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20 Best Content Writing Courses Online in 2023


Content writing nowadays has appeared as one of the most prominent job roles in recent times. There are a lot of writers who want to make his/her career as professional writers and the global market has unlocked openings that have never appeared to be so impressive and encouraging. 

Content writing is an enormous term in itself. Writing does not mean just assembling elegant words, it needs to have a motive and should impel your audience to take certain actions.

Hence, if you want to begin your career as a content writer then you must go through this porter to know about the Top 20 Online Content Writing Courses in India. A content writing course is very necessary for one who wants to become a content writer. Without taking much time come and let’s continue to scroll the page and choose your platform for an online content writing course and step into the World Of Writing.

1. Henry Harvin Writing Academy

Henry Harvin Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Education is amongst the top Certified Digital Content Writing Courses. Henry Harvin is ranked no.1 in the business via Henry Harvin empowers you with a clear concept about content writing which can help you to explore various writing niches. 

The advantages which you get by opting for a content writing course are:

  • Website making and personal blog making
  • Graphic skills
  • Language skills
  • Advanced Research Skills
  • Article writing, blog writing, newsletter, academic writing, technical writing etc
  • SEO (search engine optimisation)

Henry Harvin helps writers to enhance their writing skills and to become professional writers. The instructors give you an excellent format of content writing course, they provide extensive content writing training to scrutinize the impact of content writing. 

An online content writing course from Henry Harvin gives you a learning forum at your own pace.

Henry Harvin furnishes 1-year gold membership and 24/7 lifetime support. The content writing program involves recorded sessions, guaranteed internships, weekly job support, brush-up sessions, and much more.

The institute has several courses such as Digital Marketing Certification Program, Certified GST Course, TEFL Course, Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Course, and many more courses that are offered by Henry Harvin Education.

  About the content writing course:

  • Duration- there will be a class of 32 hours
  • Curriculum- the course is selected as a mixture of topics from the prevalent content writing section
  • Trainer- senior industry professionals having experience in content writing takes batches for the students. These practitioners are also empowered as section experts with Henry® Harvin Education
  • Employment support- get 100% support on placement, internships, freelance proposals

Once enrolled at Henry Harvin Education, you have the installation to attend different batches with different mentors. This means you can access unlimited times on the learning portal.

Mobile App permits to LMS E-Learning portal. You can access the complete Learning Management System (LMS) on the go by just signing in with your ID and password.

2. Northwestern University On Coursera

Northwestern University is a private teaching university. University empowers innovative teaching and has a cooperative environment that gives you comfortable learning. Campuses are in Evanston and Chicago, Qatar, Illinois, and Doha.  In this institution, you will learn from the best-recognized industry and experts on how to create content for your social media platforms and add value to your content so that the people you want to reach will surely give importance to.


A Coursera is a sequence of programs that helps to ace your ability. To get enrolled, select one of the courses you would like to start with. And when you subscribe to a course of your preference then you automatically get the subscription. You can track your course registrations by visiting your dashboard. When you are over with your course and complete the projects you will get the certificates that you can use for your professional format.

Five courses in this specialization:

Course 1  content strategy for professionals: connecting audiences Course 2 Content strategy for professionals: preventing the content Course 3 Content strategy for professionals: promoting your content reach.

Course 4 Content strategy for professionals: securing your content effect.

Course 5 Content strategy for professionals: capstone scheme

3. Copywriting  Secrets: Become a Content Writing Expert 

Copywriting secrets is a platform where you can become an expert writer, you just need a desire to learn. Therefore, you will be instructed by professional’s writers.

What all you will learn

  • Attract massive paying clients with your copywriting 
  • Able to write copy, confidently for social media ads and more
  • For any copywriting, can choose the most powerful word

     The course includes:

  • 7 downloadable help
  • Full lifetime access
  • Can access on mobile
  • 1-hour on-demand video
  • 4 articles
  • Tasks
  • Certificate of completion 

4. Creative Writing Certification Course:

This content writing course motivates you to learn content writing in three parts, i.e., long structure content, short story, and dairy. It will help you to get familiar with the process required to formulate a convincing story with a new style. This course covers aspects of three major writing genres: narrative essay, biography, and short story.

