Top 20 Edtech Companies in India: 2023


According to Wikipedia, “EdTech” is a portmanteau, a made-up word, or a combination of two words, Education and Technology.

It is the consolidated utilization of computer technology, programming, instructive hypothesis, and practice to work with learning. When alluded to with its shortening, EdTech, it is frequently alluding to the business of organizations that make instructive innovation or that create Education Technology.

With the appearance of innovative technology, now students can have a more customized insight and a superior comprehension of points, as new tech permits them to give graphical introductions to a few subjects. Also, students have the choice to store their instructor-led training material, videos, presentations, etc. in the learning material portal; they can go through the videos or interactive sessions, over and over again, whenever the need arises to learn and understand the teachings. Presently they have the adaptability to shape their concentrating on schedule according to their adaptability.

George Couros has rightly quoted – “Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational.”  

Ed-tech has empowered teachers with digital evaluating, grading, digitalized classrooms, and openness to examine the student’s vital regions to work more diligently on. 

The main idea is to combine Education and Technology catering to a larger audience.

 The following listed 20 Best Edtech companies in India are forming the business and normalizing education with technology as a part of teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept.

1.) BYJU’s Education Technology Company

BYJU’s is listed as the first best EdTech company in India.

This e-learning company is India’s biggest Ed-Tech organization and an inventor of India’s most cherished school learning application, which offers exceptionally versatile, likeable, and successful learning programs for children in LKG, UKG, classes 1 – 12 (K-12), and also serious tests like JEE, NEET, and IAS. BYJU’S has a learning application called “BYJU’S – The Learning App”; which was made and dispatched for classes 4-12 in 2015. In recent times, their application has 75 million enrolled students and 5.2 million students who have taken yearly paid memberships and subscriptions from 1700+ urban areas. The application is said to restore the significance of learning. 

They also have a learning stage called “The Disney BYJU’S Early Learn App” launched in June 2019, an extraordinary contribution from BYJU’S for understudies contemplating in classes 1-3.

2.) Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin is the second-best EdTech company in India.

Henry Harvin Educationhow is one of the pioneers in spreading proficiency and technical certifications in India. The institute has appreciated the opening between the current instructive program of academic courses and the express requirements of the industry. Henry Harvin has zeroed in on offering courses that can enhance the arrangement of both working experts and students through the knowledge base of education. These courses likewise assist both yearnings and prepared experts with investigating the undiscovered occupation market, which intensely depends on explicit space information and range of abilities.

Henry Harvin has Industry Deep Rooted Trainers with broad preparing experience for its students and clientele. 

They specialize in progressive E-Learning Portal(LMS) with Interactive Content. 

They have on-request counseling + teaching.

1100+ Top Corporates and 60+ Premium Colleges have trusted Henry Harvin.

The pedagogy at Henry Harvin consists of a GCAO Learning Model focused on implementation.

3.) Cuemath – The Math Expert

Cuemath is the third-best Edtech Company in India. It was launched in 2013 as an after-school math enhancement program. They are one of the best Edtech companies in India that spotlight gamified learning and has changed how math is seen by the two educators and students. It has a ‘learn-by-doing approach. It additionally means to advance ‘out of the box thinking and love for math among younger students. 

The organization was founded by Manan Khurma, who is likewise an acclaimed author with McGraw Hill distributions.

 Cuemath additionally enables ladies mentors and furnishes them with significant work openings. Cuemath has more than 1200 teachers until the date of composing this article. The organization has brought 5.5 million dollars up in series B subsidizing until 2019.

Cuemath additionally enables ladies mentors and furnishes them with significant work openings. Cuemath has more than 1200 teachers until the date of composing this article. The organization has brought 5.5 million dollars up in series B subsidizing until 2019.

The education plan at Cuemmath is authorized by Capital.

Their extraordinary learning results have gathered financial backers like Google Cap. 

India’s best numerical program by ETR has also been awarded Cuemath positioning it as the best 50 worldwide education organization at GFEL Dubai. This edtech company has established itself in 20 and more countries and is proud of having 200000+ students.

