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Top 5 Mandarin Classes in Bangalore


Mandarin is the most widely spoken dialect of the Chinese language. It has millions of speakers across the globe. Mandarin is beyond a way to communicate. It opens up a world of rich culture, history, and opportunities. Understanding Mandarin leads to communication with people from diverse backgrounds. In Bangalore, where more and more people want to learn Mandarin, finding the best classes is the first step. That is where the Top 5 Mandarin classes in Bangalore come in. These courses offer structured learning experiences, expert guidance, and appropriate learning environments to help master this fascinating language. As a result, it unlocks exciting possibilities in the personal and professional lives of the learners. Let us look into the details of Mandarin courses in Bangalore.

What is The Scope of learning Mandarin?

Mandarin classes in Bangalore

Understanding Mandarin can be beneficial academically, professionally, and personally. 

  1. Firstly, you will be learning a language that is spoken most widely around the world. 
  2. Secondly, Mandarin can help learners gain various academic opportunities, including scholarships, student exchange programs, and research associations with Chinese institutions. Many universities worldwide have included Mandarin Courses in their language programs.
  3. Thirdly, as India’s economic ties with China continue to grow, Mandarin becomes a valuable asset. It enhances communication and collaboration between the two nations. People who want a career in international relations will benefit from Mandarin classes.
  4. More importantly, speaking fluent Mandarin is appreciated in various fields involving international relations such as business, tourism, education, and more. Also, expertise in Mandarin can speed up career growth by offering an advantage over peers in the job market. You could get opportunities as translators, teachers, Mandarin content creators, interpreters, and so on.
  5. Last but not least, learning the language by enrolling in a Mandarin class can lead to gaining insights into the history and beliefs of China. 
  6. In short, the advantages of learning Mandarin extend beyond mere language skills.

Top 5 Mandarin Training Classes in Bangalore

Now that you have understood the scope of learning Mandarin, let us look at some of the best Mandarin courses in Bangalore. The five best institutes offering Mandarin training are listed below for you.

1) Henry Harvin

Mandarin classes in Bangalore

Henry Harvin, one of the top-ranking online training institutes in India offers online Mandarin courses for different levels of learners. The Mandarin Language Course will help you achieve impressive knowledge of the Chinese language at six different levels:

HSK1 (Beginner level): Basics of pinyin, Chinese words, expressions, and phrases in spoken conversation. 

HSK2 (Beginner level): This second level of the Chinese Language Proficiency Test consists of grammar and vocabulary for basic communication in daily life.

HSK3 (Pre-Intermediate Level): The bridging level which teaches linguistic skills like reading and writing.

HSK4 (Intermediate level): This learning level has three sections: reading comprehension, language knowledge, and listening comprehension. This level will enable you to talk effortlessly with native Mandarin speakers.

HSK5 (Pre-Advanced level): This level consists of reading books, magazines, and newspapers in Chinese. You could deliver a speech in Chinese after this level.

HSK6 (Advanced Level): This level will make you a fluent speaker, writer, and listener.

Depending on the level, the duration of the course and fee will vary.

Key Highlights of the Course

  • 9 in 1 course
  • Guidance and practice for HSK+HSKK exam
  • Practical training
  • Immerse in Chinese culture, food, and dressing style
  • Learn to read books written by Mo Yan, Yan Lianke, Jung Chang, and more

They offer several other courses in Mandarin suited for various purposes and different levels of learners.

When you learn with Henry Harvin, you become a gold member of their Elite Language Academy for 36 months. They offer a learner-centric curriculum. Furthermore, you will have access to lifetime support and resources like learning materials, games, projects, and case studies. In conclusion, if you are looking for Mandarin classes in Bangalore, Henry Harvin is the best place to be!

They may be contacted at +91 9899577620 or [email protected]

2) Yellow River Chinese Academy

Mandarin Classes in Bangalore

The academy offers many Mandarin courses to choose from. You can start with the basics that focus on conversation skills. Otherwise, you could dive into more advanced ones where you will learn how to read and write Chinese characters. Their sessions are interactive, and they also consider what Indian learners need and expect.

Whether you prefer learning in groups or one-on-one, they have options for both in-person and online classes. Additionally, if your company needs training, they offer on-site sessions for corporates.

Key Highlights

  • In-person classes
  • Classes for all levels of learners
  • Byte-sized courses and HSK preparatory courses are available
  • Courses for practical usage and professional usage of Mandarin
  • Experienced faculty

You may reach them via their email: [email protected] or mobile +91 734 937 2988.

3) Namaste Mandarin

They conduct online classes for all learners ranging from small children to professionals. Their mission is to promote Mandarin among students and working people. Furthermore, they offer specialized courses for different age groups. Depending on the need, they also design content for virtual corporate training programs. 

