10 Best GST Practitioner Course in India: 2023


Goods and Services Tax or the GST, as we infer, is a subtle tax on the allowance of welfare and assistance in India. Unlike a prior tax, it is inflicted at the level of consumption and not the level of basis. 

It is a tax transition, a business transition, and a fundamental transition to increase the GDP. This protocol changer has disassembled all the inter-state obstacles in exchange.

The GST is one of the assertive tariff reforms striving at the evolution of the financial movements of leading businesses, having massive significance on the frugality of the country. It is a difficult yet developmental improvement. 

Today, we’ll know about the top 10 institutes offering GST courses in India. Let’s start!

1. Henry Harvin Accounts Academy: Top GST Training Centre in India

Henry Harvin is an organization that delivers multiple programs on skill development. With a fundamental emphasis on quality production, the organization has acquainted 23000+ pupils hence far. The organization delivers programs catering to a volume of job profiles.

The organization has programs for MBA, Engineering, for graduates, trade, finance programs, programs for lawyers, physicians, as well as programs for the finance/accounts/taxation business.

Features of the course:

  • Current Program: GST practitioner certification program 
  • Duration: classroom workout and online workout both for 32 hours
  • Program Fee: INR 9500/-
  • Learning Resources: It is 100% practical training with a free 1-year membership in the finance organization worth 4k. Taped videos, monthly brush up sessions, interview abilities, and employment assistance are all-inclusive in training
  • Course Coverage: This certified program wraps the tardiest and trending principles as well as the exotic prerequisites. Similarly, there are live experiments and a guaranteed internship
  • Aspirants get an industry-recognized credential essential from an employment viewpoint

2. Innovation Institute : Best GST Practitoner Course in india

Innovation is a training academy that mainly delivers MS office training in Bangalore. 

It has also been modified into furnishing advanced excel, C, C++, web design, graphic design, and even Tally with GST training in Bangalore. 

With its professionalism and integrity of assistance, it frequently aspires for superiority in all divisions.

The program’s Innovation gives a foundation for a prosperous career. 

At Innovation, every learner has adequate alternatives for a one-on-one with the trainers as the assortment extent is no more than eight pupils.

Features Of The Course:

  • Program Name: tally.ERP 9 with GST Training
  • Eligibility: the least qualification is intermediate.
  • Curriculum: the syllabus is massive, comprising the A-Z of tally and also all understandings of GST. You can search the website for details of modules.
  • Certification: aspirants get a certificate of course culmination.
  • Added Benefits: mentors are tally certified, industry specialists.

Hands-on knowledge in tally 9 with developed GST characteristics, latest study element, free software induction, real-time case studies, and interview practice and advice, all privileges of a GST training is bestowed in Innovation Institute Bangalore.

3. The Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of India- Top GST Certification Course in india

The ICAI has been a judicial body for Chartered Accountants for 64 years. It is an exclusive analysis body and has also acquired global tribute for its donations in various professions such as education, proficient development, accounts, moral principles, and auditing. Presently, it is the second-largest analysis body globally and has its department in New Delhi. It is a venerated association for GST practitioners.

The website has all the effective resources on GST, such as the ACTs, regulations, and laws about GST. There are E-lectures and E-learning reserves as well and even subject-wise study items on GST.

 Features of the course:

  • Current Courses: The ICAI delivers two GST courses, a certificate course, and an advanced certificate course on GST
  • Eligibility: Both of these programs are completely for chartered accountants
  • Duration: The certificate course is of 72 hours (online and offline mode), and the advanced course is of 40 hours (online only)
  • Program Fee: The course allowance is 10,000/ + GST @18% for the diploma course and 14,000/ + GST for the advanced certificate course
  • Batch: This is an online program with the utmost batch volume of 90
  • Learning Resources: A softcopy of the knowledge material is accessible on the e-learning outlet. There is a mandatory assessment compliance every day. The recording of the bouts remains open to the aspirants for two months
  • CPE Hours: aspirants get 25 organized CPE hours after the program culmination and 5 organized CPE hours after ratifying the appraisal
  • Course Description: It wraps the A-Z of GST from a preface to diverse and conscientious training

The program’s motive is to procure precise and updated knowledge of the extent of GST in a standardized and methodical manner. The GST courses at ICAI are of enormous importance to chartered accountants.

4. ICT Academy : GST Training Centre in india

ICT Academy is a GOI industry that has been bringing on complete training across the nation for Skill India, Digital India, Startup India, and Make in India. Equitable to its comprehensive training capability and length, it is now one of the chosen universities for GST training as well. It has its headquarters in Chennai.

