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Why is it important to join Spanish Language Courses for better Job Opportunities?

Spanish language courses are in-demand courses for a career, whether you are an employee or a businessman. The expansion of the internet has shrunk the whole world, and you can interact with someone who is seven oceans away. The world has become so teensy, that people from different language backgrounds, connect and have fun. Businesses are also expanding overseas. All this increased the need for learning Spanish languages as it is spoken in 20 countries.

Why people are choosing Spanish language courses online?

 Learning online has become trendy nowadays. You can learn at the pace of your home. Secondly, You don’t need to rush for your classes.   

 There are 6 levels to be learned in a Spanish Language Course such as A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2.

Here is the list of the top 10 Spanish Language Online Courses 

  1.  Henry Harvin
  2. Udemy
  3. Langma School of Language
  4. Baselang
  5. Coursera
  6. Internshala Training
  7. Lingoda
  8. Babbel
  9. Coffeebreak
  10.  Preply

1. Henry Harvin

Spanish Language Courses

Henry Harvin, the best institute among the top 10 Spanish language online courses, is serving for the past 15+ years. They are conducting 7000+ classes per month, which is a milestone. Henry Harvin has earned 1st rank in India by Indian Express, Daily Hunt, and Times Education. Customers have given them 3514+ positive reviews with 4.7/5 ratings. They have 210+ corporate partners and 130+ colleges. Isn’t it great?

About the course:

  •  They cover all the levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) of the Spanish language Course.
  • Henry Harvin is affiliated with the American Association of EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, UKAF, UKCert, PMI, and ISO 29990:2010 certified.
  • Apart from the language, you will also gain interview skills and career services.
  • You will get perfect guidance to crack DELE and SIELE exams conducted by Instituto Cervantes.

Specific features

  • At Henry Harvin, you will get 9 facilities in just one course that is training, projects, Internship, Certification, placements, E-learnings, Masterclass, Hackathon, and 1-year Gold membership.
  • Trainers at Henry Harvin, are the best in their field, with 15+ years of experience and recognized by a number of elite institutes.
  • They offer 10+ job opportunities weekly.
  • Positive reviews by pass-out candidates.
  • They believe in learning while doing. You will get 100% practical training for overall Spanish Language skills.
  • They provide support and access for a lifetime through E-portal. 
  • .Plus, If you are not satisfied there is a facility 100% refund after the completion of the first session.
Spanish Language Courses Online

2. Udemy

The finest academy among the top 10 Spanish language courses, provides the comprehensive course. Their all-in-one knowledge course is a condensed Latin American Spanish language course (a little bit different from Spain Spanish) that covers all the levels of the Spanish language at your own pace. This course focus on the base of Spanish speaking skills such as reading, writing, listening, and many more.

About the course

  • They offer beginner to Intermediate course that is A1, A2, and A2+.
  • In this course, Spanish-speaking teachers cover, Spanish writing, pronunciation, grammar rules, and pattern.
  • They also work on the accent of the students.
  • Plus, Spanish vocabulary is provided to the students.
  • Besides, Qualified Trainers enhance the communication and conversation skills of the students.
Spanish Language Courses

Specific features

  • This Spanish Language Course focuses on a lot of practice after the completion of every chapter.
  • At Udemy, the course includes full HD videos on an interactive board to provide high quality.
  • Subtitles are also provided in various languages for better comprehension. 
  • You can download a .pdf of every chapter for practice.
  • Tests and quizzes are conducted regularly for self-assessment.
  • And of course, You will have lifetime access to future guidance.
  • The good thing is that you will have 30-day satisfaction or money-back guarantee.
  • Their expert native language teachers design the lessons short and deep with visual support. They create the perfect environment for e-learning sessions.
  • They adapt communication in the Spanish language with every student in a friendly way.
  • Over 7000 people from 130 countries enrolled for Udemy Spanish Language Course.

3. Langma School of Language

Spanish language Courses

Langma School of language provides various options who want to join a Spanish language course. This course is for those who can take a challenge to learn a different language to add to their skills resume. This institute provides weekday classes and weekend classes, you can opt for anyone as per your choice. Their special Spanish language course is not only an education provider, but it is also much more. It also includes translation, interpretation voice-over, etc.

About the course

  • They provide cooperative platform learning.
  • Their specialized teachers create customized chapters for their students.
  • They cover all 6 levels to be fluent in this language.
  • Apart from this language, they teach more than 150 other languages.
  • They have more than 300 trainers who are experts in their field.
  • They offer 50k+ jobs for deserving candidates.

Specific features

  • They have already taught more than 100k students which is not a small thing.
  • Here, students would learn the Spanish language with its traditions, culture, and history.
  • They trained their students in such a way that they can build their own vocabulary and grammar to form a sentence.
  • They also work on how their students pronounce a particular word.
  • The trainers at the Spanish language course take the help of modern technologies.
  • Trainers also ask for the student’s opinions on a particular topic to build their confidence level and lessen hesitation.
  • Highly qualified trainers design the program in such a creative way so that students can recognize their mistakes and correct them by themselves.

