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Top 13 Junior MBA Courses in India: 2023


Junior MBA course

Junior MBA is an MBA program designed especially for kids, It consists of MBA style curriculum for primary school children to make the students think critically with the solution-oriented processes and develop financial understanding. The course is an action-oriented course with thought process development. It is more of making the child think out of the box rather than teaching some concepts and theories. 

Junior MBA is a course that helps the child know the importance of money its investments and creating an impact on society. The child learns to accept that failure is a process and not the destination and it should be a source of motivation. A practical aspect towards life is the best way to describe the course

Many institutes are offering Junior MBA courses and it is needed that the courses choose basis on the curriculum and methodology of delivering the course. 

Here is the list of institutes offering Junior MBA courses.

1. Henry Harvin Entrepreneurship Academy : Best Junior MBA Course in india

Henry Harvin Junior MBA  is one of the best courses for this age group. The junior MBA course at Henry Harvin is for grades 3 to 8, the course is for kids to inculcate entrepreneurial skills and managerial skills in children. This is a 32-hour course with classes as 1 to 1.5 hours per class. The classes help the child to develop accountability towards finances and develop new ideas. It helps to make the kids independent and they learn to solve their problems on their own. Kids even learn that failure is not final and it is ok to fail if u get up and work again.

The course teaches the kids a practical approach to life. The course is not only for their career development but it is for the overall development of the child. It motivates the child, inspires, and makes them confident. Positive thinking, self-confidence, Opportunities,  Identification, Responsibility, Creativity, Goal-setting are some attributes of the course.

2. Clever Harvey : Top Junior MBA Course in india

Clever Harvey was started by the alumni of IIMs the Junior MBA course is 25 session course and per-session class of 1 hour. The Junior MBA course is divided into three specialization strategy junior MBA by samsonite, Technology Junior MBA by Infinity cars, Marketing Junior MBA By PUMA.  The course includes topics like business models value prepositions. Technology as a tool for problem-solving and product development and product positioning. The course is for the age group 13 to 18. The course is designed in a way to build confidence and creativity and business acumen.

3. Kidspreneur : Junior MBA Course in india For Teenengers

Kidspreneur MBA is an entrepreneurship development center for7 to 18 years of age. An online program to guide students basis experience and project-based learning. With maths, English and arts as basic subjects and motto as its are never too early to start. 

The course is 58 hours course and helps to launch the startup at a fair, search for the best CEO, pitch for investments, etc.

The program includes the full course of the business cycle. Founded in 2012 by Mohanalakshmi, and her husband, Kalasalingam.S, after realizing how students after class 12 are unprepared for the professional world. And the jobs market is constantly evolving and to tap the new job market kids have to be groomed accordingly.

4. Adventure Education tours ( Mumbai) Pvt Limited :

The Junior CXO program is a 10-day program for students of class 8 to 12  it is in association with clever Harvey the focus of the course is to develop problem-solving skills spotting patterners and optimizing solutions, Planning, and budgeting to inculcate the investment techniques.  It offers Junior CEO, Junior CMO, and Junior CTO 

The company adventure education tour Ltd. is the fastest travel and tour company offering student education travel. It designs and conceptualizes learning and educational fun tours for students of all ages all over the world. Establishing itself as an outdoor school and it believes in experiential learning.

5. The ABE endorsed kids MBA :

The program is internationally recognized and is from an award-winning organization and business skill specialist. The program is for children aged 11 to 15. it offers a real-world taste of life skills and introduction to future business study it is a 16 module course consisting of lectures role-plays and discussions and lectures. The program has flexibility and superb teaching resources.

member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies. ABE was founded by Dr. Lyndon Jones in 1973. With the belief to provide education accessible to all. As a not-for-profit organization, it is dedicated to helping improve academic opportunities.

