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Top 10 Data Science Courses in India

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While data scientists are excellent problem-solvers, they alone cannot permanently unlock business problems. Therefore, a company needs a team of experienced and talented data science professionals prepared with different data science tools to provide support to data scientists. Since there is a known reality of a skill gap in the data science industry, aspiring candidates should take up data science courses in India to learn the field’s fundamentals or upskill their existing knowledge.

Suppose you work in a data science-driven enterprise: this article will aid you in choosing the best data science courses. Here, we enlist some of the best data science courses in India to learn the primary framework of the concept. We’ll also discuss the academies offering these courses and more below. But, before we look at the best data science courses, let’s know what data science is and how learning about it can change your career journey.

Why choose Data Science?

Data Science helps to tale better and more structured business decisions. In addition, it also permits predictive analysis and trains you in pattern discovery.

Further, it educates you to ask the right questions that take you to the main lead problem in a situation.

Moreover, you also learn to research and find various studies related to the data. Also, you learn to develop models of the data using different algorithms. More importantly, you learn to illustrate the data in a graphical format. For example, you will acknowledge this program in the form of graphs, dashboards, and many others.

Data Science has effectively supported the Airline industry in India. Further, it has aided in predicting the disturbances caused by the travel of a particular airplane. As a result, the passenger’s and industry’s pain and frustration have declined. With Data Science handy, the airlines can plan routes and choose whether they should have direct or connected flights. In addition, they also assist in building predictive analysis.

Consequently, you can forecast flight delays correctly. Not only this, but it also helps give customers provides based on their booking patterns. In conclusion, it also helps determine which class to choose for better performance.

Top Data Science Courses in India

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is currently the best brand for Data Science Courses in India. It is their signature course. Henry Harvin is the name for the quality of its education and uniqueness. Their Data Science Course is South Asia’s finest Data Science Course that blends theory, computation, and application most effectively and practically to understand. It equips candidates and data analysts with the essential skills to apply in real-world contexts.

Course Highlights

  • Thirty-two hours of live online interacting sessions.
  • Henry Harvin provides 100 percent placement assistance.
  • Here you will get regular free boot camp sessions for the next 12 months
  • Comprehensive E-learning access, the resources, tools and techniques, and video content.
  • Henry Harvin offers Hallmark Certification after the aspirant’s name. 
  • Also, Govt of India recognized & Award-Winning Institutes.
  • Facility to undergo projects in Kafka, Spark, and other related fields.
  • Internship assistance to experience the practical knowledge of Data science.
  • Complete free access to #askhenry hackathons.
  • You can get one-year gold membership along with many facilities like weekly job alerts.
  •  Get knowledge about the Hadoop Framework and HDFS.
  •  Henry Harvin also supports making a professional CV and LinkedIn profile to attract companies.

2. Intellipaat

Intellipaat is another data science certification course in India. It provides multiple data science courses that educate you in all aspects of Data Analytics, statistical computing, and many more. It also covers practical training and works in banking, finance, etc. The course is led by experienced instructors helping students in their own time. 

In addition, you will explore the introduction to Data Science and its importance.

Moreover, students will learn about Data Science tools, life cycles, and analysis. You will also learn the basics of Big data Hadoop. The course also covers a real-time capstone project in which you build an e-commerce website for a recommendation engine. Moreover, you will learn machine learning algorithms.

Course Highlights

  • It is a 42 hours training program.
  • It also offers 28 hours of videos for self-paced learning.
  • Further, added 56 hours of project training as well as exercise.
  • The course has a very flexible schedule.
  • It has 24×7 help given to its candidates.
  • Moreover, they assist in job placements and offer a completion certificate. 

3. Udacity

This data science course by Udacity is a renowned data science certification course. It aids you in mastering all the skills and techniques required to become a data scientist. They also cover projects that top industrialists specially design to deliver the students exposure and a little challenge while learning. 