4.) Flintoclass – Pre-School @ Home

Flintoclass@HOME is the fourth-best edtech company in India. 

Flintoclass@HOME is a half-breed learning program with the best of virtual learning and active encounters. You will get a comprehensive learning pack, alongside intuitive pre-recorded classes — with adaptable timetables! 

They have a board month-to-month pack intended for the best home learning experience. 

It gives fun learning at the security and solace of your home. 

They give a-list exercises motivated by Waldorf, John Dewey, Multiple Intelligence, and Playway Method. 

There are more than 560+ extraordinary multi-tactile encounters that cultivate free development.

Packed and sent directly to your doorstep on a term-wise premise (at no additional expense). 

Alluring exercises that emphasize building the 16 critical formative abilities.

Flintobox is an additional extracurricular kit for youngsters zeroing in on the unstructured play, Flintoclass@HOME is a finished early learning program that conveys preschool training to your doorstep. It centers around all parts of a youngster’s learning years including scholastics, fundamental abilities, and significantly more. Flintoclass is intended to supplant preschools by making your youngster school-prepared from the wellbeing and solace of your home during the COVID pandemic.

5.) Unacademy -Indias Largest Learning Platform

Unacademy is the fifth-best EdTech company in India.

Unacademy is an internet-based schooling organization established in Bangalore in 2015. It gives learning materials and video addresses for all significant placement tests in India. From JEE, NEET to UPSC, Unacademy is a top decision among understudies. 

Today, Unacademy has more than 12,000 instructors offering various free and paid courses. You can see recordings, watch shows, and even download PDF notes presented by instructors. 

Unacademy has live classes every day.

One-on-one interactive sessions with teachers, pose inquiries, answer live surveys, and also get your queries solved- all while the class is going on. 

They help you to practice and reexamine.

Learning at Unacademy isn’t simply restricted to classes with their training area, mock tests, and talk notes shared as PDFs for your perusal.

Learn anytime and at any place. 

One membership gets you admittance to all the live and recorded classes to watch from the solace of any of your gadgets.

6.) WhiteHatJr -Live Online Classes for Joyful Learning

WhiteHatJr is the sixth-best EdTech company in India.

WhiteHatJr is an activity-based educational plan with live, continuous directions that creates: Problem Solving. Imaginative Thinking. Coarseness. Certainty. Correspondence. 

Today, in the computer age, not all schools teach coding to youth, bringing about a significant gap in the prerequisites of the new world and our youngsters’ abilities. WhiteHatJr presents and readies your kid from 6-18 years for this new coding world. They learn the basics of coding – rationale, construction, grouping, and algorithmic thinking – to produce inventive results like movements and applications. All classes are online in the solace and comfort of your home with the best-chosen educators and well-informed subject matter experts.

WhiteHatJr provides a variety of courses in Coding, Maths, and Music.

7.) Vedantu – Learn Live Online.

Vedantu is the seventh-best EdTech company in India. 

Vedantu is the innovator in the K-12 LIVE coaching space. Every month, more than 35 million students access Vedantu through its application and web for free. Vedantu took into account more than 200,000 paying students last year and over a 300% growth over the earlier year. This development led to an income increment of 4.5x over the earlier year, making it the quickest developing internet-based schooling organization in this space and the general second-biggest organization in K-12 as far as income and number of students. 

 Its Youtube channel gets 65 million views, the most noteworthy in the K-12 section for any instructive organization in India. Clients additionally access Vedantu through its committed Channels on Airtel TV and TATA Sky.

Today, Vedantu offers coaching courses to youthful students and clients from 3 years of age to 18 years of age, just as groundwork for cutthroat tests like IIT-JEE, NEET, Commerce, CBSE, ICSE, and state tests, for example, Maharashtra sheets. Through its freshest contribution and quickest developing vertical, SuperKids, offers extracurricular classes like English Speaking, Reading, and Coding.


Udemy is the eighth-best EdTech company in India.

