List of Education Startups in India: 2023


Education in India has witnessed a tremendous shift during the rise of the Pandemic. The traditional teaching method was just not possible to resume or practice and thus, was left as one of the most affected sectors in India. But the situation was backed up before it turned impossible. 

Online Teaching played a very vital role in shaping the overall situation. It was a part of the conversation even before the pandemic hit our normal lives but got accepted and celebrated during the peak of the pandemic. 

The learning gap that the pandemic curated was seen bridging by these EDtech platforms. These EDtech platforms allowed learners to learn and explore subjects of their interest at their own time and at their own speed. This was seen as a revolutionary step in education as this kind of eliminated the competition traditional teaching methods brought. And within no time, Google turned out to be the biggest reliable teacher of the time. The major reason for the adaptability was the convenience brought through online teaching. 

Sooner or later numerous education sectors resumed teaching through online modes using visual and other relevant forms of materials as a teaching medium. Although we are slowly getting back to normal, the EDtech companies that opened up new conversations on learning are surely holding a strong spot even when normalcy is achieved. 

These EDtech companies in India are not just learning platforms, they are your biggest mentors, opportunity providers and many more. One can crack the most talked competitive exams and excel in any and every subject they desire, under the guidance and supervision of well trained and experienced professionals. 

This is surely not replacing the traditional teaching methods or standards but the implementation and acceptance of it is surely enhancing the overall effectiveness of classroom teachings. 

Do we have any EDtech companies in India, to rely on? Well, you will be overwhelmed to know that we have many EDtech companies in India that are together contributing to creating a free and safe learning environment. India has witnessed the maximum number of enrollments on these EDtech platforms and is expected to see a huge rise by 2022.  

Wouldn’t it be exciting to check each of these EDtech platforms in detail and check what they have to offer? Who knows, maybe you and I turn out to be the next new enrollers. Nobody should be deprived of quality learning. So let us keep scrolling down and explore the list of best EDtech platforms in India. 

What is an EDtech Platform? 

Before we actually get into the details of EDtech companies in India, let us understand what exactly an EDtech platform is. 

EDtech platform is an online learning platform where learners enrolled are delivered concepts and terminologies using numerous videos, tools (software) and techniques. The primary concern of the platforms delivering learning lessons is to make learning fun and engaging. 

The EDtech companies tend to be quite reliable as you have the flexibility of time, space and speed. Also, the trainers training you throughout your program are highly experienced and well trained and thus, they deliver you only the best. 

So now that we have quite a clear idea on what EDtech platforms are and how it functions let’s get into the details of top EDtech Companies in India to learn, explore and rely on. 

Top 25 EDtech Companies in India:- 

1. Byju 

When talking about the best education startups in India, no conversation can be termed as complete if there is no mention of Byju. Byju is one responsible platform that has made learning easy and accessible to all. The platform is often referred to as an online school for any and every subject. It has wonderfully down the years, managed to create an undeniable presence for itself. Out of so many EDtech companies in India, parents and students are religiously rooting for Byju, due to the learning quality delivered. 

The journey of the best EDtech company in India i.e. Byju started in the year 2011 and since then it has successfully added uncountable feathers to its cap of achievement. It is the first-ever Asian Company that received investment from Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative. The Byju learning app was also made a part of the Harvard Business School case study. It further partnered with Bollywood star Sharukh Khan to explore and encourage the curiosity of young minds. 

Byju the learning app has more than 100 million downloads with 4.7+ stars spread to around 1701+ cities. The average time spent daily on the application is 71 minutes, which in itself speaks for the trust and reliability learners and parents share with Byju. 

Byju the learning app is truly a school in a pocket. Conceptual clarity through visualization is the primary reason for the appreciation it receives. Furthermore, personalised learning programs, unmatched individual attention and many other similar aspects contribute to the excellency of the platform. 

For more detailed information you can check the website for Byju or download their app for a better experience. 

2. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin Education is one solid EDtech company in India that is shaping the overall learning experience of the users enrolling here. The platform has emerged into the best version of itself in a very little span. It just announced its existence in the year 2017 and since then is roaring high with admiration and mentions from top industry experts.

Many of the courses offered here are celebrated as the best courses in the industry. What even makes Henry Harvin Education stand out from the rest of the EDtech companies in India is the internship and placement opportunities offered here. The internship is an inbuilt learning aspect of your course here that allows you to understand the real working environment beyond the classrooms. 

Henry Harvin Education has by now trained over more than 300,000 learners. It has received 1600+ Google reviews and conducts around 700+ live classes every month. It holds a large family of 180+ corporate partners, 110+ college partners and has expanded its reach to more than 7 countries. 

You can explore a variety of courses here. A few of them are mentioned below:- 

  • Analytics Academy
  • Management Academy
  • Finance Academy
  • Writing Academy
  • Language Academy
  • Teacher Training Academy and many more. 

