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Japanese (Nihongo) is the national language in Japan spoken by over 128 million people. Japanese belongs to the Japonic language family. The Japanese language has been classified into three categories as Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. Recently learning a foreign language has become more in demand across the globe, especially the Japanese Language.

In the 1990s presidential resolution declared the “decade of the brain”, by many researchers. which means learning multi-languages(multilingual) boosts cognitive development both in kids and adults moreover it boosts brain power, better problem solving, a better understanding of other cultures and understanding, and also better career opportunities.

This blog will help you in knowing the top 12 Japanese language courses in India. Moreover to pick up the right institute to enhance your skills and ability.

Why is learning the Japanese Language Important?

One of the main reasons to learn the Japanese language is that universalization opens International markets. Japan has ranked third-largest economy in the world after the United States and China. Japan is known for sumo wrestling, sushi, anime, and Cherry blossoms apart from its unmatched cultural values. Japanese give utmost respect for being Punctual, even the public transportations like buses and trains are extremely efficient and punctual. According to recent news, a Japanese Railway Company issued a public excuse after leaving 25 seconds ahead of schedule. In Japan, it is considered rude if you leave the office at an official time.

Japanese language courses in India

Since the Asian economy rises, more opportunities for work are available. Hence the English language is no longer the exclusive language for the business, so people started learning another language to communicate and have better relationships with organizations and clients. The Japanese language is not like other foreign languages which are easily studied. Studying the Japanese language will boost your professional value, and also you will have less competition in the fields such as business, social science, humanities, technology, science, journalism, and tourism. Compared to other foreign languages, learning the Japanese language has less competition in the field like translators of the government and service providers. Another career option is you can work in Japanese high schools or even work in some local Japanese organizations of the government if your proficiency in the language is good.

One of the Best Institutes to learn Japanese Language Courses in India

As globalization increases the Japanese language has got significant value-add to your CV and job opportunities rapidly increasing with each passing year. Once you are assured about learning foreign languages the next step is to pick the right institute which is a daunting task.

I, anyhow, guide you to join the best institute that delivers good results and credibility.

Here is the list of the top 12 Japanese learning courses in India to become specialized in the  Japanese language. These Institutes offer high-quality training and classes, starting from beginner levels to advanced ones.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin ranks amongst the top 100  Edtech Companies of India.500+ Award-winning trainers and also provides 200+ courses and has a 97+ customer base all around the world. This institute is one of the most trusted brands. The main mission of Henry Harvin Language Academy is to generate 50,000 enjoyable language professionals by 2030. Moreover, the academy has been organized with an aim to upskill the current technology with the desirable Language Skill sets. One of the best institutes to learn the Japanese language courses in India.

Japanese language

About the Course

Henry Harvin provides a Japanese language course based on ‘JF’ standard means (communicative language activities divided into receptive activities, productive activities, and interactive activities) to learn the language easily. 100% support from trainers to get overall Japanese language skills. The course objective is to teach Japanese on 5 levels that is N5, N4.N3, N2, and N1. Moreover expertise in 4 writing systems of the Japanese language like Kaji, Hiragana, Katakana, and Romaji. The training program is divided into 5 levels. 

In Elementary level-N5 you will learn the basics of the Japanese language like sentence structure and generally expressions written in hiragana, katakana, kanji, and as well as spoken conversations.

 Pre-Intermediate level N4 is a second-level Japanese language consisting of grammar and vocabulary. 

 Intermediate level-N3 this level is known as the bridging level. At this level, you will learn linguistic skills like reading and writing activities.

Pre-advanced level-N2 this level is classified into 3 sections that are reading comprehensive, language knowledge, and listening comprehension.

Advanced level-N1 is considered a difficult level as it includes reading kanji, books, magazines, and newspapers in the Japanese language. This level will give you total knowledge of the language.

 Level N5    Duration  80hours   Fees   INR 19500/-

 Level N4    Duration  80hours   Fees   INR 21500/

 Level N3    Duration  80hours   Fees   INR 23500/-

 Level N2    Duration  80hours   Fees   INR 29500/-

 Level N1    Duration  80hours   Fees   INR 34500/-

Studying Benefits

  • Learning Japanese directs to develop competence in executing tasks in Japanese
  • Widen your outlook on Japanese culture and understand with clarity
  • Know Japanese language fonts for example-

 猿フ移 (hello) 因違ドバ嵐 (how is your day going?)

 萎ヒポ (fine thank you!), and a lot more

  • Become an assured speaker by improving your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in the Japanese language

Career Benefits 

  • Studying the Japanese language get greater scope for jobs such as translators, interpreters, and a trainer. 
  • Get employed by International brands such as Amazon, Google, JP Morgan, and other top brands.
  • Enhance your professional value by understanding Linguistics and Translation.
  • Differentiate your profile from peers and get promoted.

