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10 Best French Language Courses in Delhi: 2023


French as a language has a very crucial set of dialects and is one of the most preferred languages around the world. It is an official language in almost 29 countries of which 300 million individuals speak French, and it is also one of the 6 languages used in the United Nations officially. French is a complex language but one of the most interesting concepts of words and paraphrasing.

French is the second language that is widely used across the world after English, hence, making it one of the most authoritative languages. It is such a language that is universally acknowledged and will always be an advantage in the learner’s academics as it has immense importance in most multinational companies.

French is another stepping stone in any student or candidate’s life towards their goals. Learning French helps one to understand the culture better and the business industry along with a bonus point in an individual’s resume.

India is a country that has vivid languages and cultures and some which are yet to be discovered. In such an enticing country, people still have the window to learn about the cultures of many countries along with their languages. French is also a crucial language in the Indian business industry and therefore, many institutions in India offer courses related to the French language. The French language courses differ in levels of training starting with beginners to advance levels of education in the language.


Henry Harvin Education is an institute that helps individuals and students by learning virtually and gives them an opportunity to experience an international level curriculum, gaining knowledge and getting trained by professionals with years of experience.

The French course is a critical study of an entirely unique and competitive language and Henry Harvin Education meets all the ends to provide a successful path for the candidates pursuing this course. 

Henry Harvin Education helps the candidate excel in the language and provides them with training that can help them ace in their career. There are more than 7,800 learners from the French language training program at Henry Harvin and the ratings come to a raised of 4.9 out of 5 which is laudable.

Henry Harvin Education does its best to introduce the candidates to a language training program by giving them enough material to study and teachings and advice from professional trainers with years of experience and expertise in language skills.


The online course helps the candidates have a comfortable environment where they can voice their opinions and solve their doubts where the learners can get expert advice and answers to their questions, providing them with a better understanding of the French language

The French language course at Henry Harvin explains certain aspects to its candidates and how to use grammar in an efficient way. The course helps the candidates to speak the language and use proper vocabulary which then makes them an expert and have a good command of the French language.

The French language training program has levels of the curriculum starting from A1 to C2.

  • A1 (Beginners level): The A1 is a level that includes basic French vocabulary and greetings in French. It also includes basic grammar such as nouns, pronouns, verbs, plural, adjectives, and more.
  • A2 (Upper Beginners level): This level includes – express a decision, make a comparison, indicate a chronology, express certitude, future tenses, relative pronouns, superlative/comparative sentences, adverbs, demonstrated pronouns, etc.
  • B1 (Intermediate level): The B1 level consists of writing, reading and listening skills. This guides the candidates to structure few sentences and develop their skills in the language.
  • B2 (Upper Intermediate level): This level trains the candidates with French language dialects and complex texts. This will guide them to make speeches in French and develop skills for intricate thoughts.
  • C1 (Advanced level): The C1 level will help mentor the candidates to understand long texts and their implicate meaning. The candidates will be able to express themselves in the French language fluently, effortlessly, and spontaneously.
  • C2 (Proficiency level): At this level, candidates will be able to work on everything that has been taught to them virtually by the trainers and implement these teachings to summarize information and use these skills in speaking and writing in French.


2. ILSC (International Language School of Canada)

The International Language School of Canada in New Delhi is one of the best schools for learning French in India and as a matter of fact, it is also considered to be the best around the world.

This institute focuses on teaching the students and candidates the French language and not only that but also gain knowledge about the cultural background of the particular language.

The International Language School of Canada is an organization that guides students and provides them with professional training and practical observational learning through projects. The ILSC consists of schools situated in almost 8 cities including Delhi, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, San Francisco, New York, Brisbane, and Sydney.


  • The International Language School of Canada focuses on improving their student’s language skills related to their interest in the subject.
  • Their goal is to teach the students in such a way that further on they can self-learn certain aspects with confidence and easily workout obstacles in their learning.
  • The ILSC makes the student’s curriculum fun and exciting, giving them the feeling to know more about the course. It strives to bring enthusiasm in its candidates,
  • The institution helps the students learn about different cultures and backgrounds of languages skills they are pursuing.
  • The institute not only teaches French to its students but also how to implement it in speaking, listening, writing, and reading. This helps the candidates to become an expert in the language.
  • Along with all the facilities and the institute’s goals, they focus on providing 1.5 hours where they can develop skills, including the 3-hour class for the growth of communication skills.



World Languages Centre is an institute that not only coaches and trains students in French and English but also in vivid other languages such as Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German and Italian. It is a known institution in Delhi and all across India and it is one of the best academies in Delhi to educate students in the French language.

With all the features the World Languages Centre provides the best trainers who are professional in the field of languages offered and specifically experts in French.

The organization has its own in-house library where students can gain more knowledge about their chosen courses. They also provide free demo classes for students and candidates to have a better understanding and approach to the courses they wish to be a part of.


  • The World Language Centre focuses on training the students beyond books and pens. They implement the use of the latest technology and methodology.
  • The academy provides a time convenient sessions list which helps the students to learn according to their convenience.
  • Their goals are to give the students the best teaching possible, hence, they provide an audio and video room so they can improve their vocal skills.



