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HENRY HARVIN vs KPMG Six Sigma Course Review ( Leaked)


The number of excellent lean six sigma certification courses available online can make it difficult to choose one that will help you attain certification for any of the lean six sigma belts. 

How can you make sure you choose the right Lean Training course when it contains different features and is targeted towards different types of individuals?

What is the best Lean Six Sigma Certification course depends on you, not on what other people say. Achieving a high score on the exam requires a lot of work. To get your Six Sigma Green Belt on your own, it will take you approximately five weeks. It makes no sense to make that process longer. If you’re looking for quick and easy preparation, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, Henry Harvin and KPMG are compared and studied, which is among the few training communities that offer the Best Six Sigma Certification.

The Henry Harvin six sigma course beats KPMG’s six sigma course after exploring a wide range of perspectives. The course can be evaluated based on several factors. The curriculum of both courses is broad and the learning provided is excellent, so the question arises as to which one to choose? Henry Harvin met my needs on every parameter, whether it was the course curriculum, training, and projects, or additional benefits or placement assistance. There is no better institute to look upon than Henry Harvin.

Here are the 2 best Lean Six Sigma certification courses I reviewed for you. By reading about the advantages and disadvantages of each program and comparing its features, you can make the best decision.

Courses To Help You Become A Six Sigma Expert

In addition to offering training programs, Henry Harvin and Benchmark Six Sigma are known for offering the Best Six Sigma Certification in the industry.

Choose an institute but don’t get hung up on it. Compare the options below to find the right one and save some money.

Henry Harvin Education

In India, Henry Harvin Education is the largest educational technology company. There are both online and offline educational options available on the site, with specializations in training, content services, consulting, upskilling, and higher education, mostly in India and the United States.

The Henry Harvin Six Sigma Certification was ranked first by Training 360 among professional training organizations. Their 100% hands-on training method combines GCAO’s unique pedagogy with a variety of techniques designed for experiential learning.You can attend Henry Harvin and work on real-world projects, qualify for a guaranteed internship, receive job support every week, attend brush-up sessions monthly, and learn interview skills.

Training and consulting are offered by the Henry Harvin Institute globally. During their training, students are taught methods for getting accurate results and optimizing costs.As a training and skill development company, as well as assessing, developing, and promoting content, Henry Harvin Company also provides content services. 

The organization has been certified by the UKAF, UK Cert, and MSME and accredited by ISO 29990:2010. Among the top 5 programs offering Six Sigma training in India today, Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma course was ranked #1 by Business Standard.

The education division of Henry Harvin® has trained and partnered with over 150 colleges, ran over 1100 courses, and trained 27,000. You can find industry-oriented trainers and learn about recording videos, GCAO pedagogy, and a learning management system (LMS). This is the best six sigma certification option in India.

There are four main types of six sigma certification according to Henry Harvin: 

  • Training in Six Sigma Green Belt

The result is the development of problem-solving skills and the analysis of problems. Your analytical skills improve as a result. 

DMAIC techniques (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) are emphasized in this chapter. 

With Henry Harvin as your Six Sigma Green Belt trainer, you’ll learn the most effective approach. It is possible to cultivate the skill of analyzing statistics. Additionally, Henry Harvin will help you become more business savvy and more committed to improving your processes. Developing customer-centric skills is also part of the process. 

Henry Harvin provides 28 hours of training that utilizes live projects and case studies. 

  1. Training in Six Sigma Black Belt 

Six Sigma Black Belts, the most prestigious credential of all Six Sigma credentials, can enable a professional to advance to mid- or senior-level management. After passing the CSSE-BB Certification Exam (Certified Six Sigma Executive Black Belt), participants will be able to display the CSSE Hallmark next to their name and distinguish their profiles with the global credential of Six Sigma Black Belt Certification: CSSE-BB. A good example is Mr. Ben Johnson (CSSE-BB). 

   2. Training in Six Sigma for IT

Increasingly, IT companies are embracing it to improve services and processes. The Six Sigma method eliminates all IT process defects using data-driven methods. There is a way to answer all the questions in the IT sector with the DMAIC Methodology. Using IT Six Sigma, you can improve processes both on the inside, like network speeds and reliability, as well as externally, like order processing, customer service, and so on.

3. Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Students gain a thorough understanding of DMAIC and DMADV methodologies in this course. The candidate will learn about the analytical tools through direct interaction with them

Henry Harvin® provides candidates with an enhanced understanding of Lean Six Sigma through World-class Certified Trainers and an acknowledged Certificate.

As a leader with strong leadership qualities, it is considered to be the ultimate qualification that ensures Senior Management’s buy-in and other stakeholders’ commitment.

In India, Henry Harvin Six Sigma green belt certification is gaining prominence

  • Students will be taught by professionals from multinational companies.
  • There will be a 28-hour intensive training session
  • You will be provided with recorded videos if you miss a class.
  • Weekend classes are available to work professionals
  • They will be able to choose a time that is convenient for them.
  • The self-paced course costs 15750 Rs, and the live class costs 17500 Rs. 
  • Each month, a 12-month brush-up would be provided online.
  • You will see live projects from multinational companies
  • During the interactive session, more than 20 management tools will be used to explore, analyze, and solve management problems
  • Business process awareness and zeal for improvement increase through it
  • Leadership skills can be developed
  • Your certificate of completion will be given to you once the final assessment has been completed.
  • The Henry Harvin membership program also provides internship, job, and interview opportunities.
  • There are several modules on Henry Harvin’s website that can be used to explore and grab job opportunities in a competitive world, including resume writing and soft skills development.
  • There are internship opportunities at Henry Harvin and with its partners
  • Regular emails will inform you of job openings
  • Earn 33 PDUs (Professional Development Units) to maintain your PMP certification.
  • Hackathons and competitions with #AskHenry are free

Henry Harvin offers Six Sigma training in these major Indian cities:

Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Patna, Chandigarh, Lucknow


Live virtual training is offered by KPMG Learning Academy for six sigma certifications. A thorough understanding of the subject is provided. In addition to training, the course is designed to meet the working requirements of its clients.

