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Content Writing has undoubtedly evolved to be one of the most engaging careers of the time. It already always existed but got boosted very recently. We surely can blame it on Digitalization. Again we always were exposed to the digital aspect but never used it so vigorously until the pandemic decided to take over entirely. 

Digitalization has enabled numerous opportunities for young enthusiastic people to learn and explore. Content Writing is one of its most vital branches whose spread is just unstoppable. That is also because the global market has now somewhere understood the strength of communication in the global market. 

Thus, you see Content Writing as one of the most mentioned and celebrated careers of the time. Aren’t you planning to paint your hands in too? Of course, you are and that passion gets you here, right? So let’s make the effort of investing your time and energy here all worthwhile. 

It is very obvious that when we are looking for a particular program we hope to have it done from the best institution in order to receive effective guidance and opportunity. But numerous people fail while making this perfect call and thus end up receiving poor guidance and supervision. 

We definitely don’t want you to be one of them. And therefore we have taken this opportunity to educate and aware you of a well-celebrated content writing course providing a platform that learners are all in praise of. It is ECT. The ect content writing course reviews are taking the content writing world by ablaze. Graduated learners from ECT are sharing constant mentions about the platform and the uniqueness that it offers with utmost responsibility. 

What are these key points? Why is ECT content writing course reviews the top talked topic? Well, there’s only one way to find it and it is to get into its depth on your own and check for the unique points it offers to its learners. So are you ready to check what’s in store for you? Here we go! 

What is ECT? – ECT Content Writing Course Review 

ECT stands for Education & Career Times. It is an online & offline training program that offers various courses in different fields for learners to learn and explore. These courses can be availed irrespective of time or place. Which means no matter where you belong from or what time you choose to learn you are wholeheartedly welcomed. 

ECT is also mentioned as the only training organization that is celebrated and recognised by the Government of India as a startup that initially began its journey towards excellence in the year 2010. It is currently headquartered in Delhi with a team of well trained and reliable professionals. 

Talking about the current scenario, ECT has been serving the industry for more than 11 years now with successfully training over 77 batches. The total number of learners enrolled with ECT sums up to around 1200. It holds a group of more than 50k proud subscribers. 

Considering the commendable journey that ECT has had so far is proof in itself of the excellent learning services provided here. This dedication and responsibility that the team manages to show towards the enrolled learners is something that helps them construct strong mentions for the ECT content writing courses offered here. 

ECT has not limited itself just to content writing courses, instead, it has spread its reach to various other sectors too. The below-mentioned list gives you an idea of the courses you can avail yourself at ECT:- 

  1. Content Writing Course
  2. Digital Marketing Course
  3. Communication Skill and Development Course

These are the courses that ECT is actively offering for now. You can choose the most relevant one and begin your learning with the best to be the best right away. 

ECT Content Writing Course – Review! 

The ECT Content Writing Course is a well-structured program that trains you to turn your passion into income. It is specialised with an in-built internship opportunity that will allow you to understand the real working world. This is one huge opportunity to get in touch with the real business world and understand their demands in order to excel with utmost effectiveness. 

Enrolling on the content writing course at ECT has numerous opportunities to offer. A few of them are mentioned below:- 

  • The certification you receive after the completion of your program is Government of India recognised. Having received such a recognised mention allows you to crack bigger and better opportunities. 
  • As a learner, you will be able to avail numerous internship opportunities with top celebrated industry firms. 
  • You will be receiving personalized attention and feedback in order to keep your progress in check. 
  • Several Live and Interactive sessions will be made available in order to help you resolve your queries effectively. 
  • On successful completion of the program, the team of ECT will be helping you acquire prestigious positions with the best-known industries in the firm through placement assistance. 
  • You will be receiving lifetime support from the team of ECT and can have your doubts or queries resolved at any particular point in time. 

The ECT content writing course is a 3-month well-structured program that encompasses 32 hours of Classroom/Live Training and 50 hours of e-learning and useful videos. In total, you will be presented with 7 assignments, 5 live projects and 10 quizzes to keep your daily learning progress in check. 

You can begin your journey as a beginner and transform yourself into a certified content writer in just 5 easy steps. Wondering what are those 5 steps? Keep scrolling! 

  • Enrol for the course 
  • Attend classes
  • Complete assignments
  • Submit assigned Live projects
  • Get your certification

That’s it, and you become a certified content writer. The topics of discussions that you will be a part of during your program tenure are:- 

  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • Boost your vocabulary
  • Avoid common grammar errors in your writing
  • Learn writing Tools, Tips & Techniques
  • Hone your Creative Nonfiction writing skills and many many more. 

Being a certified content writer opens numerous doors of opportunities. It doesn’t restrict you to one form of job role, instead provides you with a ground to expand and explore. A few of them are mentioned below:- 

  • You can kickstart your career as a Freelance Writer and monetize your writing skill like never before. 
  • Having your Content Writing Course done can also open doors to being a published author. If you have a story, tell it in the best form and what better could be than to put it in a book. 
  • You can also step ahead from normal routines and become a part of the Corporate world by helping the firm with writing emails, sale proposals, presentations and a lot more. 
  • Why just content writing when you can step into Content Marketing too? Create your own audience, own service and just have it your way, the best way. 

These are just a few career choices that you can opt to resonate with; other than this you have many more to explore. Know that good writing skills and effective communication are the basic key ingredients to lead a successful life. 

ECT Content Writing Course Reviews state ECT to be one of the best platforms to learn specialised programs. The above data has quite been evident to the same. But there are still few aspects that are undiscussed. Wondering what are they? Come, let’s find out together. 

Having your Content Writing Course done at ECT is worthy in every sense. From bringing the best-celebrated trainers to helping you find your best firms to work with; ECT just serves the best. 

The 3 months program that you will be being a part of is segregated as 1.5 months of classroom/live training plus 1.5 months of internship. Having this fusion received will allow you to hold undeniable knowledge and experience of your respective firm. 

You will be exposed to 32 hours of classroom sessions along with 50 hours of e-learning and 60 hours of video lectures. You also as a learner here will receive the opportunity to join a distinguished network of more than 30000 writers and marketers which will boost your understanding altogether to a different level. 

Once you acquire your certification you will have the ability to find and work for clients beyond your country boundaries, which in itself is great exposure to unmatchable opportunities. 

Overall ECT takes pride and utmost responsibility in helping writers find and develop the best versions of themselves in the best possible ways. So what is stopping you from being a part of such a dynamic team? Your chance to begin your career is here. EXPLORE IT! 

For more detailed information you can head onto the website of ECT and get your associated queries best assisted. 

Final Words:- 

Content Writing and the jobs associated with it are the need of the hour. Every firm is looking for a specialised professional who could help them communicate with their audience effectively. You can be one of them, all you need is constructive guidance and supervision from a team of professionals just like ECT. 

We hope we managed to maintain utmost transparency in delivering detailed information about ECT. If you still have any questions or queries, feel free to voice them using the comment section below. We will be more than happy to assist you on the same. 

Thank you. 

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  • The ECT Content Writing Course exceeded my expectations! The curriculum is well-structured, covering essential topics like writing for different platforms, persuasive copywriting, and SEO best practices. The course materials are informative, and the hands-on exercises ensure you gain practical experience. A fantastic investment in your writing career.

  • This ECT Content Writing Course review is a must-read! It covers all the essential aspects of content writing, from SEO techniques to engaging storytelling. The course’s comprehensive approach ensures that learners gain the necessary skills to excel in the competitive world of online content creation.

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