They train aspirants to solve data-related problems. In addition, you also learn to deal with stakeholders. Besides, they also teach software skills that data science engineers need.

Moreover, they train their students in developing recommendation systems. Not only this, but they also teach students to work with the whole process, for instance, from running pipelines to deploying solutions. In short, they give you an end project that aids you in putting all your learned skills and knowledge to work. Therefore, it is a must-go-to Data Science Course.

Course Highlights

  • It is a four weeks training course.
  • In addition, you have to spend ten hours per week.
  • They provide real-life projects specially curated by experts from the industry.
  • Besides, they have personal and technical faculties who solve doubts and motivate students.
  • They assure that you have a successful career and also aid in job assistance.
  • A flexible program that supports your study at your own pace and time. 

4. Excel

Excel offers the most extensive data science courses in India. It covers all the modules of the Data Science Lifecycle. For example, concepts like Data extraction, data mining, etc. Besides, their course perfectly balances theory, practical knowledge, and case studies. Excel also has capstone projects in the curriculum. This institution trains the students so that they become noticeable in global industries. This extraordinary course trains students in Data Science skills like statistical analysis, predictive analysis, and many more that make you a professional. 

In addition, they have a record of shaping the future of thousands of Data Scientists in India and the world.

Moreover, they are the best data science courses in India. They have experts and experienced mentors to assist the students in completing all the tests and assignments. Finally, this institution offers a certificate after completion of the course.

Course Highlights

  • They have a devoted Placement cell that helps you in interviews and job placements.
  • The course is an online course for six months.
  • After completion, you can become a member of Steinbeis University.
  • Conduct various webinars and events for the students taken by professionals.
  • The fee for the online course is INR 20999.
  • The completion certificate is one of the most reputed certificates in Data Science. 

5. Scaler

Scaler’s Data Science and Machine Learning program is a complete data science course that prepares students with industry-level skills. Scaler came up with the curriculum of this course after gathering deep knowledge from data scientists belonging to the top 50 tech companies. 

However, the data science course is not limited to data science. It also educates students on business strategies to guide them to grasp a business’s overall workings and turn them into all-rounders. It also makes Scaler one of the best Data Science courses in India.

This Date Science Course is for students of all levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Only one pre-requisite a candidate should be someone who has graduated in 2020 or before

Course Highlights

  • Structured curriculum that teaches data science from the scratch
  • Features projects composed of complex, fragmented, and unstructured data sets to provide students with an industry-level experience
  • Scaler assists in placement preparation through mock interviews. Scaler has dedicated teachers who aid students in practicing and cracking interviews. Besides, they have 600+ placement partners, such as Google, Myntra, Flipkart, Paytm, Adobe, etc., to help you get the best data science career opportunities and jobs.
  • Classes are led by the best instructors who are experts from top tech companies, and Students are mentored 1:1 by industry professionals to enhance their problem-solving skills.
  • It also covers vital machine learning topics such as supervised and unsupervised learning.
  • Interview preparation with mock interviews

6. Jainx Academy

The Data Science course provides an opportunity to create the ability for Data extraction and data mining.  It is an online certification course offered by the Jainx Academy. Many alums have established careers as data analysts. The training of this academy ensures students with a course certificate with proficiency in data science after completing the course.   

Course Highlights

  • It is a complete online course that offers virtual classrooms.
  • Students get a blended learning process.
  •  The duration of this course is only eight months.
  • Aspirants will get a two months project to experience the latest trends in the industry.
  • Mentors are always available to assist students properly toward a bright career.
  • Course faculties have the expertise and the real-world experience for the long run.
  • The authority will offer a certificate after the course, and Online course modules are also available.
  • The students can avail themselves self-paced or online. 
  • Projects and assessments are there to assess the trainees.  


It is also one of the reputed data science courses in India. The certification is awarded by the TCS iON, a digital learning hub; students who can fulfill the eligibility criteria can access the certificate.

