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How to Learn French Efficiently: 20 Best Tips


Learning a new language is perceived as the most celebrated way of exploring a region or a boundary. You receive exposure to a number of aspects that may be or may not be priorly known to you. These aspects help you understand the vivid diversity that every corner of the globe uniquely holds. Along with exploring rich cultures and traditions you also encounter numerous job opportunities that help you expand your reach and expertise.

With the global expansion and cultural exchange, the world has become closer than ever and thus, we see a flow of opportunity, tourism, tradition and more. French is one such beautiful language that is winning every conversation globally. It has evolved to be the second most accepted language in the business arena and is currently sparking multiple job opportunities for the global audience.

The professionals aiming to secure global careers are letting no stone unturned and are therefore opting to learn French. Having the language mastered allows one to expand their reach and services to multiple nations and win impressive packages. Not necessarily all individuals learn French to explore opportunities, some learn out of love and passion for the language. But is learning a language an easy task?

Well, that more or less depends on the steps you take while learning the language. Adjusting to something new is always challenging but when it is topped with constructive guidance and productive steps, it often results in the best outcomes. So when planning to learn French, do not stress yourself. It is to be learnt in the same way as you learnt you’re native languages. Slow and steady with some analyzed and proven steps, that’s how we get there.

So, what are these essential steps? Where do I find these elements that can help me rectify my overall french learning? Well, you don’t really need to wonder anymore. Your needs are best served here.

Our experts, through thorough research and studies, have listed down 20 essential tips that can help you learn French in a very effective and relevant manner. So without any further ado, let us straight shoot out the topic and find out the incredible list of 20 essential tips that can help individuals master the french language.

1. Practice, Practice & Practice

Getting familiar with the language is a very important step to learning the language efficiently. The more familiar one gets, the more comfortable one become. This familiarity can only be achieved by practising the language over and over again. 

So, when planning to learn or explore a new language, begin it with practising it. Make it a habit to come back and revise the concepts introduced in the class. This will foster clarity and make you aware of the elements that need revision. 

Continuous practice will also make you feel confident about the subject and thus, will enable you to learn it effectively. Always remember, learning a subject should be practised in a confident and positive environment. That is when you make the best out of it and it can be only achieved with continuous practice. 

So don’t stress yourself feeling doubtful. Nobody learns a language within a day. Allow yourself to make mistakes and win those mistakes by fruitful practices. So go ahead and practice religiously to get the best out of it. 

2. Start Small 

Learner’s often, in the excitement of learning a new language, start the wrong way. When learning a language that you haven’t been exposed to earlier; always ensure to learn it with a logical and practical mindset.

Jumping on straight to sentences and complex structures of an unknown language is sure to make your learning stressful. Therefore, in order to avoid such circumstances, consider learning new terminologies with small and precise steps. Begin it with alphabets, then words, then smaller sentences, then the bigger ones and so on. 

If you put all of it at once and begin it with the most complex one’s, your brain might not react in a positive manner and may embark on a feeling that this is not a possible language to learn. 

Therefore, avoid such mistakes and consider learning in a small and organized manner. Let your brain consume little by little and reach familiarity with the language. Once you achieve that, you are already half the way. So don’t rush, take it slow but in an effective manner. 

3. Form a reading habit 

Reading is a great way to accelerate learning of the French language or any other language. Look for easy, fun and engaging french books that you can enjoy while reading. Look for books with genres that you personally seem to be interested in. 

When you read stuff that you like and relate to, your subconscious mind automatically stores those words. Reading books will also give you a detailed understanding of sentence formation, emotional expression and exposure to new words. Try using these new learnt elements from the books in your day to day conversation. Doing so will boost your confidence and ease your communication skills. 

4. Use French audio whenever learning or encountering a new word

Make sure your first encounter with any new French word is correct and effective. Mispronouncing or misunderstanding the context of the word can lead to poor conversations. So the best way to deal with it is to have French audio enabled while learning. 

This will give you an exact idea of the pronunciations, spellings and meanings of the word. The technically sound audio that you tend to use is usually well-refined with meanings and pronunciations. Thus, there are very rare chances of committing an error. 

So, do ensure to use French audio while learning French in order to enhance and accelerate your learning process. 

5. Watch your favourite shows with French subtitles

The world is grooving over new shows and movies and we guess, so are you. Well, even if not, it’s time that you get grooving because doing so will indirectly help you learn French in the most effective way. 

When you expose yourself to french series or shows you witness direct encounters to the actual conversation. This helps you understand the tone, motive and expression of the sentences used. Once you adapt yourself to the environment you become habitual of it and you actually begin to enjoy it. 

