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Top 5 Data Scientist Classes in Jeddah


Welcome to Zen-G. The Alpha Generation. Above all this is the generation whose life is defined by the Digital age, AI, and Data Science. However what exactly is Data Science all about? It is a combination of numbers and information that not only helps one to manage databases, but is also used for making machines, AI programming, and arranging data to make decisions and plans. Moreover, it has a good future prospectus. We are Introducing the best online Data Scientist Classes in Jeddah.

Who is a Data Scientist?

Data Scientist

But who is putting this data to use? A Data Scientist works with Data Analytics and big firms to convert this data into action. Certainly, the profession needs a combination of skills and experiences—well-paid work and in demand by Gen-Z. Moreover completing Data Scientist classes boosts your career growth as you will be certified.

Best Data Scientist Classes In Jeddah

Let’s explore the best five Data scientist Courses in Jeddah. Choosing the right platform for this course is a crucial step as this can enhance your prospects.

1. Henry Harvin- Data Scientist Course

Data Scientist

If you are keen to work with numbers and become a Data Scientist as a professional, surely you are at the right place. Henry Harvin ranks number 1 in the top five Data Science Certified Courses. Moreover, we help learners apply data analysis in real-world projects by making understanding easier in only 40-hour courses.

Key highlights of the course

  • Provide you with complete job support.
  • Partnered with the Leader in Education and Training.
  • Trusted by more than 60 colleges and more than 160 corporates.
  • Internship Training and Placements guidelines.
  • Live Practical Training Sessions.
  • 100% Guarantee for refund.
  • Providing Data Science Certificates.

Data Scientist Curriculum Of Henry Harvin Covers

Introduction To Data Science.

Python Exploratory.

Getting and Clearing Data.

Data Analysis and Research.

Models Making and Practical Learning.

Skills And Tools Covered

  • Language Processing.
  • Model Building.
  • Descriptive Statistics.
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning.


  • SQL
  • Excel
  • Analytics Vidhya

Achievements from Henry Harvin Certified courses.

  • Data Science Certificate
  • Doubt Solving Sessions
  • Study Materials and Resouces
  • Live Recorded Sessions of your classes
  • Career Guidelines
  • Placement Drives

Where will you find Henry Harvin’s Data Science Online Course?

It’s simple, first just complete the inquiry form on our website, then attend our demo classes of Data Science Training, and lastly join the course. As we are just a click away – Dial us: at +91 9899577620.

  2. Data Trained

The course will start in May 2024, with weekend batches available for students and working folks. As one of the best online courses in Jeddah City, we offer not only hands-on training, techniques, and Data Science Technology in the Data Science Course but also provide job assistance and help you settle your future as a Data Scientist.

Key highlights of this Data Scientist Classes:

  • Useful for Students and working professionals both.
  • Providing Job Assistance.
  • Giving career guidelines.
  • More than 40 hands-on projects and case studies.
  • Helping in Internship and Placements.

Languages and Tools Covered in Data Scientist Course

  • NLP

The foundation of this Data Science course comprises AI, Machine learning, and Applied Statistics, Time Series Analysis, ChatGtp Essentials. Most importantly your wait is over, as we are coming with exciting offers so grab your seats this summer. You can connect us:+44-744 142 7157. However we are just a step away, fill out the inquiry form and we will give all the rest of the details.

3.  Edoxie Data Scientist Classes In Jeddah

We are Edoxie Data Science Institution in Jeddah. Let me explain how we stand different than the rest. Firstly, Our training program for Data Scientists is equipped with a strong curriculum, and secondly, we assure you that in 96 hours of training course along with practical learning in Data Science, you will master your skills lastly in addition, you will become proficient in developing algorithms, identifying trends in databases, and analysis, and master in various skills and tools. What are we offering?

   Key Highlights of the Data Scientist Course

  •  98 Hours Extensive Training
  • Industry Expert Guidance
  • Personal Attention
  • Portfolio Advancement
  • Machine Learning
  • Assured Job Offers
  • Development Of Skills
  • Corporate Training

We assure you of a bright Data Scientist future at our Edoxie Data Science Classes in Jeddah because we not only promise you a satisfactory experience but also prominent future promises. So enroll yourself today for upcoming batches in May. You can contact us: at +971 43801666.

