forests. This is known to be one of the major reasons that is attracting tourists from all across the world. It also hosts one of the oldest and biggest zoos, “Berlin Zoological Garden”. This zoo is known to host more than 1300 species of animals.
  5. Not only in terms of population, but Germany also holds the seventh rank in terms of area. The country is spread across  137,846 square miles with 3,011 square miles covered by water and the other 34,836 square miles covered by land.
  6. One of the interesting facts about Germany is that it played a crucial role in the initiation of World War I in pursuit of colonizing African and Asian countries. Likewise, World War II was in pursuit of conquering Poland.
  7. During World War II, Adolf Hitler killed and enslave millions of people, especially Jews. Six long years of World War II came to an end with the death of Hiler in 1945. Germany was divided into two countries namely, East and West Germany Until 1989 and later united ending the cold war between them.
  8. Germany was the first country that invented MP3. This country also goats more than 20,000 castles and extensive mountain ranges.
  9. Before 1871, dukes and kings ruled the many independent states of Germany.
  10. Another interesting fact about Germany is that In Germany, the president is a ceremonial role. Most of the executive activities are under the control of the federal chancellor. President nominates and the parliament selects the federal chancellor. 
  11. Germany is an environmentalist country. It is the third-largest country with a generous recycling rate

German Language

Interesting Facts About Germany

12. An interesting fact about Germany is that we all know that German is the official language of Germany. But the interesting fact about Germany is that their language german is also the official language of Luxembourg, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland with distinct dialectics.

13. People who lived in the same region 5000 years ago are known to speak a language that is more similar to modern-day german.

14. Another interesting fact about Germany is that it is the fourth most widely spoken language in the world and with English, French, and Spanish occupying one, two, and three positions.

15. Unlike English alphabets, the German language has four extra alphabets. These alphabets are ü, ä, ö, and ß.

16. High german also known as Hochdeutsch, and low german also known as Plattdeutsch are two main parts of the german language.

17. One more interesting fact about Germany is that the words we commonly use have different meanings altogether. For instance, the word “thanks” means “no” to germans. Likewise, the word “please” means “Yes”.

18. Another interesting fact about Germany is that The German language has a total of 35 discrete dialectics. 

19. We might be under the impression that most of Europe speaks English. If you are one among them then you are in soup. It is the german language that is most popular and it is the language that is spoken by a majority of native European speakers.

20. Germans value and care about their nation and language. They would go to any extent when it comes to protecting their cultural integrity. They only prefer native actors even in dubbed films.

21. The German language has words that may not exist in any other language. German and English share about 60% of the vocabulary. 

Culture and People

Interesting Facts About Germany
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22. Another interesting fact about Germany is that German citizens are straightforward. They do not hesitate to reach out to you and correct you if you act differently in their society. They feel responsible and don’t get surprised if a german corrects you in the middle of nowhere when you visit Germany.

23. Germans as discussed are responsible citizens. They are good law-abiding citizens as well. Even if you are saved from an illegal crossing, it is the citizens’ nasty glares that embarrass you more. You may even feel to quickly run away from the situation.

24. If you are thirsty in Germany and want to ask for tap water to drink then you need to learn this word. That is Leitungswasser. It is plumbing water in German. Learn to pronounce the word correctly. Remember Germans are not so easy people to deal with.

25. Another interesting fact about Germany is that Germans are reserved people when compared to other parts of the world. They value privacy a lot and hugging strangers may not be their favorite greeting. So, when you talk with a german next make sure not to hug and keep your distance.

26. Germans strongly follow religious beliefs. When it comes to greeting others, they simply knock on the Oak wood table. Germans strongly believe that oak wood is holy and brings good luck to people. It is also believed that Oak wood is so holy that the devil cannot touch it.

27. Germans are reserved people. They may not tolerate anything more than a “good day” or a “good evening”. So do not expect your german neighbors to bring you cookies and talk o you all day. Germans are well known for their knowledge as well. Most disruptive innovations in the work such as TVs, cars, scientific calculators, etc, are the intellectual properties of germans. 

28. Another interesting fact about Germany is that they consider cheering with water is a bad omen and is often associated with wishing for death. So keep it in mind and never do this with a german friend.

29. Germans believe open windows carry diseases like joint pains, flu, etc. Doe to this, you will see the windows of german houses are tightly shut irrespective of climatic conditions.

30. An interesting fact about Germany is that It is common to bury a pet dog near the doorstep in Germany. Germans believe that their pet dog spirits guard their houses even after their death.

