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Top 10 Data science courses in India with placement 


The world of scientific and technical innovation is currently obsessing with data science. Data science has a wide range of applications, and there is a significant need for data scientists in many areas of the IT industry in India. As a result, the demand for data science courses in India is also increasing. Data, one of the most vital resources for businesses, has evolved into the new engine that propels businesses to success. Organizations are becoming more aware of the importance of data-driven decisions in every business and sector. As part of an endeavour to develop many data-harnessing approaches, the area of data science and related vocations is rapidly gaining prominence in India.

A business needs a team of talented and experienced data scientists armed with various data science tools to resolve complex organisational problems. Therefore, if individuals are looking for lucrative career options in the field, they must pursue data science courses. Let us delve into the top 10 data science courses in India that also offer placement.

Why are placements crucial along with the course?

In the professional space, jobs are particularly competitive, and not everyone gets excellent opportunities. Students, therefore, need placement in the top spot after completing their course.

Students will benefit greatly from course placements in terms of stress reduction and preparation for their future transition into the working world. Educational institutions created these courses primarily to serve as a resource for counselling, assisting students in finding employment that matches their abilities and interests.

Placement cells need to put the right individuals in the correct places. Certainly, there are a lot of jobs available, but it also requires a lot of talent. Students could have preconceived ideas about the type of organisation they want to work for or the wage they want to earn. These ideas are frequently improbable since, as students, they have little knowledge of the state of the sector. Once again, the placement cells’ responsibility is to inform them of the situation’s facts and point out where they should fit.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin offers one of the greatest data science courses in India. You must recognise this Edtech for its excellence and uniqueness in the courses they provide. Henry Harvin’s data science curriculum is the best in South Asia, combining theory, computation, and application in a way that is both intelligible and useful. It teaches students and data analysts the key skills they will need in real-world situations.

Course Details

The course offers two-way, live, interactive classes delivered online by professionals with a minimum of ten years of industry experience. About 50 hours of online study make up the course, and students have access to 12 months’ worth of complimentary study sessions. You also receive CDS Certification after completing the course. Moreover, you gain access to study materials, recorded videos of the session, the hallmark of CDS next to your name, and 40 hours of live virtual training, among other benefits.

Additionally, you gain practical experience on projects like HR: Analyze the Employee Attrition Rate. Sales: Predicting Sales by Department Business analytics optimization across multiple domains, including finance to predict stock market trends and marketing to analyse website trends. They also provide placement assistance under which you receive 10+ job opportunities every week.

To know more about the fees for the course, visit:

2. IIM Calcutta’s Advanced Program in Data Science

This course is one of the best data science courses in India by IIM Calcutta in India. Moreover, it has placements for working individuals who desire to advance their abilities while employed. This programme includes two live sessions as well as a four-day on-campus session. The program’s goal is to familiarise participants with the many tools and methods for handling, managing, analysing, and interpreting data. A hands-on component of the training will include an introduction to programmes like Tableau, Python, SPSS Modeler, etc. Lastly, the course is for working professionals who want to gain practical experience in making sense of data.

Course Details

The programme lasts for a full year. Sessions take place on Sundays once a week for three hours (9:30AM-12:30PM). With advance notice, additional sessions happen on specific Wednesdays from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. There are two campus visits totaling 10 days in length (5 days plus 5 days for each visit). The program’s entire cost is Rs 4,70,000 plus applicable taxes.

Working managers with a minimum experience profile of three years are eligible for this course. Lastly, students must fill out the application form to examine each student’s history and motivation before choosing them.

3. Scaler: Data Science Training in India

The Scaler Data Science and Machine Learning curriculum is one of the data science courses in India. It provides thorough education meant to give students skills required by businesses. After consulting with data scientists from the top 50 IT organisations, Scaler developed the course’s curriculum.

Additionally, it imparts business strategies to pupils, enabling them to have a comprehensive understanding of how businesses operate. Scaler is now among India’s top data science programmes as a result of this.

There is only one prerequisite for this data science course. This is appropriate for students at all levels, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Course Details

In order to give students experience at the professional level, Scaler includes projects made up of complicated, fragmented, and unstructured data sets. By doing practice interviews, it aids in placement preparation. The committed instructors at Scaler assist students in interview preparation and success. Additionally, they have 600+ placement partners to assist students with finding the greatest career prospects in data science.

Students get classes one-on-one with professionals in the industry to develop their problem-solving skills. Moreover, the best teachers and mentors who are specialists from leading tech businesses take the classes. The training will last between 11 and 13 months, and the total cost will be INR 2.5 lakhs (including GST).

