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SAP is an acronym for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing. It began as a collection of methods and applications. As technology rapidly accumulates and develops, nearly all people of the modern world have widely used the SAP outlet. As a result, SAP Developers, Implementation Consultants, and Solution Developers have a wide range of work options. In addition, top-rated MNCs such as IBM and Wipro has always had a significant demand for SAP competence personnel. Changing modules, on the other hand, will raise compensation. As you gain expertise, your annual salary will rise to 7-10 lakhs, up from 3-4 lakhs as a rookie. It varies depending on factors such as your knowledge and the projects you worked on, as well as your salary. Your salary will be influenced by the modules you choose.

Furthermore, you should look at India’s best SAP HANA training colleges if you want to learn SAP HANA modules from a reputable organisation. Aside from that, SAP HANA technical and functional domains are in high demand. The average salary for SAP HANA is $240,000, according to Glassdoor. The average annual income for SAP SLM and SAP MDM modules is 125,000 dollars. As a result of the increased use of SAP, there is a shortage of SAP professionals. As a result, SAP HANA training centres in India provide hands-on instruction. If you live in India and want to learn SAP HANA, you should look at these institutes: 


1. Kodak Consulting

Rating: 4.9/5

Kodak Consulting was initiated with a mission to become the leading customer’s preferred knowledge partner by providing superior business solutions through innovations, the application of technology, and best-in-class individuals to boost (Customer Returns) returns on Customer Investments.

Kodak Consulting is a company that helps businesses with technology. It has offices in both Hyderabad and San Francisco. They concentrate on providing enterprise application services for SAP Business Suite S/4HANA, SAP Cloud Platform, SuccessFactors, C/4HANA with Hybris C4C, Cloud Analytics, and SAP Multi-Channel Foundation for Utility Industries.

Support, conversion, and cloud services for SAP S/4HANA are all things that Kodak Consulting does. The Kodak Consulting team works with clients to improve relationships by putting the customer first.

  • The company has a wide range of solutions for specific industries.
  • Automotive and Auto Components Manufacturing
  • Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
  • Pharma and Chemical Industries
  • Agro Food Products Processing Industries
  • Utility Industry

Key Highlights of the SAP Courses

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Their subject matter experts carefully put together the SAP Program’s curriculum to ensure you are “industry ready” to face the challenges of the job market and get a significant pay raise.
  • Access to the E-Learning Portal: You can use the E-LMS on your phone anywhere. Use the login information to use the app on your phone and get access to the Certified SAP MM Power User Program right away.
  • Certification: Get an SAP Certification from Kodak Consulting, which has won awards and is recognised by the Indian government.
  • Placements and Alumni Status: You are guaranteed a job when you finish the SAP training program. Students can find jobs through alum networks in every part of the world.
  • Training: This academy gives students a variety of Case studies, practical projects, and internships to help them learn more about this field. Candidates learn about industrial projects as part of the SAP Certified Training Course. The internship program allows candidates to get ready for their careers by giving them experience in the real world.
  • Mentors: Kodak Consulting’s trainers have, on average, 12 years of experience with SAP. Many training partners and organisations have noticed how knowledgeable they are in the field.
  • Course Duration:  44 hours and a real-time teacher will teach it. After completing online instruction, learners take part in the Bootcamp. Candidates can also take as many classes as they want from different teachers over the year.

Phone No: 91 9205444827

Training Type: Online

Course Fees: 29500

Address: B-55, Sector-2, Noida (UP)-201301

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Henry Harvin Education is a Noida, India-based organisation. Kunal Gupta, the CEO of Henry Harvin Education, launched the business in 2013. As part of the pandemic, Henry Harvin found “Ask Henry,” a new project where people could ask him questions on upskilling, career development, work scenarios, and holistic development.

Henry Harvin Education, a pioneer in India, provides professional and technical certifications. Faculty at the institute have known that academic courses do not fulfil industry demands for a long time.

As a result, Henry Harvin provides courses to assist students and professionals in improving their portfolios.

These courses can be used by professionals with both new and seasoned backgrounds to explore unexplored areas that demand specific skills and subject knowledge. 

What Sets Henry Harvin Apart as a Mumbai SAP Training Institute?