6. Entrepreneurship 101 for Upper Elementary

ventures Lab courses are online courses having 10 sections and 28 engaging activities for developing entrepreneur skills and mindset. The course is a 2 to the 10-week course and can be scheduled in 8 to 10nweeks. Each section has section goals there is the option of bulk pricing if the course is purchased in bulk. 

7. ARCADIA  : Junior MBA Centre in india

The junior MBA program s for kids aged 6 to 11 years is a 12-week program. The course includes financial literacy and basic tools of entrepreneurship. The classes are discussion-based due to which helps in creative thinking. Only students of arcadia school are eligible to enroll. The course includes entrepreneurship for idea generation, marketing that includes branding, finance fundraising, accounting for profit and loss. 

The institute has an office in Dubai and is set up to start entrepreneurship at an early age and show how it positively impact our society.

8. Pragya Academyof personality development

Junior MBA  course is a 2-month course that is offered at Pragya. It is an institute that believes in bringing change to the nation by contributing in its way.  The course focus on developing business acumen along with our normal studies. The kids are not aware of the practical experience and kids from business families have a different outlook,  at Pragya institute, learning starts early and when kids grow up they are sure what they want to do.  This is an era of creativity and startups and when the kids are provided with that kind of environment they there are high chances that they take a creative route.

The course is for kids aged 13-18 years. The curriculum is structured and comprehensive and the training methodology is unique. The course also includes soft skill development. 

9. Udemy : Top Junior MBA Training in India

The Mini MBA course for entrepreneurs is for participants who can understand business basics. The course includes the startup concept of business and marketing strategy. Management and leadership. It is a 6.5-hour on-demand video and 9 downloadable resources. It is divided into 6 sections and 54 lectures. 

The course is a good introduction to the business concepts.

10. Shaw academy

The Mini MBA course helps understand the business requirements and skills to run a business. It is an online course with a duration of 8 weeks and 16 lessons and 2 modules. The course includes how to develop Business strategy and marketing skills. It helps to understand economics perspectives and accounting basics, the course also focuses on Human capital and sustainable operations management adaptive to today’s technology.At the end of the course, the leadership development and the difference between being a leader and being a manager are explained. 

11. SPJ School of global management

The 18 monthly part-time MBA program is an online program that emphasizes strategic thinking, critical analysis, It upskills to take difficult decisions and develop a problem-solving attitude. However, the program is not accredited or approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) or any regulatory body in India. 3 years of work experience is part of its eligibility requirement. 

The institute has introduced a new specialization as entrepreneurship. The institute focuses on research methodology and applied strategic projects.

12. Excel with business ; Junior MBA Courses

The Mini MBA by excel with business is an online Course and is an intermediate-Advance level course with a duration of 67 hours. The course offers training from experienced faculty on topics like Strategy, Finance, Project Management, Computing, and Commercial experience.  A short course with a great learning experience. The topics include project management, leadership, income expenditure, and accounting, financial business modeling, team building, and strategy development, etc. It is a multinational team and has a sister company by the name Filtered. 

13. IBMI International Business management Institute

Its Mini MBA program is focused on developing business skills, a quick and cost-effective course to update the employment profile further divided into 6 courses. The course is for people starting a career and wants to start their own business. The course gives an insight into MBA education in an accelerated and affordable manner. The mini MBA program includes all the essentials of an MBA program Essential Management Skills, Marketing and Communications, International Business, Strategy and Operations, Finance and Accounting, Human Resource Management.

Benefits of junior MBA Course

The Junior  MBA course is a course that lays the foundation for future entrepreneurs. 

The kids develop a positive attitude and learn to hard and smart work.

The course helps kids to become independent- For every decision kids look at their parents and from this course, kids learn to analyze and take decisions accordingly thus making them self-dependent. This develops confidence in kids and they are motivated when they realize they can do things on their own.

Time management is also one of the key outcomes of the course, kids realize the value of time as the activities that are involved are interdependent and have to be completed in a specified time the role play and activities give a practical example of how things are working.

