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7 Best Spanish Language Courses in Delhi: 2023



Still unable to find the right institute for Spanish language courses in Delhi? To learn Spanish fluently, enrol in one of the leading Spanish language schools. We discuss the top 7 Spanish language courses in Delhi in this article. 

You must understand why you want to learn Spanish before we tell you the Top 7 Spanish language courses in Delhi. In Central and South America, Spanish is the most commonly spoken language and is among the top three most common languages in Europe. Over 500 million people choose it as their primary language since it is spoken in more than 20 countries.


Learn more about the top 7 Spanish language courses in Delhi by reading on 



In addition to providing training and assessment services, Henry Harvin provides content services and higher education for career and competency development. In the Edutech sector in India, the company ranks among the top five fastest-growing companies. 

Courses are offered through various Academies by Henry Harvin. Spanish is offered through the Language Academy. Our experts craft action-oriented language learning solutions that address arts language skills using their extensive experience. Goal-Centric Pedagogy is unique to Learning Solutions. 

 Experts from leading organizations are appointed as members of the academy. 

Students enrolled in the Spanish language courses will be able to take the DELE and SIELE exams. The Spanish DELE diploma recognizes competence and mastery of the Spanish language and is granted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports of Spain. Students and professionals can prove their command of the Spanish language through SIELE, which is an international service that certifies their proficiency in the Spanish language electronically.  

The Spanish language courses are divided into the following levels: 

A1 – Beginners Level – give students an understanding of common and basic Spanish phrases

A2 – The Upper Beginners Level – allows students to improve their understanding of sentences and expressions and conduct simple conversations

B1 – Intermediate Level – focuses on improving students’ listening, reading, and writing skills

B2 – Upper Intermediate Level – students will learn Spanish dialect and complex texts and will be able to create long speeches and explain complex ideas.

C1 – The Advanced Level – provides students with advanced knowledge and understanding of long texts and helps them express their ideas clearly

C2 – Upper Advanced Level – the student knows the language and understands it easily 

Each of the two levels of training lasts 30 hours. The other levels of training each last 40 hours. Access to the courses is possible from anywhere, including mobile devices.

Throughout each level, students get to work on language improvement projects. A student who completes the course is entitled to a whole year of boot camps and an internship with Henry Harvin. The Academy provides Spanish language classes in Delhi both on a self-paced basis and via live online classrooms. Online courses begin every week. 



In 1991, the Spanish Government founded the Cervantes Institute in New Delhi as a non-profit organization. This program is designed to promote the study and teaching of the Spanish language and culture in non-Spanish-speaking countries.  

The Spanish courses held here are regarded as some of the best in the country. A syllabus that incorporates both universal and well-spoken Spanish while honoring variations found among Spanish-speaking communities is the best way to teach Spanish.  

As part of this process, the Institute also adapted its courses to be consistent with the levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). 

According to the proficiency levels, classes have been divided into the following categories:

  1. Beginner’s Guide

A1 (Breakthrough)

A2 (Way-stage)

  1. Independent User

B1 (Threshold)

B2 (Vantage)

  1. Proficient User

C1 Proficiency

C2 Mastery




The Instituto Hispania (IH) provides Spanish language education in India since 1997. Besides training over 300 local language teachers, IH has brought over 150 foreign nationals and more than 50,000 students to India for language training.

There are 25 Classrooms and 130 teachers at IH’s 8 locations in 5 cities across India. In addition to providing online language courses, it is one of Delhi’s leading Spanish language schools today. 

Spanish Institute of Hispania has designed and developed its syllabus by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Indian students are offered Spanish language courses adapted to their linguistic needs. The student is provided with a solid foundation in the areas of comprehension skills, grammar, and communication at each level.




As a SIELE-accredited center in India, the Institute of Spanish Studies (ISS) employs qualified native and Indian Spanish teachers to teach Spanish classes in Delhi. ISS has centers in Bangalore, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Varanasi, Patna, and Ahmedabad where it offers Spanish language classes. Collaboration with the Institute of Spanish Studies Valencia, Spain is a key element of the Institute’s work. A Spanish language course follows an international curriculum and guidelines such as the CEFR (Common European Framework for Reference). The CEFR is used to test students regularly. There are eight courses in three levels of Spanish language instruction, each lasting 60 hours.


5. Spanish Degree course at JNU, New Delhi


A leading Indian university, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) offers a wide range of Spanish-related courses including BA, MA, M.Phil, and Ph.D. programs. Students can choose from a multidisciplinary curriculum with a focus on literature, language, and culture of Spain, Latin America, and translation studies. 

Students on the BA (Hons) course gain proficiency in both spoken and written Spanish and also have access to language laboratories and film screenings to familiarize them with Spanish culture and literature.It provides a comprehensive course in Spanish literature, translation and interpretation studies, and language teaching methodology within two years. 

Students of both the MPhil and the Ph.D. programs are encouraged to carry out independent research and deep study of the Hispanic domain as they build their area of specialization in the language.  




Switzerland’s Inlingua company was established in 1968. A total of 308 Language Centers in 34 countries teach over 20 different languages, making it one of the world’s leading language training organizations. 

In 2005, the center was founded. It provides English and Foreign language training programs, translations, and online training for retail, corporate, and institutional clients.

7. Instituto Hispania, New Delhi 

Spanish language courses are offered at Instituto Hispania, New Delhi since 1997. In addition to its outstanding pedagogy and teaching quality, it has highly experienced Native and Non-Spanish teachers as well. Now with centers in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, and Trivandrum, this institute has established its presence across the country. Spanish language courses are also available online. 

Spanish is based on the CEFR and international tests like DELE, SIELE, and DIE.

Additionally, they provide one-on-one instruction in tourism, business, and technical Spanish. Students’ classes can be restructured according to their needs. 



In today’s world, it has never been more important to learn a foreign language. The language learning market has also experienced rapid growth as the world has become a global village.


For any professional or language enthusiast, learning Spanish will be highly beneficial. Language experts also rank it as one of the easiest languages for English learners to learn for Indians. The grammar and syntax are straightforward, and the vocabulary is nearly identical to English. Additionally, it is among the world’s most highly paid languages. 


You can make a successful career in the field of translation, diplomacy, teaching, business, or travel and tourism by learning Spanish, my friend!



Q1. Describe the DELE exam? 

Ans: DELE stands for Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language. Instituto Cervantes grants DELE Spanish Diplomas on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Spain as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of Spain, certifying a student’s level of proficiency in Spanish.

Q2. What is SIELE?

Ans: SIELE stands for Spanish Proficiency Exam. The International Assessment Service for the Spanish Language (SIELE) allows you to demonstrate your knowledge of Spanish through electronic means.

Q3. What is the first thing you should learn about Spanish?

Ans: To learn Spanish, you first need to learn vocabulary, common phrases, and the basics of grammar.








  • Professionals or language enthusiasts, learning Spanish will be highly beneficial. Language experts also rank it as one of the easiest languages for English learners to learn for Indians. The grammar and syntax are straightforward, and the vocabulary is nearly identical to English.

  • Spanish is offered through the Language Academy. experts craft action-oriented language learning solutions that address arts language skills using their extensive experience. Goal-Centric Pedagogy is unique to Learning Solutions.

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