Kodak Consulting SAP Course Reviews- 9.7/10


Kodak Consulting Reviews:

Kodak Consulting Review by Ardija-9.6/10

With the help of Kodak Consulting’s SAP  training, I learned a fair amount about SAP’s foundation. Our mentors taught us using real-life and business examples to help us understand the ideas better. Thank you for your helpful and interactive sessions. I would recommend this institute to my friends as well. Thanks to the entire team.

Kodak Consulting Review by Satvik-9.5/10

It’s a great place to learn more about SAP and get your dream job. Our mentor covered the course curriculum on time and clearly demonstrated every concept so that a non -programmer could understand the concepts very easily.

Thank you, Kodak Consulting 

Kodak Consulting Review by Lina-9.8/10

Kodak consulting provided 100 percent doubt clarification sessions, quality tutorials, and course materials at the end of the training. Moreover, the institution offers affordable course fees that fit everyone’s budget. Thanks for your support and guidance.

Kodak Consulting Review by Ajay-9.5/10

SAP is a great course that the institute has to offer. In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Graphical user interfaces for the Administrator to connect with databases and Management, the concept of BASIS, etc.

Kodak Consulting Review by Surbhi-9.6/10

The SAP course helped me in many ways. During this SAP training, I’ve gone through end-to-end learning, hands-on training, and various techniques for this field. Kodak Consulting builds a platform where they help you get the best job.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Ashish-9.7/10

Kodak Consulting gave me a tremendous and unfaded experience. Because there were so many hands-on sessions during the course, you learned things that will help you in your jobs. This course is worth the time, money, and effort it takes to deliver the entire course curriculum.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Sayantan-9.8/10

The instructor was highly engaged, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable about the subject. He was willing to impart all of his knowledge. The sessions were highly interactive, and the trainers quickly resolved all doubts. He helped everyone understand the lecture by thoroughly and methodically illustrating each concept.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Simran-9.8/10

There are numerous advantages to enrolling in technical courses with Kodak Consulting. One is that they provide 44 hours of live, interactive online classroom sessions with internship opportunities and job placement guarantees following completion of training. It was definitely a colossal experience for me.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Ajish-9.7/10

Kodak Consulting is, in my opinion, one of the most qualified institutions in India. The SAP course program was highly engaging. The teaching staff of the institution assisted me in comprehending the fundamentals of this course.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Anu-9.6/10

I enrolled in the SAP Course the Kodak Consulting Institute offered to improve my business skills. Operating System, Communication Control, Database working with local projects, and numerous other skills that will benefit my future career.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Jisha-9.7/10

The structure and delivery of the course content were done very meticulously during Kodak Consulting’s SAP PS Training course. The training and masterclasses were very engaging and helped me develop the necessary skills for starting a career in this line.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Kajal Singh-9.6/10

The placement support after the training during the SAP PS Training course from Kodak Consulting was incredible. I attended the placement drives and get placed, thanks to this course and the mentors for their unending support.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Priti Verma-9.5/10

Being a slow learner, I was not sure whether this online SAP UI5 Fiori Training course would work for me. But, the training by the instructor at Kodak Consulting gave me the most interesting way of learning through examples and assignments. Thanks to him, I can now use the tools to build applications effortlessly.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Rohit Singh-9.6/10

The practical exposure and assignments during the SAP UI5 Fiori Training course from Kodak Consulting helped me understand the topics and tools better. I would recommend this course to all the aspirants to get a comprehensive knowledge in this arena.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Harsh Verma-9.7/10

It seemed pretty difficult to understand the SAP UI5 Fiori language in the beginning. But, as Kodak Consulting’s course advanced I was able to grasp more. The exposure to projects added more easiness to the learning process.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Monish Dedha-9.6/10

SAP HR is a highly competitive domain and needs a proper understanding of the various concepts, especially Payroll Management. My trainer for Kodak Consulting’s SAP HR/HCM training course imparted us with the confidence in facing these real-world challenges through intense training sessions and assignments.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Abhijeet Singh-9.5/10

The inputs from the personal experience of the trainer were great and his dedicated efforts during Kodak Consulting’s SAP ABAP Training course made this course one of the finest SAP courses for me. Overall, a well-executed course!

