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Top 12 English-Speaking Courses in India


Technological advancements have eternally altered language learning. Online English lessons are now available to anyone who does not have access to a physical classroom.

Students now have a complete digital toolbox—a vast array of learning resources available to them and from anywhere. There’s an entire world of English learning information waiting for you on the Internet. It may seem like a bold claim when the resources are so readily available, but an online course might change your life.

The most popular courses today are English speaking courses. To begin with, around 750 million people worldwide speak this language. Second, English is recognized as an official language in about 59 countries. Third, English is the dominant language in many nations and international meetings.

Many people will benefit from the English language training in India. Students, businesspeople, homemakers, and others fall into this category. Fourth, many people in India choose English as a second language. It is widely used as a commerce language and a diplomatic language worldwide.

Many institutes in India and abroad provide English-speaking courses.

Let’s take a look at some English speaking courses in India

1. Henry Harvin

In India, Henry Harvin offers English-speaking courses in India. Henry Harvin’s English-speaking course is part of the language academy. To begin, Henry Harvin’s English-speaking course in India assists students in becoming fluent in the English language.

Additionally, it is one of the most comprehensive online learning platforms, with various courses. Second, this English-speaking course will assist you in achieving English competency. You can read complex texts quickly and easily. As a result, you will gain confidence when speaking English.

Henry Harvin’s English speaking course in India is structured around the Common European Framework (CEFR). You will understand the local word list and the native accent.

Why is Henry Harvin teaching English speaking courses in India?

  • The English-speaking lessons in India offered by Henry Harvin assist you in preparing for international English language exams.
  • As a result, you will be able to speak it flawlessly.
  • You will also be able to express yourself confidently in English and discuss and comprehend issues with ease.
  • In addition, the institution emphasizes the concept of learning by doing.
  • The fundamentals of the English language, including pronunciation, diction, spelling, and vocabulary, will be taught.
  • In the course, Henry Harvin offers six levels of instruction.
  • You will also need to complete a project in English speaking, rhetorical speaking, implementation, etc.
  • Internships and placement assistance will be provided.
  • The students will have access to a wealth of e-learning resources and class footage.
  • Henry Harvin’s English-speaking trainers have more than 12 years of expertise.
  • Additionally, prospects are offered 10+ job chances per week.
  • At Henry Harvin, sophisticated English grammar will also be taught.

Fees for the English speaking courses in India:

If interested, learners can pay Rs.1400 per hour for one-on-one teaching. If you are not satisfied with your first lesson, you will receive a complete refund.

Why is there no better method to study English than through the Internet?

According to a survey, 87 per cent of employees who take online professional development courses obtain a direct advantage in their job due to their participation, such as a promotion, a raise, or the start of a new career.

That’s rather astounding, especially considering that you may get all of these advantages in a completely flexible manner. There are several significant benefits to learning online, including:

You can learn from anywhere.

You can attend online English speaking courses in India from anywhere you have a phone or laptop, including your bed (though we don’t suggest it). It is possible to save a lot of time by eliminating an unnecessary commute to class. Take your classroom instead of travelling to it.

You may study anytime you choose.

We recognize that adding a language course to your present burden can be challenging if you work or study. People who have a busy schedule will benefit significantly from online learning. Please include your course in your language learning study plan, though. Don’t let a lack of discipline hold you back—regular study sessions are the key to success.

Make new connections

One of the best aspects of the Internet is the ability to communicate with people worldwide. This involves takingEnglish speaking courses in India with a tutor who will most likely come from a country where English is the primary language. Instead of focusing on an entire group, a tutor can personalize the lesson individually. With this targeted, one-on-one contact, you can quickly improve your English language skills.

Keep track of your progress online.

Say goodbye to strewn-together notebooks and folders filled with scraps of paper. You can keep all of your learning materials in one location with digital learning. Most online learning platforms keep track of your course history, word lists, and strengths and weaknesses. That means you can track your progress without the help of a tutor, and you can look up your learning statistics anytime and wherever you like.

Check out how to become a Good English Teacher:


2. Coursera:

Coursera can help you develop the abilities you need, whether you’re a native English speaker or a complete beginner. Learn entirely online with video lectures, quizzes, and self-paced projects, and get feedback on your progress through their learner forum.