4. Baselang 

Spanish Language Course

Base lang is the institute of Spanish Language Course that does not work as a business organization, They take their teachers, other staff, and even students as a team. They are really flexible to cope with your schedule. You can book your class even last minute before. You can take a 30 minutes short class or a 3 hours long class. It’s all up to you. Base lang Spanish language Course provides unlimited tutoring to their students to fulfill their dreams.

About the course

  • 100% online program in which you can interact with real-world Spanish-speaking teachers.
  • They facilitate their students with unlimited one-to-one classes for just $149/mo.
  • They chose 450 qualified teachers from all over Latin America to provide you with the perfect learning.
  • Baselang team converts their students from total beginners to fluent Spanish speakers.
  • They provide free access to their DELE program which is quintessential for advanced students.

Specific features

  • They also provide an intensive of 80 hours speedy program for those who are really serious about the Spanish language Course.
  • Moreover, They take guarantee to make you conversational in about a month.
  • Besides, They take the help of the factious method of grammarless to make you learn a different language smoothly, like a child.
  • They start their Spanish Language Course with direct practice. It means you will start a conversation in Spanish from day 1.
  • On the other hand, they charge only $1 for the first week. Really great.
  • Here, you can learn a native language, with their Grammarless Spanish Language Course, in a structured manner so that you can learn in weeks not years. Such a time-saving program.

5. Coursera

Spanish Language Course

One of the best institutes for Spanish Language Courses, Coursera provides unlimited access to 7000+ other courses. You know, The best part is what? They provide multiple certificates for whatever you learn here with Coursera. Thousands of career-seeker have joined Coursera to achieve their goals.

 After completing their Spanish Language Course here, they have reported salary hikes, promotions, and other career benefits. Here, you will gain knowledge of business psychology, Communication skills, management, speech, and writing which are the base for earning money through your job or business. 

About the course

  • This course covers the beginner’s level. So, join if you want to learn only the basics of the Spanish Language.
  • Trainers teach Spanish vocabulary, Grammar, and pronunciation skills in every course through written and oral presentations.
  • At the end of the day, You will be able to prepare the written plan so that you can travel to a Columbian Spanish-speaking country.
  • They provide their modules with subtitles in many languages such as English, Arabic, Portuguese(European), Serbian, Italian, Vietnamese, Dutch, German, Russian, Turkish, Hebrew, Spanish, etc. 
  • This course is beneficial for people from all over the world.

Specific features

  • A 100% online Spanish Language Course is provided so that you can learn at a pace of your own.
  • You can complete this course in 5 months with 5 hours per week.
  • You don’t need any prior experience. Anyone can do this course either a student, a professional, or a businessman.
  • Besides, you can set your schedule as you want. Totally flexible schedule as per your comfort.
  • Completely Certified based program which adds skills to your resume.

6. Internshala Training

Spanish Language Course

Internshala Trainings is the preeminent institute that delivers Spanish Language courses online, with a well-recognized certificate. You can learn anytime and anywhere as it is a mobile-friendly course. Furthermore, No pre-knowledge or qualification is required for this course. It is a total beginner-friendly course.

 They create such a strong platform for their students that they can give interviews in Spanish. More than 100000 companies hire people from Internshala and that is the best part of the institute that makes it out-of-the crowd. 

About the course

  • You will attain learning concepts through videos whenever and wherever as per your comfort.
  • Mentors at Internshala will make you learn to present your introduction and describe other people and assignments for this module.
  • They will teach you to conversate daily routines in Spanish with assignments.
  • Teachers will prepare you for interviews in the Spanish language.
  • Experts solve doubts one-on-one through Q&A Forum within 24 hours.
  • They provide a board for quizzes and tests at regular intervals to assess your ability.

Specific features

  • You can download the videos for future reference.
  • Mentors assist you in getting a better job or promotion in your current job.
  • Certification is provided on the basis of the final exam so that various companies can evaluate your talent.
  • They favor practical projects for hands-on practice which would enhance your confidence and remove hesitation.
  • Apart from Spanish Language Course, Internshala offers other in-demand courses such as Web Development course, Python Course, Digital Marketing course, Advanced Excel Course, Machine Learning Course, and others, etc.
  • Lastly, as the name describe itself, the institute also provides internship after the completion of the course.

7. Lingoda

Modern technologies used in Spanish Language Courses

Next, on the list of the top 10, Spanish Language Courses Online is Lingoda. Here, you will increase your confidence in the Spanish language with live online classes, Spanish experts, and a flexible schedule. Mentors at Lingoda will teach you the Spanish Language with modernized teaching technologies. They create an organic environment to make you learn the rules and patterns of this native language very easily and effectively.  They not only teach Spanish but the accent, culture, and expressions are also taught.

About the course

  • They cover A1, A2, B1, and B2 levels in their course.
  • You will be able to download the study material and exercises for free. 
  • Their modules are creatively designed by their expert mentors according to CEFR standards.
  • Both, private and group classes are arranged. You can choose whatever you need.