This course is designed for beginners as well as for popular novelists. By opting for this course you will develop a stronger ability to not only improve your writing but can find inspiration in the works you are already examining. Even the writing community offers 30% off membership to the learners who complete their assignments.

This course is planned so that anybody with innovative content writing gets a clear concept of writing.  As you finish the course, you will be able to write creative content. When you complete the course you will receive a certificate that you can share with upcoming employers and your professional network.

5. Content Is King: Writing Killer Content For Web and Marketing 

In this content writing course, you will get a basic understanding of everything about web content creation which will boost you to become a skilled blogger. This online course is offered by Udemy.

By the end of the course, you will have the option to write SEO-friendly blogs, promotional copies, and more.

You will also learn how to write content for a Kindle eBook, content for a website, content for a  blog, and can edit your content to make it sparkle. Apart from content writing, you will likewise understand the different parts of computerized showcasing which will assist you in bringing traffic to your site.

6. Creative Writing by Margaret Atwood 

One of the best courses for aspiring writers was provided by Margaret Atwood. You will be taught the basics of writing and will be taught by industry specialists. 

After you complete this content writing course, you’ll be confident to write appalling content by pushing your creative mind into it. 

The writer’s department offers you:

  • Home-study creative writing course by skilled trainers 
  • Personal suggestions by the tutors 
  • Online access on the phone to study at your own pace and printed course material
  • Advice on how to sell your writing in several markets

7. Transmedia  Storytelling

This course will help you to develop a method for telling your own story. You will learn how to shape your suggestions into well-structured stories, You’ll be able to connect with different audiences in your stories.

In a world where people are bombarded with an increasing percentage of brand content, establishing good content is not sufficient to be seen in a multi-device world. Content should be skillful. This platform is best for writers who want to create their own stories because great stories are factual, evoke feelings, and are interesting.

The objective of Transmedia Storytelling is to engage users in the world it makes. The course gives you a different, precise and industry-relevant learning opportunity. You will have a permit to learn activities that will prepare you with the methods you need to start creating your ideas. Transmedia creation operates in several areas such as narrative; knowledge; audience; media/platforms; business models and performance.

Syllabus for the course:

  • Using creative technologies 
  • Understanding a transmedia audience
  • The Transmedia user understanding
  • What is Transmedia Storytelling

8. Writing In The Sciences- Online Content Writing Course

This course teaches you to become more productive writers, using realistic examples and activities. You will learn how to write for general audiences, grant writing, associate review, and the format of scientific writing. By the end of the course, you will gain skills in medical writing, science communication, writing, and grammar. you will also earn a certificate upon completion of the course.

 The course includes:

  • Writing for a popular crowd 
  •  Norms of good writing 
  • The organisation of an acceptable composition
  • Tricks for quicker writing  


Udemy is a great platform to discover and explore your writing skill. When searching for a content writing course in India, Udemy is among one of the best academies that will guide you with an effective content writing course and also introduces you to a lot of different characteristics.

In an Udemy you get a preference to choose your teacher amongst the group of trainers. Before choosing your program you can go through the modules related to it, to be more confident about your decision.

The content writing courses here will teach you the concepts of SEO writing, copywriting, blog post writing, content marketing, and more. 

You will be given different assignments to check your improvement and that will help you in polishing your knowledge and bring out the best in you.

10. Futurelearn

This platform has many writing courses that bring out the hidden writer in you on the way. It is a great online course learning platform. The courses assigned here are well modified and introduces you to unbound facts that can help you improve your writing abilities. 

