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HENRY HARVIN vs Clever Harvey Junior MBA Course Reviews (Exposed)


Teen MBA, offered by Henry Harvin, is a unique opportunity for teenagers to gain basic management skills. It is amongst the closest Clever Harvey competitors and compared to Clever Harvey’s Junior MBA program, it is a far better investment. I will explain why I think Henry Harvin’s course is better than Clever Harvey’s in this blog post.

Would you like to build a business empire from a young age? If so, you’re on the right track.

Business management skills are very important in today’s world, and it would be excellent if your child had them as a teenager. Introducing students to the world of entrepreneurs at an early stage helps them gain a better understanding of the corporate world. Teenagers can benefit greatly from the MBA program from a long-term perspective. The goal of this course is to build students’ confidence and make them feel like they are one step closer to their dream. To provide them with an understanding of challenges and to help them develop their skill set accordingly.

Thanks to institutes such as Henry Harvin who are consistent in their implementation of better courses that will make the educated more employable, despite the ever-changing landscape in the field of education. Teen MBA Course,is the brainchild of Henry Harvin’s CEO Mr Kounal Gupta . As well as young adults, kids between the ages of 12 and 18 can benefit from this course by developing their business skills.

When looking at your options, you might want to compare the two courses. Clever Harvey also offers a similar course under its brand, i.e. Junior MBA. We have therefore selected two of the most respected and appreciated institutions to help you with your dilemma. The Henry Harvin Education and the Clever Harvey Education.  

While you may have read several lines about Clever Harvey and Henry Harvin, one of the strongest Clever Harvey competitors, the decision is still difficult. Today you will have the answer to your question. In every term, one name will stand out and deserve an honorable mention.  

Students must select a stream and a subject in schools today. To keep their teens informed, parents run around trying to get their teenagers in touch with counselors, uncles, and friends. Isn’t it time to try something new?

With the explosion of career opportunities today, parents are naturally concerned about their children’s career decisions. There will be a new generation of courses in the future. Students will be able to observe possible careers firsthand through these courses.There is no surprise that the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is among the most sought-after diplomas in the world.Despite being a high schooler, what are your plans to pursue an MBA program at a top university? You don’t have to ask anymore. Teen MBA programs are offered at many renowned institutes!

My only goal is to ascertain which junior MBA course is significantly better by comparing the two fair, transparent, and fair. In this article, we will examine Henry Harvin, the most formidable competitor of Clever Harvey.

Henry Harvin Teen MBA Course

With digital education, Henry Harvin® Education provides opportunities for upskilling and reshaping growth. Taking the digital future forward and breaking free from the learning lockdown is central to its mission and vision.

The company offers over 100 courses in 10 Academies across 7+ countries, bringing the future of education to the present. The innovative feature of their technology and 24-hour support allows learning to take place anywhere. The program has resulted in the training of more than 350,000 trainees over the past five years.

Henry Harvin® Education has been praised for its uniqueness and technological advances by several reputable publications, including the Hindustan Times, Stateman, Hans India, The Pioneer, Financial Express, Aaj Tak, and News World India.

About the program

Two phases of a course are provided: Building Business Skills and Thriving Specialization. Live interaction and case studies are used in teaching on the platform.

During the Junior MBA program, students will acquire the following skills:

  • Ability to make decisions and be entrepreneurial
  • Analyzing data and establishing a market position
  • The technology used to solve problems


Henry Harvin Teen MBA reviews indicate that there are four specializations offered by the Teen MBA. Each student can choose one, two, or all four specializations, depending on his or her interests.

  • Teen CEO ( Chief Executive Officer ) is a program that teaches business planning, team management, and decision-making skills to teens.
  • CMO (CMO Program) In the Teen CMO program, you will learn how to market and promote your products or services, and how to create a brand.
  • Teen CFO (Chief Financial Officer) This is a program where you learn budgeting, financial planning, and negotiation skills.
  • (CTO) Are you passionate about technology? To others, does your computer work seem amazing? What can technology do to help you grow your business? Be a part of Teen CTO.

Key Curriculum

In this program, Henry Harvin’s Teen MBA course reviews discuss eight modules

Module 1: Strategic planning and management 

Module 2: Business models and relationships with customers 

Module 3: Resource and cost structures in business

Module 4: Understanding the CEO’s role and responsibilities

Module 5: Managing control and specialization.

Module 6: Responsibilities and roles of a CTO

Module 7: Roles and responsibilities of the CMO

Module 8: The role of the CFO

Details about the program

Based on the reviews of Henry Harvin Teen MBA courses, the following outcomes can be found

  • The medium is English
  • Online learning is self-paced as well as Live Interactive. (LIFETIME ACCESS, SUPPORT
  • 24-hours a day, 7 days a week lifetime upgrade)
  • Students (grades 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th)
  • Yes, the certificate is received after the successful completion of the course
  • Approximately 24 hours of programming
  • Students are taught live online by an instructor
  • There are approximately 1.5 to 2 hours in each class
  • Weekday / Weekend schedule
  • The time is in the evening
  • The course fee is 9500/-

Expert faculties

As seasoned industry experts, the Henry Harvin Teen MBA instructors possess years of experience as working professionals. Experience, knowledge, and skills are extensive among these professionals. A qualified team of participants will train you to become a CFO, CMO, and CTO who have worked for reputable businesses.