Specific features

  • Trainers give live classes to make a friendly environment for learning.
  • You will need just a stable internet, a computer system, and a video conferencing tool Zoom for free.
  • Teachers at Lingoda are selected on the basis of their qualifications, and experience to provide world-class teaching.
  • Time duration is not fixed here. It is totally up to you, how much time you take to complete the course.
  • Furthermore, teachers are more focused on important conversational topics which will be helpful for candidates in their careers and everyday lives.
  • If you have enrolled for a 7-day free trial, you will be able to cancel it within 7 days. But if you are taking monthly classes then you can stop your subscription for the next month.

8. Babbel

Learn Culture of Spain through Spanish Language Courses

Babbel institute of Spanish language courses online is undoubtedly one of the best places for your journey to learn a new language. Their devastating curriculum and app-based lessons make them stand in the first row. They are truly recognized by Yale University, the City University of New York, and Michigan State University for effective strategies. In addition to that, more than 10 million people have shown trust in them.

About the course

  • Their highly qualified teachers have designed the curriculum for all levels of learners, easy, short, effective, engaging, and unquestionably fun-filled.
  • You will gain all the important levels of Spanish such as A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1 in the easiest way. 
  • Babbel makes you learn and practice real-life conversation effectively in a Spanish-speaking world.
  • Here, you will learn Spanish vocabulary and grammar in such a creative method that it will remain in your memory forever.
  • Plus, you will have practical knowledge of Spanish culture and traditions.

Specific features

  • 92 % of their customers felt that got fluent in the Spanish language within 2 months which is really unbelievable.
  • Importantly, Their app allows user to track their progress even after completion of the course. 
  • Additionally, They update their material from time to time so that you can experience a fresh and modern strategic course.
  • In late hours, when you don’t have access to anyone from the institute or other Spanish speakers, you can still have other media resources to make you fluent in Spanish.

9. Coffee break

learn Spanish Culture and Tradition through Spanish Language Course

Before joining this institute, you can go through their free audio podcasts. This is the best way to know about their Spanish Language Courses. Then, if you feel- like it, join the academy and get their audio & video pieces, and written notes.

About the course

  • Currently, they are providing 4 levels of Spanish Language that is Beginners, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Advanced.
  • For the ease of candidates, Each level is divided into 40 chapters.
  • Taking it further, they provide Spanish vocabulary and complex grammar in the simplest way.
  • Moreover, Chapters are created so tiny, that you can finish them in just 15 to 20 minutes.

Specific features

  • These Spanish language Courses are available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. You can gather information, particularly about them, and even practice.
  • In addition, you can sign up for their free newsletter to have tips and tricks that will help you at every step of your Spanish language Course.
  • Also, well-qualified and dedicated staff who is always ready to help their students.
  • In total, Coffeebreak academy is a complete package for learning the Spanish Language.

10. Preply

Spanish Language Course

Last but not least, Preply has undoubtedly made its place in the top 10 Spanish language Courses online. They have thousands of versatile  Spanish Speaking trainers with 4.94 to 5 stars ratings from whom you can choose for personal tuition. Even, you can replace them unquestionably, if unsatisfied.

About the course

  • There is no fixed curriculum for the Preply Spanish Language Course. 
  • It should be noted, that you are free to decide along with your trainer, what chapters to be considered and what homework should be given, and even how often they should meet in a week.
  • Additionally, you will get vocabulary to save, a free library of exercises on complex grammar, and a conversation starter for self-study.
  •  In contrast to other courses, Preply’s course is based on speaking. According to them, even a shy person will feel no hesitation in speaking Spanish.

Specific features

  • You can filter their trainers on the basis of when they are available to teach, what they charge, what type of Spanish they teach, and what is the 2nd language they know.
  • The best part is, Preply to organize private classes so that the trainers’ focus wouldn’t divide among many students.
  • It is immeasurably psychologically safe for students to practice aloud in a private class.
  • So, If you are planning to join a Spanish Language Course, then Preply can be a good option.


Now, that you know about the importance and scope of Spanish Language Courses and the top 10 institutes that are serving this course, then, what are you waiting for?  Get up, and join the institute, you have chosen for yourself. Believe me, you wouldn’t regret learning the Spanish language for the hike of your career.


Q1. How long does it take to reach fluency in the Spanish Language?

Ans. When you learn a new skill, whether it is Spanish Language Course or any other course, Your proficiency depends on the time and effort you put to learn the language.

Q2. What is SIELE?

Ans2 SIELE (International Assessment Service for the Spanish Language) is an exam to prove your proficiency in the Spanish language.

Q3. How many countries are there where Spanish is the main language to speak?

Ans. There are 20 countries where Spanish is spoken.

Q4. How many people speak Spanish in the world?

Ans. There are 20 million people who speak Spanish.

Q5. Will it really be helpful in my career if I learn Spanish?

Q5. Will it really be helpful in my career if I learn Spanish?


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