4. PGP Data Science Course at Imarticus in India

Gain a solid understanding of data analytics and machine learning with Imarticus. They provide the most in-demand data science tools and methodologies, with the Imarticus PGP Data Science Courses in India. In addition, this will prepare you for the workforce. Students who want to begin a career in data science might consider taking this course. This initiative has been running for three years.

Course Details

With Tableau, you can study the ins and outs of Python, SQL, data analytics, machine learning, and data visualisation. It provides customised capstone projects and hands-on project bootcamps.

The applicant must have three years of experience in order to be eligible for this programme. The course lasts for 12 months, costs INR 2,10,000 including GST, and has a 12-month length.

5. Great Learning Data Science Learning Course in India

Great Learning Logo

This institute has one of the best Data Science courses in India. They have industry professionals, which can help you to excel in your career. Obtain certification from institutions with a global reputation, and you’ll be on your way to being a prosperous data scientist. Moreover, the course is highlighted as the top provider of data science courses by several experts.

Course details

The most sought-after data science courses at Great Learning include those leading to a Master’s degree, a PG certificate, a professional certificate, or bootcamp courses. It largely depends on your goals and the benefits you anticipate from studying data science. Lastly, The duration of the course is 11 months and the fee structure is INR 2,25,000+GST.

6. Business School Praxis: Data science courses in India

The mission of Praxis is to provide the tools necessary to guide India’s transition into a tech and data-driven digital environment, particularly in light of the COVID situation’s increased global digitization.

The main goal of Praxis’ top-ranked Post-Graduate Program in Data Science with ML and AI is to equip students with the skills they need to land their first job in the dynamic field of data science. Everything about the program—including the curriculum, instruction, and Praxis Placement Program—is to help students accomplish this goal.

Course Details

After finishing the data science courses in India, students are able to use data visualisation techniques to convey results and apply quantitative modelling techniques to address business challenges in the real world. They can also acquire, clean, and transform data and analyse structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data using cutting-edge techniques and technologies.

Additionally, they will be able to demonstrate an understanding of statistical data analysis as well as machine learning and deep learning methodologies for data-driven decision-making across a variety of roles and industry verticals. The course lasts nine months, and classes happen in person in classroom settings. The course’s total cost is INR 5,00,000 including GST.

7. Data Science Course in India: Learn Bay

With convenient and specialised training for MAANG (META, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google) business interviews, Learnbay will assist you in developing a strong profile and getting ready for MNC interviews. Even after taking a professional sabbatical, it is possible to land your dream job without any coding skills. In all honesty, one of the top online schools is Learnbay. The course covers both technical and non-technical parts of the discipline that focuses on data science. The technical aspects cover linear algebra, data processing techniques, algorithms, data structures, statistics, and other topics that have a big influence. This blended professional certification programme is in association with IBM. They provide a number of industry-recognized qualifications that can give jobs in global tech giants, including JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, and Genpact.

Course Details

Learnbay’s tutors are working professionals with degrees from prestigious institutions who are data scientists, engineers, and experts in artificial intelligence. Learn by providing industry-recognized certifications in data science and artificial intelligence. This results in the profession’s best candidates who are seeking new careers in data science.

The data science courses in India last seven months and require more than 200 hours of study. For this course, you must have experience in any field spanning at least one year. The course can be extended to 12 months if a capstone project is completed. Live meetings with experts, project-based learning, a one-year flexible membership, and extra support for certain applications are further advantages. The course fee is INR 59,000 for the total duration.

8. Data Science Courses in India at IIM Kozhikode

Managers and data analysts must work together to solve business problems. Managers must make decisions based on analytics, which they can only accomplish if they are familiar with data science tools and approaches. In general, the programmes provided in this field have given more attention to a few particular tools and techniques while paying less attention to the business contexts in which these technologies have been employed. Therefore, a thorough curriculum that emphasises both commercial knowledge and technical expertise is required. Future data scientists will receive superior education thanks to the “Master’s in Data Science and Management” programme offered by IIT and IIM. Furthermore, The course will cover fundamental ideas in algorithms, data structures, big data infrastructure, the life cycle of big data analytics, data security and management, and modern management.

Course Details

Students are eligible for the course [as per Government of India guidelines, there is a relaxation for the SC/ST/PwD categories].In four years, you can earn a BSc, MSc, MCA, or MBA with a BTech, BE, BS, BPharm, BArch, BDes, or BFTech degree.At both institutes, there are 15-day on-campus modules in addition to the online courses. Live lectures must be attended for 14 to 15 hours each week to finish the courses (2 hrs. per day on weekdays and 4-5 hrs. on Saturday). In addition, the total cost of the programme is INR 71,750.