Students who complete both basic and specialty programs will receive a dual degree! The certification offers valuable career opportunities since the institute is a respected business institution. 

Become a Gold Member

Once they have completed the course, students will receive an E-Learning account with the following benefits: 

Video Recordings, Games, Projects, Case Studies

Bootcamp worth Rs.6000 per month for FREE over 12 months

Building a Distinguished Profile and Mastering Interviewing Skills 

Course goals for teens in MBA programs 

The goal of this program is to develop certain skills at a very young age;

  • Learning how to think critically
  • Prioritize the development of basic skills for all students
  • Become a better presenter by learning how to do so
  • Embrace the spirit of teamwork 

What other soft skills do teenagers develop after taking this course

According to Henry Ford, business is not only about money, it is also about the ethical principles, along with the skills required for running a successful company.

The followings skills are developed among teenagers after successfully completing the course

1. Leadership

You develop leadership skills in business when you organize other people to accomplish a common goal. Whatever position or project you hold, motivating and inspiring your colleagues to accomplish the tasks assigned to them is a vital part of your role.A leader’s skills include supporting communication between employees, thinking strategically, planning, as well as knowing how to train new employees and step in when needed.

2. Team management

Management of a team involves managing and coordinating the activities of individuals or a group of individuals to carry out a particular task. It is very important in business because it helps achieve group objectives or targets, proper team management reduces conflicts, proper management increases productivity, and it also serves to develop society.

3. Decision making

A company or organization can be severely impacted by a bad decision it makes, but everyone has different choices when making a choice. Therefore, a businessman or woman must learn to make wise decisions. Having the ability to make a decision is not something everyone is born with, it is something that develops over time.

4. Communication skills

Employees and employers who have effective communication skills can identify the lack of communication between them. Delivering and receiving different kinds of information forms the basis of these skills. Business promotion in a market requires communication skills as well. Customer relations are also improved through it.

5. Sales/Marketing skills

An organization’s marketing skills help it grow faster and become a success because they help to know what customers or the market needs. Skills in marketing help a person stand out from others as they keep them abreast of what’s happening in their industry. In general, marketing skills help you sell your products to other companies and buyers.

 Recommended Programs

Summer internship program’21-Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Science

Teen MBA online Summer Program for Teenagers


As of yet, there has been a good response from students. From the reviews and testimonials they have provided, the students conclude that they learned a great deal from the course. Their appreciation of the trainers and encouragement for others aspiring to write are evident.

To learn more about Henry Harvin’s teen MBA programs, click here

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Clever Harvey Junior MBA Course

A review of Clever Harvey’s junior MBA program reveals how they prepare teenagers for the future, even in an uncertain world. They offer an online JuniorMBA program to students in Grades 8-12 to help them develop their problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and business world knowledge. Students can become part of an innovation launchpad, part of an ever-expanding community of entrepreneurs, innovators, thinkers, and disruptors at the Online Innovation Summit.

The programs

The reviews of junior MBA programs in Clever Harvey’s book mention their specialization options. The three specializations can be chosen by students based on their interests, or two of them, or all three.

1. Strategy junior MBA program: 

Topics taught:

Data analysis for marketing and sales strategy, value proposition, unit economics, team design, and business models

Industry Tools: Google data studio

The program was designed in collaboration with Samsonite to teach students how sales and marketing strategies are devised and implemented based on data.

2. Technology junior MBA program

Topics taught:

Applications of AI and ML, of Virtual Reality, and using technology to solve problems

Industry Tools: Marvel rapid prototyping

A co-designed program with Infinity Cars teaches students how to prototype tech products to achieve specific goals.

3. Junior MBA Marketing:

Topics taught:

A whole lot more, such as segmentation, positioning, product development, invisible marketing, branding, creative briefs, target personas, virality, trends, and competitor analysis.

Industry Tool: Canva

Students will learn how to leverage social media channels to build viral marketing campaigns with PUMA, India’s number one sportswear brand.

Curriculum pillars

A review of the junior MBA program by Clever Harvey highlights the following details:

  • Improvement in decision-making abilities
  • Investing in the future
  • Proposing a value proposition
  • Recognize opportunities for growth
  • The development of new products
  • Model of market segmentation
  • A business plan should be prepared
  • Pitch your idea to investors
  • Providing businesses with problem-solving services

Program Details

In their review of junior MBA program, clever Harvey discusses:

  • This article is written in English, a medium-level language
  • Participate in a live session of interaction
  • There is no age restriction (grades 9 through 12)
  • Certification is provided  
  • Online operation is the mode of operation
  • There are 25 sessions one hour each
  • There are 10 classes in every specialization student chooses
  • The cost of the program is 15000


Clever Harvey’s review reveals that reviewers are satisfied with the course and rate it highly. Clever Harvey trainers have played a major role in the career success of several students.

