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      Top 12 Instructional Design Courses in India


 What does an instructional design course stand for?

Instructional Design course, In India after having a surviving pandemic season, most of our educational institutes and academies took a huge swap in the teaching-training process. This innovative adaptation demands a few instructional materials and the knowledge of software for preparing them. Altogether this preparation and instructional process is called Instructional design courses.

Is it a good career option?

Of course! The teaching process involving some technical and skill-related content needs instructional designs, these designs involve particular software for creating illustrations and notes to be instructed.

Textbooks are an old story, nowadays we have to be straight to the point in designing a curriculum, objectives for teaching, analyzing the strategies for instruction, and time-oriented learning evaluation with the support of technology.


Here I am listing more on the Top 12 Instructional design courses in India, where the learning modes can be institutional or online.

1. Henry Harvin

Instruction Design Course in India

Need to be a part of the best institute providing Instructional Design Courses?

Without any further clarification, Henry Harvin is listed at the top all over India for Instructional design courses in India.

Henry Harvin provides a certification called CIDS – Instructional design certification course. The advantage of acquiring a certification here is the adaptability in their teaching and assessment. Moreover, many key features are for this instructional design course, and we are going to have a look.

Teachers and Teaching mode for Instructional Design Course

Expert faculty with more than 10 years of experience, Mode of teaching is online additionally it is a live interaction, not a recorded class. Here convenience is a major concern, No worries you can avail the Recorded classes and materials via the Learning management system.

Course Highlights of Instructional Design Course

16 hours of live learning

Doubt clearing sessions

Provide projects to have hands-on learning in course creation and design

Boot camp sessions for internship orientation, training, and resume building

Lifetime Gold membership for Instructional design course in Henry Harvin Writing Academy

100% Placement assistance in top corporates and management companies

The government of India recognized certification in the instructional design course.

Course Fee


No! Very reasonable in Henry Harvin, according to their website it is 15,000 for the entire course.


A graduate or a fresher looking for a career change to L and D, Technical writing can enroll in this course.

Additional Benefits

As many institutes provide it to be extra chargeable, here we get a lot of exposure to the tools needed to attain knowledge while learning Instructional design courses such as survey, presentation, graphics, broadcasting, video editing, audio tools, Translation, writing, etc.

From the above details in my point of view, the course in Henry Harvin covers all the aspects of the Instructional design course in a theoretical and also practical way. So undoubtedly it is the best institute for Instructional design courses in India.

2. KPMG – Instructional Design course 

In the current scenario, not only in academics, but most business firms also need a proper instructional design to drive their functionality.  Eventually, big corporates are in need of Learning and development to incorporate proper training for their new joiners.

Obviously, they need a perfect Instructional design with all details for the long run. Here in KPMG instructional design course is also known as the “Certified instructional design practitioners course”.

Teaching mode of Instructional Design Course

In KPMG for an instructional design course, the learning mode is also virtual live interaction only.

The hours of instruction are 36 hrs.


Any fresher looking for a career change and technical writer particularly focusing on a Learning and Development firm can mail to the concerned person listed on their website.

Course fee

The cost of a KPMG – Instructional design course in India coast around Rs.41,000 plus taxes. Compared to other courses it may be felt more because their primary focus lies on practitioners’ courses for Land D development.


Hands-on practical training and assignment on completion of each module.

Real-world Learning and Development functionality training.

Paid internship for selected candidate upon the completion of instructional design course (not for all eligible candidates)

Membership in KPMG learning academy at the time of performing internships.

Job-oriented industrial training with expertise in supervision


Here at KPMG, you will get a chance to design learning objectives consequently you can create storyboards and author learning modules.

3. Symbiosis

Thought of having a diploma in Instructional design course in India?

Symbiosis is your destination, without a doubt, you can enroll here, it is accredited by the All India council for technical education. Accordingly, you will be awarded a diploma in an instructional design course.

This institute is primarily a center for distance learning.

After completing a course in symbiosis you are a certified PGDID(post-graduate diploma in instructional design), where you can pursue a career as an instructional designer, instructional writer, etc.

Teaching mode

Since it’s a course of distance learning, you will eventually receive materials and learning methods physically and virtually.


Complete theoretical and practical lessons on Instructional design involving content writing as predominant.

Full 1-year course curriculum focusing majorly on the end-to-end completion of the predesigned 


Attain a level of designing in both real environments and web-based content.

Practical skill development training for job-related perspective.

Course fee

Comparatively a fair pricing of Rs. 35,000 also some reduction happens if you are under certain categories like defense. Variations in fee structures are subjected to installments also extra chargeable for registration and exam-related affairs.

Eligibility for instructional design course

If you are a graduate from any recognized university in India or an international undergraduate in any disciple can apply for a PGDID IN SCDL.

Looking for traditional-based learning and to have a detailed approach in instructional design courses in India, preferably SCDL’s course is good to go.

4. ISTD  

Looking for a proper central government institute for learning instructional design courses in India? 

