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Trendiest Content Writing Topics to write on in 2023

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Are you still looking for the Best Content Writing Topics?

Have your way with words but don’t know how to synchronize them in good content? And are you still in a fix about deciding your niche to write? You cannot become a good writer if you are always writing about the same topic. It causes your readers to lose interest in your writing; as the content becomes monotonous. You need to regularly reinvent your content. Research the topics that interest you, and find out the basics; how, why, when, what, and where. Ask these questions yourself and see how they give you numerous answers, and raise numerous questions. This is where one can start to write and create engaging content.

But remember, if you are writing for your client the content has to be curated, as per the client’s requirements with your expertise. It should be engaging and crisp enough to hold an audience’s interest. And all that comes with research, good writing skills, and SEO placement.

Content Writing is a continuous process of writing, editing, and publishing. One needs to identify its strengths or where your writing shines the best.

There are numerous online Content Writing Courses available to help you and guide you in the right direction. Henry Harvin Education provides one of the best Content Writing Courses for seasoned and new content writers.

Best Content Writing Topics

But one of the major roadblocks faced by many is finding the niche. Here is a list of the 20 Best Content Writing Topics to get you started:

1.     Food 

It’s one of the Best Content Writing Topics ever, food is basic, yet it holds the interest of all! Whether you are talking about recipes, food reviews, food photography, videos or tutorials, or exploring new recipes, new places to eat, and many more. 

image of food

Before jumping on this train, you need to find whether you have passion and interest in food. And whether you can convey the same passion and generate the same interest in your audience for food.

You need to explore, does writing recipes interest you or trying new cuisines and reviewing them interest you? Or does food photography interest you; there are many options to explore.

Here are a few of the tips to consider:

  • Be crisp and precise while writing recipes, and also provide some back information about the dish, like its origin
  • Make sure your content is in easy and simple language
  • In food review writing, make sure the place, and food is mentioned
  • Mention the price and other necessary details
  • And while reviewing the food as good or bad, back you view with a substantial reason for the same.

2.     Books

Writing about books is an evergreen Best Content Writing Topics. Reading is such a thing that never goes out of fashion, and there is always an audience for it. You need to be a genuine book-reading fan and enthusiast.

image of books

There are many kinds of book genres to explore, like fiction, non-fiction, literature, self-help books, mystery, thriller, romance, and many more. You can go with reviewing books or starting a fan club. There’s a lot to explore.

Here are a few of the tips to consider:

  • Name of the book and Author’s name
  • The theme of the book
  • Show the book cover
  • Summarize the book content without revealing the climax
  • Engagingly describe the book without boring the audience
  • Share your thoughts on the book, and suggestions to the author
  • Provide a link to buy the book and read the book online

3.     Travel and Leisure

Writing about your travel stories is a great way to relive memories and share the experiences with a community. In today’s time, travel blogging has become one of the Best Content Writing Topics.

Now people travel to explore different places, cities, and countries, and it’s solely based on exploring the destinations. If you are a travel enthusiast, this is a great option to dive in the things you love, which are traveling and blogging.

image of travel plans being made

You can curate your unique writing style to engage your audience.

Here are a few of the tips to consider: 

  • Ways to reach the destination
  • Accommodation
  • Budget required
  • Places to Visit
  • What to pack?
  • The right time to visit
  • Share the experience

4.     Beauty and Self care:

Skincare, hair care, and beauty tips and tricks are the most popular, ever-trending, and Best Content Writing Topics for blogging. Beauty comes in all forms. 

image of Beauty treatment

The readers have never-ending questions and queries, and there is always a need for more information about the ever-changing dimension of this niche. One can also especially dive into any one topic. 

There are many options to explore: skincare, hair care, beauty products, organic products, vegan and cruelty-free products, oils, day and night routines, personal grooming steps to follow, and many more. 

There is also this already present and now an emerging market of Man beauty products and grooming tips and tricks.

You can explore this niche in many ways, whether with beauty tips and tricks, routines to follow, genuine product reviews, hacks to try, and many more.

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Beginners guide to make-up
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • How to create different looks
  • Day and nightly routines to follow
  • Must do’s tips and tricks
  • Links for products and review

5.     Technology and Gadgets:

In today’s tech world, there is always a new development happening with technology and gadgets. It is one of the Best Content Writing Topics to explore, as the news of any new development creates a buzz and curiosity among its audience.

 It’s a great opportunity as there is always something new to write. But one thing a writer needs to keep in mind is that good research and informative content is the key. As with all the rumors and news surrounding the development, a reader is looking for someone who can give correct information.

content writing topic ideas

You can keep your audience posted with all the factual news; bring onboard experts to share their views on development. And share product information and details, whether it is worth the investment, and many more.

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Do not provide fake news to your audience
  • keep them posted with all the latest developments on time
  • Share factual information
  • While reviewing gadgets, your review should be unbiased.
  • how it will affect them
  • share price and links of products

6.     Sports

Engaging and quality content on any sport, whether cricket, football, badminton, or any other, attracts the attention of sports followers and lovers. It is one of the Best Content Writing Topics to explore.