If you want to develop as a professional then you are at the right place. The courses here are organized under experienced experts who try to bring the best out of their disciples.

If you want to start your career as a writer then come and enroll in “Futurelearn” for a bright tomorrow.

11. Indian Institute Of Digital Education (IIDE)

The certification course in content writing at IIDE enables you to get a chance of being trained by the highly praised experts of the industry. The institute was founded in 2016. They conduct both online and offline classes. The trainers here are experienced, which helps the beginners to gain overall necessities of writing. They aim to upskill learners in and modify their careers by giving them difficult practical activities as a part of their industry-vetted courses organized by experts.

The course includes 70+ hours of a live class, 100% placement support, 40+ hours of videos, one-on-one mentoring sessions, resume and interview training, 8 brand projects. By the end of this online course, you will be able to break down the Google Ad primary certification and receive a certificate of culmination from IIDE.

During your classes, you will be given the assignments to check your ability along with the practical activity. Come and step into a new world of writing and learning.

12. The Brand Salon (TBS) 

The brand salon is amongst the top online courses of content writing in India. They focus on quality over quantity and value efficiency over peculiarity. The content writing course provided here gives you a broad view of composing with the necessary aspects of writing. 

The course comprises brainstorming sessions, different types of content, assessing your audience, and similar characteristics. You will also learn about SEO writing, video marketing, SEM/PPC, etc.

The trainers will help you and guide you in every step of learning in the live session.

For more information get the details from the website and enroll yourself for the content writing course in The Brand Salon.

13. Thoughtful Minds

The Thoughtful Minds also offers an online content writing course. So, when you think of opting for a content writing course without thinking twice just go for it. Within 46 days you’ll be skilled by the trainers in the writing niches. You will also have enough understanding in Marketing, SEO search engine optimization, strategy creation more. 

You’ll be assisted by skilled academic writers to complete your writing, research well on time. Online assignments will help you boost and clear your doubts.

Once you complete the classes you will be given the tasks to keep your progress in review.

By the end of the course, you will be eligible enough to work as a content writer, copywriter.

For beginners, this online content writing course will work as a wonder. Just go ahead and enrol today.

14. Mind Stairs

MindStairs is the platform where beginners can improve their writing with the experienced trainers of the institute.

There are many courses offered at Mind Stairs, which you can select according to your preferences. The content writing course comprises 46 classes divided into 16 hours. By the end of this course, you will have an apparent concept of content writing, copywriting, content marketing.

You’ll also be taught about SEO Writing Which will play a vital role in your writing career. 

This is a must-have course for learners who aspire to start an impactful career in writing. 

15. Content Knockout

Content knockout is one of the best platforms for online content writing courses. The trainers here train you for writing faster and better.

They take you through the process of mind mapping, editing, proofreading, writing, publishing content.

They help the learners to understand and assist with a content strategy. By the end of the course, you will have a fine grasp of writing content. So, why wait, just go through their website for more details and enroll for the course.

14. Skillshare 

SKILLSHARE is a well-known platform that is highly appreciated for its well-furnished program. The trainers motivate the learners to bring out the best in them. You’ll be under the guidance of industry leaders and working professionals. Learn offline from anywhere with the Skillshare app.

Skillshare provides various courses such as creative writing, content writing, marketing, web development, productivity, etc.

The content writing course here introduces you to different elements such as effective writing, methods and tricks, keywords research, and marketing. By the end of the course, these elements will add confidence to your writing. 

The best part of this academy is that it is extremely affordable. So, writers without thinking much, come and make your bright future in the world of writing with “skillshare”.

15. One India Training Academy

One India Training Academy is devoted to providing high-quality knowledge and technology education to graduates. Their objective is to teach the abilities needed to regulate in today’s fast-paced, fast-changing industry. 

They began with a tiny squad and with a commitment to their job, they have formulated into a vast corporation that gives various courses in IT. They are dwelling on the most experienced educators devoted to nurturing their students. 