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Vishal -9.7/10

The instructor for the SAP Ariba Training course at Kodak Consulting did a great job of keeping the sessions engaging and worthwhile. The concepts were clearly explained as suited for various career roles.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Diksha Arora-9.6/10

Before enrolling in the SAP HANA Training course from Kodak Consulting, I found the subject a bit intimidating for me. But, my mentor for the course made it easy to understand through real-world examples and case studies. Thanks to his training, I can now handle projects in SAP HANA easily.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Satish-9.7/10

Rahul sir was an excellent instructor during the SAP BASIS Training course at Kodak Consulting. His method of teaching helped each of us learners learn at our own pace. Before ending each session, he made sure that we learners cleared all the doubts as well.

Kodak Consulting

The SAP collects tools and programs that act as an interface with the Operating System, Communication Control, Database, and the many different modules that SAP offers, such as FA, SD, HCM, and more. Upon completing this training course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the Graphical user interface of the Administrator, allowing you to connect with relational databases & Management, as well as other Systems.


Kodak Consulting is one of the most successful online SAP training providers, serving many students in more than 155 countries worldwide. Because they believe everyone should have access to an education of sufficient caliber. Moreover, they have made it their mission to make education more democratic.


Further, they develop training programs for employability in collaboration with prestigious educational institutions and major corporations such as IIT Madras, the University of Essex, the University of Liverpool, the Indian Institutes of Technology at Roorkee and Guwahati, SPJIMR, IBM, and the E&ICT MNIT all come to mind.


SMEs teach their courses, and their teaching methods make it easy to learn complex topics quickly. Kodak Consulting offers 24/7 technical support and career services to help learners get their careers off to a good start.

Why Select SAP?


  • Become an experienced and professional candidate to receive favorable consideration during your interview.
  • Utilize your skill and knowledge, and obtain industry-specific expertise
  • Gain a reasonable Career improvement and advancement
  • With increased industry demand for BASIS Professional, it has become the most popular program in the world.

Principal Duties of BASIS Consultants

  • Basis Consultant performs as a System Administrator
  • Supervise various IDs, Authorizations, Performance
  • Implement patches, upgradations, and Installation
  • Corroborate System Backup, DRS, and Server Shutdowns

Modules that focus on jobs:

  • Business Process
  • Monitoring
  • System Validations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Application Programming
  • NetWeaver
  • Business Objects
  • System Performance
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Database

Key Highlight of SAP Course of Kodak Consulting

Kodak Consulting designs its curriculum to give you the most benefits, with two live sessions devoted to essential tasks like billing, patient data management, and patient administration.


  • Training: 44 hours of live, interactive sessions with two-way communication.
  • Projects: Add to your practical knowledge with patient engagement, healthcare, Working together, and doing more projects. 
  • Placement: If you successfully complete the course, we’ll help you find a job for a year. 
  • E-Learning Access: Get access to the videos, assessments, tools, and techniques. 
  • Certification: Get Course completion Certification of the SAP Training Course and a chance to show off your skill

Learning advantages of the SAP

  • Learning the SAP can be very helpful for both the individual and the business.
  • This SAP certificate will help you advance your career and improve your skill set.
  • It will support you get the respect of your boss and coworkers at work.
  • After you finish the SAP training, you will have a lot of great job options at reputed companies.
  • You can get a lucrative salary at well-known companies with an SAP certificate.
  • SAP training helps businesses and organizations run better and grow more rapidly.
  • This certification helps you get more business by building better relationships with clients and companies.
  • It will help you get more professional recognition.