Course Highlights

  • It is a complete virtual learning process.
  • Students will be given credit points according to their performances, and five credit points will lead to getting the certificate.
  • The course duration of data science is six months.
  • This course offers an internship at the end of the course
  • The industry mentors are available for proper career guidance during the course.
  • Online LMS are also available.
  • Three lectures, tutorials, and practice sessions are helpful for the learners.
  • Summative assessments aid in understanding the learners so they can self-evaluate too.

8. Digital Vidya

 Digital Vidya provides another one of India’s top data science courses in India. It is designed with a blend of theoretical and practical tools. Providing an exceptional lesson on data science and visualization. The exercise papers are built to boost understanding of the core elements of PowerBI, QlikView, Excel, Tableau, and SQL. 

Course Highlights

  • It is an entirely self-paced module.
  • There are 16 data science modules available in the program.
  • Three hands-on projects will be available in the course.
  • Students get lifetime access to the LMS and other videos
  • Training sessions are much more interactive and engaging.
  • Real-time case studies and capstone projects enrich the concept.
  • Dual certification is available with pre-recorded classes.
  • A monthly question-answer panel is included in the program.
  • Demo classes are available, and 24* 7 online assistance.

9. Edvancer

IIT & IIM Alumni has opened this organization, Advancer. The reason for starting this platform is to deliver the best education possibilities to the aspirants who want to pursue their careers, mainly in technology.

Course Highlights

  • The faculty from IIT Kanpur deliver lectures in this program.
  • Many renowned industry experts are part of this institute.
  • Students will get lifetime access to this course content.
  • This training is an entirely online module.
  • The course program makes a trainee completely job-ready.
  • They provide 100 percent placement assistance.
  •  This course is also suitable for applicants from a non-tech background.

10. Ivy Professional School: 

Ivy Professional School has delivered all tech and non-tech courses since 2004. The institute has collaborated with training partners like Paypal, Capgemini, Genpact, Cognizant, and HSBC.

         Course Highlights

  • It is a self-paced learning module.
  • The course outlines the essential tools and techniques related to data science.
  • This program offers hands-on learning.
  • Candidates will get a 100 percent internship in the prime industries.
  • Trainers from the elite faculty of different prime institutions like IIT, ISI, and  US universities are part of the institution.
  • Job placement in the best companies in the market.
  • It also provides classroom training in different parts of India.
  • Students can enroll in live online training sessions.
  • They provide a certificate to the learners after the compilation of the course.


 Data Science courses in India are ranked the # 1  program in the world. It conveys together the best of academic and industry excellence. This data science course has a greats inclusive curriculum. These programs provide interactive learning pedagogy. Data science is a highly high-demand job that can significantly impact a business’s ability to earn its goals.

 Data science course in India positively affects the success story of the business. Hopefully, this article has helped you clarify your concept of data science and other data science-related roles, tools, and techniques. The world economic forum forecasts that by 2022 skills will be more crucial than job titles, and now is the right time to upskill the modern data science practice.

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Who is a data scientist?

Ans: A data scientist is a professional who analyses data in the business to develop meaningful results. They do this analysis through a series of steps. In addition, they use various techniques. Moreover effectively gathers information from many sources. Further, they need to process raw data, asks the right questions to find the key issue, and feed data into models.

What are the job roles in Data Science?

Ans: Once you have studied and completed  Data Science courses in India, you can apply for the post of Data Scientist or even, Data Analyst. In addition, you also apply for Machine Learning Engineer and Data Consultant. The Data Science field is growing like never before. Finding suitable jobs that also pay you well won’t be a problem here.

Which is the best institution for Data Science courses in India?

Ans: Our research shows Henry Harvin is India’s Best Data Science certification course. It has all the latest features and is also a recognized institution. In addition, it has excellent teaching faculties and is student-friendly. More importantly, they focus on practical learning and assist you in becoming a professional.

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