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Top 7 Six Sigma Certification Courses in Saudi Arabia


The concept of Six Sigma has gained immense popularity over the years and so has a certification in the same! A methodical and data-driven tactic, Six Sigma is extensively used in project management in order to attain process enhancement and reduce defects. Subsequently, it has become a much sought-after skill that employers in any industry or sector seek in their prospective employees. Therefore, it is quite essential to obtain a Six Sigma certification to ensure a prosperous future.

How Does the Six Sigma Course Work?

The various levels of certification are Lean Six Sigma white, yellow, green, and black belts. Of these, the black belt is the advanced level. Learners can join either offline or online classes to obtain this certification. One of the popular courses offering an online Six Sigma Training is Henry Harvin’s.

This course uses a teaching methodology which is an amalgamation of theory as well as practical sessions, project guidance as well and examination preparation with the help of mock tests.

Furthermore, anyone employed in a process-based industry is eligible to obtain training in Six Sigma. However, for advanced levels, having work experience is mandatory. The Six Sigma training benefits Quality System Managers, Quality Supervisors and Engineers, Quality Analysts and Managers, and Quality Auditors.

Typically, the course duration ranges between four and 12 weeks.

7 Best Six Sigma Certification in Saudi Arabia

Let’s look at the finest Six Sigma Training Institutes in Saudi Arabia that can enable trainees to enhance their level of employability manifold and take up process-based projects with renewed confidence.

1. Henry Harvin Education

Six sigma certification

This is one of the leading and oldest International Higher EdTech companies present globally. Over the years, Henry Harvin has been offering a wide spectrum of courses catering to more than 37 categories, of which, Six Sigma certification is one.

Six Sigma Course Details – 

  • Affiliated with IASSC Book of Knowledge
  • The duration of the Six Sigma course is 144 hours
  • Classes are conducted in Online mode with two-way interaction.
  • Sessions are instructor-led, along with interactive sessions for solving doubts
  • Interaction with industry experts supplemented with the chance to work on 12+ projects
  • Work on various projects during the course
  • An assured internship at renowned MNCs
  • Become certified in Six Sigma

Undoubtedly, with Henry Harvin Education you will enhance your chances of success in the field of Six Sigma. So, Start your journey for a bright future now. Contact Henry Harvin at +919899577620.

2. Skillogic

Six sigma certification

Skillogic offers specialized courses to professionals based in more than 30 countries including Saudi Arabia. This organization offers Full-time Classroom training in Six Sigma along with the option of an Online training program accredited by TUV, ICFQ, and IASSC, which are global quality boards.

Course Details – 

  • The accredited trainers provide students with hands-on experience in Six Sigma via numerous case studies. 
  • Moreover, learners have the flexibility to attend classes whenever they want in three months. 
  • Trainees can also avail of a complimentary Foundation course in Business Analytics.

3. Sprintzeal

Six sigma certification

An internationally operating organization, Sprintzeal delivers quality training to employees of varied sectors. Their state-of-the-art, hands-on approach to learning enables them to successfully attain their career goals.

Their Six Sigma Training Details –  

  • This institute offers Classroom and Live Online training and Customized Corporate training either online or offline. 
  • In sync with the IASSC exam, Sprintzeal’s Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training Course in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia provides 1000+ Mock Exam questions to facilitate students’ examination preparation. 
  • Additionally, the trainees get a year’s free access to e-learning.

4. Blue Ocean Corporation

Having been in the training industry for more than 25 years, this training institute has given a career boost to 150,000+ professionals across the globe. Located in Riyadh, it offers Six Sigma training at various levels. 

Course Details – 

  • This certification program uses a mix of teaching methodologies that encompass working on case studies and assessments
  • The institute conducts varied individual as well as group activities along with the use of audio-video materials
  • Furthermore, the trainers conduct Group Discussions that make the trainees ‘job-ready’.

 5. Anexas Consultancy

Having a training reach in 50 nations, Anexas Consultancy takes pride in a committed staff of 100 who work diligently to provide training in the areas of process distinction and project management services. This institute offers Six Sigma training in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Course Details – 

  • The Lean Six Sigma certification comes with a lifetime validity
  • Also, this course can be done from anywhere and at any time. Thus, it provides the trainees the much-needed flexibility in today’s fast-paced world. 
  • For mastering their Black Belt level, expert trainers provide guidance for project completion followed by a free-of-cost Project Completion Certificate.

