Top 5 GST Books in 2024


GST (Goods and Services Tax) is an indirect tax levied on the supply of goods and services in several countries. With this, indirect taxes, such as service tax, excise tax, and value-added tax (VAT), are replaced by a single, unified tax. There are mainly four types of GST namely – Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST), State Goods and Services Tax (SGST), Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST), and Union Territory Goods and Services Tax (UTGST). They differ from one to another in terms of taxation rates. If you want to know more about GST and learn more about GST, you can refer to the below-mentioned top 5 GST books for Mango Man.

GST is implemented in many countries – Australia, Canada, India, and many others. However, exemptions on specific rates and rules may vary from one country to another while the fundamental concept of GST is the same in every country.

GST was introduced in India in the year of 2017. This is to replace a complex system of indirect taxes. There are different tax rates for different goods and services, and this has significantly altered the country’s taxation.

GST books for Mango Man

These books explain the fundamentals of GST principles, structure, and objectives.

Additionally, these GST books for Mango Man include a set of legal and compliance requirements. Hence, it guides individuals(as taxpayers) to understand their responsibilities and the legal aspects of GST.

These GST books for Mango Man help readers understand the complex tax idioms by breaking them into simple language. 

GST books for Mango Man help an individual avoid any mistakes and confusion by following the Practical tips and guidelines mentioned in each book. This way, anyone can stay compliant with the law by avoiding common errors.

Basic explanations about the Input Tax Credit(one of the crucial aspects of GST), help individuals to apply tax rates to different goods and services. 

1. GST IN A NUTSHELL by Henry Harvin

This is one of the GST books for Mango Man which assists the reader with the comprehensive fundamentals of GST, its basic concepts, and the long-term effect on the firm. Students learning business professions, tax practitioners, finance, and accounts can find this book to be valuable with the thorough details of the GST.

The laws and regulations relative to the GST and its applicability with different aspects are introduced in this book. An overview of the rules, regulations, and tax laws are described that can be placed in India and other nations to build better their economies respectively. Every facet of the fundamentals of GST affecting the economy is briefly mentioned.

Book available in – 

2. Centax’s GST Law Manual 2023-24 by R.K. Jain (2 Volumes) — 18th Edition 2023-2024

This is one of the top selected GST books for Mango Man, which provides the complete, updated, amended, and annotated details of all provisions of the GST law, including Rules and Forms with Ready Reckoner along with the SGST, Notifications, Circulars, and Advanced Rulings. The book comprehensively girdles around all the aspects of CGST (Amdt.) Act 2023, Finance Act 2023, and IGST (Amdt.) Act 2023, making it a definite reference for GST practitioners.

The book is divided into eleven parts — 

  • Part 1 – GST Ready Reckoner
  • Part 2 – GST Acts
  • Part 3 – GST Rules
  • Part 4 – Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Part 5 – Forms & Proformas
  • Part 6 – State GST and Compensation Cess
  • Part 7 – Circulars, Press Releases and Public Notices
  • Part 8 – Advance Ruling on GST
  • Part 9 – Notifications
  • Part 10 – Appeals & Revisions
  • Part 11 – Index to Notifications

3. GST on Services by S.S, Gupta

Among GST books for Mango Man, this book provides thorough details on the GST law services. It highlights the broad spectrum of explicit issues on GST services faced by the supplier to the consumer or the business entity. 

The book is divided into the below three sections –

  • Section 1 – Includes the details about the discussion on Classification, General Provisions of Supply, Valuation, Registration, Refunds, and Payment under Reverse charges.
  • Section 2 – Consolidates arrangements of Input Assess Credit 
  • Section 3 – Incorporates discussion on every aspect of the Specific Services

4. Taxmann’s How to Deal with Department’s Notices on GST Input Tax Credit – Comprehensive guide featuring step-by-step explanations, solutions to the Department’s objections, specimen pleadings, etc

by CA (Dr.) Arpit Haldia

The practical guide with a better understanding of the issues raised while replying to the Notice on Input Tax Credit(ITC) is focused in this book. This is one of the GST books for Mango Man that includes a step-by-step account of the problems related to each subject’s facts.

This book has  two divisions –

  • 1st part – Narrates the Input Tax Credit Legislative Background (in-brief) regarding:

o Relevant Section(s)

o Relevant Rules

o Application Form

  • 2nd part – Compiles various issues that form part of the draft response to the received notices.

5. Taxmann’s GST Law & Practice – Unique/Concise Compendium of Updated, Amended & Annotated text of CGST/IGST Acts along with Gist of Relevant Rules, Notifications, Forms, etc. [CGST/IGST Amdt. Act 2023] by CA (Dr.) Arpit Haldia (Author), CA Mohd. Salim (Author)

This is one of the recent GST books for Mango Man to learn a unique way to present a compendium of ‘updated, amended, and annotated’ text of the IGST and CGST Acts along with the relevant Notifications, Rules, Circulars, Forms, Case Laws, and Clarifications.

The book covers the following aspects – 

  • Integrated Goods & Services Tax Act 2017 (IGST)
  • Central Goods and Services Tax Act 2017 (CGST)
  • Classification of Goods and Services
  • Goods & Services Tax (Compensation to States) Act 201


Above are a few best GST books for Mango Man depending on GST concepts and details. If you are a new reader or an existing one, the selection of the books is entirely dependent on your learning speed and knowledge about the GST. Selection of a book should be made by looking at the recent changes in the GST regulations and amendments. You can check the review of the book and also consult the experts in the GST, to select the best GST books for Mango Man in recent times.


Q.1 What is the price of GST books for Mango Man as a beginner?

Ans. The cost of the GST books for Mango Man varies based on the author’s reputation and the detail of information. Some comprehensive books may have high prices while the basic beginner books are affordable.

Q.2 I am a beginner to the GST, can these books be helpful for me to understand? Or, do I need any prior knowledge of taxation?

Ans. Most of the above-mentioned books are well-written for new readers. As most of them are written for individuals who have no prior knowledge of taxation, you can opt for any of them based on your level of understanding.

Q.3 Do GST books provide case studies and practical knowledge?

Ans. Some of the GST books for Mango Man have practical and case studies examples. They help readers to understand how GST is applied in real-time scenarios.

Q.4 Can I find e-books or digital books to learn GST?

Ans. Yes, there are plenty of e-books available on the internet to help tech-savvy readers. Still, these GST books for Mango man can be useful if you select them based on your level of understanding and knowledge about GST.

Q.5 How can I choose the best GST book for me?

Ans. Depending upon your level of understanding, knowledge, and learning speed, you can choose the GST books.

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