Key Highlights

  • Young students are taught with the help of props, real objects, and fun learning videos
  • A basic course of 30 hours specifically for people on a business trip to China
  • Customized, industry-specific Mandarin training
  • Online one-on-one and group sessions are available
  • Learning materials are provided

Their email ID is: [email protected] and their mobile number is: +91 98806 87766

4) Meiyu Chinese Language Centre

Meiyu is a Delhi-based Chinese training centre. They conduct in-person classes in Delhi and online classes for students from other parts of India. They have preparatory classes for the HSK levels and also conduct tests for these levels. Their faculty is certified to provide superior Mandarin classes, using innovative methods. 

Key Highlights

  • They have native language-speaking instructors
  • Prepare learners for HSK and TOCFL 
  • They provide scholarships for eligible learners
  • Interactive classes
  • Scientific teaching methodologies are followed

They are available on +91-9650279274, +91-9899770639, and [email protected].

5) Ocean Learning Academy

The academy provides Chinese learning courses in both online and offline modes. The course is designed to help students communicate in Mandarin. Also, they try to ensure that students excel in Chinese proficiency tests like HSK. Furthermore, they aim to guide students to understand Chinese culture which is essential while working with them.

Key Highlights

  • Study materials are provided
  • Regular assessments
  • Global exam preparation – levels HSK 1 to HSK 6
  • Certificate of completion provided after the course
  • Individual attention

You may reach them via +9108244436 | 6366914748 or [email protected].

Factors to consider while choosing a Mandarin course

To make the most out of learning from a Mandarin class in Bangalore, or anywhere in the world, you should pay attention to certain factors while choosing a course. 

1) Certification 

A good Mandarin training course should be accredited by authorized agencies. They should help you pass standardized proficiency tests like Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi. The test level cleared by you shows your level of proficiency in Mandarin. So, employers and universities see it as proof of your language abilities, making you a more attractive candidate.

2) Course Content

A thorough Mandarin course may include a wide range of topics to help you become an expert. This includes:

  • Grammar – to teach you the formation of sentences
  • Vocabulary – to build your word bank
  • Listening comprehension – to understand spoken Mandarin
  • Cultural awareness – to understand social interactions

Understanding all this will help you communicate effectively in a variety of situations.

3) Faculty

Experienced instructors can anticipate the difficulties learners might face and plan lessons accordingly. They can provide valuable feedback, and support in meeting individual learning needs. Moreover, an experienced teacher can make you confident and motivated to learn Mandarin faster. Therefore, when choosing a Mandarin course, it is important to consider the qualifications, expertise, and teaching style of the faculty to ensure the best learning experience.

4) Number of Students

When the number of students in a class is optimal, you may receive personalized attention from instructors. The teachers can focus on your individual needs, provide specific feedback, and answer your questions more thoroughly. Furthermore, smaller class sizes also encourage more interaction among students. As a result, a cooperative learning environment is created where you can practice speaking Mandarin confidently.

Conclusion – Choose the Best Mandarin Classes in Bangalore

In the growing domain of Mandarin training in Bangalore, learners are spoilt for choice. Now that you know the factors to consider before choosing a Mandarin class, selecting the right institute will be easier. Henry Harvin stands out among the top contenders for Mandarin classes in Bangalore, with its comprehensive curriculum and personalized approach. Additionally, their commitment to addressing the specific needs of Indian learners sets them apart in a crowded market.

While selecting one of the Mandarin classes in Bangalore can be daunting, you can never go wrong with Henry Harvin. Furthermore, with the right combination of interactive sessions and flexible class timings, Henry Harvin offers the ideal stage for anyone eager to start their Mandarin language journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did Mandarin classes gain so much popularity?

As a result of China gaining economic influence around the world, many new job opportunities for Mandarin speakers have come up. As a result, Mandarin classes are in high demand.

2. How effective are online classes for Mandarin?

Online classes that are small and interactive make students confident. Moreover, online classes give students the convenience to work at their own pace. Furthermore, the use of multimedia enhances the learning process.

3. How do I select the best Mandarin class?

To choose the best Mandarin class, you should consider factors like the trainer’s experience, the curriculum offered, and the flexibility of classes. Additionally, reviews about the classes and the reputation of the institution are also important.

4. Can I join Mandarin classes without knowing the basics?

Yes, most of the Mandarin classes are for beginners. They start with basic skills and slowly move to more advanced levels. Moreover, for advanced learners, there are certification courses.

5. What kind of job opportunities can I expect job after completing Mandarin classes?

You could get job opportunities in various sectors such as international trade, tourism, interpretation, education, and more. Additionally, you could start your training center to teach others.

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