The Truth About Henry Harvin’s Credibility

Henry Harvin's Credibility

The Boom in the online education industry has changed the education sector big time. People nowadays prefer online courses to enhance their knowledge and skills without impacting their profession. But for learners, it is a challenging task to know the truth about the credibility of the Ed-tech companies. Therefore, to help you we will discuss the truth behind the credibility of the world’s renowned Ed-Tech Company Henry Harvin. In this blog, we will cover all facts and figures related to Henry Harvin’s Education.

History of Henry Harvin

To know about the facts behind the credibility of any company, it’s important to learn about their journey. Henry Harvin was incepted in 2013 by Mr. Kounal Gupta with a vision “To reshape growth of individuals & organizations globally by delivering excellent training & services through benchmarked content, resources & state-of-the-art technology”. This decade-plus journey has resulted in the growth from 1 or 2 courses to 1200+ courses related to different fields

The ultimate vision of the Founder Kounal Gupta is to “continuously innovate in products, processes, people & markets and build the highest levels of operational efficiencies to maximize customer value”. This has resulted in such huge growth in 11 Years. 

Henry Harvin’s Milestone in the Journey of Excellence 

Furthermore, the next parameter for knowing credibility is the milestones and accolades achieved by Henry Harvin.

Various Awards in the Henry Harvin’s Hat

  • 10 Best Online Learning Providers Award in 2023.
  • Best Corporate Training Award
  • The 30 Most Admired Companies Award
  • Game-Based Learning Company of the Year Award
  • Henry Harvin has been featured as “10 Must Watch Online Learning Providers in India”.

Henry Harvin’s Collaborations 

The latest collaborations of Henry Harvin are enough for those who are looking for proof of the company’s credibility. 

  • A world-renowned Author and one of the most influential people in the world Mr. Chetan Bhagat has collaborated with Henry Harvin to give Mentorship to the students of their courses. 
  • The recent feather in Henry Harvin’s accolades cap is becoming an official Partner of Amazon Web Services.
  • Henry Harvin is certified by ISO for informal education and training services. 
  • UKAF & UK Cert have done the Audit of Henry Harvin
  • Lastly, Henry Harvin is affiliated with MSME, IASSC, PMI, Duns & Bradstreet, IQF, ACCA, NSDC, CSSC, AAPC, AAEFL & more.

What Media Says About Henry Harvin’s Credibility?

Leading Media Channels have recognized Henry Harvin for the Quality and uniqueness of the Services. A few leading media channels that have covered Henry Harvin are 

  • Hindustan Times
  • Times of India
  • Aaj Tak
  • News World India
  • The Hindu
  • Statesman
  • Hans India
  • India Today 
  • Business World & many more. 

Is this not enough to know about the Truth behind Henry Harvin’s credibility? Don’t worry, Let’s talk about the services they offer and what students say about Henry Harvin. 

What Henry Harvin Offers as an Ed-Tech Company?

Any company’s credibility depends on “what they say and what they deliver”. Henry Harvin as an Ed-tech company believes in catering to students of all ages across the globe. They offer below mentioned services to all of their students.

  • Henry Harvin offers 1200+ courses and 4,60,000+ students have been trained as of now. 
  • Every month there are 7000+ classes.
  • Highly Flexible Schedule of classes of all courses. 
  • All trainers are industry experts with more than 10 or 15 years of experience. 
  • Henry Harvin offers Internship and Placement assistance after the course completion. 
  • 24*7 support system for the Students
  • 100% practical-based Training.
  • Two-way interactive courses help students to clear their doubts. 
  • Different levels of courses for different levels of students. For example certification courses, Diploma courses, and Masters courses.
  • Henry Harvin offers job-oriented and upskilling courses. 
  • Furthermore, students also get Entrepreneurial Mentorship.
  • Moreover, Henry Harvin also offers Soft skill and resume-building sessions without any fee. 

Henry Harvin’s Academies

There are proper academies to cater courses in different fields. Indeed, you get the option of multiple courses about a specific industry. Let’s check out a few academies of Henry Harvin.

  1. Content Academy
  2. Analytics Academy
  3. Blockchain Academy
  4. Finance Academy
  5. Human Resource Academy
  6. Law Academy
  7. Management Academy 
  8. Marketing Academy
  9. Sales Academy 
  10. Teen Academy and many more. 

Placement Partners of Henry Harvin

Companies offer placement services only to authentic and credible institutes. Because as a business everyone wants to have skilled and knowledgeable employees. So here is the list of companies that are the placement partners of Henry Harvin. 

  1. Amazon
  2. DELL
  3. BOSCH
  4. Citi
  5. IBM
  6. Genesis
  7. Cognizant
  8. Flipkart
  9. Netflix
  10. Microsoft and many more. 

You can check out the Henry Harvin webpage to learn more about the placement partners. 

Proof of Henry Harvin’s Credibility -Testimonials. 

Nothing can surpass authentic testimonials when it comes to verifying that Henry Harvin Education is a reputed service provider. There are over 6700+ Reviews available on different platforms on the internet which testify to the genuineness of Henry Harvin. On various platforms, Trust Pilot, YouTube, Copilot, etc., one can find videos containing testimonials from students.


Henry Harvin is a legitimate Ed-tech company in the training and education field. The feathers of accomplishment are many on Henry Harvin’s cap: quality, work ethics, services and what have you. You definitely cannot go wrong by trusting Henry Harvin to widen your career prospects by enrolling in any of their courses. Best knowledge and skills transfer along with the seamless journey of course completion await you here


Q1- Does Henry Harvin Certificates have recognition outside India?

Ans- Yes. Henry Harvin certificates are Hallmark certificates and are recognized globally by all companies. 

Q2- Can I ask questions during the live class, if I decide to go for an online course with Henry Harvin?

Ans- Yes. Henry Harvin offers two-way interactive online classes. Here, you can interact with trainers and other batchmates. 

Q3- Does Henry Harvin offer internships to all students?

Ans- Yes. The internship is offered to all students who clear their final exam of the course. 

Q4- Is Henry Harvin a legitimate company?

Ans- Yes. Henry Harvin has received recognition from the Indian government. It is an ISO-certified institute. 

Q5- What if I don’t like the trainer of my Course?

Ans- Nothing to worry about. Henry Harvin gives you the facility to attend multiple batches with different trainers. So, if you don’t like one trainer, you can choose another batch for the same course. 

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