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Top 10 Content Writing Books in India: 2023


A human mind is a typical bird. Everyday we wake up with a zero and by the end of the day our mind collects thousands and thousands of thoughts flying over so many everyday ups and downs. It was once quoted by a very famous author that human life is just like a blank book, the pages of which is filled by the ink of meticulous work. A blank page is white. As white as the bird, Dove.

An image very appropriate, for this seventh blog of mine as a Content Writing Intern, served as an inspiration for continuing with my blog “10 Best Content Writing Books in India.”

When given an opportunity to discuss about a particular topic, one knows no boundaries to collect as many points to put forward. However, when the same topic is introduced as entry level content writing for an admission procedure, one would definitely come to few number of points or will highlight the strongest points in support of the topic to attain the maximum score. In the realistic world, this is where a person realizes the importance of Content Writing and how effective can be your thoughts when asked to put within a time limit.

Content can be anything. The post COVID world scenario is offering us visible content both on ink and paper as well on social media.

The very latest content that I have been snacking on with the daily newspaper are the

a) Humanitarian crisis and Climate Crisis

Humanitarian Crisis – one of the world’s continent is in a high need for humanitarian assistance as they have been recently achieved a long set goal of vacating the United States Dominance and declaring Taliban as their supreme runner. This has indeed shattered the peace of many long established noble families residing in that part of the land. Thus, a humanitarian ‘crisis’ is very well defined in the above statements.

Climate Crisis – The South American continent has gone dry out its second longest river Parana that has been cursed with an absolutely dry weather, a recurrence of a phenomenon that has come to this wetlands after 1940’s. The result is a complete dryness of the river bed with a mere flow of sixty two hundred cubic meters of water per second.

b) Mineral Bounty of both the countries.

Afghanistan – according to the article written by Manoj Kewalramani at [email protected] ,one of the reasons for China to take an immense interest in the newly created Afghanistan is its long done investment in the mineral rich land which had not been giving any returns to China. Thus, the indirect relations of the humanitarian crisis and mineral abundancy of the Afghanistan can well be derived when studied deeply.

South America – the article titled ‘Experts wonder if climate crisis caused Parana river to dry up.’ by Agence France-Presse at [email protected] is another highlight of how the dry river Parana has decreased commercial shipping, electricity generation, fishing, tourism as well as provision of water for irrigation and drinking in the South American continent. The South American mineral rich land of Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay are thus a victim of the recent climate crisis.

The above mentioned points of are an example of the daily Content that we come across. These contents are a derivation of newspaper articles. So, if you are really focusing on improving your content writing methods , then one of the best ways to do so it to go through the articles and daily news as an everyday habit.

Some other ways to improve Content Writing skills are:

  • Reading and Writing Poems.
  • Participating in Essay competitions.
  • Going through journals and content rich magazines.
  • Reading books by famous authors of different genres.
  • Participating in short story competitions.
  • 10 Best Content Writing Books in India

    Book 1 : The Only Content Writing Handbook You Will Ever Need by Kounal Gupta.

    Kounal Gupta is the Founder and CEO of Henry Harvin. This book introduces a practical crash course to write more than thirty content types for those who wish to earn online.

    Advantages of the book –

    This content writing handbook covers more than thirty types of content writing techniques.

    Once a learner gets enough knowledge of the Content Writing methods an extra knowledge of Creative Writing, Technical Writing, Research Writing, SEO Writing, Email writing ,White paper writing and E-book writing.

    The book is available for INR 499/- on Amazon and has a four star reviewer rating.

    Henry Harvin Education provides Certified Digital Content Writer Course.

    Book 2 : 100 Ways To Improve Your Writing by Gary Provost.

    The book says it is a Proven Professional Technique for Writing with Style and Power. The book contains professional tips and instructive examples. In this book, the author has also discussed some common writer’s issues like

  • Selecting a strong Title.
  • Grammar and Punctuations.
  • The book has been precisely structured to keep it on hand for instant reference.

    Book 3: Content Creation by George Pain

    This book by George Pain focuses on product awareness. The main aim of the author is to help a reader learn:

    • Integrating content into the sales process.
    • This prevents unnecessary pushing of the product onto the customer.

    The author quotes:

    Buyers love to buy from real humans with whom they can establish connections.

    To build loyal customers the book includes:

  • Plan for great content.
  • Create quality content.
  • Content Scheduling and Content Automation.
  • Content Writing Tips.
  • Book 4: Myth of the Entrepreneur by Ravi Kailas with Cathy Guo.

    The authors of this book have left a motivational message to the aspirants of a new business venture by introducing the terms:

    • Meritocracy and
    • Meritosophy

    In place of conventional ‘meritocracy’, can entrepreneurs realize and practice ‘meritosophy’?

    is the question that they have directly asked the readers clearly defining ‘meritocracy’ as the power of merit where rewards go to the individual and ‘meritosophy’ as the wisdom of merit where rewards go to the collective good.

    These kind of introductory statements are an example of an effective audience involvement as reading them creates a preparedness in the minds of a reader on how to deal with the rest of the content that the author must have written after a long research during one’s career.