Udemy founder and creator Eren Bali had very few education opportunities — until he got a PC. Energized by his fantasy to contend in math, he utilized the web to get familiar with his way to a silver decoration in the International Math Olympiad. 

After learning on the web transformed him, Eren cooperated with prime supporters Oktay Caglar and Gagan Biyani to accomplish a shared objective: to make quality training open to all.

Udemy helps companies, of all types, and helps them move forward — to any place it leads. Their curated assortment of business and specialized courses help organizations, governments, and charities go further by setting learning at the focal point of their methodologies.

Their global community now consists of  44M+

Learners,65K+ Instructors, 183K+ courses, 594M+ course enrollments, 75 languages,and 8,600+ Enterprise customers.

9.) Embibe 

Embibe is the ninth-best EdTech company in India.

Embibe is currently India’s best and largest Artificial Intelligence(AI) based instructive startup in India. 

The founder of this company Aditi Avasthi was considered in the BBC 100 Most Influential Women In The World 2017 and “40 under 40” by Fortune magazine for her commitments to training. 

Embibe utilizes information investigation and AI to give customized criticism to understudies. It empowers the students to distinguish their weak subjects and assists them with further developing their test-taking abilities. It circles around students getting ready for competitive tests, for example, JEE, NEET, and tests for government occupations. 

Embibe believes in incredible edutainment meets unbeatable personalization. They use a plan of action, where all the education material is free of cost and they just charge for customized personalized professional feedback.

10.) Toppr

Toppr is the tenth-best EdTech company in India. Toppr values, Client Happiness -Have a constructive outcome in the existences of our understudies; Honesty -Keep up with straightforwardness in our cycles and responsibilities; Persistence -Set eager targets and buckle down towards accomplishing them; Speed -Do today, what we could do tomorrow; Advancement -Change the most seasoned industry and discover better approaches to do it; Effectiveness -Discover speedy and savvy answers to meet our objectives; Greatness With each achievement, point higher and endeavor to accomplish it; Compassion -Keep students on priority by imagining their perspective; Transparency -Do it like it ought to be done, tell it as it ought to be told.

At Toppr, students are at the focal point of the universe. They accept that each student has different needs and adapting methods. They have insightfully planned Toppr to guarantee that it is a one-stop after-school learning stage. It has more than 1.5 million learning pieces, including versatile practice questions, arrangements, ideas, and recordings that meet up consistently to give 360° learning. Toppr uses computerized reasoning to put together AI calculations concerning the top of this solid foundation, to make students’ needs easier.

11.) Brainly

Brainly is the eleventh-best EdTech company in India. 

Brainly is the knowledge-sharing local area where 350 million understudies and specialists set out to focus to break their hardest schoolwork questions. 

Brainly’s basic beliefs join us across geologies, groups, and levels. They are our mutual perspective of how we work at Brainly – how we simply decide, how we team up, how we treat one another, and how we contemplate the worth we are making for our local area of understudies, guardians, and instructors. 

Brainly approaches each question with excitement.

They talk concerning what turned out badly and uninhibitedly share examples learned with others. They embrace the unforeseen and search for approaches to consider the change to be an opportunity They stir things up and consistently look to better ourselves, our work, and our group.

12.)Class plus

Classplus is the twelfth-best EdtTch company in India.

Classplus is an Ed-Tech new business changing the world of schooling by driving educationalists with the digital devices and assets that assist them with becoming future-prepared. Our industry-first brought together stage lets training establishments have their application to deal with every one of their assignments and arrive at lakhs of understudies the nation over with our powerful innovation. 

They have a cutting-edge computerized dispersion stage for instructive substance and their app stores empower training organizations to make video content and online evaluations accessible to understudies. 

More than 1 Lakh training establishments across 1,100+ Indian urban communities have effectively set up their internet-based business through applications worked by Classplus. 

Their group of 600+ experienced experts associates with a cross country local area of training foundations web-based, leaving the everyday organization undertakings to us.