Their educators are oriented with an in-depth awareness of the subjects and are also worthy to assist their students. 

They concur that only the promising educators can supervise the students towards success, through which they also work as motivators in establishing a beneficial approach to work and life.

One India Training Academy is suited with all the overdue techniques and technology operated in today‘s manufacturing, the proficiency of which is necessary to generate the greatest creative accomplishment. 

Such procedures are initiated to students by their extraordinary professional educators.

Thus, In today’s competitive industry planners and entrepreneurs, with the inducement of their educators and day-to-day operations, students are oriented with the proficiency to specify and produce outcomes while maintaining these patterns in mind.

One India Training Academy utilizes efficient teaching methods along with custom-made modules that communicate every subject in detail. The courses are completely job-oriented and the applicants can select the course of their preference.

16. Digital Academy 360

The Digital Academy 360 offers different courses, including content writing. The whole program is well structured and the program comprises all forms of content writing, soft skills, website designing, and more. Trainers here are industry experts with 10+ years of experience. Digital Academy 360 has 15+ centers in India. 

The content writing courses include:

  • Five plus case studies with backup classes and internship opportunities 
  • Certificate from Digital Academy 360, as well as Hubspot
  • 16 plus modules with 54 hours of training 
  • Two live writing tasks
  • Provides placement for freshers as well as working experts 

The training given by the Academy follows a precise curriculum. The course offers sessions from basic to advanced levels. So, writers, why wait? Nudge yourself and come to Digital Academy 360 to enhance your writing skill.

17. Content Strategy For Professionals: Engaging Audiences

In this content writing course, professionals at all degrees of organizations will be aware of the most ideal techniques to bring out the crowd of people they need. You will learn how to build and execute engaging content across media platforms and ways to expand internal and external audiences.

In this uncertain data age, groundbreaking diplomats realize that they and their organizations have to grow, they have to go past their sets of responsibilities. This online course will transform you into the best version of yourself.

Each of the individual courses can be scrutinized for free but you will not earn a certificate of completion if you prefer to audit.

18. ECT (Education And Career Times)

This organization is recognized by the Government of India. In the ECT content writing course, you will learn concepts and will also work on live projects.

ECT conducts courses in content writing, personality development, and communication skills. The trainers aim to boost your vocabulary in writing and they will teach you the tips and techniques of writing, fiction writing, academic writing skills, business writing, creative nonfiction writing style.

Training is given by both modes i.e., online and offline. The course duration is three months. There are 32 hours of training and 50 hours of E-learning videos. The organization will provide you with the placement with an internship opportunity. This online content writing course makes you an expert writer.

19. Inventateq

This Institute offers online training and a variation of courses. The training at Inventateq wishes to create value, gain trust and deliver results.

Inventateq operates a hands-on approach for all the classes. This online content writing course provides basic knowledge in the writing field for beginners and provides online lectures for learners at their own pace. By the end of the class, you will be learning content writing for SEO, blogging, e-Book strategies, copywriting, email writing, white paper, types of content writing, and case studies. 

The learners will be provided with career opportunities as content writers and content marketing.

The duration of the training class will be 30-35 hours. 100% placement will be provided by the organization. Enroll with Inventateq to polish Your writing skills and create your way of writing.

20. Online Idea Lab

Last but not least, the online idea lab is amongst the best content writing courses in India. This is a next-generation company with systems across India, the USA, and Canada.

You’ll be taught by an experienced trainer in the industry. This online course of content writing concentrates on three main elements of writing i.e., content promotion, content writing, and content research. The online session includes ethics and content writing, reading and analyzing content, proofreading, and more. 

Placement is provided by the organization. you’ll also get career guidance and support from the trainers. For more information, visit their website and enroll today!