Indian Society for Training and Development provides a whole well-structured learning curriculum as a Postgraduate diploma in learning and development where the major focus will be on instructional design aspects.

Also known as instructional system design(ISD) or learning experience design(LXD) is the major highlight of the ISTD curriculum. Here they cover all the teaching-learning methodologies, which may be considered vast.

So patience in learning will be a better approach for this instructional design course in ISTD.


Graduates, postgraduates,s, and any professional degree holders(both Indian and international) who are keen on the instruction design field can apply for the course through their website. Also, they have seats offered for government-deputed employees and their family members.

Fee structure

The fee varies in accordance with the quotas and categories but generally, it is Rs. 59000.

Features of the instructional design course

Experience faculty backing highly professional experience.

Well-structured curriculum and theoretical practice.

Certification is recognized by the ministry of education and culture by the Indian government.

The above course may not be a cup of tea who are particularly focused on the Instructional design course but it is vast learning and consequently spread over academic, learning, and development instructions.

5. Skillshare – Online learning

Anticipating cost effectiveness??

Happy news folks Skillshare is a well-known online platform both available in PC and Mobile Compatibility. Skillshare has a course Introduction to instructional design course which is completely free.

Just create an account-sign in – enroll the job is done. 


Reliable learning method and convenient for any device.

Flexible learning hours according to your work-life balance.

Free of cost learning.

Recorded class videos and assessments.

Will, it suits all need of candidates in learning instructional design courses in India?

Here is the tricky part, we have some drawbacks as well.


As the name suggests it is only an introduction course, covering all instructional design course curriculum criteria, multiple courses like software for design, Land D, technical writing, online course creation, etc. 

Subsequently, the efforts and time along with some premium subscription cost you as same as a course done in a reputed academy.

Practical learning is still questionable, obviously, high-rated assessments are there will not aid the completion of career growth. But can surely give a chance to become a beginner in those professions. Lack of mentoring will make processes much delayed in the career.

6. Course era- Online Instruction design course

Another great online learning revolution, the Course era provides both foundation and master track options in instructional design courses in India is course era. Where the foundation course has particular hours of learning and analyzing assessments.

The master track course is a paid, detailed version of the learning instructional design courses in India.

The course fee for the master track course is 2,384 dollars and peacefully 4 to 7 months of course time persist. Less than 12 hrs per week is the best option for the working groups. 

Eligibility for this master’s course and also foundation course is an undergraduate degree in any field.


The University of Illinois is providing certification for both courses.

Flexible learning timings make it a professional friendly skill upgradation course.

Assessment and materials for learning are easily accessible.

Practical-related internships were also provided.


Placement assistance is a concern here. They will provide the orientation session for career paths and related topics, still, a lack of practicality arises.

An online foreign university certification is a thrill for doing an instructional design course in India, isn’t it??

7. Udemy- Instructional design course

After the pandemic, Udemy acquired a very decent position of providing a huge variation in courses which is basically skill related. As instructional design courses in India are gaining popularity Udemy provides a wide variety of those instructional design courses.

Courses they provide for instructional design?

Effective design programs

Learning experience courses

Digital teaching and corporate learning

Designing effective learning programs


Here in Udemy, we have multiple options for instructional design courses, but those courses have the basic criteria of fresher and experienced. Not everyone can learn every course.


Need-based design of course

Convenient learning from anywhere

Lifetime access to the profile

Various downloadable resources

Certification upon completion

The things which can find difficult will be the case of the proper placement and the guidance for choosing the course.

Course fees are very much different for each and every course according to the learning hours and level of proficiency we are opting to be.

8. Swayam 

The familiarity of instructional design courses in India had evolved to a new dimension with the intervention of central institutes or academies providing these courses in a reasonable manner.

What is Swayam?

Swayam is a joint venture online learning platform, which is driven by a group of versatile professors and lecturers as a MOOC elective course.

While the courses provided by Swayam are free. They probably design their courses to upskill students and academic professionals. Industrial experts can also give a shot in a particular course.

Highlights of instructional design course in Swayam

Conceptual learning of instructional design by using technological support and multimedia tools to enhance instructional methods.

Free of cost learning 

A long duration of 15 weeks.

Recorded sessions by experts for each module.

The only payable amount is for the certification exam.

Conducted by top professors from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala.

Module-wise weekly assessments.

Online doubt clearing sessions.


Although a valuable certification in live interaction, placement assistance is still a concern.

Equally internal assessments and external assessments are considered for final certification.

So from the above facts, the Swayam E-learning platform requires sufficient dedication and commitment additionally.

9. IGNOU- instructional design course

Indira Gandhi National Open University is a well-known distance educational institution particularly used for learning instructional design courses in India. This program mainly falls under the Post Graduate diploma in educational technology [PGDET]. 

Their courses are very much suitable for a continuous learner who is specifically keen on learning the new age educational cum instructional technology.


Distance learning/self-study.

Both video and textbook-based learning materials.

Affordable fee structure for a proper Post Graduate diploma.

The government recognized certification and faculty support.

Well-designed learning modules.