The SAP course benefits the following list of professionals:  

  • Graduates with degrees like B.Tech./M.Tech./MCA./M.Sc.IT./MBA or PGDM can take this course.
  • Who Had 1-3 Years of Networking/DBA Experience
  • Who wants to learn about SAP


Kodak Consulting Reviews:

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  • The technical training programme has a lot of benefits. One is that they offer 44 live, interactive online classroom hours with guaranteed job placement and internship chances after training is complete. It was undoubtedly a huge experience for me.

  • I want to thank you so much for the training sessions. I’m pleased to say that they assisted me in finding employment with (a reputed company). Additionally, I get the chance to use all the ideas I have learned throughout the course in actual projects. Gratitude

  • I want to thank you for your instruction because it enabled me to accept two offers within a week of publishing my resume on the job board. I was very concerned about having a professional gap of more than 4 years, but the training truly helped. I appreciate all of the advice and direction you provided me with in the hands-on. The small world you see, I hope to run into you soon.

  • Learning the SAP Modules was very resourceful and helped me advance my career as an SAP consultant. In addition to teaching, they focused on case studies to help us, learners, gain more understanding of the concepts and SAP framework.

  • SAP is a most-in-demand skill in any industry, and mastering the SAP modules through an SAP course can take you a long way in your career. It is good to see so many reviews for the SAP courses, hope to see more like this.

  • The SAP Systems were extremely beneficial to my career as a SAP consultant. Their importance placed on case studies helped me understand the definitions and framework better while also learning me how to apply them in real environments.

  • Excellent basic overview of SAP. It’s probably best if you have a trial version or the actual product available at work so you can practice or follow along. I now have a better understanding of its function and purpose.

  • I am learning a lot about using SAP best Online which I need for a job I will be starting next week. Thank you for offering this course. It has been a great help to see step by step on how to do things in SAP.

  • I thought the way this course was presented was excellent. I think from a general learning environment it givers an excellent basis for learning the functionality of SAP. I think it will be important for me to practice different functions and different procedures.

  • Excellent Faculty, knowledgable, prompt, courteous. In the words of a famous SAP Course Like the that has for centuries has served as guide for wandering course, in Kodak consulting, similarly the the faculty is for new traders.

  • This course was really very informative. Good content and nice explanation. I would also like to thank Kodak consulting for her support throughout the SAP course.

  • This SAP course has been of great help in my development and learning. Furthermore, the support team lead has been extremely cooperative in resolving any kind of difficulties faced by us.

  • The SAP course is designed well and has been a good experience for me as a beginner in the field of technical analysis thank you so much Kodak consulting.

  • It was amazing to learning with sir , I like the content and commitment of SAP , very excited to implement his learning in the Online training.

  • One of the best training classes of findbestcourses I have done for SAP Course . I really like the hands on instructions with the instructors screen beside mine was great to have on hand for questions.

  • The instructor was AWESOME! I came to the class already with some knowledge of the program in SAP Training, but learned a good deal more thanks to your class.

  • Kodak consulting is best SAP training institute it’s provide online courses SAP also become popular course For findbetcourses . This institute teaches every topics deeply and excellent way.

  • I have read so many blogs on the SAP Course but this is genuinely a pleasant training in Kodak consulting, keep it up. after reading my this article all concepts are very clear.

  • Best online SAP Course…me has completed the course. It was awesome experience…. me has gained a lot of knowledge.. Concepts are explained in very simple language explain in findbestcourses, easy to understand…

  • This SAP course is a good course to take provided that you can remain self-motivated throughout the semester. There are various ways to learn the material, and freedom to work when you have time a highly structured environment.

  • SAP Courses Online was a very great blog..!! I want to work as a freelance writer. After reading this article, I can now take up sap training as a profession. Thank you Kodak Consulting for helping me take a decision on my career.

  • I looked for SAP course information for a long time, but after reading your website, it was clear I would be taking this course findbestcourse just you. Please point me in the direction of information on what SAP is. This makes it easier for kids to comprehend because it isn’t all theoretical.

