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Top 10 Cloud Computing Courses in Pune


Are you someone looking for a cloud computing course in Pune? Pune is an IT hub and is the right place to seek a course to hone your skills in cloud computing. Pune offers a large number of cloud computing courses that aid you to victory in the field of cloud computing.


Before going further into the topic of ”Top 10 cloud computing courses in Pune” it is important to know what is cloud computing. Cloud computing is the fast-track accessibility of various virtual resources like files, network connections, or memory with the internet. This means that there is no need of installing or maintaining data directly for the user. In fact, it is necessary to be vigilant about the security of the data and its retrieval. Therefore, cloud computing is highly demanding in today’s job market.


Definitely, it is essential to understand the best cloud computing courses. Ideally, the best thing in this era is that you can take the class online or offline. With this article, we will see the top 10 cloud computing courses in Pune. Having an acute knowledge of cloud computing will take you to heights.


Pune is evolving as one of the important locations in the computer science world. Therefore, affirmatively, we can say that attaining cloud computing training in Pune will benefit any computer geek. There are many institutes offering cloud computing courses in Pune. Henry Harvin is one of the best institutions that provides cloud computing courses. 

Cloud computing courses in Pune are articulated in such a way that it makes you good enough at various cloud technologies, and mastery of pricing models for Amazon WebServices, Azure, etc.

What Is Cloud Computing?




The cloud computing academy of henry harvin has a clear perspective on improving the competence and knowledge of professionals in cloud computing. The course is more reliant on imparting practical knowledge than theoretical awareness. Henry Harvin’s prime motive is to provide a clear picture of the industry and its needs. Thereby the institute is aiming to bring out half a lakh of the functional workforce by 2023.

 The available courses at Henry Harvin’s cloud computing academy are:-

  1. AWS Solutions Architect training course
  2. Diploma in AWS solutions architect-Associate course
  3. Henry Harvin”s AWS Developer Associate Course
  4. AWS SYSOPS Associate course
  5. AWS Technical Essentials course
  6. Google professional cloud architect training
  7. Certified cloud security professional course
  8. Cloud auditing knowledge course

This is a live online training with a mentor-led. There will be weekend batches and also, weekly batches. The classes are conducted mainly in the evenings. Not to mention this, the institute is offering 100 percent placement support.

A few takeaways are:

  •  Certification course with internship
  • Live projects
  • Mastery orientation from  industrial experts
  • Learner specific training
  • Recorded video content availability

Course fees- Start from Rs 17500

For more details Contact -9891953953

Email [email protected]



This is another training center in Pune that guides students to excel in the trending area of cloud computing. Clearly, this is a cloud computing institute offering the best cloud computing training with the help of specialists from the cloud computing industry.

Course name- Bsc cloud computing course  from the School of computer science

Duration of the course- Four years

Eligibility- 12th pass with science and mathematics as mandatory subjects


 Three-year diploma in engineering [ From any recognized university]

Mode of study- Both online and offline

 Cloud computing Course Fees- Rs 1, 60000



Technogeeks are run by a group of IT professionals who believes in the continuous updation of advanced technology such as cloud computing. Definitely, this is one of the best training institutes that assist cloud computing aspirants to enhance their knowledge. Actually, the prime feature of these cloud computing classes in Pune is their 24/7 support for students.

Cloud computing course Fees-INR 24,000

Course DURATION-3-6 months



The fascinating feature of this cloud computing training institute is its well-designed curriculum. To be precise, through great learning, cloud computing learners will be well equipped with 120 plus cloud services. Moreover, there will be support from industry experts as trainers. Most importantly, the great learning institute is assuring 100 percent career growth in cloud computing.

Course name- 1. Postgraduate program in cloud computing

Course fees-1,25000+GST

2.   PG Programme in cloud computing + Microsoft cloud administrator  training program

Cloud computing course fees- 1,60000+GST

Course duration- 300 hours



Seven Mentor is another training institute in Pune that provides cloud computing courses. As a matter of fact, this cloud computing training enables you to apply for various positions in a company including, Google cloud engineer, Google cloud data engineer, Cloud support engineer, Cloud Architect,  Cloud Practitioner, Enterprise cloud designer, and Enterprise cloud consultant. [Source-]

Number of batches-2[Two regular and two-weekend batches

Contact – +917798058777

6. 360 Digi TMG


360 Digi TMG is one of the cloud computing institutes in Pune offering an extensive learning facility to the learner

The major benefits of joining these cloud computing classes are:

  • IBM Certification
  • Capstone Projects
  • 70 plus live training hours.
  •  Special training in resume building and LinkedIn profile 

Moreover, the institute is promising complete assistance in the placement process. Also, 360 Digi TMG is focussing on expertizing the students in Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud platforms.

Contact- 9989994319

 Or email at -kothurud.pune



 Besant Technologies is providing refined-level cloud computing classes. The institute is arranging both online and offline classes. The best takeaways from this cloud computing training are:-

  • Students are rewarded with the best faculty in the industry
  • Elite-level job offers
  • 24/7 support from the institute
  • Practical knowledge

 To add more, this cloud computing institute is providing its maximum encouragement to the students to excel in the field of cloud computing. Furthermore, It is ensuring a high level of proficiency level in the students in the areas of  AWS, Microsoft Azure, and google cloud.

Cloud computing course fees- Rs 24,500


Or email at [email protected]



A reliable certified study center that offers courses on Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform is EXCEL R. Without any doubt, we can say this is one of the top institutes that offers cloud computing training due to many reasons. Majorly, the benefits of joining EXCEL R include the:-

  • Well articulated curriculum
  • Mastery orientation from the mentors
  • A helping hand in preparing for the cloud certification exam
  • Lifetime student portal access.
  • Training period- 2 months

 The training center manages to arrange both virtual mode and on-site classroom facilities. Moreover, EXCEL R is one of the few institutes that supports its passionate students after the course completion also.

 To know more: Contact-0988091350


cloud computing data streaming concept background


          It is a reputed institute in Pune ensuring the best coaching in cloud computing. They are also known for their genuine placement services. Additionally, they have designed their curriculum in a way that makes the students more aligned with the industry.


  • 100 percent job assurance
  • Enhancement of practical skills
  • Weekly webinars and workshops
  • Internships and certifications

                      Contact Infynas learning solutions on phone  at- 8530066148

                                                                                   Email; [email protected]

                                                                                                  [email protected]



 Novatech IT Services is a well-established cloud training institute in Pune. Certainly, it is an organization working to mold individuals according to the need of our advanced cloud computing industry. Apart from cloud computing, they are also providing classes for machine learning, data science, python learning, etc.

 Benefits of the classes at Novatech IT Services

  • Best placement support
  • Assistance from passionate mentors who are proficient in industrial-level knowledge.
  • Course completion without delay in 60 hours
  • Weekly and weekend batches
  • Certification and internship facility.

Email- contact

Course Fees- Rs 16,500


Reaching sky crapping level in a career is everyone’s dream. Obviously, continuous upskilling and regular updation to technological growth are essential to thrive in the career.  Pune is one of the best places that facilitates your learning desire with its enormous reputed training institutes. Getting cloud computing classes from Pune will definitely help an individual to grab many opportunities in his career.

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Top 10 applications of cloud computing you should know

1. What are the cloud computing courses best for freshers?

Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Clouds platforms are the best options for a fresher.

2. How much time an individual will take to complete any cloud computing course?

It varies according to the course. For graduation in cloud computing, it will take four years. However, for most of the other cloud computing courses, it will take 3-6 months of training.

3. How much fees we should expect for cloud computing training?

The cloud computing course fees range from 15, 000 to 1,50,000

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