Other Foreign language Courses by Henry Harvin

            Contact Details

             Phone Number- +91-9891953953  


2.   Hayakawa Japanese Language School

Japanese language

Hayakawa Japanese Language School & Cultural Center is located in Chennai and is India’s No.1 Japanese Language School. and it has been classified as the largest Japanese Language School by Japan Foundation, New Delhi. Teaching faculty have been appointed from Japan for ANNA University, Chennai as approved by the Embassy of Japan. The main goal of the School is to deliver a high-quality international standard learning experience at a low cost.

At Hayakawa Japanese language schools not only concentrate on the language but also on Culture, Technology, Anime, Manga, J-Drama, J POP, and Cosplay. Moreover, the school provides Japanese business Etiquette, English to Japan, and Japanese to English Translation and also provides professional native speakers to have ideas about the Japanese market.

The course has divided into 5 categories

  1. Interactive C-JAT I (Basic) 3 months duration.
  2. Interactive C-JAT II (Intermediate) 4 months duration.
  3. Interactive C-JAT III (Advance) 4 months duration 
  4. Interactive C-JAT IV (Business) 6 months duration
  5. Interactive C-JAT V (Fluent) 9 months duration
  6. Interactive BJT course 2 months duration

Studying Benefits 

  • Particular designed Textbooks for Indian students.
  • Free 1-year Student Subscription.
  • Provides library with Japanese books and manga.
  • Live to broadcast of classes, and HD Quality Recorded Videos.
  • Placement support in India and Japan.
  • Qualified for BJT/C-JAT/JLPT/NAT-TEST.

         Career Benefits

  • Recruitment of Technical / Non-Technical Graduates with Japanese bi-lingual skills.
  • Japanese/English Managerial positions.    
  • Internship for Japanese.
  • Getting jobs at a Japanese Company          

        Contact Details

         Phone Number:-+91-4426641117


3. NihongoMax 

Japanese language

NihogoMax Japanese language Institute is situated in Delhi and is one of the best institutes in Delhi serving for the past 5 years. The course consists of basic level to advanced level, The trainers of NihongoMax are well qualified/educated and JLPT passed teachers. Both offline and online courses are available well structured as per the student’s needs. So far more than 2000+ students studied in this institute and among them, 2000 have successfully cleared JLPT exams, and more than 50+ students are working in Japan presently.

The course is divided into 5 sections JLPT N5, JLPT N4, JLPT N3, JLPT N2, and JLPT N1.

JLPT N5:- In this level you can able to read, write, and recognize each Japanese word

And can able to frame basic sentences and communicate on a fundamental level, for example, I will go to the office (in Japan) You can learn even 110 Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. The fee structure is INR 18600/-

JLPT N4:-After this level you can easily read and understand Japanese vocabulary and Kanji and follow the contents of Japanese sentences. The fee structure is INR 18900/-

JLPT N3:-At this level your communication skills will enhance so greater opportunity in getting jobs at this level most recruiters hire students from the N3 level. The fee structure is INR 19,600/-

JLPT N2:- By this level you will have depth knowledge of the language. One can understand the coherent conversions and Japanese news reports, and can easily communicate like native speakers. The fee structure is INR 20000/-

JLPT N1:-This level completes the communication level and enough to get highly paid companies in Japan. The fee structure is INR 35000/

Studying Benefits

  • High salary packages for N2 passed
  • Demand for skilled labor growing in Japan
  • TITP and other programs
  • Higher the Japanese skills higher the payscale 

Career Benefits

  • Translators- Conversions of written documents from English to Japan and vice versa
  • Travel and tourism with a high payscale
  • Get hired from Japanese language School Management
  • Get hired by Government research and development staff

Contact Details

Phone Number:-7678461209, 7805092279


4.   Mondai nai

Japanese language

Mondai nai Japanese language school is placed in Delhi. The institute has a well-qualified and experienced facility with a friendly atmosphere. Mondai nai institute provides excellent JLPT results, It is one of the renowned institutes for learning the Japanese language where you learn from basic level to advanced level. The course offers both offine/online modes. The course has characterized by 5 types.