Finding an excellent content writing course in India can be tough as one gets numerous options to select from. But now as we have provided the most well-known platforms of online content writing courses, this would help the aspirants to decide which platform they want to go with. Choose your program based on your necessity, the demand of the market, and opportunities related to the program. I would recommend going with Henry Harvin Education. 

We hope this chunk of information has helped you in choosing your way to the world of writing. 

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Q1. Where will I find the best content writing course online?

Ans. Henry Harvin Writing Academy provides the best content writing courses online. The institute is ranked number 1 in the business by This course prepares you for making your website, blogging, graphic designs, and SEO skills. It provides opportunities in Internship and placement too. Henry Harvin provides the gold membership for a year. You are eligible to get Bootcamp sessions and placement support. Your access to LMS is the best feature of the course.

Q2. How will a content writing course help me in the future?

Ans. Now is a good time to invest in learning a new skill. We see that all businesses require online content for advertisement and growth. Content is here to rule. Not everyone knows how to write. People require good writers to put their ideas in words. Learning the skill always helps as content writing is required in every job that we see. Content writing helps your creativity, learning and vocabulary too.

Q3. Can a content writing course be done online?

Ans. Yes. Content writing courses can be taken online and are the most helpful way of learning. Henry Harvin Education provides live instructor-led training. You can join in the training from the comfort of your house too. Online training has been most helpful in the pandemic. Many people have taken content writing courses online. Assignment submission is easy, and you get access to the LMS.

Q4. How do I receive my lessons in content writing courses online?

Ans. The lessons or training resources at the Henry Harvin Content writing course online are provided to the participants through LMS or the learning management system. The system comes with its unique user id and password given to the participants. The student can see his lessons, videos, assignments, PPT’s and other resources in the LMS.

Q5. What job opportunities will I get as a content writer?

Ans. As we know that content is a king in every business. No business can survive without content. You can get a good job opportunity as a content writer. You can start your own freelancing business as a content writer. You need to recognize where your interest is and accordingly consider working in that field. Content writers rule every wild from academics to social media platforms.   

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  • Content is here to rule. Not everyone knows how to write. People require good writers to put their ideas in words. Learning the skill always helps as content writing is required in every job that we see. Content writing helps your creativity, learning and vocabulary too.

  • No business can survive without content. You can get a good job opportunity as a content writer. You can start your own freelancing business as a content writer. You need to recognize where your interest is and accordingly consider working in that field.

  • You need an excellent course to channel your strength in Content Writing and Henry Harvin’s Content Writing course online is the best platform to start your journey in this line of work. This course provides the best exposure any learner could desire for. Indeed, a must-do course.

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  • The technologies and tools involved in the Content Writing arena were well-explained through a Content Writing course online. This field of writing is highly remunerative and satisfying as well.

  • You can master the art of content writing through any online content writing course in India. But to gain expertise in the field, you need to learn about the real world practical applications of content creation. And, this calls for exposure to many projects in the domain and an understanding of the tools employed.

  • Content writing courses online is a very good courses that will help the individual for the creation of creative content which is needed by the organization.

  • The content writer course is very good for the person who wants to be a content writer which will help them in the future for their favorite jobs for which they are searching.

  • Enhance your writing skills with a specialized Content Writing course online. Discover a range of courses offered on this platform, designed to help you master the art of crafting engaging and impactful content for various digital platforms.

  • The Content Writing Course in Online Learning gave me a great introduction to the field of content writing. I learned everything from the basics of SEO to the importance of storytelling. The course also equipped me with the necessary skills to write effective content for a variety of industries.

  • The Content Writing course online was an amazing experience. I learned so much about the different aspects of content writing, from keyword research to crafting compelling headlines. The instructor was engaging and provided useful advice, and the course material was comprehensive. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their content writing skills.

  • The Content Writing Courses Online has been a great way for me to hone my skills as a content writer. The video tutorials are very clear and concise, while the written lessons are easy to understand. I’ve been able to learn valuable tips and tricks for creating effective content. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in becoming a professional content writer.

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