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Feature Writing: Importance, Types and Tips.


Feature writing is a conspicuous part of journalism. It consists of writing articles on advertised and highlighted pieces. The articles can be written on varied subjects. However, the topic for the feature/primarily centres around a particular subject. The theme may be on sports individuals, politicians, celebrities, artists, famous personalities and even historical figures. The featured articles are in electronic or printed news, magazines and also media. Feature writing has been popular for years in newspapers. However, its scope is widening due to the effects of the internet and social media.

Through feature writing, you must grab the attention of the audience. Many of its rules are similar to news writing. However, it is not the same. News tells about recent incidents. Additionally, It is relevant and of concern to the general public. Feature articles go into much more depth about the topic. It is not about informing but it is about explaining. Moreover, through featured articles, you explore and learn. It is a creative process. Feature writer also deeply dives into the subject and writes in the way they see fit. Feature writers must also attract and grab attention. They make the reader invested in the article. It can thoroughly be a fun process.

Importance of Feature Writing

The importance of feature writing is significant. However, in the field of media, it is essential. The internet is now considered a basic necessity for everyone. Featured articles are an essential part of the internet. Additionally, the scope of it is far and wide. Featured materials are not fiction. It is writing about actual incidents or people. However, it is written in narrative form. It is based on facts. But it is not just about informing about an incident. It is more about connecting with the readers.

The featured piece is written in a descriptive form of writing. It is an entertaining piece of article. It interests and also connects with the reader. These articles tell stories but they are not fictional. A feature story is not restricted by the period. It can be a recent event or a present famous personality. It can also be written on a past event or historical figure as well. A featured piece of writing must be informative but also interesting. It is a creative form of writing where writers can explore and be creative while maintaining their relevance. The main importance of feature writing is that it is informative but entertaining as well.

Types of Feature Writing

There are several types of feature writing. A featured article can be on any subject. It might be about a famous individual or a significant past event. It can be also based on personal incidents in the writer’s life. Rather than informing, it is about describing. There are various forms of writing featured articles. Some of those types are given below:-

1. Personal Narratives:

Featured articles on personal narratives are in the first-person perspective. However, they can be on different individuals. Personal narratives are also about people who had a significant role in history. Their cause, role, achievements and the hardships faced by them. Featured articles give in-depth information about the individual and their life events.

2. Human Interest Features:

This form of writing portrays the subject emotionally. It connects with the reader. It describes the subject, and their surroundings in a much more demonstrative style. The hardships, achievements, personal views and the role of the subject are described. The Human Interest Feature is one of the types of feature writing that gives a human touch to the article and creates a we-feeling with the reader.

3. Certain Individuals:

The articles centre around certain individuals. The individual may be a known personality. They also make influence to the people. Their life events, occurrences, their struggles and beliefs are described in the article. Moreover, the featured article gives in-depth knowledge about the person.

4. Travel articles:

Travel featured articles give an insight into different destinations. They vividly describe the characteristics of the places to the reader. It is an entertaining and also an informative piece. Travel articles make the audience experience and learn about different cultures. They make the reader visualize the destination, their cuisine, the people, their attitudes and the environment.

5. Historical Features:

Historical features plunge into the past world, They describe past events, their importance and their impact. They also tell us about historically significant figures and their role. Historical Featured articles also compare the past and the present. Moreover, they provide insights about the past world but they are quite helpful for the present as well.

6. Investigative Features:

Investigative Features dive deep into the subject. They provide in-depth details about the subject. The articles can be an analysis of research. They also give an insight into the issues in the society. Investigative features are informative and they also help to bring attention to important topics.

7. Miscellaneous:

Featured articles can also be written on various other topics. They do not always have to be informative. Sometimes, they are just entertaining. The articles may be on certain day-to-day activities or a peculiar event in the writer’s life. Miscellaneous articles can be on any topic which can be of interest to the target audience. A miscellaneous article is one of the types of feature writing.

Tips for Feature Writing

In feature writing, there should be a balance of creativity and credibility. The article must be informative but also interesting and entertaining as well. There are some tips for feature writing for you, they are given below.

  • Always keep your target audience in mind.
  • Provide accurate factual information.
  • Emphasize your points.
  • Keep an enticing headline to grab the readers’ attention.
  • Portray your article in a narrative form.
  • Maintain an emotional connection with the reader.
  • Use a sufficient amount of adverbs as well as adjectives.
  • Maintain the writing in an active voice throughout your article.

Scope in the field of Feature Writing.

Feature writing is relevant in a large number of professions. There are several fields in which there is a wide scope for feature writing. So, who can opt for the feature writing course and become a feature writer?

  • Media Reporter
  • Freelance Writers
  • Journalists
  • Digital Marketers
  • Artists
  • Press officers

Where to learn Feature Writing?

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We hope you have understood the basics of featured content. What it is, its types, tips and importance. It is less formal as compared to news writing. They are much more creative. They also go into much more detail about the topic. A course is never necessary to become a writer. However, it enhances your writing skills. It is certainly helpful. It also aids in diving into the field of featured articles in a much more systematic way. Lastly, We hope this blog has been helpful to you and has provided sufficient information about Feature Writing.

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1. Is feature writing the same as news writing?

No, many rules might be alike in both. However, they are different forms of writing.

2. What is the scope of featured articles?

The scope of featured articles is far and wide. It is also increasing day by day.

3. Is it necessary to do a course to become a feature writer?

No, it is not necessary. However, it is more beneficial.

4. Feature writing course is hard?

It depends on personal interest. But it is not extremely difficult and it is quite manageable.

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