  • This course builds my basic understanding of the Sap Course, how to deal with raw data, and fits into modeling and analysis. This a great introductory overview of the field of Kodak consulting. Well structured

  • This sap online training was extremely beneficial to me and relevant to my professional field. It will be extremely beneficial to me. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the training sessions about Kodak consulting.

  • I absolutely loved these SAP classes in India and Kotak consulting is amazing! Actually looked forward to coming to class to sap overview all online video training.

  • I completed big sap Course Training was excellent and the knowledge was also good. All the SAP Courses were provided by Kodak consulting. They also assist with placement. feeling satisfied Thank you Kodak Consulting for helping me to build my career.

  • Overall it was a good experience. The method of teaching is very different and easy to learn. I was registered in SAP course, I was completed the course successfully.

  • I am very thankful to all team of findbestcourses smart team coordinator. I learn to SAP Course a lot from this kodak consulting.

  • Create a new benchmark in managing the SAP environment with our SAP BASIS Training course. Learn to install and configure all SAP Systems and applications, performance and troubleshooting tasks, Client/server architecture, and much more through a well-planned pedagogy. Training by experts from the industry in a broad-ranging curriculum that aligns with the latest tools and techniques in the domain. Avail of Placement support and SAP Exam assistance for a great career ahead. If not satisfied, 100% money-back guarantee.

  • This is my honest kodak consulting reviews for all learners. Become the most coveted HR professional through the SAP HR/HCM training course. Get in-depth knowledge of all the functionalities of the SAP HR module and learn to work with the HR framework through industry-relevant projects. Certified professionals with expertise in the SAP HR module guide the learners through the course. This course helps freshers and graduates as well as HR and Finance professionals to rake in a highly remunerative career path.

  • I am grateful to Kodak Consulting for getting me a job in such a big MNC. I was unable to find a job after completing my B.Sc IT as the pandemic hit. My professor suggested availing SAP UI5 Fiori Training course from Kodak. And it changed my life. They trained me in SAP and gave me the confidence to perform well in challenging situations. A special thanks, to my trainer Gurjeev Sir, for always supporting and guiding me.

  • The learning in Kodak Consulting is immense. The curriculum is based on practical training and live projects. It is all because of the SAP HR/HCM training that I am getting an excellent salary package from my organisation. The knowledge to use industry-related advanced tools and techniques, made me ready for corporate jobs. Thank you to Manoj Sir for the support and guidance.

  • The SAP ARIBA course from Kodak Consulting gives a competitive edge to its students in today’s competition. It certainly helped me to stay ahead of my non-SAP-certified peers. The SAP certification gave me confidence and improved my performance at work. The trainers at Kodak Consulting watch the growth of their students closely and guide them on their strengths and weakness.

  • The SAP SD course from Kodak Consulting is excellent. I found everything I needed from SAP certification. A solid foundation in SAP modules, practice advanced software and a job in a global company with a good salary package. My trainer helped me in grasping the concepts and address my queries. Thank you, Kodak Consulting.

  • Kodak Consulting’s SAP SCM training is one of the best SAP specialised institute in Delhi. The online sessions were always on time and interactive. My trainer Anuj Sir, always motivated us to share our doubts and views about the subject with the batch. He always gave useful feedback on our assignments and assessments, which helped us to learn from our mistakes. I highly recommend Kodak Consulting to all aspiring SAP professionals.

  • The SAP EWM certification from Kodak Consulting validated my industry-related skills and techniques. The learning experience was tremendous. My trainer at Kodak made the topics simpler by giving practical examples. The SAP course came at a reasonable and affordable price. By the time I completed my SAP certification, I was industry ready.

  • An excellent thing about Kodak Consulting is the faculty. The SAP FICO course trainers go out of their way to ensure the students understand the subject in depth. The e-learning facility provided by Kodak Consulting is excellent. I could access the study material course, case studies, recorded sessions, and assessments. The institute provides multiple job openings to students via mail regularly.