Furthermore, Henry Harvin is one of India’s top SAP FICO training colleges for various reasons. As a result, Henry Harvin’s SAP training courses have many components specified on their websites, such as training protocols, skilled instructors, mentorship tactics, lifetime support, affiliate certification, and live webinars.


Throughout the 44-hour course, an educator will monitor the students in real-time. After completing the online training, participants participate in the Bootcamp for 24 hours. Furthermore, nominees have unlimited access to classes delivered by various experts throughout the year.


The SAP training approaches are listed below:

  • It is entirely up to you how quickly you complete the course.
  • Actual classrooms are used in online training.
  • Case studies are based on real-world experiences.


Henry Harvin’s trainers have an average of 12 years of experience. Over the years, its instructors have been acknowledged by a number of training partners and organisations. These organisations now employ Henry Harvin Finance Academy professors.


As part of the SAP HANA Certified Training, aspirants learn about business projects. The internship programme prepares students for employment by providing a logical experience.


Henry Harvin’s SAP HANA course comes with a 100% placement guarantee and is part of the SAP training programme.

In addition, alumni networks all across the world assist students in finding work.


This site offers SAP HANA training to anyone interested in the finance industry. Students who are most likely to succeed in this course, despite the lack of explicit prerequisites, include:

  • CEOs and CFOs in the financial services business
  • Those seeking employment with SAP FICO
  • Those who work in the finance department
  • Getting a degree in finance is a good idea for generalists.
  • Even if you have no prior experience, you can become a finance professional.
  • Bachelor’s degree holders, bachelor’s degree holders in science, bachelor’s degree holders in commerce, and master’s degree holders.

Six core domain courses are available in English through the SAP Industry Professional Certificate Program.


Learners should study SAP FI (Financial Accounting) and SAP CO (Controlling) courses to understand financial analysis and control. The S/4 HANA server will also be used to teach SAP FICO applications. There are 13 modules and two equivalent modules in this course. The price is Rs. 29,500.


Participants will learn how to use SAP software on the ECC server for analysis and control in this course. There are 13 modules in all, plus two optional modules. The fee of enrollment is 22,500 rupees.


Henry Harvin is a well-known institute in India that offers SAP MM certification. The course consists of 15 modules, two of which are complimentary. The cost of the course is 29,500 rupees.


Personnel Administration (PI), Organizational Management (OM), Time Payroll Management, Time Management, Recruitment, Training, Events, and Travel Management are all included in this module. These two modules work well together. The enrollment cost is Rs 22500.


SAP HANA is a clustered database and a relational database that SAP SE implements in memory. There are twelve modules available. The whole cost was Rs. 22,500.


There are nine modules in total, two of which are free. The cost of the course is 29,500 rupees.

The diploma programme provides ten domains in addition to the core subjects, including:

  • SAP MM ECC course
  • SAP BO training course
  • SAP simple finance course
  • SAP BASIS course
  • SAP PP training course
  • SAP CRM training course
  • SAP SD training course
  • SAP BW course
  • SAP security training course
  • SAP success factors courses

Courses Highlights:

  • Professorial expertise
  • Internships and live projects
  • 100% aid with job placement
  • 4.7 stars out of 5
  • Training that is completely hands-on
  • SAP specialists with knowledge can make six-figure salaries in India, which is governed by the Indian government.


  • SAP HANA Courses encompasses SAP MM, SAP SD, and other linked modules.
  • As a result, the SAP HANA syllabus contains business processes, financials, etc.
  • This course is open to students with an accounting background or professional expertise in the field.
  • SAP FICO Online and live classes, as well as classroom training, are available in Mumbai.
  • Study materials and live projects are also available.
  • Because 80 per cent of the education is practical, these SAP FICO courses are among the best.
  • Learners will be able to receive placement assistance after completing the course.


It provides SAP HANA courses designed to meet the needs of a wide range of learners in the modern era while also keeping up with the business world’s global technology needs. As a result, relying on and believing one of the most recognised and reputable organisations of the period is a piece of cake.


  • There is a 52-week programme available.
  • You will receive an internationally recognised certification due to completing the course, which will allow you to expand your work options globally.
  • Learners can also participate in internships and placements through the organisation.
  • Case studies, equipment, and logical business courses are essential components that many students find fascinating and valuable.
  • AIMS guarantees that you will receive the highest quality SAP HANA training in India.


This is an institute of the high regard that offers one of the best courses in SAP HANA . 