Coursera has the advantage of having courses established by reputable colleges, institutes, and corporations, allowing you to learn from experts. After finishing the course, you can also check how many started a new job or obtained a wage raise or promotion. That’s how valuable an online education can be—it has the potential to transform your life completely!

Why should you use Coursera?

  • The most recent study materials are available.
  • Training is tailored to the pupils’ abilities.
  • The emphasis is mainly on interactive classes.
  • They assist with exam scheduling and send an appreciation note.
  • Exams will be given extra attention during extra practice and discussion sessions.
  • There will be stationary, homework supplies, and literature available.
  • Additional vocabulary workshops and cabin interviews are held.
  • Weekly mock tests will be conducted to assess the degree of performance.
  • Quality instruction from knowledgeable instructors
  • Regular workshops and seminars keep trainers up to date.

In India, they offer two levels of English language instruction:

These introductory English speaking courses in India is for people who find speaking and writing in English challenging. Those who have trouble with grammar and vocabulary will benefit. The following will be taught to students:

Grammar basics

  • Speaking in public
  • Communication fundamentals
  • Pronunciation and dialogue

Course for advanced English speakers:

Even if they are fluent in English, some pupils will be hesitant to speak it. Such pupils will benefit from this course. The advanced course will assist students in becoming fluent in the language. The following are the abilities that students will learn during the course:

3. Global Voice:

In India, Global Voice offers English speaking courses in India. The institute is a cutting-edge training and consulting firm. Its mission is to use robust learning to transform companies and individuals. Candidates that participate in Global Voice have a life-changing experience.

As a result, their applicants become better people. They also provide a variety of online training courses. It allows pupils to learn at their own pace. The Global Voice initiative began in 2002. It is a training organization with many facets. The training courses are well-organized.

They are also created by persons with extensive experience in the subject. It is also one of India’s best institutes for English-speaking courses.

Global voice offers exclusive English speaking courses in India. It focuses on communication skills as well as language abilities. They pay close attention to both spoken and non-spoken messages. The academy uses a unique approach that has practical applications.

Why is it essential to have a global voice?

  • Better results from activity-based learning
  • Time-tested methods and 16+ years of teaching experience
  • Students will improve their English confidence.

4. Smart talk:

In India, the smart talk offers English speaking courses in India. It is a prestigious institution. The institute is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization. It is also one of the most excellent IELTS preparation centres. They prioritize quality. Since 1997, the academy has been working in the field.

The academy has highly skilled programme facilitators. The National Skill Development Council (NSDC) of the Government of India has certified and authorized it. They have been working to make India a developed country since 2005. In India, they provide a variety of English-speaking courses. It is one of India’s most prestigious institutes for English language instruction.

Why should you pick Smart Talk forEnglish speaking courses in India?

  • One of India’s leading institutes for English-speaking training.
  • Provides the most excellent communication training to its employees.
  • Experts with advanced knowledge
  • After completing the course, you will receive an ISO certified company certificate.
  • Learners can use software to neutralize their accents.
  • LRWS is my language learning software.

5. Alison:

In India, Speech Learning offers English speaking courses in India. Alison Limited owns the institute as a brand. It is a world-class training centre for a variety of subjects. Alison has highly qualified instructors and up-to-date instructional methods. They assist pupils in being competitive in their careers due to this.

As a result, the academy prepares students to be dynamic, job-ready professionals. It has almost 800 locations throughout the world.

Why Alison in particular?

  • Encourage student connection with the industry through seminars and other events.
  • Job fairs and campus placement drives are held regularly.
  • Alison’s English speaking courses in India:
  • Alison provides English speaking courses in India that range from basic to advanced.
  • In addition, they provide a variety of English-speaking courses in India. 

6. English Pro:

English Pro also providesEnglish speaking courses in India. Thousands of satisfied students can attest to the success of English Pro. Professional trainers with advanced degrees work at the academy. The trainers at English Pro concentrate on actual English usage. Students can improve their speaking and writing skills by taking their courses.

Additionally, my listening and reading abilities will be enhanced. They have carefully prepared study materials. For individuals who require it, one-on-one doubt clearing sessions are also held. Their English-speaking classes in India were created primarily to assist students in gaining confidence in the English language.

In India, English Pro also offers English speaking courses in India. Thousands of happy students can attest to English Pro’s achievement. The academy employs professional trainers with advanced degrees. English Pro’s instructors focus on actual English usage.