Is the Teen MBA Course something you would be interested in taking?

The Teen MBA program is designed for students in middle school and high school. The basic principles of business management are taught to motivate and inspire students in this course. Students learn about business first so that they have a clear idea of how the world of business works and can take action to help themselves and others. Participation in this event is open to everyone, isn’t that great?

What are the advantages of getting an MBA as a teen?

Students should enroll in this course to boost their academic skills and prepare themselves for real-life situations. To help understand the benefits of attending training, the following three steps are outlined.

Step 1: Make sure you know what you’re doing before starting 

The fundamentals of an MBA can be learned by 10-15 years old, and a person can join the program at such an early age. The information can assist them in making a good decision regarding post-graduate studies; if they wish to pursue a degree in Business Administration or Technology.

Step 2: Acquiring knowledge 

A young student is an extremely curious creature. Learning and exploring all kinds of new things is their passion. By enrolling in the MBA program, teens can have their doubts and questions addressed, which often frustrate parents when they are repeated.

Step 3: Make your imagination come to life 

Is the teen MBA course designed to equip students with an entrepreneurial mindset? During their undergraduate or graduate studies, students learn how to build an empire. The students can learn more by choosing a domain that interests them. Spreading creativity and enrichment is important to us. 

How does the “Teen MBA” work?

A student should be able to enroll in this program if he or she is in 8th through 12th grade. During the program, students learn how to make decisions, solve problems, and think strategically at an early stage. The most valuable benefit of this course is the ability to visualize yourself as a CEO, CMO, CFO, or CTO.

I agree that this is one of the biggest doubts and obstacles before enrolling in the program. Teen MBA is, therefore, very clearly different from regular 2-year MBA programs; hence, the name. A regular 2 year MBA program may be time-consuming and wasteful, which illustrates the need for an hour. In a short-term online setting, this course provides an overview of U.S. culture and real-life topics. Student leaders and financial support are often lacking as students age. The teen MBA course will prepare them for this by giving them an entrepreneurial mindset.

Students become more responsible and independent, and their learning processes are better organized and sponsored.Whenever I write, it has always been my intention to provide people with as much information as possible. In light of our discussion of careers in entrepreneurship, we must make point of highlighting these two well-known junior MBA training providers.

If you are looking at the Henry Harvin program review or Clever Harvey junior MBA program review, they are both industry giants in their fields and both have done a remarkable job in providing student-friendly training.There is only one question that remains – which institute will work best for the students? This post will demonstrate how one of these two is better than the other.


There is one thing that is gaining real momentum and transformation, and that is our Education System. These facts have been proven over the last few years. Those who are responsible pursue a specialization. People are following their instincts after gaining practical understanding over a lengthy period. No longer is education based on age, gender, or color, but is now open to all. 

The MBA for juniors announcement is in this same era of transformation. That’s right, you got it right. For teens and young adults, there are specialized programs designed especially for them. In this course, they will acquire basic knowledge of management, marketing, and technical aspects of the world.  

No matter who we are talking about, Henry Harvin or Henry Harvin’s competitors, like clever Harvey, such programs are a very effective way to innovate education. The course will give students a glimpse into the world of real-life situations that will aid their development personally and professionally. Yet one of the major struggles is finding the right institution that will introduce your little ones to these subjects in the best way. Global markets today offer plenty of options, but choosing wisely from those ample offers is a great responsibility.

 There may be several schools offering this specific program, but making that ENROL button always feels risky or less satisfactory. We truly understand you. 



After reading and researching numerous reviews on Henry Harvin Teen MBA course and Clever Harvey Junior MBA reviews. I like the Henry Harvin Education program. If I were personally enrolled in the program, my first choice would be Henry Harvin. When compared with Clever Harvey competitors, Henry Harvin stands out from the rest 

In comparison with Clever Harvey, Henry Harvin has the above-mentioned advantages and opportunities

  • The costs are lower
  • Basic certification is given, and specialty certification is given
  • Lifetime access to the LMS
  • Get a one-year gold membership that includes features such as profile building and interview training
  • Many graduates have only positive things to say about this institution. Many of the trainers and managers here guide the learners so that they succeed at their professional level. I aspire to do the same. Therefore, Henry Harvin Education is my first choice.  


It is commendable that Henry Harvey and Clever Harvey offer teen MBA courses. Among them, I would recommend Henry Harvin as the best option for junior business students, mainly because of three aspects.

There are four specializations offered by Henry Harvin in this curriculum. In comparison to other courses, their structure is more elaborate, structured, current, and practical. All ages are served by this organization, whose courses emphasize skill development.

There are multiple classes you can choose from depending on your education preferences. Their pre-graduate degree qualifies them as all-rounders, with knowledge about business feasibility.

Henry Harvin is among the strongest Clever Harvey competitors and has these advantages over Clever Harvey.

Their career milestone will be a stepping stone for their success. This article piece should have answered your questions effectively. Any questions or doubts can be expressed in the comment section below. You will hear from us at the earliest opportunity with the best information we have on the matter.  

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