  • Tailor-made courses to fit individuals 
  • Demo classes to understand the teaching style 
  • Hands-on training through live projects
  • Choice-based course system that depends on the learner 
  • Awareness of ERP through training 
  • For more information, visit their website. 


ATOS’ SAP HANA training centre is making a reputation by offering a diverse range of SAP HANA courses with high integrity.

As a result, students frequently cite the outlet as a worthwhile investment. HANA learners have several options for learning from the SAP training centre, one of the most critical SAPs in the HANA learning platform.

Attending the course at the Atos Sap HANA training centre also provides you with some perks and significant benefits. Many major companies in India and beyond have recognised it as a Best SAP Education Partner.

The following are some of the features:

  • In India, the SAP HANA training institute is regarded as one of the best.
  • Instructor-led, online, and basic labs are among the training modalities available.
  • SAP is a member of the foundation’s board of directors.
  • SAP HANA training is provided by highly qualified experts from Europe, Germany, Asia, and other SAP-rich countries.
  • Ascertains that the nominee is aware of SAP Company policies and their significance, preparing them for an interview.
  • Visit their website for more information and enrollment-related difficulties.

6) ACT

In the IT-Software Sector, ACTE has a good position and a strong position. It is critical to plan, control, coordinate, and encourage an institution. All themes, lectures, problems, and verdicts are adhered to by the coordinators.

Furthermore, the lectures will inspire students, job seekers, and international employees. Learners will receive good feedback. Internet, air conditioning, and UPS systems are available around the clock.


  • This company offers SAP HANA training for both beginners and advanced users.
  • The programme lasts 40 hours and includes additional hands-on experience.
  • It has trained and placed over 12402 students with at least seven years of experience in their fields. The majority of its employees work for multinational firms.
  • Learners get access to the LMS for the rest of their lives.
  • Newcomers and working professionals receive complete placement support.
  • You will learn about business best practices in addition to SAP HANA and advanced concepts.
  • The training and laboratory facilities are provided by qualified trainers.
  • To prepare for the interviews, learners need to complete 70% of the SAP HANA course material and have their face-to-face interviews prepared.


It is one of the top 10 SAP HANA training institutes in India. Despite its rapid growth, the institute recognises SAP’s impact. Instructor-led training, real-world classroom training, and online training are all options for SAP HANA training.


  • Classroom, online, and corporate training are available to learners, specialists, and corporate nominees.
  • They also provide SAP ABAP, HR, MM, and FICO training.
  • Assignments help nominees improve their conceptual and logical knowledge.
  • For the past ten years, it has satisfied candidates who desire to learn SAP.
  • Learners are placed in the most reputable corporations 100% of the time at the institute.


SAP HANA courses with multinational domains are available at the AICTE-approved Tirupati Institute of Management in Pune. According to the information provided, students who complete SAP programmes at Tirupati Institute of Management will be accepted by over 296000 companies in 190 countries.

Furthermore, programmes are taught with the utmost attention so that students can enter prominent organisations of their choice.

With the extensive curriculum, advanced faculties, skill development, theory in practice, and placement aid, students are drawn to enrol and study here.


Seed offers a selection of SAP courses in Mumbai that are constantly updated and enhanced, despite its distance from SAP partner training.

There are many courses to choose from.


  • In this environment, three learning methods are available: instructor-led training, online training, and basic classroom instruction.
  • Because SAP is one of the most in-demand classes in recent years, SEED provides all of the available methods to assist students in achieving their goals.
  • Having a competent SAP trainer onsite to support and advise you will help you learn SAP HANA in the most obvious way possible.
  • More information on registration and other difficulties can be found on their website.


A placement service was also used to find students. Top corporations and international organisations are donating in response to the demand for “skilled labour” in the trade.

As a result, after remodelling thousands of employment and moving judgements of analysis, finance, and tax pedagogy, India’s perspective training institute has become ICA.

In addition, nearly 200 training centres are located in India’s premier training institutes. The work they produce is admired by a variety of industries and businesses.

The following are some of the features:

  • A bachelor’s degree in business administration, management, or a related subject is preferred but not required.
  • ICA Educative abilities SAP HANA Courses will teach you how to do accounting using the most effective methods.
  • As a result, they are adopting a market-driven strategy.
  • There are several professional qualifications available.
  • Learning by doing is a great way to get to know someone.