Features of the course:

  • Current Courses: GST in 90 minutes, Online certificate course in GST, Course on welfare and assistance tariff
  • The 90-minute program is a nifty caplet on GST. It wraps the basics, advantages, also tax law. This program is available to and profitable for CXOs, CAs, GST practitioners, legitimate professionals, business people, CA aspirants, and even commerce pupils. This is a certification course
  • The online certificate course is 30 hours, of course, factual for 60 days. Program salvage is by dominating CAs and erratic tax specialists
  • It facilitates an all-around awareness of the GST law, its execution, subordination, and enforcement
  • Aspirants can attain logical awareness of the various techniques under the GST act. Business people, CA practitioners, interns, learners of company administration, or even union finance and accounts bureaucrats may heed this course
  • An additional program is the NACEN certified 3-day course. Similarly, available to all, this program is intensive. It gives a more in-depth understanding of the inclusive topic of GST, involving enrollment, filing of retrievals, benefiting input tax value, TDS subordination, and rebates. This program has 15 modules leaping the size and capacity of GST

5. ClearTax ; Best GST Training Centre in india

A Bangalore-based financing technology forum, ClearTax assists with income tax filing, GST, and common fund interests. It has an outstanding roster of educators and investors. Aspiring to facilitate the tax filing procedure for the layman, it is today the most substantial prospect tax filing forum in India.

The organization has even produced TaxCloud and GST software in rivalry of facilitating elements for the CAs. It has nearly 20,000 specialists on board. Apropos, is also India’s widest mist forum for GST. It recently inaugurated a common reserve possession outlet that is very prominent with youthful millennials.

Features of the course:

  • Current Course: Comprehensive e-Learning Certification on new GST retrievals
  • Eligibility: The program is accessible to CA/tax practitioners, firm administrators, legitimate counsellors, and even students
  • Duration: It is eight+ hours of in-depth training. The program also accentuates how to rectify omissions and mismatches while filing. You can earn an alternative to getting perseverance for all GST inquiries by CAs and GST professionals
  • Program Fee: INR 3600/-
  • Program Coverage: The program comprises basics, the new GST retrieval policy, the evolution from the rusty to the new policy, and proficient categories with key takeaways on anticipated differences in finance

This program is a one-stop shop for all GST desires, production of GST decrees, asserting ITC, and filing GST retrieval.

6. Caclubindia ; Top GST Course in india

Caclubindia asserts in conveying awareness, and at the onslaught, it is a proficiency sharing interactive online forum. It leverages the ability of society and procures its two million-plus factors with multiple e-learning alternatives and helpful networking.

Catering to economic specialists and taxpayers originally, it now caters to the whole finance organization. The site procures updates on several problems associated with the finance world. There are surveys, conversations, webinars, reserves to relate to, online learning, corporate legislation, employment, events, videos, and more. It is like the inclusive finance world encompassed in neutral.

Features of the course:

  • Current Courses: GST certification course. It is an advanced course with certification from the Ministry of MSME Govt of India
  • Duration: It is a 40-hours program spanning 4 days with 9 hours each day and 4 hours recorded for virtual inheritance and GSTR-3B. The program is attainable in both languages, English and Hindi
  • Fee: 9999/-
  • Batch: It has a weekend batch,  from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
  • Concluding Resources: A week before the live session, aspirants get the e-notes
  • Program Coverage: As an exotic characteristic, this program now has two practical lessons on GST retrieval and GST rebate. It wraps all vital modules and also involves the E- Way bill in GST and appraisal tests

Upon course culmination, the exam is necessary to receive the certificate. The exam is conducted online, and results are attainable instantly post compliance.

7. IIPTR(Initiative Institute Of Professional Training and Research)

Initiative Institute of Professional Training & Research is Mumbai’s dominating provider of proficient programs in finance and dividend administration. 

Anyone peeping at stimulating their profession in the tax and finance trade can benefit from the extensive extent of professional programs that IIPTR procures.

An integral characteristic of their courses is that they are often job pertinent and stimulating. The tutors at this academy are experts with 15+ years of experience. 

Likewise, the academy has a classroom as well as online courses. The programs always entail practical implementation for students to have hands-on familiarity.

Features of the course:

  • Current Course: advance certification course in GST
  • With this program, you can become a government authorized GST practitioner
  • Program Coverage: the curriculum wraps all essential characteristics in two modules. It involves legitimate issues, compliances, tardiest advancements and transitions as per the GST committee, and practical awareness with expanding analytic and problem-solving abilities
  • It is a precisely integrated assortment that not just wraps academic characteristics but delivers hands-on practical training as well
  • Aspirants get an approving copy of GST software as a basis of the course. The training also supervises the candidates on how to operate a private GST filing procedure, client procurement, subordinate relations, and devices for progress and attainment
  • To maximise it, the academy counsels its students to attain the GST practitioner credential from the GSTN portal

8. ICAI (Institute of Company Accountants) ; Best Institute For GST Course in india

Institute of Company Accountants, with its beginning in 2004, conveys workforce for the businesses of accounts and finance. 

They are certified IT professionals in India and empower learners with inclusive and certified skilled tax training through their programs.