The basic Japanese language course fee structure is INR 18500/-

The intermediate Japanese language course fee structure is INR 19000/-

Pre advanced Japanese language course fee structure is INR 20000/-

Advanced Japanese language course-1fee structure is INR 22000/-

Advanced Japanese language course-2 fee structure is INR 25000/-

Studying Benefits

  • Make Payment After Getting Eligibility Letter
  • Offer Astounding Scholarship
  • High Attention by the Tutors

Career Benefits

  • High Visa Success Rate
  • Offer Assistance in Part-Time Job

Contact Details

Phone Number:-88263 37179 | 98110 54119


5. Indian Institute of Foreign Language

Japanese language course in India

 Indian Institute of Foreign language is located in Bangalore and has 4 branches Banashankari, Marathahalli, Jayanagar, and Rajajinagar. Here you will learn fundamental aspects of the Japanese language, the course is conducted in both ways offline and online, All the levels like N5, N4, N3, N2, and N1 use standard study material like Minna, to learn and understand the Japanese language easily and have knowledge about Japanese grammar, a script like (Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji), and communicate with the basic conversation to complex sentence, and also you will learn Japanese culture, food, and living style, etc.

At the Indian Institute of Foreign language you will learn 2 Modules N5, and N4 the details are below 

N5 level:-Its is the beginner level, you will learn 110 kanji consisting of 800 vocabularies and also Hiragana, and Katakana characters, at this level simple sentence formation and phrases will be taught. The course duration is 60hours and the fee structure is INR 13,800/- and the modules covered are Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

N5 level:-Its an elementary level, here you will learn 310 kanjis, and by the end of this level, you can able to read and comprehend the passages on the same topics. The duration of the course is 80hours. The fee structure of the course is INR 20,800/- The modules covered are Reading, listening, writing, and speaking at a more fluency level.

Studying Benefits

  • Certified Trainers
  • Affordable price
  • Free demo classes and webinars
  • Standardized course structure
  • Visa application process

Career Benefits

  • Freight Forwarder
  • English Teacher
  • Service Staff
  • Translator / Interpreter
  • IT professional

Contact Details

Phone Number:-9066038847


6. Seshaa Linguatech 

Seshaa Linguatech private institute is one of the best institutes to learn foreign languages and is placed in Chennai, India this institute also focuses on the growth of student professional life. International languages like German, Spanish, and French are aligned to the CEFR which means The Common European Framework of Reference, and the JLPT Japanese Language Proficiency Test for the Japanese language. The institute offers a high level of personal attention to individual students and encourages them to learn and improve their skills and ability in understanding the languages. 

The Japanese language course includes Reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills and developing confidence in language to communicate and know new cultures and improve your employability. The trainers are well-qualified, and the institute undergoes new innovative pedagogical methods to deliver high-quality education.

Studying Benefits

  • Prepare for appearing and excelling in International examinations.
  • Certificate courses offered JLPT of all levels N5, N4, N3, N2, and N1.
  • Appear the Japanese language proficiency test JLPT at the authorized center.
  • Equipped with the latest technology to support the present lifestyle of Learning.

Career Benefits

  • Outsource Professional Translation service
  • Interpretation service

Contact Details

      Phone Number:-+91 8072637593/+91 8428357224


7. Symbolisis Institute of  Foreign and Indian Languages

Japanese language course in India

Symbolisis Institute of foreign and Indian Languages is the right option to learn the Japanese language which is situated in  Pune. Moreover, it is the premier Japanese language learning institute that provides various levels of language and after completing the course you attend an International competitive examination like JLPT managed by the Japan Foundation.SIFIL institutes have a team of well-trained, highly experienced, and skilled teachers. And follows the right teaching methodology and materials to improve the skill and ability of students


The course is divided into 3 categories N5, N4, and N3.

N5:- No. of hours 180, The module consists of writing and reading Hiragana, Katakana scripts, and also 100 Kanjis.

N4:- No. of hours 180, The module consists of writing and reading more than 500 Kanjis, and can use honorific language.

N3:- No.of hours 180, The module consists of reading and writing about 800 Kanjis, can able to read newspapers, and understanding TV news, and an announcement at the Railway station.

Studying Benefits

  • Build-up job opportunities/educational opportunities.
  • Enriches your travel experiences and thinking ability.
  • Strengthen with other cultures and establishes meaningful connections. 
  • Encourage ethical and value-based learning.

Career Benefits

  • Build up employability and contribute to human resources development
  • Motivate Entrepreneurship
  • High demand for skilled Japanese language trainers
  • High payscale for translation and interpretation field

Contact Details

Phone Number:-+91-20-25677431/+91-20-25677432


8. Japanese Classes in kothrud Pune

The founders of Japanese Classes in Pune are Aniruddha pimpalkhare and Prachi pimpalkhare have 15 years of experience in the Japanese language and all the trainers have qualified N3 level and use new technology/methodology to improve the learning experience. The institute provides placement-related services for IT and Japanese-related requirements and has 2decades of experience in the teaching field more than 1000 students have passed out from this institute. The JLPT has 5 Levels N5, N4, N3, N2, and N1 to know the language from basic level to advanced level.

Studying Benefits

  • Learning the Japanese language will set you aside from the crowd.
  • Japanese narrators are the Internet’s 3rd largest language group.
  • Learning the Japanese language brings business opportunities.