SAP HANA experts earn a lot of money for the following reasons:

SAP certifications are attractive to many job seekers since they pay well. As the most extensively used ERP network, SAP consultants have a wide choice of options.

As a result of the widespread use of SAP in large corporations, SAP specialists have a promising future. For a variety of reasons, SAP consultants make more than other IT experts:

1. There is a great demand for SAP experts.

Although there are many SAP HANA specialists, there aren’t enough professional, qualified, and trained SAP experts to match this demand, increasing SAP expert demand. As a result, companies expect to pay top dollar for qualified SAP consultants.

2. The demand-to-supply ratio is a measure of how much demand there is compared to how much supply there is.

According to allowance and demand dynamics, demand is low while supply is high, and vice versa. When it comes to SAP HANA, businesses are short on SAP professionals.

3. Increasing the return on investment of businesses-

Companies pay SAP professionals higher compensation to increase their return on investment (ROI) over time and successfully manage their expenditures.

4. The job at hand entails-

Because the SAP specialist is the most crucial part of any alliance, they should take on challenging duties to hone their skills and encourage their development. In SAP consulting, a single omission might result in billions of dollars in missed dividends. As a result, SAP experts are well compensated.

5. Implementation of SAP in large corporations-

In contrast to small businesses, most SAP implementations are carried out in large corporations or enterprises with large budgets. Large corporations can afford to pay their employees more money than small businesses.

6. A person’s educational history-

Education and capability, according to recent studies, play a significant effect on employee salary growth. As a result, if you know SAP HANA, your CV will stand out more.

It’s critical to choose the proper organization at the right moment if you want to get the most bang for your buck. In my opinion, Henry Harvin is the best and most cost-effective alternative among India’s top 10 SAP HANA training institutes.

As a result, SAP HANA experts can learn SAP S/4HANA finance, business planning, business intelligence, and financial support. This provides SAP HANA specialists with a plethora of opportunities for advancement.

As a result, people are looking for appropriate courses to enrol in. It’s lovely to acquire a list of the best SAP HANA courses you can trust and rely on.

Furthermore, I hope that with the help of this piece of information, you have been able to find resolutions to your problems.


Quickxpert Infotech is one of Mumbai’s leading SAP HANA training companies. Training and placement, as well as consultancy and software development, are all available through the organization. Hundreds of software courses were taught in 2014, educating thousands of students.


Q1. What is SAP HANA, and how does it work?

Ans. SAP HANA is a high-performance in-memory database and requisition forum that is 10-1000x faster on the same hardware than a traditional database like Oracle.

Q2. What sets SAP HANA apart from the competition?

Ans. SAP HANA is unique in terms of how it is built. All data is stored in memory, in column setup, and integrated into SAP HANA. It is faster than a traditional database. It is the first technology to process appeals using both OLTP and OLAP.

Q3. How can I retrieve the results of an SAP Hana execution?

Ans. Like any other database, Sap Hana could suffer from a low execution rate at some point. As a result, having a monitoring system in place to catch any performance concerns is critical. The reasons for poor performance are well-known, and public opinion is useful.

Q4. What are the requirements for enrolling in SAP training in Mumbai?

Ans. SAP training institutes accept any graduate with a solid understanding of technology.

Q5. Will study materials be provided by SAP training SAP institutes in Mumbai?

Ans. Most SAP institutes have access to online study tools and reference books, and many institutes also provide lifetime access with enrolment.

Q6. What if I wish to take a Pearson VUE certification exam?

Ans. The SAP certification test and the Pearson VUE certification exam are identical. If you take an exam at SAP / Education Partner’s site, they will create your S User ID. If you want to book at Pearson VUE, you need to contact your company’s base team or SAP Education team for assistance. If your firm created the S ID, they might deactivate it when you relocate the organization. Recently, I took a written exam at Pearson VUE; the exam is under CCTV surveillance, and you are only allowed to bring your dress with you. They would also snap a picture of you as part of the identification process. At SAP / Education Partner, however, this is not the case.

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  • SAP Mumbai is a great institute for learning SAP. Their experienced faculty and knowledgeable staff help students to understand the concepts in depth. I am very happy with the way my course is going and I am confident that I will be able to gain a lot of knowledge from the institute.

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