The children become innovative and they look for ways to solve a problem or task. An attitude of the solution-oriented process is the outcome of such a course.

The overall personality of the children is groomed, in every action, the child reflects confidence, motivation, and solution orientation. The child becomes supportive and accepts failure as a part of learning and moving on.


There are lots of institutes that are providing Junior  MBA courses, however, there is no such institute that has a course that is apt for children except Henry Harvin. The course is designed for children and the topics are covered keeping in mind how will the children understand these tough concepts easily. The curriculum is designed in play way scenarios where the child learns the concepts by doing the activity. The course focuses on topics like-  How to Recognize Opportunities, solve problem on their own, accept failure is a part of success, financial knowledge, and goal setting. Since the course is specifically for children and lays the foundation for future CEOs. 

If you want the overall development of the child with all the practical aspects of life this course is the answer. It not only develops the entrepreneurship skill but also the overall personality of the child. I would suggest you opt for Henry Harvin institute for kids junior MBA as this is a complete package of what is required at this age of the child.

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1. What will my child gain from the Junior MBA program?

Ans. The Junior MBA program is expected to help students gain a fundamental understanding of Business with the goal that they can arise as effective business visionaries in the future.

2. Will having a Junior MBA certification improve the scope for my child?

Ans. With Business Analytics, Rural Management, Health Care Industry, and different enterprises blasting in India, having a Junior MBA certification can be considered extremely helpful for ones’ future prospects.

3. What will my child realize in this program?

Ans. In the Junior MBA program, your child will gain proficiency with the administrative tools utilized by various enterprises and how to determine and resolve challenges faced by organizations.

4. What is the duration of the Junior MBA program in India?

Ans. A Junior MBA program in India is a comprehensive 2-month long industry-based program that spotlights on hypotheses as well as functionalities.

5. Will doing this program help my youngster in her everyday life?

Ans. Indeed, obviously. Subsequent to doing this program your youngster will turn out to be more coordinated and organized.



  • The course focuses on topics like- How to Recognize Opportunities, solve problem on their own, accept failure is a part of success, financial knowledge, and goal setting. Since the course is specifically for children and lays the foundation for future CEOs.

  • I’m proud to have finished Henry Harvin best junior MBA courses India. The first two sessions were incredibly enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming ones.

  • The course is designed for children and the topics are covered keeping in mind how will the children understand these tough concepts easily. The curriculum is designed in play way scenarios where the child learns the concepts by doing the activity.

  • I learned the course which is provided by henry harvin institute which is very easily understandable and is very good.

  • One of the imperative skills for children to be successful in any line of work or study is Time Management. If a child learns to properly utilize their time in every one of their endeavors, they can gain success and become resilient while handling failures. Junior MBA Courses in India work towards this goal and upskilled junior learners for better performance.

  • I’ve finished the best junior MBA courses in India. My session in this course is very good I am looking forward to my next classes.

  • I found your article while I was searching for an MBA from a recognized institution read the blog and think junior MBA courses in India. You explained everything in a good way. But I could not find what I was looking for.

  • Gathering the skills at a small age can help the kids shape their personalities, and be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. The Junior MBA courses in India help the kids realize their talents at an early age, which also boosts their confidence tremendously.

  • At first, it looked absurd, but when my son did the Junior MBA course near me in India, I could see the changes in his outlook. These courses are a boon in making our kids analyze and develop skills for being future-ready.

  • The Junior MBA courses in India listed on this platform provide an excellent opportunity for young minds to develop essential business skills. With a comprehensive curriculum and expert instructors, these courses equip students with the knowledge to thrive in the competitive business world.

  • The Junior MBA courses in India are a great way to get a head start on a career in business. The courses are comprehensive and provide a solid foundation of knowledge in the areas of accounting, finance, marketing and management. The courses also provide a great opportunity to network with peers and make valuable contacts in the business world.

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