For more detailed information you can head onto the website of Henry Harvin Education and get your associated queries best resolved. 

3. upGrad

upGrad is times most responsible and reliable choice. It is emerging as India’s largest online higher education company. From bagging top University partners to bringing the most prolific trainers under one roof, upGrad just has the best for the exploring minds. 

Few top universities it partners with are:- 

  • Duke Corporate Education
  • IIT Madras
  • Chandigarh University and many more

upGrad an evolving EDtech company in India not only has a wide variety of courses to offer but also extends its help and support to curate free courses and videos for learners to have maximum benefit. 

By now upGrad has managed to reach a feat of acquiring over 20,00,000 registered learners with more than 300 hiring partners and 700+ industry experts. The highest salary offered to the graduate from upGrad is 73 LPA. 

The graduates graduated from upGrad are successfully serving at top brands like:- 

  • Amazon
  • Accenture
  • Flipkart
  • Jio 
  • Ola 
  • Myntra
  • Microsoft
  • Visa and many more

upGrad came into existence in the year 2015 and since then has managed to achieve uncountable feats. As of now, upGrad stands to be South Asia’s largest higher EDtech company with the latest technology, pedagogy, world-class faculty, industry partners and many more. 

For more detailed information you can head onto the website of upGrad and get your associated queries best resolved. 

4. Unacademy 

The next addition to the list of these exceptionally amazing EDtech companies in India is Unacademy. Unacademy has been dedicatedly serving the most appreciated quality learning for years. It is often mentioned as India’s largest learning platform that helps you to learn and explore anytime, anywhere. Be it the preparation for competitive exams or for your normal classes. Unacademy has got it all covered. 

With unacademy, one gets to have access to daily live classes, practice and revise and most importantly learn anytime, anywhere. It has more than 60 exam categories with around 14k+ educators delivering 1.5k live classes daily. You as a learner have more than 1 million video lessons to learn and excel. The learning videos offered here are watched more than 3.2 billion times. 

Thus, the responsible platform offers the best of tools and techniques in order to allow learners to avail the best content. 

For more detailed information you can head onto the website of Unacademy and get your associated queries best resolved. 

5. Brainly 

Brainly responsibly takes initiative to create an effective learning environment for anyone and everyone. As rightly said at Brainly learners here go from questioning to understanding. The team of brainly ensures that the inquisitive minds coming here receive effective guidance and supervision in order to excel. 

Few subjects that you can excel and explore here are:- 

  • Math
  • Physics
  • Computer Science
  • French 
  • Music 
  • Business Studies
  • Accountancy 
  • Psychology and many more. 

For more detailed information you can head onto the website of Brainly and get your associated queries best resolved. 

6. Edukart 

Edukart is another phenomenal EDtech company in India that has added towards the shaping of overall education in India. The academic books and teaching resources offered by them have worked excellently in favour of the teachers and the students. 

Edukart is trusted and celebrated by around 41,24,037+ students and 1.5+ lakhs of teachers. It has 1000+ books in catalogue to offer the learners enrolling here. Moreover, it’s a children’s platform where they get any and every question answered in the best possible way. 

For more detailed information you can head onto the website of Edukart and request for assistance for your respective query. 

7. Vedantu 

Vedantu is one highly trusted and reliable EDtech company that is appreciated for the learning assistance it provides to potential learners. As vedantu mentions learning won’t stop, they truly tend to stand by it. Vedantu has simply made learning fun and exciting to anyone and everyone. 

It has a wide variety of courses to offer that perfectly meets your needs and allow you to explore every aspect in detail. Best teachers, adaptive teaching, safe and convenient environment, live and interactive sessions and many other similar phenomena have evolved the platform as one of the best EDtech companies in India. 

By now it has managed to secure around 46,489,113+ happy students. It has in total offered 24,723,614+ hours of live learning with spreading its reach to more than 500 cities worldwide. You can also request for a free counselling session by the professionals serving here, in order to give you clarity on what course could prove to be the best fit. 

For more detailed information you can head onto the website of Vedantu and get your associated queries best resolved. 

8. Classplus

Classplus is another compelling EDtech company in India that is soaring high with quality and reliability. Classplus is a learner’s safe spot to learn and explore everything from the best. The features offered by classplus are highly responsible for making it one of the best-celebrated platforms of the time. 

Below mentioned are a few features of classplus that makes it stand out from the crowd:- 

  • Sell online courses
  • Live classes
  • Video lectures
  • Marketing dashboard
  • Online assessments
  • AI-powered leads 
  • Own website and many more. 

The excellency offered here has allowed classplus to build more than 1,00,000 coaching institutes in 1,100+ cities overall. So, surely it has an undeniable quality to offer the learners and explorers. 

For more detailed information you can head onto the website of classplus and get your associated queries best resolved. 