  • I enrolled in an SAP PP training course from Kodak Consulting and I gained immense knowledge. The e-learning portal gave me access to study material and recorded sessions from multiple trainers. The curriculum is structured but extensive, covering the core concepts of SAP PP modules.

  • I was looking for an SAP SD training institute in Delhi and am glad I joined Kodak Consulting. The journey of learning has been excellent in Kodak Consulting. During training, I got thorough help and guidance from my trainer Gupta Sir. Kodak’s job guarantee feature helped me secure a job with a handsome salary package. Thanks, Kodak Consulting.

  • I am currently undertaking an SAP Security Certification training course from Kodak Consulting. I am so glad I went ahead with my SAP training with Kodak Consulting. Each session is interactive and instructor-led, and the trainer focuses on every student and addresses our doubts. The placement cell also gives weekly job alerts.

  • After my degree, I wanted to be SAP-certified, so I enrolled in the SAP FICO training course offered by Kodak Consulting. The hands-on exposure to industry-relevant projects made me an expert in the SAP module. My trainer at Kodak helped me to understand the integration of the other modules such as MM, SD to FICO. It was an enlightening learning experience.

  • The SAP PP course in Kodak Consulting covers the basics and the advanced tools and techniques of SAP software. By the time the SAP PP training ended, I was an expert in discrete and repetitive manufacturing. Thanks to my trainers, who were always open to addressing my question and doubts. I recommend Kodak Consulting to all SAP aspirants.

  • ABAP certification from Kodak Consulting has been the best decision of my life. The learning through practical training enhanced my expertise in industry-related advanced tools and software, making me ready for corporate jobs. My trainer Vineet Sir helped me immensely throughout the training and even after my certification. He has become such a valuable mentor in my life. Thanks, Kodak, for an enriching experience.

  • SAP ABAP certification from Kodak Consulting transformed my career. My trainer’s guidance and support helped me to gain expertise in the SAP ABAP module. Kodak helped me to get a job as an SAP Consultant in a reputed organization. The e-learning portal of the institute gave me access to study material, case studies, and assignments. It has been truly an enriching experience.

  • I joined Kodak Consulting to complete my SAP ABAP Certification. The online sessions were always interactive, knowledgeable, and informative. The placement cell of Kodak Consulting gave me weekly job alerts regularly through email and messages. I could see the industry’s requirements and other hiring details. Today, I work as an SAP ABAP Consultant in an MNC, all thanks to Kodak and my trainer, Anup Sir.

  • SAP BASIS training at Kodak Consulting is excellent. With a comprehensive curriculum, highly qualified trainers, and practical training, the SAP BASIS training is well-placed for both beginners and professionals. My online sessions with the trainer were interactive and informed about the tools and techniques used in this ERP software. I highly recommend Kodak to all students who want to become an SAP expert.

  • Kodak Consulting SAP SCM training course trained me in Business Forecasting, Product Planning, and other Supply Chain processes. I was particularly impressed by my trainer as he would often explain the concepts by giving practical examples from his vast career as an SAP Specialist. A great institute to start your SAP learning journey.

  • I was looking for an SAP FICO training institute near me and came across Kodak Consulting. I am so glad I chose Kodak Consulting. The trainers were phenomenal and helped me understand the domains of SAP clearly. Online sessions were interactive and informative. I even got a Gold Membership for a year free of cost. This membership gave me access to online case studies and a brush-up on the modules through mobile and TV. Thanks

  • SAP EWM training offered by Kodak Consulting is one of the finest in the industry. The trainers are supportive and guided me with excellent knowledge through theory and practical training. My trainer Sonia Ma’am guided me on the SAP exam and gave me useful tips to clear my interview. I got placed immediately after the SAP Certification through the job placement portal. Thank you, Kodak.

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