By attending this course, students can improve their speaking and writing abilities. In addition, listening and reading skills will be enhanced. They’ve developed study materials with care. One-on-one doubt clearing sessions are also available for those who require it. Their English language programmes in India were designed to help pupils build confidence in the English language.

7. Study Kraft:

In India, Study Kraft offers English speaking courses in India. It was founded in 2008. There are numerous courses available. The institution offers high-quality English language instruction in both British and American English. Exam preparation is also done here for competitive exams.

They provide a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical activity to assure perfection. The teachers at the institute are great and competent, and they are always willing to assist students with their questions. Students will be able to request study modules.

Details of the English speaking courses in India:

In India and Mohali, the institute offers English-speaking classes. The course’s goal is to enhance fluency from a beginner to an advanced level. The training has been intended to benefit both students and working people. It enables students to converse effortlessly in English in everyday situations.

8. Raffles educity

Raffles educity is a firm that specializes in immigration consulting. In addition, the organization offers English-speaking classes in India. They want to provide Indian students with a rewarding employment opportunity abroad. It works around the clock to deliver the most excellent advice and training. It was founded in 2007.

Details of the English speaking courses in India:

Raffles Education offers comprehensive spoken English training. The course is meant to make learning English quick and straightforward. They use tactics that are both practical and hands-on. Pronunciation, diction, and one-on-one communication are all stressed. Role-playing and real-life dialogues will provide practice for students. Fun games and activities are provided to make learning more enjoyable. Students have a choice of batches. This course is suitable for students of all ages. Testing and feedback sessions are held regularly. Every candidate will be given individual attention.

9. Udemy:

In India, Udemy offers English speaking courses in India. They have roughly 12 years of industry experience. Their primary purpose is to provide English instruction to pupils from various backgrounds. The institute’s primary motto is “English for all.” They give high-quality, all-encompassing services.

English language courses in India details:

In India, the centre offers a wide range of English-speaking courses. To begin with, they assist you in overcoming your inhibitions. Second, the instructors will tailor the sessions to your specific personal or professional needs. Third, they advertise themselves as India’s best English-speaking courses.

Furthermore, they use a student-centred approach. They begin at the beginning of the course to provide a solid foundation. This is due to their ongoing, step-by-step strategy. To give individual attention, personal strengths and shortcomings will be examined first. their English speaking courses in India are arranged into four modules, numbered 1 through 4.

10. Udacity:

In India, Udacity offers English language education. It is a one-stop-shop for IELTS preparation. For IELTS, the institute is ranked first.

Details of the English language course:

  • Students, parents, migrants, employees, and job seekers will benefit from Udacity English-speaking classes.
  • It will help students communicate more effectively.
  • The course is flexible in design. It is also tailored to meet the needs and expectations of individuals.
  • Professional trainers with a thorough understanding of the language.
  • The course offers a variety of assessment options.

11. Indus IELTS & Education centre:

The centre is one of India’s most reputable IELTS preparation centres. In India, the centre also offers English language education. Students, housewives, and others can benefit from the institute’s English-speaking classes.

12. Rita English Academy:

Rita English Academy is led by Rita Saigal, who also serves as the director. She has been working in education for 15 years and loves to teach. Thousands of students have benefited from her IELTS, Spoken English, and personality development courses. Her teaching methods are well-liked by her students.

Best online English speaking courses in India Has 10 Must Know & Benefits 

1. Online’s Most Experienced Certified Tutor:

As you know, we were the first in India to launch an English speaking course and the first in India to launch an online English speaking course on June 16, 2011. We will provide you with English teachers with decades of experience teaching English. Your next mentor will be a British Council-certified IELTS trainer, IDP, Cambridge, PTE, or Tedx Speaker.

2. Crash Course or Full Course Online:

A crash course is a one-month course that is typically chosen by those who are strong in “grammar” and want to improve their communication skills. However, the entire course lasts three months and covers all of the topics covered in “Grammar Thrice,” as well as vocabulary, daily activities, group discussions, and 12 weeks of personality development.