9. Doubtnut 

Doubtnut has some incredible learning resources to rely on. The platform is perfectly curated to provide learners with clear and understandable terminologies along with various features. 

Free demo, well trained and experienced teachers, complete syllabus, doubt solving, daily homework and notes, timely course completion and many more are the features that makes Doubtnut one of the most reliable EDtech companies in India. 

10. White hat Education

White Hat Education is rooted in innovation and experimentation. It works to enhance the inner hidden abilities of the learners through their unique and creative activities. By now they have managed to receive the engagement of more than millions of students who are wanting to learn and explore in their own unique way. 

At White Hat Education learners learn logic, structure, creative thinking, sequencing, algorithmic thinking and many more. For more detailed information you can head onto the website of White Hat Education and request for a free trial to get satisfactory solutions to your queries. 

11. Great Learning

Another exciting platform that you can explore to learn and excel is Great Learning. The platform stands as the best known EDtech company in India and offers a variety of courses/programs to explore. 

These courses are curated by the best industry experienced professionals to give learners in-depth knowledge on any and every subject. Great Learning offers 30+ learning programs and has spread its reach to around 160+ countries in total. It has more than 1200 hiring partners which again in itself is great exposure. 

For more detailed information you can head onto the website of Great Learning and get your associated queries best resolved. 

12. Test book 

Test book is truly a learner’s platform that has all your basic to advanced learning needs covered. When talking about the best EDtech companies in India, the Test book has a very strong mention. Through its qualitative deliverance, it has managed to evolve as the most reliable learning platform. 

One gets the freedom to learn and explore their subject of interest through the comfort of their home, take relevant tests, solve important question series and many more, when enrolled with test book. 

There are numerous features that make Test book a reliable platform to learn and grow. A few of them are mentioned below:- 

  • Experienced Teachers
  • Top Quality Questions
  • Personalised detailed analysis
  • Live tests for real exam experience
  • Community for learning and many more 

For more detailed information you can head onto the website of test book and get your associated queries best resolved. 

13. Collegedunia 

Collegedunia is highly responsible for shaping your overall career. The platform has not only flourished within the boundaries of the country but has also expanded its existence a lot beyond. The variety of learning programs available here is something that truly makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

Collegedunia, the leading EDtech company in India has access to around 25,000 colleges with 250 exams. It receives an overall monthly visit of 30,000,000 and has 200,000 professionals serving together. The platform truly is one major spot where your career receives strong wings of knowledge and exposure. 

14. AptusLearn 

AptusLearn has successfully trained 3,600 corporates, 2,400 academia and 2,800 professionals. It offers various programs like post-graduation diplomas, certification courses, industrial training and many more. It offers benefits like 0% interest EMIs, comprehensive curriculum, practical learning and many more. 

Few programs that you can find at AptusLearn, an EDtech company in India are:- 

  • Data Science
  • Data Engineering
  • Cloud Computing
  •  Advanced AI/ML 

15. Masai School 

Masai School is the best place for learner’s to learn and explore subjects of their interest. It has now also resumed offline classes which prove to be an added advantage of enrolling here. You can find their main centres in Bangalore, Patna, Pune and Indore. 

The teaching and mentoring methodologies introduced here solely follow the below-mentioned aspects in order to help learners bring the best out of them. 

  • Discipline & Attendance
  • Performance in Assignments
  • Scores in Assessments 
  • Team Work 

For more detailed information you can head onto the website of Masai School and get your associated queries best resolved. 

16. Hello English

Hello English, an EDtech company in India was brought into formation with a vision to make learning English easy and accessible to all. And today, Hello English proudly stands to be Asia’s largest online learning platform that is loved and celebrated by over more than 50 million learners. 

A few of the main activities that are a part of the program here are:- 

  • 475 lessons
  • Dictionary
  • Flexibility in learning 
  • Word games
  • Practice using news and conversational English. 

17. Careers360 

Careers360 is a data-enabled and technology-driven educational products and services company brought into initiation with a motive to transform the learning experience of learners for good. It has access to more than 25000 colleges with around 250+ courses. 

Furthermore, it adds 30+ data as recommendation tools, 20+ algorithms as prediction products, 10+ AI coaching products and around 1+ million questions and answers responses. The entire team of careers360 compiles 240+ members. All these members perform daily tasks effectively in order to build stronger and better platforms for the learners enrolling here. 

18. Ekeeda 

Ekeeda with time has evolved to be one of the best EDtech companies in India. It offers some truly influential programs and opportunities to look for. A few of them includes Academic Courses, Professional and Skill-Based Courses, 

Competitive Exams, Internship and Job Assistance and Mentorship. 

By now more than 12,00,000 students have had the access to India’s top EDtech company, Ekeeda. It has also managed to receive a registration of 1,49,000+ users. As a learner, you get to explore 500+ courses under the guidance and supervision of over 250+ faculties. 