They are selected by their panel and permitted to conduct training only after they have experience in consultancy and the industry.

Participants across the entire industry who have previously participated are eligible, as are those with basic knowledge of statistics. Syllabuses are more or less similar to those of the leading institutes, with a focus on DMAIC. The course is offered twice a month, depending on the number of students. 

The following courses are available

  • The Green Belt in Six Sigma
  • Black Belt in Six Sigma
  • Master Black Belt in Six Sigma

Each course comes with a brochure that explains briefly what each course entails

For my last update, the course fee is 60000 rs

General comparison between Henry Harvin And KPMG

 Perhaps you are wondering why I am promoting Henry Harvin so much over KPMG. I have evaluated every benefit provided by both institutes and I have concluded that both are comparable on every ground, except the fact that KPMG lacks after-course training and job opportunities that Henry Harvin offers. There are good curricular offerings at both schools, but Henry Harvin has an emphasis on extracurricular activities. There are comparatively higher course fees at KPMG compared to Henry Harvin.

Among all the options, Henry Harvin offers the most benefits.

Do you know what Six Sigma is?

This is a data-driven and statistics-based approach that provides organizations with tools and techniques to control and eliminate errors in products and services.

  • In a comprehensive six sigma process, there are five typical steps:
    • Defining 
    • Measuring
    • Interpretation
    • Enhance
    • DMAIC – Control

By identifying an error and providing a solution, Six Sigma leads to the dissolution of that error. The strategy focuses on offering near-perfect goods and services for business transformation.  


Certification for Six Sigma and its cost

The Six Sigma Certification examines and validates professionals who are skilled at identifying errors and defects in business processes and are trained to develop solutions to eliminate them. Certification is offered by three organizations. 

The following are among them:

  • IASSC – International Association for Six Sigma Certification 
  • CSSC (Council for Six Sigma Certification)
  • ASQ (American Society for Quality)

Methodology for Six Sigma Certification

  • There are four tiers in the Six Sigma Certification methodology. There are three levels of practitioners (or belts):
    • White Belt
    • Yellow Belt
    • Green
    • Black Belt
  • Certification as a White Belt
    • An entry-level certification, the White Belt offers a basic understanding of the approach.
    • Certification costs for White Belts are relatively low. 
    • Depending on the organization that grants the certification, Yellow Belt certification costs range from USD 195 to USD 394.
  • Certification in Green Belt 
    • CSC offers a Green Belt Certification (Level I) for USD 119; it is also available as a level II certification, which costs USD 300 altogether.
    • Lastly, the Black Belt Six Sigma Certification Cost is $395 through IASSC. 

What are the benefits of Six Sigma Certification?

  • As you have a Green Belt certification to your name, you are qualified for the following positions: Management Analyst, Supply Chain Analyst, Data Analyst, Operational Excellence ManagerAn Operations Manager, Operations Team Leader, and a Quality Manager are some opportunities provided by Black Belt Certification…
  • As a Black Belt, you can be an Operations Manager, Operation Team Leader, Quality Manager.

Which is the best institute for Six Sigma?

To prepare for the Six Sigma exams, an individual may have a difficult time selecting the right institution. In choosing an Institute, one must ask why one should choose it? When making such a decision, consider the following factors:

  •  Content of the course
  • Recognition by the Institute
  • Whether the certification is valid
  • A brand name for the institute
  • Approximately how long the course will last
  • Cost of Six Sigma Certification

Growth in the carrier industry 

  • According to the salary surveys conducted in India, this post is paid an average of RS 1,020,072. Six Sigma can quickly teach you project management. The process will take you no time at all. Six Sigma certified Quality Managers earn between 5,40,250 and 16,94,160 annually.
  • Process improvement managers with Six Sigma certifications typically earn in the range of Rs 4,65,398 to Rs 16,34,957 annually.
  • Operation manager certified under Six Sigma – salary range is Rs 5,28,738 – Rs 29,92,000
  • Six Sigma certified quality assurance manager – The salary range is 4,89,357 – 22,46,889.

Six Sigma is implemented in top multinational companies

  • Many companies in India and abroad implement six-sigma systems in their operations.
  • Six Sigma is integrated into the systems of multinational companies such as General Electric, Motorola, Allied, Conseco, etc. Wipro is the Indian company that has taken on the largest program. 

Click the below link to enroll 


As a result, after considering everything, it is fair to say that Henry Harvin offers a six sigma certification program that is unparalleled. As well as having an excellent faculty and classrooms, it is also unparalleled in terms of the coursework and recognition it receives. In this respect, Henry Harvin is the best in the industry. 

According to my personal experience, the data above was provided. I was equally concerned and confused when choosing which institution to enroll in. Nevertheless, reviews like these helped shape my career and my decision. So I wanted to be among those luminaries who could offer guidance and suggestions to aspirants looking to create an experience similar to mine. 

Hope you found this information helpful in answering your questions. Any remaining questions or doubts can be voiced in the comments section below if you wish. My best knowledge on the matter will be shared with you as soon as possible. 

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