3. Grammar subjects to be covered include:

Tense, Present Tense, Past Tense, Future Tense, Phrases, Clauses, Conditionals, Modal Auxiliaries, Mood Right Forms of Verbs, Case, Sentence Transformation, Modifiers, Narration, Determiners & Quantifiers, Prefixes, Suffixes, Punctuation, Do-insertion / Do-support, Negation, Inversion

4. Vocabulary

Antonyms and Synonyms, Odd one out, Idioms, Phrases, One-word substitution, Antonyms and Synonyms Complete the blanks, Sentence Rearrangement, Unseen Passages, Spelling, and Multiple Meaning Words or Homonyms Complement the column. Word Association Pairs, Theme Detection, Passage Completion, Sentence Completion, Vocabulary Practice Questions

5. Different Activities for Accelerated Learning:

Debate, Investigative Journalist What’s Your Little Secret? Teach a Class!, It’s Your Turn! Guess Who or What I Am, Following Directions, Interview Pop, Word Racing Who’s Telling the Truth?, Debates, Two Truths, One Lie, Living Memory, Debating Club True/false narrative, among other things

6. Compulsory Weekend Group Discussion:

A practical group discussion involves many diverse views and perspectives being heard and told. This enables everyone in a group to achieve its primary goal, whether it is for or against the topic.

7. Systematic Learning in Group Classes or Individualized Learning with a Personal Trainer:

Our kids receive individual attention, and their learning is prioritized. If you prefer online classroom sessions with many students, Group Classes are an option (2 Hours Daily). Personal Trainer in which the student receives one-on-one attention from the teacher (30 minutes per day). Our skilled English teachers can adapt your classes and provide specific advice and approaches.

8. Best Study Material: 

Creating the best study material for you takes years. We maintain track of any changes in the language’s course and pattern. We give all of our students with well-researched and compelling study materials to help them enhance their communication skills.

9. Reasonably priced English online coaching:

The cost of an online English speaking English course in India ranges from 2,000 to 4,000 rupees.

10. Quality Training / Online Assessments:

It offers online tests in Speaking, Reading, Listening, and Writing to help students become more comfortable in their daily lives. In addition, our students can access a variety of grammar lessons and vocabulary preparation films to help them improve their English language skills.

It helps students improve their English language skills. For our teachers, quality assessments and training are more important than quantitative assessments. Our knowledgeable instructors recognize students’ learning styles, talents, and shortcomings and devise practicable study plans.

You are just a few steps away from enrolling in India’s top online English speaking course.


Top English Speaking Courses And Learning Institute in India - W3trending

English is a globally recognized language. Furthermore, one out of every four people speaks English. As a result, learning English allows you to travel to any country. English is used in everything nowadays, from science to computers. Furthermore, English has become the Internet’s primary language. 

It will also be easier to learn English. Furthermore, English is the official language of many countries around the world. It is widely used in media and the Internet. Many well-known shows are primarily in English. 

Furthermore, English allows you to interact with people from all over the world and learn about their cultures. There are numerous reasons to learn the language, but there are no good reasons not to.

Knowing what you want to achieve before picking an online English course or online English sessions is critical. Do you want to improve your reading skills, vocabulary, or grammar knowledge?

Whatever your needs are, remaining motivated on your own can be difficult, and consistent practice is essential for success. Preply is a highly efficient technique to study English if you want to see immediate results. 

You may choose the ideal tutor for your learning objectives, schedule, and budget using our search filters. Unlike other learning programmes, you’ll start honing your speaking abilities. Real-life speaking practice makes applying your English skills in everyday situations is much easier.

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1. After learning English, how can I become an English teacher?

A Bachelor’s degree in English is required to work as an English teacher in India. In addition, a TEFL or TESOL certification is required abroad.

2. What are the most essential English exams?

IELTS is a test that candidates must take if they want to study or work in another country.
The TOEFL is an exam that assesses reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Many universities in the United States and Canada recognize this exam.
TESOL is used to examine candidates’ academic knowledge and teaching abilities.
The Pearson Language Test (PTE) is for non-native English speakers who want to study in another country.

3. Are there any English-learning apps available?

Yes, apps such as Duolingo, Hello English, Talk English Speaking Practice, and others exist.

4. What are the most essential books for learning English?

Check our English-speaking Courses to learn about the most significant books for English speaking.

5. Is it possible to learn English just by watching movies?

Movies can teach you something. However, watching movies will not be enough to become fluent in the language.


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