For more detailed information you can head onto the website of Ekeeda. 

19. Leverage Edu

Leverage Edu was brought into existence for a vital cause that educated and enlightened the potential learners by providing them with a platform to learn and explore. It has successfully managed to accumulate more than 10,000 students with 500+ recruitment partners and 200+ universities partners. The platform has not only managed to make an appreciative name in India but has also expanded to a lot of western countries. Top-notch experts, personalised services, unbeatable success rate and others are a few aspects that allow Leverage Edu to stand as a strong EDtech company in India. 

20. Mindlogicx 

Mindlogicx is a major EDtech company in India that deals with assessment solutions through features like mock tests, recruitments, examinations and subjective assessments. Few features that make Mindlogicx a reliable platform are:- 

  • On-Demand virtual learning platform
  • Integrated Assessment Management platform
  • Comprehensive Skill Development platform

To understand the services offered here you can also request for a demo lecture that responsibly briefs you with every essential aspect in depth. 

21. Practically

Practically is an intelligent, interactive and immersive learning platform that is curated with a vision to serve potential learners with the best of the knowledge. The programs offered here are curated with extreme detailing and compile all the necessary and updated elements of the subject that helps learners stay aware and relevant with the latest information. 

22. HumbleSchool 

HumbleSchool founded in 2017 helps children of age 7 to 12 to build curiosity, critical thinking, detailed understanding of concepts and a lot more through their unique and innovative ideologies. 

23. Toppr

Toppr is a learner’s platform. It helps them to construct effective careers through regular learning under the guidance and supervision of the best industry experts. Currently, it is present in 25 cities across India and is enormously growing every single day. It has also been acclaimed with numerous awards by various prestigious firms. Thus, it stands to be one of the most reliable and celebrated EDtech companies of the time. 

24. WizIQ

WizIQ is another EDtech company in India that is making learning easy and affordable to any and everyone. It was started in the year 2007 by Harman Singh with an aim to make learning and exploring fun through visualization, through activities and various other aspects and no doubt it is excelling in every promised bit. 

A few features that you will be getting to witness here are:- 

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Tests and Assignments
  • E-learning analytics
  • Online Course Creation
  • Mobile Learning
  • LMS eCommerce

25. Board Infinity

Last but not least to help learners accelerate their career is Board Infinity. The platform is organised and managed by various industry professionals where one receives guidance and supervision on what career to choose, how to function along with it and most importantly 1 to 1 coaching. 

You also have various free courses to learn and explore your subject of interest too. Data Learning, Digital Marketing, Full Stack Development are a few major programs that you can avail of here. 

The team functions with a group of 1000+ top industry coaches and have successfully by now accumulated 10,000+ happy and satisfied learners. It has 140+ potential learners with a spread reaching to around 400+ universities. 

26. Adda247 

Adda247 is ranked as the number one platform that helps learners in preparing for tests. It has around 40 Million+ online students along with 450+ coaching centres in India. 

27. Cuemath Centre 

Cuemath Centre is a learner’s safe space to explore Math and Coding. It has by now served more than 200,000 students in 20+ countries. It is currently headquartered at Bangalore, India. 

28. Dost Educational Foundation

Dost Educational Foundation is an exceptionally well-curated EDtech platform of the time. It is dedicatedly working towards curating a better and fruitful life for the needy. The organisation selflessly works to make every child school-ready by making every possible bit of resources available for them. 

29. DLP Education

DLP Education is another roaring EDtech platform in India that helps learners learn their best using qualitative and reliable study materials. The platform marks its presence in the industry for more than 10 years. It has 20,000+ students, 500+ courses, intensive training and a lot more. 

30. Get Rank 

Last but surely not least to make it to our list of best EDtech platforms in India is Get Rank. It is one reliable spot for learners to learn and prepare their best. You receive unlimited chapter-wise practice tests, 100+ previous year papers, quality and comprehensive study materials and many many more. 

Final Words:- 

India has enormously evolved in almost any and every section. Be it technology, education or living standards it has evolved in all, for the better. There are numerous other EDtech companies that influence in their own way. Today the growing digitalization has backed up everything. Every problem now seems to have a solution. 

The above shared top 25 EDtech Companies in India has hugely influenced the overall education of the country. It has not only allowed learners to have a choice and comfort but has also allowed them to have global access right from the comfort of their couch. These EDtech start-ups truly shaped the overall presence of education and will surely continue to do so, in order to make knowledge easy, affordable and accessible to all. 

We hope this piece of information helped you find answers to your questions effectively. If you still have any doubts or queries please feel free to voice them using the comment section below. We will get back to you at the earliest possible with the best possible knowledge available on the same. 

Thank you. 

Keep Reading! Keep Exploring! 

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