There are many segments on which you can work. You can either dedicatedly write on one sport or keep them posted with all that happening in the sports world.

image of variety of sports

Keep up with the latest news on sports, bring experts on board, and try to create quality and strategically placed SEO rich content.

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Keep up with the latest news and trends in sports
  • Create a place where your readers can discuss and share their opinion
  • Bring on board subject matter experts
  • You can also create polls 
  • Write factually
  • Avoid rumors at all cost

7. Parenting

Parenting is a topic filled with questions, myths, doubts, panic, uncertainty, and more. And in this scenario, every other person has two bits to add, which creates more doubts’ in the parents’ minds.

 What a parent is looking for is a place where they can share their questions and find solutions. It is the Best Content Writing Topics to dive into.

image of a family

All a writer needs is good research, sources, and to share quality and informative content consistently. You can bring on board subject experts to share their views and information, clarify rumors, and many more. There are a vast number of topics to explore. 

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Use simple language
  • Share information based on facts and figures
  • Try to bring on board subject experts
  • Create a community where readers can communicate
  • Burst myths and rumors
  • Share FAQs

8. Entertainment

With so much buzz happening on all three mediums: TV, movies, and the Web, there is a lot to explore. It is an ever-running Best Content Writing Topics.

With so many releases happening on all three channels, and the rise of the OTT market has a running buzz with its audiences. 

image of entertainment options available

You can create informative content on what is happening when, behind-the-scenes updates, updates on where to watch which shows or movies, share reviews, have cast discussions, create a fan community, and many more.

Here are a few tips:

  • Be up to date with latest news and trends
  • Share informative content
  • Avoid rumors
  • Try to bring on board the cast of movies or shows for interview 
  • You can also create a fandom community
  • Share details of show or movies releases 

9. Health

With everything available at one’s fingertip, most of us are guilty of putting up symptoms and checking information. Almost everyone is looking up tips to stay fit both mentally and physically.

It is one of the Best Content Writing Topics to explore. You can create informative content based on research, facts, and figures. Good informative and clarified content attracts readers and creates a loyal audience. 

image representation of health

Bring on board medical experts, clear myths, and have FAQs. Keep posting quality content regularly.

 Here are a few tips:

  • Create a research-based content
  • Bring onboard experts
  • Address issues and questions

10. Education and Career:

With so many options available, one often finds themselves on a two-way street. Education and Career Counseling is one of the Best Content Writing Topics. There is a lot to explore. 

You can create information-based content and share the merits and demerits of an educational course, career prospects, details of the course, fee structure, and other required details.

image representation of education and career

You can create a sounding board for people looking for information and guidance. Share experts’ views, bring on board counselors to provide guidance, provide FAQs, and explore more options.

Here are a few tips:

  • Share education and career options available
  • Markets prospects of the education and career
  • Future viability
  • Bring experts to share their opinion
  • Create a community 
  • Share informative and quality content

11. Fashion and you:

Fashion is something that never goes out of style. People are always looking for what’s new, what’s the latest trend, and what kind of looks works best for them. 

There are many options to explore, like Sustainable fashion, budget-friendly fashion, and many more. It is one of the Best Content Writing Topics.

You can create great content if you love to keep up with what’s happening in and out of the fashion industry. What works and how a look can be created and achieved. Share links and details where one can find the required items.

image of fashion and you

There are casual styles, party styles, styles to go for on occasions, and many more options to explore. Once you have created a good flow for your content, you can also have paid partnerships with brands.

Here are a few tips:

  • Maintain a unique style
  • Keep up with the latest fashion and trends
  • Share tips and tricks 
  • Use simple language
  • Do not use too much jargon and abbreviations
  • Keep posting regularly

12.  Gaming and Gaming Consoles:

With the rise of technology, the gaming industry has also risen and captured the interest of all generations. This niche has already started gaining momentum and is one of the Best Content Writing Topics.

With many gaming enthusiasts present online, there is a lot to explore. You can create content based on the latest games and game consoles. Which console to invest in, their features, price information, links to where to buy, and many more. 

image of games and gaming consoles

You can also share reviews of games and game consoles. Create a fan community, share information about the latest version, share information on new development, and other options to explore.

Here are a few tips:

  • Create an engaging and crisp content 
  • Be updated with the latest development in the gaming industry
  • Share factual information 
  • Share unbiased review 
  • Keep posting regularly

13.  DIY and Hacks:

With the need to have quick information and do everything on your own, Do-it-yourself videos and easy-to-do hacks have gained quite a fan base. It is one of the most trending Best Content Writing Topics.

image of DIY and hacks

If you are brimming with ideas and have the tact to create such trending and easy-to-do content, it’s a good opportunity, to begin with. Write crisp and to-the-point content, have step-by-step directions and have demonstrative videos. The video can be about creating or fixing something to everything.

Here are a few tips:

  • Use simple language
  • Create a crisp and unique content
  • Provide details of the products and things needed
  • Share information on what the item would be
  • Share step-by-step directions
  • Make illustrative videos

14.  Finance

Finance is the age-old Best Content Writing Topics available. If you have your way with words and numbers and have a good knowledge and interest in finance, you have already started your journey in the right direction.