Career Benefits

  • Bi-lingual Support Engineer
  • Provides software and Japanese Translators
  • Learning Japanese is a gateway to other Asian languages & cultures.

Contact Details

Phone Number:-+91-9604372267


9. Nihonkai 

Japanese language course in India

Nihonkai is located in West Delhi, This institute is one of the pioneer institutes to learn the Japanese language as it offers high-quality training and necessary proficiency to crack the JLPT exam, and has highly qualified instructors and trainers to train the language from basic level to advanced level in an easy manner The course also includes mannerism, culture, business etiquettes and corporate manners observed in Japan. Every individual gets attention and care at the institute New methodology and techniques are implemented to improve the skills and confidence in language The course is divided into 4 categories

Basic, Intermediate, Pre-advanced, and Advanced.

 Studying Benefits

  • The teaching methods include videos, audio, picture flashcards, Conversational skits, Verbal techniques, and a focus on spoken Japanese skills.
  • New JLPT-oriented study material from Japan
  • Mock JLPT training practice for confidence building and listening practice.
  • Regular Tests and Revision Classes with flexible timings and constant trainer support.

 Career Benefits

  • Interpreter
  • Translators
  • Voice Co-ordination
  • Trainer/Teaching
  • Hospitality Industries
  • Outbound process

Contact Details

Phone Number:-+91-99997-9804, +91-11-47353843


  10. Sayuri

Sayuri Japanese language school is placed in Bangalore and the institute is associated with an admirable Japanese school in Osaka. The main key feature of this Institute is to provide complete training pathways for any age, culture, ethics, business, language translations, interpretation, and human resources recruitment in Japan or Japanese companies.

Sayuri provides globally recognized JLPT certification to attain employment pathways. The trainers and instructors are well qualified, and it also provides E-learning and distance learning solutions. The course offers N5 to N1 levels from basic to advanced to deliver high-quality services.

Studying Benefits

  • Not only offer language training but real-life stories, scenarios, and role-play situations for students to gain.
  • Services are available in both India and abroad.

Career Benefits

  • Digital Marketing Manager at Tokyo
  • Mechanical Engineers N3 level examination cleared candidates
  • RCI India- Vacation Exchange

Contact Details

Phone Number:-+91-9900631710


11. Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre

Japanese language course in India

Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre is placed in Bangalore, Malleswaram. The institute has a victorious track record of delivering high-quality services and timely Japanese language services to clients. The Sakuraa offers the following services to clients like Training of JLPT, Documentation translation, Japanese Business Etiquette, Corporate training, cultural orientation services, Translation workshop, and so on. Moreover, it provides Internet-based live-training programs to learn at your own pace and with flexible time.

Studying Benefits

  • Japanese Translation services
  • Japanese Conversation courses
  • Japanese Interpretation services
  • Japanese Business Etiquette program
  • Bi-lingual Placement services

Career Benefits

  • Technical Japanese language jobs
  • Banking and Finance
  • Management Consulting
  • Non-technical Japanese language jos

Contact Details

Phone Number:-080-23464677


12. Nili Japanese

Nili is a Japanese language Institute presently based in Bangalore, and Kolkata. One of the renowned institutes to learn and understand the Japanese language, The Institute offers a structured learning methodology along with native Japanese language trainers and instructors for both corporate and individuals.

The courses are planned with a unique combination of audio-visual training coupled with the traditional training methods to offer comprehensive language skills.

Studying Benefits

  • Good in-class learning experiences
  • Offer flexible timings
  • JLPT N1 instructors
  • Best competitive value packages

Career Benefits

  • Language training
  • Placement
  • Interpretation

Contact Details

Phone Number:-+91-9980388994/7406891757


Japanese language


Learning a new language is a fascinating adventure, especially knowing the Japanese language as it offers many benefits, scope, demand, and job opportunities. Being capable of speaking multiple languages (multi-lingual) is more useful in many sectors like international politics and Internationa business. As the world becomes more globalized communicating in different languages across the borders is considered a most skilful thing. According to some studies learning new languages can improve your decision-making ability, and also it is said that the amount of grey matter in our brain will increase by learning and mastering new languages as we can decrease the ageing of our brain by up to 5years.


Q 1. What is the scope of learning the Japanese language?

Ans. The scope is vast, will have job opportunities in all sectors like Travel and tourism, commerce, business, industrial houses, embassies, and diplomatic missions. 

Q 2. Is it easy to learn Japanese?

Ans. It is considered one of the most difficult languages among other languages, as it takes little dedication and time.

Q.3  How long it will take to learn the Japanese Language?

Ans. According to some research, it takes 88hours of learning, and 2200hours to have fluency in the language.

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