The Alliance Francaise is a well-known academy that was established in 1884, being one of the oldest institutes for foreign languages. It is one of the most prestigious institutes that provides its own published textbooks.

The Alliance Francaise organization is a certified institution that provides all its candidates with training that they will carry with them all their life.


  • This institution strives to give the best study material to its candidates to help them develop skills in writing and communication.
  • They provide practical knowledge to the students so they have a better understanding of the course they are learning. This makes it exciting and interesting for the students.
  • The Alliance Francaise trains the students with the right grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciations of complex texts in the French language.



European Institute of Foreign Languages also known as Foreign Language Guru is another renowned institute located in Karol Baug, Delhi. It was founded in the year 2015 with a goal to educate all their students and candidates in their choice of language with expert training and considerable knowledge needed.

Initially, the European Institute of Foreign Languages was founded with the aim to aid students with English language proficiency. Soon after they implemented many foreign languages including French for students who wanted to learn something new and interesting.


  • The European Institute of Foreign Languages makes sure all the candidates, whether they are young students or already working applicants get the same coaching undertaken by expert trainers.
  • They strive to give their best in different aspects of learning from beginners to advanced.
  • The institute focuses on providing communication skills in any language including French and developing the candidates speaking and writing skills as well.


  • Number – 01145660965


Cosmolingua Institute of Foreign Languages is one of the leading institutes in Delhi, India for training programs of foreign languages. They are a compilation of various courses related to language training programs.

They include European languages such as French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, and in Asian languages as well such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai along with Hindi, Arabic, Urdu, and many more.

Their main goal is to prepare and make professionals of every individual that comes to their doorstep. This institute strives to give the best training possible for their candidates and focuses on creating a considerable and favorable environment for the students studying on their premises.


  • The Cosmolingua Institute of Foreign Languages is an organization that provides high technology audio-visual amenities for the students to learn effectively.
  • Along with the audio-visual technology, the students are provided with free internet access so that they can operate and gain knowledge hassle-free and at any time.
  • The institute offers levels in learning the French language from A to C i.e. beginners level to the advanced level.
  • A set of professional trainers have been assigned to teach and train the students in learning French.



Institute of Foreign Languages is one such institute that focuses on giving the best education in foreign languages to its students and planning out a successful path for their future in language development.

The institute has one important belief that education and learning different languages must be a fun challenge and an interesting one. Walking on this value, the Institute of Foreign Languages makes learning difficult languages easy and interesting for the students.

Candidates and students of all age groups are welcomed to this organization and can pick their choice of languages to study.


  • Their main goal and an adamant feature is to make students and candidates to converse in the French language fluently.
  • Along with this, the organization provides the candidates with practical experience and situations where they can learn how exactly to start a conversation.
  • The staff helps the students with whatever assistance they need regarding the learning of the French language.


  •  Number – 9873321820


Ecole De Francais is one of the most famous and leading institutes for the French language in New Delhi. It is one of the oldest institutes for language studies founded in 1986.

The institute conducts short-term courses and regular courses for students, professional candidates, and individuals who are willing to re-start their careers in the field of languages.

Along with all this, they also provide short-term courses for corporate houses as well.


  •  The institute provides the candidates with 3 levels of learning the French language i.e. beginner level (DELF A1), Intermediate level (DELF A2), and Advance level (DELF B1), each level consisting of 6 months of training. They also provide short-term courses that last for 2 to 3 months.
  • They consider the timing issues of their candidates, for which the institute adjusts the time according to their student’s convenience.
  • The students have to appear for an examination at the end of the French training program and hence they will gain a certification after the completion of the course and exam.


  • Number – 9811016898


Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Foreign Languages is one of the oldest institutes established in 1958, offering language training programs for candidates who wish to learn something new including the French language.

The institute as prestigious it is also has qualified and professional coaches to teach the candidates their choice of language and helps them develop skills further in that language itself.


  • They provide a 3-year course in French, which is divided into 6 semesters of 5 months each.
  • The academy conducts examinations at the end of each semester and provides the students who fare well in the exams with a certificate.
  • Professional help and expert advice from coaches are provided along with practical-based projects.


  • Number – 01123382002


Delhi University is the most famous university in India and is known for students coming from various countries to study in this prestigious institute.

This university provides vivid language courses including the French language training program. The Delhi University is known for its campus and experienced professors in all fields of study.


  • Professional trainers for the French language course.
  • Certification is provided after the completion of the training program.
  • Students who have schooling from 12th grade and above can directly apply to the Delhi University for the French course any other course according to their choices.


  • Number – 01127667725


All the institutes have their own unique features and benefits. French and English are two such languages that have a universal impact and definite precedence on the international job market scale. Individuals who have the skills of speaking and writing in French have more chances and an opportunity to get jobs in multi-national organizations. Not only to acquire jobs, but the French language helps students who want to study abroad as well, as French is the second language of many countries.

So, choose wisely and opt for the best course for yourself and your future.


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