Decide whether you want to create content on personal finance management, how to raise finance for business, investment, savings, and other options. There are many areas where one can share information.

image representation of individual's take on finance

Create content using quality research, facts, and figures. Bring on board subject matter experts for their views and opinions. Share guidance on spending and savings habits.

Here are a few tips:

  • Use simple and understandable language
  • Avoid using too much jargon
  • Be precise, descriptive, and informative
  • Share information based on research, facts, and figures
  • Spending habits and saving habits
  • The consequences of thoughtless use of credit cards
  • Be updated with news and market trends 

15. Product Review:

With all the availability of information, a buyer prefers to buy a product after checking its reviews. Product reviewing is one of the Best Content Writing Topics right now.

If you are curious about a newly launched product and have the tact to write and share compelling reviews regarding it. You can begin your content creation.

image stating product review

Be sure to be informative about the product, its name, use, where one can buy it, price, and other necessary details. Share a bit of detail about the company, and share facts and unbiased opinions about the product. You need to decide on the kind of content, like beauty products, the latest gadgets, games, appliances, and many more.

 You can also have an interlinking option like beauty and fashion, find your interest, and create good SEO-rich content. If you have a good reach with your content, you can earn additionally with paid partnerships.

Here are a few tips:

  • Share unbiased opinion
  • Share product name and details
  • Be informative and precise
  • Use simple language
  • Have FAQs 

16. Motivational and Inspirational Blogging :

With all the stress faced in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, People often look for content to motivate and inspire them. This topic is one of the Best Content Writing Topics. You can have a positive impact on your readers.

images of motivational and inspirational texts

Share thoughts, quotes, stories, and other inspiring content on your blog. Create unique and positive content. Post regularly, share stories of real-life incidences and explore more.

Here are a few tips:

  • Create positive, engaging content
  • Keep posting regularly
  • Share reality-based stories
  • Share tips and tricks for motivation
  • Self-help tips

17. Fitness and Lifestyle :

With all the chaos around us, people are often trying; to follow a fitness routine to have a healthy lifestyle. It is one of the Best Content Writing Topics. Readers are always on the lookout for more information and tips.

There are many areas to explore in this topic, Yoga, meditation, exercise routines to follow, diet habits, and more. Bring experts for their guidance; create informative and directional videos, habits to follow for a healthy lifestyle, and more.

image representing fitness and lifestyle

Here are a few tips:

  • Create research-based information
  • Use simple language
  • Share step-by-step videos
  • Share details of diet to follow with exercise routines
  • Explain different body types and according to diets and exercises
  • Share realistic and achievable goals

18. Content Writing:

 Majorly everyone has a social media presence. Like Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, Influencers, and others. There is a requirement for content and content creator. 

 It is one of the Best Content Writing Topics, as when a person decides to pursue this field, they have many questions and need answers and information. Curate your content to guide and inform them. 

Content Writing

You can either have your blog, website, or more; you can also opt to write for someone else, and there is also an option of freelancing. You can choose as per your suitability.

Here are a few tips:

  • Use simple language
  • Guide on content writing courses available
  • Writing habits and content creation
  • Share industry experts’ opinions and views
  • Prospects
  • How to start with content creation 
  • FAQs

19.  Facts and Myths:

With information, there are also rumors and misinformation surrounding the correct information. Writing about facts and myths is one of the Best Content Writing Topics.

If dealing with facts and bursting or proving myths interest you, you can explore this niche more. Pick up any particular topic that interests you, share researched based facts on it, and find myths surrounding it.

image representation of facts and myths

Be unique in your content and create engaging and SEO-rich content. Keep posting regularly.

Here are a few tips:

  • Share research-based facts
  • Find trending and in-news myths
  • Create engaging content 
  • Use video illustrations
  • Avoid using jargons
  • FAQs

20.  Advisory:

Asking for advice never goes out of fashion; it is one of the Best Content Writing Topics. There are many areas where one seeks advice; and where you can offer the advice.

image stating  Advice

Decide where your expertise lies in advising. Is it Relationship, Business, Home Matters, Legal, Health, or others? You can curate your content accordingly. Use simple and understandable language, and be crisp and precise. Create a community. 

Here are a few tips:

  • Decide on a topic that interests you 
  • Use simple language
  • Share examples 
  • If required, have experts’ views and opinions

To Conclude:

 Whether you are a seasoned writer or just starting, it does get difficult to write, With so much content already being present online. Just focus on what you want to write, do your research, and follow the writing, editing, and publishing process.

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Course details:

  • The course duration is 40 hrs two way interactive live sessions.
  • Globally recognized CDCW Certification
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  • Recorded Video of all the sessions

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Q.1 What is Content Writing?

Content writing is the process of writing, editing, proofreading, and publishing. You can either write for yourself or freelance or get paid for writing.

Q.2 How to choose a Topic?

Latest and in trend and evergreen topics works well; find your interest. Offbeat topics also work well if the content is well-curated.

Q.3 Tips and Tricks for Content Writing?

 *Use simple and easy language
*Avoid using too many Jargons and Abbreviations
*Use Keywords
* Use Active Voice
*Use short sentences and Paragraphs

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