4. Data Mites Institue for Data Scientist Course in Jeddah

We are Globally recognized with expert trainers, a core syllabus, AI training, and career guidelines, with hands-on training to become a professional Data Scientist, in Jeddah City. We offer various courses for example, Data Science Course, Artificial Intelligence Courses, Machine learning, Python Courses, and Data Analysis. On the other hand, we also help you achieve your target with hands-on training with the help of live assignments and model building.

     Key Highlights of the Data Scientist Course

  • Self-study videos and study material
  • Live classes online
  •  Project delivery
  •  Internship Training
  •  IABAC Certification Exams
  • Case Studies Solving
  •  Integrated Curriculum

So if you want to become a Data Analysis and Artificial intelligence and to get a Data Science certificate, we are surely offering you a course at discounted prices along with hands-on practice modules. However to learn more about the Data Science Courses at Data Mites in Jeddah, just drop your query, just drop your query: at 1800 -313-3434.

5. ExcelR Data Scientist Certification Course, Jeddah

We at ExcelR not only offer an interactive live 160-hour Data Science Certificate Course, but also cover the complete Data Science Analysis, Data Prediction, Data Integration, Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning, and Data Mining,  adding multiple Data Science Programming and practical training with 60 plus assignments and various modules. ExcelR is certainly a leader in the world at Data Science Certified Courses in Jeddah.

 Key highlights of the Data Scientist course

  • Live Interactive Sessions
  • Multiple Assignment and Project Learning
  • Placement Support
  • Value Added Course And Skills
  • Blended Module Of Training
  • Access to E-Learning 
  • Study Material
  • Unlimited Number of Classes

We at ExcelR not only ensure quality education with training in live sessions with the instructor but also help you after your Data Science Certified Course is finished by offering various placement offers. However, all you have to do is to enroll yourself today for a free demo class contact us at: 18002122121.

Future opportunities with a Certified Data Science Class.

Meanwhile, what you should also know about the scope of learning Data Science courses is what is the future? Most importantly where will it lead you? As today all around the world Data Science is growing tremendously. However, it is in demand in all industries and corporations. For instance, let’s have a look at some of them:

  • Data Scientist – Your role as a Data Scientist will be to analyze and use the data to answer the questions and bring solutions
  • Data Analyst –  As a Data Analyst, you must get ready not only to improve efficiency but also to manage risks by interpreting complex data sets.
  • Data Engineer – However as a Data Engineer, you will collect data, manage this data, and that will be certainly used by Data Scientists and businesses.

Benefits of Data Scientist Classes

  • Data Science is used for a wide range of applications.
  • This course subsequently enhances your machine-learning skills.
  • It surely helps you to visualize and predict analytical data.
  • Data Science helps you not only to detect errors but also loopholes and mistakes in the system.
  • It certainly increases productivity and decision-making becomes easier.


In conclusion, Data science plays an important role in this dynamic GEN-Z generation. Certainly, it combines a variety of skills including statistics, programming, and data visualization to understand numbers and use them correctly. Data Science not only includes converting data in an informative way but also earning and growing.

So if you are looking for some of the best Data Scientist Classes In Jeddah, you are at the right place. Just visit any of the websites mentioned to know more about it. You can be a fresher or learned one, as a Data Scientist you can always utilize your skills and grab more bright opportunities.

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1. What are the career opportunities for a Data Scientist?

 Ans- Data Science has become the backbone of many industries. Above all it offers you various roles including Data Analyst, Data Researcher, Business Analyst, and Research Scientist.

2. What if I miss a class?

Ans- No problem if you missed the class. You always have access to recorded sessions of your live class with study material available on LMS. Meanwhile, we also provide extra sessions until the membership exists.

3.  Where to get further details about the course?

Ans- Surely, it is easy. you can easily reach out to us firstly by visiting our websites and then filling out the inquiry form and our team will reach out to you within 24 hours.

4. Do Data Scientists make a good salary p.a?

Ans- Certainly your package gets increased with experience and skills. However, it almost starts from 5 Lakhs and you can jump up to 25 Lakhs.

5. What are the minimum requirements for the Data Science Certified Course?

Ans- A Bachelor’s Degree is a minimum requirement in fields such as Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, or Engineering.

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