Top 10+ SAP training Institutes Online in 2023


SAP is the combination of three words System, Application, and Products. This software is one of the leading software in managing all the business processes. SAP consists of all the business functional areas like accounting, Controlling, Sales, Managing material, Production planning, human resources, Warehousing, Customer Relationship Management, and many others. 

All these functions get grouped into one so that software looks refined. It is an ERP system that incorporates all business exercises for a more favourable result. This software has made it easy for all the employees to roll information across the organization. It would not affect anyone’s work and would reduce duplicity in data. 

SAP has helped many companies of all scales in running their venture effectively. Also, this has increased the growth and profitability of every firm that has adopted this software. Nowadays, most companies are working with SAP only. They do not prefer any other software as this has helped them in every perspective. SAP is an easy tool that has simplified work in an organization. Hence it has played a crucial part worldwide to get productive outcomes by merging all these functions and creating one software. 

Let us now look into the top 10 SAP online training institutes: 

1. Kodak Consulting

2. Henry Harvin ERP Academy


Harvin Henry ranked as one of the best and career-oriented training institutes. Their institution is in Noida but, it is studied globally through online mode. They provide 9 in 1 course including:

– 44 hours of live interaction in class, 

– Various projects, 

– Step into an internship to explore the corporate world in real and have practical experience, 

– Certificate from an institute, recognized by the Government of India,

– Guaranteed placement, 

– Access to LMS that contains videos, assignments, contents, etc. 

-12-month Bootcamp program, 

– Access to Hackathons and 

– Gold membership for a year.  

The faculty who teach SAP is very talented and highly expert. They have 10+ years of experience. They have devoted their time and hit 500+ in delivering the lectures. Henry Harvin Education institute was the winner of:-

-The top corporate training award, 

-Game-Based Learning Company of the Year, 

-40 under 40 Business World Award. 

Course undergoes 13 Modules which provide every information which is needed and is to be studied. Tutor of Henry Harvin goes with three teaching methodologies: 

  • Live Project- This helps learners to have practical knowledge and can relate to the corporate world. It helps in understanding better and increases interest in learning more. 
  • Unique Pedagogy- This is a mixture and use of multiple techniques. It is basically to determine centered activity situated outcome from the training.
  • End-to-End Engagement- This is to engage students in presentations, group discussions, brainstorming sessions, and numerous other activities.

The fee charged by Henry Harvin Education institute is Rs. 29,500/- which includes one-on-one training, Bootcamp sessions, gold membership, Flexible schedule, Access to E-learning, recording of all classes for a lifetime.



3- CETPA InfoTech- 


CETPA infotech is Noida based SAP training institution. They provide six weeks of training to the learners who want to grow their career and candidates who are already in the corporate world but add a skill to their profile can also go for this course. CETPA is an institute that not only provides training and certificates. But, CETPA takes a guarantee for the placements. 

Once your course duration gets finished, CETPA offers its students an opportunity to appear in placement drives with Indian-based and foreign-based companies. It is because CETPA has tie-ups with MNCs. This institute is globally recognized. We always allow our students to get back to us for a year if they have any queries and questions. 

Benefits of choosing CETPA: –

– Training partners are from Microsoft, Panasonic, etc.

– Real-time experience.

– Provide study material.

– Globally recognized

– Flexibility according to your convenience.

– Clearing queries at the end.

– A year membership for doubts after the course finishes off.


4- Croma Campus-  

Croma Campus is an online training institution of SAP-based in Noida. The duration of this course is 30 hours of training. They provide real industry examples for a better understanding of practical knowledge. Croma Campus institute awarded for leading training and placement. The institute assures placements opportunities. 

Faculties are highly skilled and have more than ten years of experience. They prepare learners to get ready for interviews and conduct the mock test to gain confidence. They train learners with 14 modules. Institute conducts classes for 2 hours per day on weekdays for Indian candidates. If you are from overseas, then the time for going overseas differs. Institute conducts a session on weekends for 3 hours per day and, they also have fast track classes which end up in 7 days. 

Benefits of choosing Croma Campus: –

– Provide video recording of every class

– Training approved by hiring partners.