ICA offers programs for tax specialists, accounting programs, tax practitioner programs, GST programs, etc. Even under the GST programs, it has numerous courses for the practitioners, online diploma programs for freshers, a part-time class, an evening lecture, a weekend lecture, and so on.

The GST rebate and E-Way Bill are free at ICA.

 Features of the course:

  • Current Program: GST certification program 
  • Learning Resources: It is an online program conveyed through video classes by guiding CAs and tax consultants. Aspirants will attain videos, case surveys, webinars, and tests
  • This program conveys aspirants to sort the GST with Tally ERP9.0, an offline device
  • Eligibility: Accounting consultants, tax specialists, and even pupils seeking programs in accounts and finance will profit from this program
  • Program Coverage: The beliefs of tax and GST basics, GST authority, enrollment, payment, analysis or record-keeping, IGST, and even wraps GST in different nations

9. Vskills ; Job Oriented GST Training in india

A credential course by VSkills is a certification program. In India, VSkills is the broadest credential body that performs abilities testing and has credential exams, all assessing to improve employability.

The credentials are all industry-recognized, and several firms charter VSkills certified aspirants. It is the forum that evaluates the ability of aspirants and also delivers training programs in different sections, from accounts, finance, engineering, office mastery, big data, and many others.

Their website is hugely adaptable with popular links, credentials, practise tests, tutorials, blogs, externships, jobs, consultation questions, and resume writing as well. It has 200+ courses.

Features of the course

  • Current Program: Certified GST skilled course
  • Eligibility: Accounting experts, tax counsellors, or pupils seeking accounts and finance.
  • Duration: It is a 1-hour program
  • Program Fee: INR 3,499/-
  • Batch: It is an online course
  • Learning Resources: Once enrolled, aspirants get a permit to the learning management system. They also earn a hard copy of the study material. You get lifetime e-learning access. 
  • Learners can select a time and venue for the exam. The questions carry 50 marks with no negative marking and there are about 70 centres in India.
  • Program Coverage: Course volume encloses basic beliefs, GST enrollment, invoicing, GST retrievals, valuation, legal expenditures, and several other assorted topics of prominence.
  • This certified program is factual for life long. Aspirants get marked as VSkills approved on impulsively raising your chance of employability.

10. UDEMY : Best GST Course Online

Last but not least, Udemy is exceedingly famous, not just as a program labourer but even as an outlet for people to share their awareness of the features of programs. Learners and educators promote equivalents from this massive outlet globally.

This dominating international marketplace is promoting vitalities through understanding and teaching. It is renovating the vitalities of many and engages learners across the world to the promising professors. 

Therefore, With an approach to online reserves from Udemy, people of any generation can learn anything at their own pace. Why wait? Enrol and start your journey!

Features Of The Course

  • Current Program: Complete GST program & Certification of your CA preparation
  • Eligibility: CA candidates, CAs, IAS candidates, tax professionals, legal professionals, accountants, and pupils of commerce and accounts
  • Duration: The program comprises 42 hours of on-demand video and 29 articles with a lifetime permit and a certificate of culmination
  • Fee: INR 4800/-
  • Course Coverage: The program takes you through the basics, and by the edge, renovates you into a professional. A basic awareness of tariffs is profitable. The program has 27 domains with 299 classes. It also implicates offences and detriments and a new conference meeting of GST ratios


We wish the roster, as illustrated above of universities procuring GST Course training, is worthwhile for aspirants striving to become GST practitioners.

So, all you desiring audit and tax or finance specialists out there, GST is the new active job unlocking tremendous alternatives. With multiple corporation people unaware of the nuances of taxation, this is completely a bright opportunity for you to consolidate your awareness and clench an exciting and well-paying job.

Go for a program that suits your requirements and start your professional career by becoming a GST practitioner. Happy learning!


1.    What will I gain doing a GST certificate course in India?

Ans. Subsequent to doing a GST certification course from India, you will become efficient enough to record GST, document GST return, and ascertain section computation on GST.

2.  What does the GST certification course cover?

Ans. The GST certification course provides a complete guide to all the Goods and Service Tax regulations. GST certification courses usually cover the practical aspects of Good and Service Tax that includes registration, detailed accounting, returns, and recording GST transactions.

3. What is the minimum salary I can expect after doing this course?

Ans. As a fresher who has a GST certification, you can expect a starting salary of about Rs. 30,000/- a month. However, the salary depends on the skillset of the person.

4. Do I have to give any exam as a GST practitioner?

Ans. Once you enroll as a GST practitioner, you have to clear the GSTP examination within two years of enrolling.

5. Can you suggest some study material that will help me prepare for the GST exam?

Ans. You can try online tutorials or refer to books like “Forms and Amendments 2020 Edition, Goods and Services Tax Bare Act with Rules, Goods and Services Tax GST” to prepare for the GST exam. Solving practice tests will also be helpful.

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