31. Football is the main locals’ favorite sport. German football players are known to be the finest players and backed 3 European championships and 4 world cups in this global sport. 

32. The most interesting fact about Germany is that it is the country that hosts the most music festivals and events in the world. Fusion Festival, Wagner festival, and south side festivals are among the top. If you are a music lover then Germany should be your next holiday destination.

German Food And Drinks

33. Germany and beer go hand in hand. Germans are known to be the greatest lovers of beer. It is legal to drink beer in Germany. Germany is known to produce more than 5000 types of bears. It runs close to 1300 beer breweries spread across the country. It is even called the second-largest beer-consuming country in the world. 

34. You can see Weihenstephaner Brewery, the oldest brewery in the world so far in Munich in Germany. Its establishment dates back to 1040. 

35. A catchy and interesting fact about Germany is the way germans order a beer. They use interesting sign language to order a beer. They show thumbs if they want to order one beer. First finger if they want to order two beers. Similarly, they show the middle finger if they want to order 3 beers.

36. When it comes to food, bread is something you commonly see in any german household. It’s a must-have in any german meal. Germany is home to more than 300 varieties of bread. You will even find bakery museums in Germany. At present  Ebergötzen and Ulm are the two main places where you can find bakery museums in Germany. 

37. There is no legal restriction to drinking beer in public places. You are free to grab a bottle of beer and enjoy your day. If you think you can have a complimentary cigarette too then you are mistaken. Smoking is not allowed in public places in Germany. 

38. Oktoberfest is by far the biggest festival celebrated in Germany. It is a two-week festival celebrated in September. If you are visiting Germany do not forget to be a part of this most celebrated and lively festival.

39. Another interesting fact about Germany is that Germany is also famous for producing 1000+ types of roles and other baker confectionaries.

40. If you are a big fan of sausages, then Germany is a must-visit. It offers more than 1500 varieties of sausages in fresh and raw, 

41. An interesting fact about Germany is that Beer is a part and parcel of German lives. Bavaria in Germany is the state with the highest beer consumption rate. An average person in Bavaria drinks close to 13 liters of beer per month. 

42. Another interesting fact about Germany is that You can find 1200 kinds of cakes, pastries, and baked confectionaries in german bakeries.

43. Germans also have an interesting custom around food. When students enter grade 1 they are gifted with huge cones of candies and other school materials. 

44. Christmas tree tradition was introduced to germans to the world. The oldest known castle, Füssen Castle is located in Germany. It has a history of close to 150 years. 


I am sure you now know what exactly to expect in your next trip to Germany. A part from insanely reserved German neighbors. It is one of the greatest places to explore nature, castles, beer,s, and loaves of bread. Germany is the next big destination for serious professionals. Germany provides wonderful opportunities for outsiders to study, work and live in Germany. The only challenge you may face is speaking german. Most companies in Germany prefer people who can speak german fluently.

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General FAQs

Q1. Who is the founder of Modern Germany?

ANS. Otto von Bismarck is known to be the founder of modern Germany. He played a crucial role in uniting several small and independent states into a single german empire. He is known as the iron chancellor across Germany because of his leadership style aimed at sustaining the newly formed german empire in the face of social, political, and religious aspects.   

Q2. What does Germany excel at?

ANS. Germany is one of the most visited countries by tourists in Europe. The capital city, berlin alone records about 130 million yearly visitors. Germany house the biggest breweries, a wide range of bakers’ confectionaries, castles, and a rich history. It is also famous for its free education policies and is a behemoth in the automobile industry.

Q3. Name the famous food Germans love.

ANS. Germans love to use locally sourced ingredients in their favorite foods. Their food is rich in taste diverse in flavor and high in quality. Königsberger klopse (meatballs served in creamy white sauce), Maultaschen (ravioli kind of dish), Currywurst (street food containing sausages), etc are some of the famous dishes in Germany.

Q4. Germany’s age in years?

ANS. A united german empire was formed in 1871. This country is situated in the heart of Europe.

Q5. Name the religions Germans follow.

ANS. Germany is not restricted to a single religion or culture. It is a multi-religious and intercultural country. The majority of germans are Christians. About one-third of germans do not believe in the concept of god. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism are some of the well-known religions followed by germans apart from Christianity. 

You can find Catholics in states like Westphalia, Bavaria, Saarland, Rhineland, and southern and western parts of Germany. 

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