– Professional trainers

– E-learning access

– Worldwide certificate recognition

– Flexible payments schedule.

– Placements in multinational companies


5- Inventateq- 


Inventateq is also one of the top 10 online SAP training institutes and, it’s headquarter is in Bengaluru. The course duration is three months and, teachers assure the learners that they would be experts in these three months. Candidates are given access to more than 10 SAP modules. Inventateq not only provides training and certificates but, gives placement-centered training. You will have 24*7 support from the institute. 

The syllabus is as per current industry standards. They also let learners have practice in the mock test. Tutors train learners to sit in interviews and pass. They focus on one-on-one doubt sessions so that one might have any issue. Also, you will have lifetime access to recordings and modules. You will be learning from experienced and highly trained experts with 10+ experience. 

All the SAP tools used in real life are made clear in training itself. You will even have assistance even after the course gets completed. The complete course fee is RS. 18,000/-. 

The methodology followed by Inventateq includes: –

  1. Get enrolled
  2. Get access to modules and online lectures
  3. Real project world
  4. Prepare resume
  5. Interview training
  6. Certification
  7. Job


6- BismilSoft-  

BismilSoft is also one of the best training institutes in Delhi, NCR. This institute provides training to all who are looking forward to having growth in their career. BismilSoft takes care to start training with basics and ends up with an advanced level to have a winning profile. Trainers are experts and have more than eight years of experience. 

The course is for 40 hours and, they make sure to complete modules in a limited time only. They focus on job-oriented training. Also, BismilSoft gives free demo classes. Till now, they have completed more than 350 batches. 

Benefits of choosing BismilSoft:-

– Provide training in a very interactive manner.

– Trainers are thorough with technical tools, are highly skilled, and have expertise.

– 24×7 free access to contents.

– Gain knowledge from faculties with more than eight years of experience.

– Institute has trained more than 1200 learners and has got placements in a multinational company. 

7- ShapeMySkills-  

ShapeMySkills is an online training institute based in Noida. The institute is well known for more than 20 years. Once you get enrolled in the ShapeMySkills training institute, you will have free access to the SAP server. Also, the institute provides free demo classes to learners. Tutors ensure to help you to gain practical working experience. This institute is globally accepted and is an authorized partner of SAP. Training provided by ShapeMySkills is based on three aspects:

– Training

– Development

– Placement

Benefits of SAP training from ShapeMySkills:- 

– Training from experts

– Pocket effective Fees

– Online classes at your convenience

– Knowledge from primary to advanced level

– Focus more on practical than theoretical study

– Provide notes, bullet points, videos, and other learning content.

– Have a dedicated placement team

– Guarantee job

– Prepare learners for interviews

– Real projects 

8- Alantia Institute of Information Technology- 


AIIT is the SAP training institute providing online classes. This institute has achieved success in a short span. The institute aims to train individuals into professionals across the country. They hand over a rich learning experience to their learners. They provide the best and customized Online SAP classes of one hour to eight-hour span on the days that generally fit the learners. 

Sessions are handled and delivered by well-experienced and highly trained professionals of SAP. Our SAP trainers have good hands-on experience in online training for all SAP modules. Classes are conducted on the best platforms so, it becomes easy for the faculty to share the screen for a better understanding of the content. Also, one can record audio or video for their reference if they think they need it in the future. Trainers always make online sessions very interactive and informative. 

Once you get to enrol in the institute, they provide a 100% guarantee in placements. 

Benefits of learning SAP online from AIIT:-

– Best trainers with hands-on experience

– The best tool used while delivering lectures

– Audio and video after every session

– Access to SAP server

– Flexible in attending classes

– Free Demo class available

– 100% job assurance 

– Assistance if any post completion of course

– Get certified that is accepted globally


9- I grow Soft-  

I grow Soft is also known as one of the best SAP online training institutes in Hyderabad. They ensure to intensify knowledge of learners in the SAP program. They provide training for multinational companies also. The institute takes well care of the timings. So, it should not impact global students who are learning from abroad.

I grow Soft have the facility of DEMO classes to ensure students about the learning practices adopted. They are old in the industry i.e., 20 years of delivering SAP training. I grow soft, have experienced faculties, and will give excellent coaching to their students in SAP.  