    Many of the home based individuals who have, because of honorary cause or some personal reasons bring a hold to their flourishing career at some point of their life, very confidently bind to books like these, with the motto of ‘once again a fresh start ‘. Therefore, the authors Ravi Kailas and Cathy Guo have given a very appropriate title to their book ‘Myth Of The Entrepreneur’. One would definitely give a second thought before buying this book. And many would prefer to go for a book titled ‘How to become a successful Entrepreneur?’. I found this book as a good example of a Content Writing.

    Book 5: The Presentation Book by Emma Ledden

    The world has shifted to Internet browsing. Where eighty percent of the world is learning through the digital content which includes both students at junior level to professionals who attend large scale meetings, Power Point Presentation skills have become a mandate. It has also been observed that Presentations find an means of absorbing bigger chunks of everyday content which a person needs to learn thoroughly. So, I found this book titled ‘The Presentation’ by Emma Ledden as a reference.

    The Book is quite costly for any fresher who would just want a four to five tips on a good presentation skills. And of course, some other Internet sources maybe a shortcut for them to just browse and quickly finish with the presentation. However, the author has structurally planned the content of the book :

  • Plan and Prepare properly – shares the secrets of a skilled presenter and their usage.
  • Profiling of Audience – understanding the needs of the audience and deliver the content appropriately.
  • Shape your message – the author mentions three cleverly crafted points of transforming data.
  • Designing slides – describes the importance of visuals and assigning them to the correct slide.
  • Just like any latest gadgets we purchase on EMI, the book too offers the buyers and opportunity to pay an EMI. Total number of pages for the book is 176.

    If a reader seriously wishes to spend an amount of forty seven thousand for just one hundred and seventy six pages. Then this book must be another great example of a Content Writing.

    Book 6: 100 Great Indian Poems by Abhay K.

    Nicholas Birns from New York University has said that the author Abhay K has picked good poems to reach his readers. Poems are another best means to improve upon one’s Content Writing . Where a novelist takes time to describe his thoughts in a book, a poet finishes his business with just a few lines of stylistic writing. Thus, writing poem really needs skills.

    Some small poems that have been included in this book are:

    • Stale Chapati by Dilip Chitre.
    • Literate Parrots by Basavanna.
    • Tiny Sweat by Mir Taqi Mir

    among the 100 classic and contemporary poems.

    Competitions and Awards

    Below is the link that helps you participate in poem writing or read poems of your choice to become an efficient poet.

    15 Contests and Awards for Poetry in India

    Book 7: The World’s 100 Greatest Speeches by Terry O’ Brien.

    At very junior level we are introduced to Content Writing with an introduction to essays and speeches which are a part of every school curriculum. To help a student shine out with an extra curricular interest in delivering speeches just at the school level, the school libraries make sure to keep a good collection of famous speeches by great world leaders.

    Good speeches are not only a means of debates and discussions but also a source of rich content writing in concern to the latter developmental initiatives.

    This book has a collection of speeches that is sure to give you an opportunity of scoring the highest number of golden coins in essay writings or speech delivering at competitive levels.

    Book 8: Email Writing for Beginners by Yogesh Vermani

    Examples, Etiquettes and Mistakes of an Email. Emails are an everyday business for many for which a person must have spent so much time with the email software and must have made lots of mistakes in addressing the recipient before coming to the exact perfection.

    Very similar to what the English syllabus had taught us in school, examples of different letter formats some of which used to be letter to the school Principal, letter to the editor, letter to the municipal bodies etc. in the bygone days. Today the same formats are to be learned on digital platforms. The ease of access to Email for everyone has reduced the task of professionally training a beginner on how to write on a higher level.

    In this book the writer has introduced Emails to the beginner. The content includes

  • Learn to Emails and build stronger relationships.
  • Get rid of common grammatical mistakes in formal emails.
  • Know essential email etiquette and make a lasting impression.
  • Book 9: How to write a good Advertisement by Victor O Schwab

    At professional level the preciseness of conveying the message to the audience in a limited time plays a very important role in an advertisement world. If someone has a habit of watching television for the maximum part of the day then one would come to the conclusion that a half an hour show contains advertisements that run for a minimum duration of ten minutes altogether.

    A single advertisement says a lots about a product in few seconds. Similarly, the advertisements that come on papers too are capable enough to describe a product in two lines. Writing an advertisement is another Content Writing example that offers to build powerful analytical skills in the writer of an advertisement.

    Book 10: Everybody Writes by Ann Handley

    Ann Handley says ‘Everybody Writes’.

    I would personally say that the title has already created a benchmark for the leaders in Content Writing on the front cover itself.

    BLOG BY: Ritika Shekhar, 10 Best Content Writing Books in India, Intern at Henry Harvin Content Writing.

    the authornewfind


    • The content writing book I read was very informative. It taught me the different aspects of content writing, and I was able to apply it to my own writing. I found the exercises and topics in the book to be engaging and insightful. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to improve their content writing skills.

    • The Content Writing Books in India are an excellent source of information for students looking to develop their skills. The books are comprehensive yet easy to understand and provide an abundance of practical advice on how to write content that is both engaging and effective.

    • Content Writing Books in India are an invaluable resource for students looking to learn the fundamentals of content writing. The books provide comprehensive coverage of topics such as SEO, grammar, keyword research, and more, giving students the necessary foundation to become successful content writers.

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