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Top 10 German Language Classes in Lucknow

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A majority of Europeans speak German as their native tongue. Having a command of German will help you expand your company’s reach into new markets. It’s a boon to your professional standing because speaking German can open doors to better employment. The ability to speak German is in high demand, not just abroad but also in India. So it would help if you enrolled in German Language Classes me in Lucknow.

Here are a few institutes in Pune where you may study German language classes if you’re interested in learning the language but need help figuring out where to start or what program would be best for you.

Top German Language Classes Near Me in Lucknow

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is ranked first among all institutes in Lucknow. With over 11 years of expertise, it offers the best German language course with a certificate. They work hard to develop your skills and competencies so that you can land your desired job. You will also learn grammatical concepts that will help you enhance your German language skills.

Benefits of German Language Classes: Henry Harvin 

This institute has developed the 9-in-1 program to deliver the best outcomes based on several aspects.

Training: Expert trainers conduct two-way live online interactive classroom sessions.

Projects: Advantages of German Language Projects and Implementation, Application, and More

Internship: Assistance in gaining a practicable command of German during training.

Certification: Guarantee Certification for Henry Harvin’s German Language Training Course.

Placement: A one-year 100% placement guarantee is issued after successful completion.

E-Learning: Access to a wide range of tools and approaches, as well as video files, tests, and other resources, is available through e-learning.

Bootcamps: Regular Bootcamp sessions are available throughout the German Course program.

Hackathons: Free access to Hackathons

Membership: Receive a one-year gold membership.

German Language Course fees: 12500.

Contact Henry Harvin at +91 9891953953.

Henry Harvin also provides courses like 

Spanish Language Course, Japanese Language Course, Korean Language Course, and HR Generalist Course

Henry Harvin provides the German Language Course with certificates in:

Coimbatore, Lucknow, Patna, Faridabad, Noida, Online, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi

2. Krislingua institute 

The Krislingua institute offers German language classes near me in Lucknow to school-aged children, adults, business groups, individuals, office employees, and homemakers of various proficiency levels (A1 to C2). Moreover, they provide offline, online, group, and private lessons. Krislingua adheres to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and Goethe-recommended Institut’s textbooks.

Benefits of German Language course in Lucknow:

  • Reasonable cost structure and well-versed curriculum
  • Skilled and motivated instructors teach individual offline and online German language classes.
  • Acquire a Professional German Language Credential
  • Students are prepared for Goethe-Institut examinations.

German Language Course fees: 12000

Contact No: 082974 95880


EFLU is a central university administered by the Indian Ministry of Human Resource & Development. It is the only institution in India and South Asia devoted exclusively to teaching foreign languages and literature. In addition to teaching in multiple foreign languages, the university concentrates particularly on performing advanced research. Moreover, this institution has fine German language classes Near me in Lucknow.

Benefits of German Language course in Lucknow:

  • The EFLU campus in Lucknow was established in 1973 to offer English-language undergraduate and graduate studies.
  • This university currently offers full-time and part-time language studies in four languages, including German.
  • BA, MA, and PhD in German are full-time language programs, whereas proficiency, diploma, and advanced diploma are part-time.
  • If you seek full-time German language lessons in Lucknow, EFLU is an excellent option.
  • They offer instruction in the German language, German literature, and the translation of German to English and vice versa.
  • At EFLU, they host workshops, seminars, speeches and other events promoting knowledge expansion.
  • They encourage research in German language instruction and literature.
  • They facilitate joint initiatives and promote exchange programs for students.

German Language Course fees: 12300

Contact No: 0522-4082697

4. LanguageNext 

The second-best option for discovering German language classes near me is Language Next. They offer additional Foreign language classes and are the preeminent foreign language institute. Students will be able to begin learning German on the very first day of class thanks to the instructor’s effective teaching strategy and active attitude. Furthermore, LanguageNext’s four core values are honesty, accountability, opportunity, and regard.

Benefits of German Language course in Lucknow:

  • Certified educators, and the course is well-defined and structured.
  • Part-time, Regular, Crash-courses, online sessions, and one-on-one instruction are all available.
  • Through in-depth training on real-world projects and placement aid focusing on achieving results, everyone will gain practical knowledge.
  • [Speaking, Writing, Intonation, Reading, and Listening] comprise the SWIRL approach.
  • They offer free study materials to all of their students and exam guidance
  • Certification upon completion of the course outline
  • Furthermore, it offers Cost-Effective Fees despite Reputable Institutions
  • Follow the SWIRL approach (Speaking, Writing, Pronunciation, Reading, and Listening).
  • According to worldwide standards, curricula, and guidelines such as CEFR (Common European Framework of References), DELE, DALF, DELF, TEF, and SIELE, course content is produced, developed, and adapted.
  • 8-12 students per class
  • Ensure a student-centred educational environment.

German Language Course fees: 12800

Contact No:070111 64582


PIITL is among the top organisations established to teach foreign languages, including German. Moreover, this institute has a history of training professionals, students, social workers, and homemakers with efficient tools and approaches.

Benefits of a German Language course with a certificate:

  • This institute offers offline training and offers German language classes near me Lucknow.
  • PIITL is an attractive option if you’re looking for German language classes in Lucknow that include classroom instruction.
  • Students receive instruction from the introductory (A1, A2) to the advanced (C2) level.
  • They have instructors with a remarkable knowledge of the German language who have received expert training.
  • At PIITL, students are solely prepared for Goethe-Institut examinations.
  • The German language course instruction at PIITl has greatly assisted students and working professionals pursuing higher education and employment in Germany, respectively.
  • They provide broad and intensive classes for the fundamental or beginner level of German.