13.) is the thirteenth-best EdTech company in India. is a broad web search tool for the students, guardians, and schooling industry professionals who are looking for data on advanced education areas in India and abroad. One can depend on for getting generally concise and pertinent information on schools and colleges. 

With the most intelligent UI and most approved substance, Collegedunia tries to be the top schooling entrances and help the understudies inside and out in settling on his choice simpler. 

CollegeDunia has been made to satisfy a dream of engaging understudies with information so they settle on a more shrewd choice while picking their profession and alma mater. Students can utilize as a one-stop objective to look about their fantasy school, accessible courses, affirmation cycle, and parts more intuitive devices to improve on the most common way of finding an institute of matriculation. gives a non-traditional stage that centers around conveying quality empower them for gathering exceptionally energetic competitors. They have a profoundly gifted group of information diggers who can introduce information in the most intelligent permitting you to settle on choices in the most educational manner.

14.) EduKart- Courses for everyone

EduKart is the fourteenth-best Edtech company in India.

EduKart is an Indian edtech enlistment platform. Many Indian and worldwide course suppliers offer courses, like MBA, Executive MBA, MCA, MSc IT, MA, MCom, BA, BCom BBA, BCA, and BSc IT on the organization stage. The courses are accessible as distance learning and online courses. It likewise includes endorsement courses in retail, finance, telecom, digital promoting, programming languages, project management, and IT.

EduKart was founded by Ishan Gupta and Mayank Gupta in 2011.

In May 2013, EduKart got $500,000 in subsidizing from a consortium of beginning phase institutional and private supporters. 

EduKart offers degrees, certified courses, and diplomas from colleges, companies, and industry bodies, other than certain accreditations made by its group. 

EduKart also has a job portal to provide Job placements.

15.) Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is the fifteenth-best Edtech company in India.

Imarticus focuses on the experiential discovery that places the reins of your vocation in able hands. Their cutting-edge online solutions and tech-fuelled study halls guarantee you generally stay miles in front of the opposition. 

Imarticus prioritizes coordinated efforts with top-level firms of the business. They have qualified staff with many years of industry experience. 

Teachers are industry experts that will get you acquainted with the business norms and will explore through the entirety of your profession-related inquiries. 

If you are looking for a worldwide recognized MBA or BBA Certification in Management from the best colleges in the world, while at the present job without acquiring an extravagant student loan, Imarticus Worldversities is the place where you will discover the thing you’ve been seeking.

16.) WizIQ

WizIQ is the sixteenth-best EdTech company in India.

WizIQ is a simple method to educate and prepare on the web. It’s a cloud-based learning conveyance stage with a set-up of incorporated components – including virtual homeroom, course the executives, content creating, video streaming, tests and evaluations, experiences and examination, and distance learning. 

WizIQ enables educators, schooling specialist co-ops, and corporates to convey and oversee live and self-guided learning with simple to-utilize, versatile and savvy innovation.

WizIQ is an easy way to teach and train online. It’s a cloud-based learning delivery platform with a suite of integrated features – including virtual classroom, course management, content authoring, video streaming, tests and assessments, insights and analytics, and mobile learning.

WizIQ empowers instructors, education service providers, and corporates to deliver and manage live and self-paced learning with easy-to-use, scalable and cost-effective technology.

WizIQ offers a comprehensive set of features to deliver effortless and collaborative e-learning by including- high-definition video conferencing, live streaming, server-side recording, interactive whiteboard, collaboration and moderation, live screen sharing, polls and surveys, collaborative code editor, easy administration, insights, and analytics, API and plugins, etc.

17.) PlayShifu

PlayShifu is the seventeenth-best EdTech company in India.

Two old friends and new dads began expanding on a fantasy: to make screen time more significant and learning more compassion for the new generation. It is how PlayShifu originated! 

Applications adapt to the content-based according to grades K to 5. furthermore, the application shows math, geography, arts, social science, ecological investigations, and much more.

18.)ThinkerBell Labs

ThinkerBell is the eighteenth-best EdTech company in India.