9. Jigsaw Academy: Data science courses in India

Starting a profession in the area of processing, churning, and analysing useful data patterns is made possible by the Jigsaw Academy data science course. The data science courses in India are full-time programmes. There are also hostel amenities provided. It helps the learner develop into a data science professional by providing the ideal fusion of rising technologies and data science. Jigsaw has introduced Data Science online courses with features like guaranteed placement, hands-on learning experience, placement assistance, etc. to meet this growing demand. Moreover, these data science courses are designed to give students the theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to excel as data scientists and launch successful careers in the field.

Course details

The course will be held in offline sessions during its 11-month duration. Data visualisation, Big Data approaches, exploratory data analysis, artificial intelligence, neural networks, and data manipulation are among the topics addressed in the course. This data science diploma includes four industry dialogues, five case studies, and three industry projects. Lastly, students must participate in a three-month internship with the company.

10. 360digiTMG

One of the greatest data science courses in India by 60dimitmg. In approximately 4 months, the institute offers real-world training projects for beginners up to professional levels. At the beginning of the Data Science course, Python, R programming, probability, and statistics are introduced. Later, the notion of data preparation, mining (supervised and unsupervised), and exploratory data analysis is the main focus. In addition, the training will give the trainee the logical and programming abilities required to build database models.

Course details

Take the Foundation Course in Data Science to advance your profession. Learn how to use all the essential data science tools and methodologies. The benefits of the course include:

Train with ISB, IIT, and IIM Trainers

Intensive Classroom and Online Sessions for 40 Hours

More than 40 hours of practical work

 NEAT’s (National Educational Alliance for Technology) approved one capstone live project.

Visit their website to learn about other course benefits and fee structures.


By the year 2025, the World Economic Forum predicts that almost 463 exabytes of data will be produced daily worldwide. Given the enormous amount of data that is being generated every day, it is essential to examine and analyse unprocessed data. Data science courses in India can help to make this process easier. Candidates specialising in data science and related fields are fully aware of the impact that artificial intelligence and data science have had on a range of sectors, including healthcare, travel, e-commerce, education, and the stock market.

It’s interesting to see how many students and non-IT professionals are interested in big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics because they see the prospects for growth in these fields. Although it is not as simple as it may seem, becoming a data scientist is possible if you take the correct course and have decent placement opportunities.

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Q1. What are some of the prerequisites before joining the data science courses in India?

Answer: The question is likely to have come across you if you are a recent college graduate with a strong interest in quantitative or statistical analysis and you occasionally do programming. You may have read in numerous online sources that a candidate for the position of data scientist needs to be highly skilled in a variety of areas, including software development, database query languages, machine learning, programming, mathematics, statistics, and data visualisation. This seems like a lot, and many people become disheartened once they see the lengthy list of skills they are advised to acquire in order to become data scientists. For some courses, you need a bachelor’s degree, but for a few, you can join after your 12th standard depending upon your interest.

Q2. Can you tell me the scope and future of data science courses in India?

Answer: Data administration has become incredibly simple thanks to the application of data science and analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, with the majority of them moving to India. With better prospects, data science is anticipated to soar across numerous industries. Data science demand is bound to increase in the future with so many sectors utilising it. In a developing country like India, there is the opportunity for large data-related activities such as data scientists, data analytics, big data engineers, big data managers, and data architects. Moreover, for a rewarding career as a data scientist in India, get this Advanced Certification in Data Science and AI.

Q3. How much salary can I expect for a data science career in India?

Answer: In India, a data scientist makes an annual income of Rs. 8,60,316. According to 533 data scientists’ salaries, data scientists in India with less than a year of experience and new hires make an average of Rs. 5,71,493 per year. Meanwhile, the average yearly salary for data scientists with between one and four years of experience is Rs. 8,00,750. (Based on the salaries of 2476 data scientists). Based on the wages of 868 data scientists, the average annual salary for experienced data scientists with 5 to 9 years of experience is Rs. 14,20,229. According to the wages of 233 data scientists, senior data scientists with 10 to 19 years of experience make an average yearly salary of Rs. 18,40,360.

Q4. What are some of the jobs I can get after doing data science courses in India?

Answer-Data Analyst, Data Scientist, ML Analyst, ML Engineer, ML Scientist, AI Analyst, AI Developer, AI/ML Developer, Business Intelligence Analyst, Associate Data Scientist, Data Architect, Business Intelligence Developer, Deep Learning Engineer, Decision Scientist, and Data Visualization Specialist are some of the most popular job profiles in the data category. It is secure employment with so many career opportunities because there will be an increase in demand for data management in the near future. Professionals in data science are paid more if they possess additional talents. If you can develop these talents, you may become a highly-paid data scientist after completing the courses.

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