6. Meritphase

Six sigma certification

Having trained a million professionals in more than 20 countries, Meritphase has become one of the most sought-after institutes for attaining job-specific training. Moreover, it is a fast-growing training assistant in the Middle East.

Six Sigma Course Details –

  • Meritphase offers the course in offline and online modes 
  • Along with live webinars, its Six Sigma training is a combination of academic as well as applied understanding of the required concepts. 

7. The Knowledge Academy

This well-known training institute is reputed to be one of the largest across the globe. It offers more than 30,000 courses to trainees in about 190 nations, thereby illustrating an unmatched ability to cater to a huge international cohort of learners.

Details of its Six Sigma Course – 

  • The academy uses a combination of classroom teaching, online instruction, and self-paced learning methodology.
  • Additionally, it allows the trainees access to well-developed learning material along with activities that provide hands-on exposure to the learners. 
  • The course fees include the examination and the certificate making this program an affordable and convenient option for all in Saudi Arabia. 
  • With the help of experienced trainers, the academy guarantees successful course completion.

Six Sigma Certification Job Profiles

Employment Sectors For Six Sigma Certification – 

Upon completion of Six Sigma Courses in India, learners will be able to apply the principles and concepts related to Six Sigma in various industries such as Supply chain, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, Construction, and Engineering.

Job Profiles After Six Sigma Certification – 

Business and commercial set-ups such as the above constantly look for excellence and enhanced ways of carrying out tasks at the workplace. Their essential aim is to implement an objective system that will enable them to detect complications in a timely fashion so as to minimize the scope for error. 

The following career opportunities can be expected by trainees of the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification – an advanced certification obtained after the completion of Yellow and Green Belt levels :

  •  Quality Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Operations Manager

Salary For Six Sigma Certified Professionals – 

The expected salary range is between 6 and 22 LPA.

Which Are the Renowned Businesses That Employ Candidates With a Six Sigma Certification?

Even though Six Sigma is a profession-preparation program, there are numerous organizations that, while hiring, generally favor applicants possessing a Six Sigma certification over those who don’t. A few among these are –

  • General Electrics
  •  Accenture
  • Volkswagen
  • Honeywell
  • HCL
  • Tata Consultancy Services


All in all, the Six Sigma certification course provides the learners with a wide view of Lean Six Sigma – a trending concept that facilitates the trainees to work well in a team in order to bring about positive changes in organizational aspects of quality. Subsequently, this knowledge assists the professionals to invariably eradicate waste as well as lessen disparities.

The modules of this course comprise the core and fundamental principles of Six Sigma that instruct the trainees about the apt means of creating projects that are undoubtedly completed with unsurpassed quality. Eventually, those who practice Six Sigma regularly can be sure of a career progression that is impressive. This becomes possible as the Six Sigma Certification training, such as Henry Harvin’s Certification Course in Six Sigma, equips the professionals with transferable expertise that can be utilized in any work environment to the optimum.

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Q1) For how long is the Six Sigma certification valid?

     Ans.) The Six Sigma Green and Yellow belts have a lifetime validity. However, the advanced Six Sigma Black Belt needs recertification every three years.

Q2) What is the pay scale after a basic course in Six Sigma?

Ans.) A Yellow Belt certified candidate’s pay scale ranges between 4 and 10 LPA; while a Green Belt Certification can lead one to earn 5 – 12 LPA.

Q3) Can I pursue this course as a college student?

Ans.) Yes, you can join the Six Sigma courses as an undergraduate student.

Q4) Do I need to have prior work experience to do the Six Sigma course?

Ans.) The Yellow Belt level does not need any work experience. However, you must have work experience of at least three years to enroll in the Green and Black Belt levels. Alternatively, one could also have completed at least two Six Sigma projects to join the Black Belt level.

Q5) Can my part-time work be counted as the desirable experience to join advanced level Six Sigma courses?

Ans.) No, only full-time work experience is counted as eligible to join this course at the advanced levels. A part-time job or even an internship is not accepted as the eligibility criterion here.

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