ThinkerBell Labs is a tech-driven company building innovations in efforts to make training more understanding. Their principal aim is to make accessible the products that help improve learning outcomes for the visually impaired.

Thinkerbell Labs imagine a general society, where the outwardly disabled are free and assume a bigger part in the public eye. 

Their invention, Annie, is the world’s first Braille education gadget that assists visually impaired (blind) individuals with learning to read, compose, and type in Braille all alone in any mode of instructions.


Logic Roots is the nineteenth-best EdTech company in India.

LogicRoots invents Math related games for kids from K to 5. 

It offers math prepackaged games and math worksheets that help kids to practice Math. LogicRoots help to rethink how children practice Math. They make math easier through table games, math exercises, and applications. The company is founded in Mumbai in the year 2011

20.) Lido Learning

Lido Learning is the twentieth-best EdTech company in India.

Lido Learning provides small group tuition for better marks.

They have Face-to-face, online classes with a max of 6 students. And also guarantee better marks with an option to refund the fees if the marks are not satisfactory.

The classes start from KG to Grade 12. 

They focus on small group tuition as they believe in, personal attention from teachers gives a better understanding. Small-Group studies help each one to collaborate & solve real-world problems with students studying with you.

They aim to score good marks with personalized homework for targeted improvement to each of its students.


These are the top 20 best EdTech companies in India. India is positioned to be the greatest internet-based schooling buyer market in a couple of years. Since school has been closed because of Covid-19, the situation has accelerated the changing scene of work and education in India. The above recorded best edtech companies are rethinking how students learn. It makes learning easier and accessible to anybody, anytime and anywhere.

Edtech has colossal potential in the coming years, which is the reason financial investors are scrambling to get a cut of the pie before it’s past the point of no return.

 It is a decent year for Edtech companies in India! 

Besides, these edtech Companies help students with finding the delight of learning new things. Along these lines, helping them with fostering the affinity for acknowledging which is an ability that will help them go a long way!


Q.1 What is an Edtech Company?

Edtech is a combination of Education and Technology. It uses computer technology to provide education systems.

Q.2 Which is the largest Edtech Company in India?

BYJU’s is the largest Edtech company in India. The company is valued at $16.5Million. And is one of the most expensive start-ups.

Q.3 Which is the best Edtech Company in India?

Henry Harvin is the best Edtech Company in India. It holds the laurel of the fastest-growing edtech companies in India.

Q.4 What is the future of Edtech Companies?

During the pandemic, students were homebound. Elearning became a way of life. One never knows, what is going to change, when, and how. Edtech has only made life easier. Studying and learning in the comfort of your home.

Q.5 What does Edtech include?

Edtech includes computer hardware and software, programming, educational theory, and various ideas of learning.


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  • It is the consolidated utilization of computer technology, programming, instructive hypothesis, and practice to work with learning. When alluded to with its shortening, EdTech, it is frequently alluding to the business of organizations that make instructive innovation or that create Education Technology.

  • During the pandemic, students were homebound. Elearning became a way of life. One never knows, what is going to change, when, and how. Edtech has only made life easier. Studying and learning in the comfort of your home.

  • Edtech companies had provided online teaching in the times of covid which helped the students to gain knowledge which is very good for the students because the students had not o miss their classes and they can complete the certain syllabus.

  • The Educational sector of India is vast and robust. Also, India is the second largest market for e-learning after the USA. These stats prove the importance of tech companies in India and a few of the best Edtech companies in the world are Indian-run as well.

  •  Excellent and sincere aid to students is provided by education companies. I’ve arrived at the correct place because this blog has provided me with useful knowledge that has been really helpful.

  • A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing this helpful article with us. It is extremely useful for individuals who don’t have a clue about the tech companies’ posts.

  • The Edtech industry is fast expanding as more people are looking out for skill-based courses that help secure their jobs. Moreover, most of the courses offered by edtech companies help learners kickstart their careers in the desired field. Additionally, school students are also benefitted from the different courses that help them learn the concepts in their own space and pace.

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