Benefits of learning SAP online from I grow Soft institute:-

– Trainers are top achievers in training the learners in the industry

– Globally accepted certification

– Learners are from all around the globe

– Live training sessions are conducted

– Demo classes are provided  

– Recording of all sessions are provided if in case of student miss out anything can recall from there

– Flexible timings of attending classes

– 100% placement guarantee

– Access to SAP server

– Prepare candidates for building a resume

– Prepare students for interview

– Provides tips to answer the question and get selected in the interview 

10- Atos-  

Atos is also considered one of the best SAP training institutes in hybrid mode. This institute was well established in 1999. They provide all the necessary content needed to increase efficiency in working with SAP software. This institute is famous for providing quality education for more than 20 years. 

They have more than 14000 global recruitment partners. More than 1200 students got placements in the previous year. Atos is famous for placing students with good packages. Atos not only goes with SAP training but also helps in grooming and providing personal development training. They provide three varieties of training. 

  • SAP training for individuals- This training is for graduates and postgraduates. The candidate has not entered the corporate world yet.
  • SAP training for companies- This training is for organizations opting for SAP software and wants to get their employees hands-on experience in this software.
  • SAP training for colleges- This training is for college students who are currently undergoing their studies.  

Benefits of learning SAP online from Atos:-

– Training with highly skilled professionals

– Budget-friendly fees

– Pulled up with basics to advance

– focus more on practical knowledge

– 100% job assurance

– Effective placement drive

– Quality education

– More than 20 years old institute in India having global students

– High placement ratio

– Won awards for performance

– Tie-ups with global recruiting partners

11- Tech Vidya Education-  

Tech Vidya provides online SAP training and is ranked 4.9 out of 5 by the students. They give job guarantees after successful completion of the course. They carry out all necessary things required to understand learners with the help of live projects, presentations, etc. They start the classes from very basic and later step up with the advanced level. It is the stepwise process followed by professionals so that students might not find it difficult to understand and later implement it in real life. 

Trainers have more than 12+ years of experience. Online training provided by Tech Vidya will add colours to your professional life. Till now, tech vidya has trained 2400+ students and, all got placed in good companies. 370+ batches have ended and, they have tie-ups with 250+ hiring partners. Once you enroll yourself, you will get sap server access for three months. 

There are 18 SAP certification training modules that tutors go through in classes. 

  • Get trained with Tech vidya institute. They offer the best SAP training by professionals.
  • Get certified with Tech vidya institutes. They have a wide range of SAP functional areas which would take your career at cloud nine.
  • Once you get certification from the best institution, the door of best opportunities is opened for you.

The benefits of choosing Tech vidya for SAP learning is: –

– Syllabus is according to current industry standards.

– Tutors are professionals with 12+ years of experience.

– 7 days of classes.

– Can access labs for unlimited time.

– Free SAP server till course ends.

– Study material and training videos.

– Certificate that is globally recognized.

– One-on-one doubts.

– Post completion, of course, support if, any.

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To conclude, SAP is a sort of ERP framework. When any firm or organization carries out SAP, they will experience some difficulties in the beginning stage to carry out the SAP working efficiently. But, some issues will be tackled which has the solution to it. Simultaneously, it certainly gets the point that SAP has a large number of advantages rather than disadvantages. 

Using the SAP framework can assist management with completely utilizing a variety of functions in it. There are different SAP courses like:-

– Finance


– Human Resource

– Supply Chain Management

– Sales and Distribution

– Business intelligence, etc. 

SAP is now carried out by every company globally. Every company now asks for SAP certification then only you are shortlisted for the next round of interviews. SAP has given employment opportunities. SAP boosts the career and growth of candidates. SAP certification with the finest institutes could help in getting the best placements. It is a long-term investment in your growth aspect and repays as a hike in salary. SAP certificates can help in the promotion of employees in their existing companies.  

In short, SAP is now the heart of the firm. Any business operation cannot be carried out without working with SAP. It is always advisable to gain a certificate from a reputed institution. There are various courses in SAP but, one should opt-in which they have an interest in.




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