German Language Course fees: 13800

Contact No: 91307228165

6. International Lingua Institute 

International Lingua’s German language courses in Lucknow provide numerous language programs, business training, and translation services. At ILI, they employ the most up-to-date learning techniques, such as audio-visual aids and interactive games, and we strive to teach our students the culture and traditions of a language to improve their speaking skills.

Benefits of a German Language course in Lucknow

  • Flexible and comprehensive courses in which the institution tailors the curriculum to the student’s particular areas of interest
  • Arrangements for Visa Interviews for German language classes near me in Lucknow
  • Preparation for several Language Certification Examinations
  • Adopt a new technology-based teaching style known as “Scenario-Based,” which assists pupils in absorbing a language’s cultural context.

German Language Course fees: 12800

7. University of Lucknow

In 1921, the University of Lucknow created a department of English and modern European languages. It provides undergraduate and graduate courses in European languages, such as German language classes near me in Lucknow. It is a suitable location for studying languages due to its high teaching quality and ongoing research.

Benefits of a German Language course in Lucknow

  • In addition to undergraduate and graduate degrees, the university offers a one-year and advanced certificate in the German language.
  • To be admitted to a diploma or advanced diploma program, you must pass a German proficiency course and get a certificate.
  • The German language department’s library is substantial and beneficial to students.
  • Additionally, frequent events and seminars are arranged, making it one of the top locations for the German language course in Lucknow.

German Language Course fees: 12300

8. Langma Language School

This institute was founded in 2007 as an English language instruction centre. However, in response to a growing demand for instruction in various other regional and foreign languages, Langma began offering German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and French classes, among others. Langma provides all languages with both short-term and long-term instruction. These are the best German language classes near me in Lucknow.

Benefits of German Language classes near me:

  • It gives online German language courses in Lucknow that the institute meticulously developed for competency.
  • The skilled and experienced instructors instruct levels A1 through C2.
  • Academy provides convenient coaching based on your preferences and the topics you choose to study.
  • They organise engaging sessions to improve your communication abilities.
  • You will have access to the online class recordings.
  • They make learning German exciting by helping you comprehend its history, architecture, music, and cuisine.

German Language Course fees: 12600

9. Amity University

When training students in foreign languages, this institution is widely recognised as one of the best and consistently far ahead of the competition.

The Institute offers bachelor’s degree programs in French, German, and Spanish, in addition to a master’s degree program in French, under Amity University in Uttar Pradesh. Throughout the German language classes, students will study various courses developed with key stakeholders’ assistance and participate in training sessions that meet the business sector’s current demands. They offer students exposure to the industry and help them locate suitable employment. So, this institution provides the best German language classes near me in Lucknow.

Benefits of German Language Course with certification: 

  • Asia’s only non-profit university with regional accreditation in the United States and staffed by seasoned professors.
  • Amity University has partnered with LinkedIn, a global professional networking website with over 500 million users. Even capturing the interest of a small percentage of this group can help you obtain internships, jobs, and vital connections.
  • Also, Amity Is the first university In India to offer mobile apps for student Intranet Access.
  • Students at Amity have stronger connections with the business world than other colleges, which is why Amity is consistently ranked first.

German Language Course fees: 7000


The languageskool is one of the most prominent platforms for studying foreign languages. One foreign language they teach is a German language course with a certificate. Moreover, their qualified instructors prepare students for Goethe Institut examinations and certifications.

Benefits of German Language classes near me: 

  • They provide online German language training for all three levels in Lucknow (essential to advanced)
  • During training, they administer two tests to evaluate your knowledge and track your development.
  • They do routine speaking exercises to assist you in enhancing your vocabulary and sentence structure.
  • In addition to professional training, this institute also provides academic training for school-level German learners.
  • Before enrolling in this institute, you can get a free demo lesson through their website.

German Language Course fees: 10000

Choosing the Best Course for You

The list we’ve provided here is a menu providing you with a taste of the various flavours of German meals.

Consider the following factors while selecting the ideal course for you:

Your objectives: Why do you want to learn German, and what degree of fluency do you aspire to attain?

Timetable: When do you need to achieve your objectives, and how much time can you devote to studying

Your learning styles: How you prefer to learn – alone or with others; using apps, audio, or video

Financial situation: How much money are you willing to spend on German online classes?

These characteristics will help you determine which online German course is ideal.


Q1. Is A1 sufficient for learning the German language course in Lucknow?

Ans: These levels offer you a fundamental knowledge of the German language. If you have yet to gain prior expertise, enrolling in an A1 course is strongly advised.

Q2. Can I master the German language in three months?

Ans: You need more than three months to achieve fluency. However, if you change your method, you can learn German quickly and get very close to fluency. And I don’t mean being able to say “I’m alright” as soon as a native speaker or being able to integrate phrases learnt on Duolingo.

Q3. How long does B2 German last?

Ans: The German B level is when you begin to use the language independently, requiring little to no assistance to keep a conversation going. The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) recommends 750 hours of study to reach the B2 level.

Q4. Can I learn German language classes independently?

Ans: Only some have the time, resources, or self-assurance to take German language classes or travel to Germany. However, you can still begin. A free online German language course on an app is a fantastic way to start and carry your studies wherever you go.

Q5. How can I quickly learn German language classes?

Ans: Top Study Tips to Learn German language classes more quickly
Know Your Objective and Plan a routine 
Study Daily
Prioritise Critical Words
Commence speaking from the beginning
Daily Vocabulary Study
Utilise Free Applications and Tools
Create Activities Tailored to Your Learning Styles and Timetables
Treat Mistakes Like Free Lessons

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