This helps you register new words, expressions and ideas that can prove to be helpful in your everyday day to day life. When you enjoy and learn an aspect you tend to learn and develop better. Thus, watching your series with French subtitles adds great value to your French language learning journey. After all, the fun way is the best way, isn’t it? 

6. Use free french learning tools 

The era we live in has brought in so much advancement and information but rarely do we make any use of it. There are a number of new and advanced tools that help learners learn and rectify their understanding of the French language. 

But unfortunately, the majority of the learners tend to remain unaware of the fact and thus, miss upon some crucial learning opportunities. We have multiple applications formulated that allows learners to learn and understand French or any other language effectively. Some applications are home to learning numerous languages while some are just specialized in French, English or Spanish. 

These well-formulated applications step by step introduces you to a wide area of French learning and perfectly covers your daily learning needs. Thus, you can try relying on these newly formulated applications and avail yourself of the best out of them. 

7. Watch interviews of famous personalities

Another finely effective way to enhance your french language learning is through watching interviews of well celebrated and recognised personalities with subtitles. These personalities communicate with an excellent choice of words, effective expressions and easy to understand sentences. 

Using their expertise and adapting to their ways of communication can help learners achieve a major feat. To do so, try taking out the parts from their conversation and use them in your day to day life. This will give you a sound practice of understanding and communicating the language effectively. 

8. Consider top french language providing institutions

When learning a language, ensure the journey is full of fun and excitement. Do not stress yourself in the process. If you aren’t able to learn the language on your own, consider joining a well-recognised institution that fosters your learning needs with utmost responsibility. 

There is no competition that you need to be a part of. Just enjoy the process and make the best out of it. There are a number of worthy institutions that you can choose to enrol for. All you need to do is research them, enquire about them and then finally enrol for them. 

Institutions that offer French language learning programs are well versed with effective curriculum, well-formulated fun tasks and activities, experienced faculty and a lot more. Together these aspects help you learn and acquire efficient skills associated with the French language. 

9. Form a similar group of French learners 

The more the merrier is the best way to go when learning French. The more exposure you receive the more efficient you become. So consider creating your own group of individuals who are investing in a similar kind of motive that you are. 

Doing so will help you stay motivated and aware of new tools and techniques that other individuals use or rely on to learn the French language. You can complement each other by helping out at elements that seem to be alien or complex. This way you can enhance your overall learning outcomes. 

10. Practice daily conversation – in front of the mirror 

Small shifts every day result in larger and better opportunities. That is the exact kind of mindset you need to have in order to be an efficient french learner. 

Every day note down at least 5 new sentences and practice them before the mirror. Slowly and gradually you will witness yourself evolving and feeling more confident with each passing day. Also, ensure to use these new sentences in your everyday conversations to enhance familiarity and fluency. 

11. Keep up the consistency

Learning a new language can sometimes overwhelm you. At times maybe can also compel you to give up entirely but that is when you need to be the most firm and focused. Consistency is hard to keep but that is also the ultimate key. So, always remember to deliver your best in whatever manner you can. 

Things might not always go as per your plans but let nothing affect the quality of time and effort you put into learning French. Consistency is the only way to excellence. So make sure you don’t miss upon it by any chance. Continue to practice and deliver until you acquire the best. 

12. Set goals 

Setting up goals can act as the most influencing force for learner’s if pursued seriously and constructively. Knowing what you need to do and achieve helps you stay focused and determined to do your task. 

The same is with learning the French language. Make sure to set everyday goals for yourself and work effectively to achieve that. Having done this every day will add major value to your French learning. Also, it will ensure to not put you under any kind of pressure. Slow and steady surely wins the race. 

13. Enhance your vocabulary

The more vocabulary you accumulate the better sentences you learn to frame. Try learning at least 10 new French words every day. Once you’ve understood its origin, meaning and part in a sentence, go ahead and use it in your daily conversation. 

Make this a daily habit in order to always have enough words to express yourself. 

14. Make mistakes

There never has existed an individual who doesn’t make mistakes and for the record, it’s always the mistake makers who tend to offer better service. So go ahead and make ample mistakes. That will only work in your favour and help you acquire better skills. As long as you keep enough room for improvement, you will learn your best. So making mistakes is fine. We can redo them, learn from them and eventually rise better. 

15. Just accept a few rules 

Getting into minute details of the grammar aspect can sometimes seem confusing and ruin your confidence. Therefore, at times just avoid getting into deeper details and accept the rules as they are. 

If you feel the concepts are quite important and may be used in everyday day to day conversations then go ahead digging it in detail but the ones that have negligible presence try to not stress yourself with more of it. 

