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Henry Harvin TEFL Reviews in 2023


TEFL is a short form that means Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Every certified candidate in the particular course makes him eligible to travel anywhere in the world. 

Henry Harvin Education institute provides certification of TEFL. It is considered one of the best training institutes in India. No other institute can beat the feature and benefits of the Henry Harvin Education Institute certificate. It is the best TEFL training platform that provides a certificate of course completion. But with certificate trainers also provides knowledge about the course, the right direction, various teaching methodologies, and many other things are made available during the completion of the course in an interesting way.

Henry Harvin TEFL Reviews


Henry Harvin Education institute is ranked number 1 certification institute which provides internationally recognized training. It offers a 100% online course and a great flexibility schedule. The certificate achieved by Henry Harvin is universally accepted and has great credibility.

Henry Harvin Education institute has won several awards. Over their experience, they have certified more than 110000 TEFL course certifications and more than 2400 authorization to several institutes, schools, companies, and organizations.

After the completion of 120 hours of intensive training, institutes offer Henry Harvin’s online TEFL certificate. Trainers try to make classes very interactive and discuss thoroughly their learning experience. Also, Henry Harvin provides certification with American Association. Once you get enrolled, you will get a prestigious AAEFL certificate for the TEFL course.

Another feature of learning from Henry Harvin’s education is they never compromise in delivering lectures and providing students with access to LMS. Through LMS students can go through the presentation and all the study material related to the course. Henry Harvin’s education takes guarantees job assistance. It gives training for cracking interviews and take guarantee in placing their students in the reputed companies with handsome package. This institute is best in every term.

Training to students is provided with excellent educationalist. Trainers have years of experience and are professional teachers in their respective areas. Certificate from Harvin Henry education institute is globally accepted and has guaranteed the highest standards. Tutors are well trained and take care of the timely delivery of lectures. They use different teaching methodologies to gain the interest of students.

The TEFL certificate earned from a recognized institute will help you in future academics. You will enjoy multiple job opportunities surrounded by you from across the world. You will get accessibility to an exclusive platform of the most highly paid jobs as an EFL teacher. A TEFL certificate will fulfill your desire to travel to different countries without any hurdle. Upgrade your resume and reap its benefits.


TEFL certification is necessary for the one who wishes to explore the outer world and fulfill your heart’s desires. Getting trained from reputes institute for TEFL is very important and it should be an internationally accepted certificate. Few Henry Harvin key important points are: 

  • One of the smash hit courses. 
  • Trained 39000+ individuals and presently settled with an incredible work 
  • Training for interviews given with guaranteed jobs
  • AAEFL accreditation along with the course 
  • Pass TEFL certification with good marks
  • One to one answer for each question
  • Teaching is led by relating it with various activities for better understanding of course
  • Freedom to learn and complete presumably the best techniques for learning  
  • Getting great compensation 
  • Positioned Number 1 course and appraised 4.8+ 
  • 100% reimbursement ensures if the class stays ineffective.


Reviews suggest that Henry Harvin TEFL training is carried out for 120 hours. Post this completion of intensive training, 24 hours of Bootcamp for the next 12 months. Bootcamp sessions are provided to brush up on training. 


Training is with 10+ years of experienced professionals. Also, trainers are in touch with various corporations and other institutes. Experts have experience with international exposure.


Provide an opportunity to interact with more than 23000 alumni worldwide.


After enrolment students are given 1 year of membership and the benefits of membership are as follows:

  • Access to E-Learning material. E-learning includes recorded videos, assignments, case studies, projects, etc.
  • Give guarantee to prepare students for the interview and give the training to crack it. 
  • Guaranteed internship with reputed firms or companies.
  • Get job opportunities via mail on regular basis from reputed companies with handsome packages. 


Institute offers a course for 120 hours in which tutors have to clear in total 20 modules. 

  • Module 1 – gives an introduction to the basics of the English language
  • Module 2- guiding through various teaching methodologies, the role of teacher and learner.
  • Module 3- Help students know about how to teach young learners
  • Module 4- Focus on how to enhance communication skills by considering pronunciation.
  • Module 5- help learning grammar and improve grammatical mistakes.
  • Module 6- Understanding vocabulary
  • Module 7- Help in reading fluently
  • Module 8- Helps in developing listening skills
  • Module 9- enhancing speaking skills
  • Module 10- Help in going through with writing skills
  • Module 11- Stages of the lesson plan
  • Module 12- Classroom management technique
  • Module 13- testing and assessment
  • Module 14- guide you through various Resources and digital technologies
  • Module15- Final assessment with certificate.

The next 5 are complementary modules which are all about soft skill development, building a resume, teaching youngsters, business English and the use of digital technology that is currently being used due to pandemic scenarios.


  1. Pass TEFL exam on one go 
  2. Build confidence to stand in front of reputed industries
  3. Bring out and educates affecting lessons techniques 
  4. Make students understand according to their psychology
  5. Observe yourself to be spoilt by boundless open situations from wherever on the planet 
  6. Can be essential for meeting generously compensated positions. 
  7. Live with dream and travel abroad to different nations 
  8. Make a forte for yourself by showing your AAEFL certificate
  9. Job support
  10. LMS access
  11. Teaching with experienced professionals
  12. Best practices are taken to make class interactive


As per reviews of the Henry Harvin Education TEFL course, We can ensure that information and knowledge rendered by tutors during the session is very helpful shortly in professional life.

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