Basic graduation will act as an eligibility factor here in IGNOU and doing Instructional design courses in India as distant it will be a good option

As the instructional design is only provided as a foundation in their curriculum the detailed practical approach is a missing factor. Placement assistance and advanced learning particularly in instructional design will be your call for choosing this course in IGNOU.

10. IDOL  Courses

Undoubtfully one of the creative online learning platforms is what IDOL offers for their enrollers. It is not a firm where we can just learn but also we can design courses, A vendor kind of approach is the great outlook.

The key focus delivered by Idol instructional design course is a corporate instructional design approach. The course mainly takes you to a fundamental approach and gradually covers up a job-oriented perspective.


Easily accessible mini-course lessons

Advance mode of animation software and tools for practical shade learning

A short period of 8 weeks is the necessary learning time frame

Job-related assessment criteria.

The instructional design course in idol, as mentioned is a leading path for the corporate world and it is majorly divided into three section 




Since idol is a customized learning course, call them or mail them directly to get a vendor and expose your plan and get your tailored plan of the study done.  Each of us has a different lifestyle, being trained in instructional design courses in India, idol gives a different dimension to learning.

11. Interaction design foundation

Established back in 2002, the interactive design foundation is basically a design academy. Focuses majority on the aspect of the design-related course. So a strong base can be formed on illustrations and design parameters while learning instructional design courses in India.

If you are a good creative person, they are the best option you can go for, by creating the best creative instructional content and also well-advanced webinar delivery.

Key highlights

User experience and student experience design modules.

Consequently updating according to the changes happening

The curriculum incorporated with Massachusetts institute of technology and Cambridge university syllabus.

Well-acknowledged certification is deeply anticipated by the world’s top companies and institutes.

Advanced learning criteria and practicals on design.

The fee structure of the course changes according to the needs of the learners. If you are looking for a global career in User experience designs and up-to-date webinar content Interactive design foundations deliver the best option.

12. Middle earth

Spread across 49 countries around the globe and immensely providing workshops and orientation Middle earth shines its way out in its own way.

Why instructional design courses in middle earth?

The course modules allocated in their curriculum are of a Human resource or a human-computer interface approach. A very necessary step in the field of instructional design.

Due to these factors, Middle Earth ranks among the world’s top 10 instructional design courses.

A graduate willing to learn instructional design courses in India also prefers their courses only if your perspective of career growth relies on HR development and integration.


Elaborative chapters for learning and advanced level of design curriculum.

From the past till the present is their flow of teaching instructional design courses.

ARCS design model and lesson-making plans.

Implementing various Elearning tools.

Top-level management to Hr and Employees flow design.

Provides course materials, accommodation, and tuition fees which are all included in their course fee.

If you are an eligible degree holder who desired to move for a career in a Human resource-related advanced mode of instructional design course in India, Middle earth is the best academy.

The point we need to understand is that they provide mostly the physical mode of training so convenient learning is not applicable here in middle earth.

How can I choose an institute Instructional design course in India?

Instructional design courses in India have different branches where you have to be very particular about which line you have to follow while choosing what you want.


If you are very much passionate about the teaching-learning process, it is your way to keep in touch with the change analysis of curriculum design, conducting E-learning forums, allocating digital assessment, and designing your own notes digitally land in a good career ahead.

HR related

Since many big business companies greatly depend upon human resource-related activities including accessing candidates, assigning tasks, employee management systems, and conducting orientation, and skill development systems.


Learning and development are most related to the teaching-learning process particularly in training a new candidate to become an employee in top companies. Digital content, Management systems, upgrading skills, presentations to top management.

Content Creators

As a determined technical content writer, you are designated to write and illustrate descriptions for the company and websites or basically a product. An innovative approach toward a materialistic world and a creative brain is the best thing you can put out.


Instructional design courses in India took a great growth in recent times. After completing your basic degree or you are working in a field which is an immediate change according to the advancement you need to achieve this course favors your career a lot. Proper research and the path you need to move forward determine the academy you need to learn. Simultaneously convenience of your daily lifestyle is also a key point in choosing an institute and learning intensity favors. Choose an institute that provides a practical overview and placement to start off. Bon, voyage!

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1. Doing an instructional design course helps me in the promotion of my current job?

If you are in one of the fields such as academic, HR, or technical content writer, selecting this course will definitely favor your internal job upgradation.

2. Do I need to be a good designer to become an instructional designer?

No, courses in good academies give you practical training related to many tools and software.
Their internship session will probably grab you an artistic environment to learn.

3. Which Institute provides good internships in Instructional design courses in India?

As per my knowledge, Henry Harvin writing academy stands out in the race for providing proper steps to move forward even after you get your course completion.

4. Where can I get jobs after getting a certification?

Instructional design course in India has a good opportunity for a user experience designer, student experience designer, and content writer in technology firms. Most big companies hire a content specialist who is good at design.

5. What software I will learn?

Designing Software such as canvas, articulate, basic editing software, and illustrator software for curriculum design are largely used in instructional design courses.


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