16. Include fun learning activities in your daily schedule

Wearing your serious cap and learning every day is just not possible and feasible due to so many reasons. Your brain needs rest and free time to restore its power. And to do so, you will have to feed it accordingly. Every day learning sentences and words on a serious note is just not possible. So try spicing up your learning process through new and exciting activities. Having a sense of excitement while accessing your assignments will help you gather effective knowledge and understanding of the subject. Therefore, try learning using activities like Name, Place, Animal Things, Memory Game, Word Puzzle and a lot more. 

17. Learn Survival Part, First 

Whenever learning a new language, always get your motive together. Know the purpose why you are learning it and serve that purpose as your topmost priority. 

Let’s say you are learning French so that you can visit Paris for work purposes. Now, your major motive here is to learn business conversations so that you can initiate a conversation and present your ideas or other aspects that you are meant to. 

Here, your major concern should be improving your daily conversation. That is your major survival need. Other aspects of survival learning also include learning to ask for help, order food, asking for an address and more. So understand your needs and prepare accordingly. 

18. Think in French 

Your brain plays a pivotal role in helping you learn a particular language. How does that happen? Well, let’s recall the time when we just started learning English. In the beginning when we had to initiate a conversation we used to think in Hindi or our mother tongue language and then try to reframe it in English. That’s probably one of the crucial reasons why we took a long time to master the language. 

But now that we know and acknowledge this aspect, it’s our responsibility to ensure that similar mistakes don’t take up space in our brain ever again. Therefore when you think of anything, think of it in French. That will allow you to learn the language in a much better and effective manner. 

19. Form a listening habit

Listening is a great practice for individuals to enhance focus. Therefore, put in a specific amount of time daily to practice listening to audio in the French language. When you have your entire attention channelised to one stream you tend to stress major focus on words, tones and expressions used in the conversation. Thus, it enhances your understanding and registers new and improved French words to your everyday vocabulary. 

20. Get started right away

Several individuals who wish to learn the French language keep postponing it for a variety of reasons. Fear of failing, being made fun of, assuming it to be highly complex, self-doubt and many more aspects can be the probable reasons. And the only way to fight it is by beginning to learn from that very moment. So go ahead and take that step and start learning. That is the only way you can win over your insecurities and trust us, no language is hard to learn if you have dedicated willpower. Don’t let the opportunity slip by. 

If you are looking for a reliable platform to learn French, you might want to consider the below-mentioned institution. It truly is worthy by all means. 

Henry Harvin Education – French Language Course

Henry Harvin Education is an online EDtech platform that serves multiple learning needs through a number of programs. These programs are well-curated using the best curriculum and resources under the guidance of highly prolific professionals holding immense experience and knowledge of the industry.

The French language course offered at Henry Harvin Education is made available in different unique levels that precisely fosters learners interest in an effective manner.

A1 – (The Beginners Level) – 30 Hours

A2 – (The Upper Beginners Level) – 30 Hours

B1 – (The Intermediate Level) – 40 Hours

B2 – (The Upper Intermediate Level) – 40 Hours

C1 – (The Advanced Level) – 40 Hours

C2 – (The Proficiency Level) – 40 Hours

For more details regarding the program, you can head onto the website of Henry Harvin Education.

Final Words:-

Choosing to learn French is a great initiative. Just ensure to not get harsh on yourself while doing so. Learn it in a free and fun environment. It will help you bring out the best in you. For effective learning feel free to use the above-shared list of 20 essential tips and acquire your best skills. In case of any query or difficulty, reach out to us using the comment section below. We will get back to you at the earliest possible with the best reasonable share of knowledge available.


Will learning the French language give me an assured job role?

Your expertise and hold on the subject are responsible to land you with a job opportunity. So, if you are well versed in the language and explore relevant opportunities, you are sure to land up with an impressive job package. Right exposure and efforts are important. Just having the course done alone cannot confirm a reliable career.

Do institutions provide online learning services?

Yes! The majority of the institutions are shifting to making learning available online to the learners who wish to learn and witness important elements at their own pace. So, yes you will have an online learning service available to practice your French language learning.

What are the job roles that I can take on my successful completion of the French language learning program?

There are a number of job roles that you can avail of post-completion of the French language program. A few of them are mentioned below:- 
Customer Service
Tours & Travels 
Editor / Proofreader & more 

List down the best platforms to consider when looking to learn a French language course.

Top best platforms to consider when looking for French language course:-
Henry Harvin Education
Fluent Fast Academy

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  • I found this guide on learning French efficiently incredibly useful! The emphasis on setting specific goals, incorporating listening and speaking exercises, and joining language exchange programs is spot on. It’s a comprehensive resource that can truly enhance your language learning experience.

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