Best Job sites in India for freshers – 9 job search websites in  2023


After completing the education be it 12th, degree or post-graduation or even a certification in any field, the next step for every candidate is to find a good job. Sometimes candidates get campus placement but most of the time candidates need to start searching in the outer world of corporates to get a job. Students even working professionals also need different platforms to find a new jobs. The presence of job search websites has made this task a lot easy for job finders. This article will brief you about the 9 best job sites in India for freshers. 

Best Job Sites in India for Freshers


best job sites in India for freshers is one of the largest and best job sites in india for freshers. It was incepted in 1997 by an Indian Businessman Sanjeev Bikhchandani. It’s a platform where over 60,000 companies post jobs regularly and job seekers can get benefited. This job search website in India for freshers offers various job listings across different industries, including IT, engineering, finance, marketing, and more.

Key Points 

  • Allow employers to post job openings, search through resumes, and connect with job seekers.
  • Offers tools and resources to assist job seekers, including career advice, resume building, and interview preparation tips.
  • Also delivers other services such as executive search, employer branding, and recruitment consulting.
  • Get additional 30% relevant responses by displaying your image on the Naukri recruiter profile.
  • Get email notifications of the jobs.

2. LinkedIn

The next best job search website in India for freshers is LinkedIn.LinkedIn is a social media platform that was launched in 2003 and primarily focused on professional networking. LinkedIn’s main aim is to connect professionals and businesses, allowing them to share information, job opportunities, and industry insights. A professional networking website that offers job listings, networking opportunities, and career advice.

Key Points 

  • Job search feature based on their skills, experience, and location.
  • set up job alerts to receive notifications
  • LinkedIn also provides tools to help job seekers tailor their applications to specific job postings and improve their chances of being noticed by recruiters.
  • Job seekers can showcase their skills and Experience in their profile.
  • job seekers can Research Companies and Recruiters.

3. is one of the largest online job search websites in India and the world also. Founded in 1994 by Jeff Taylor, it was one of the first job search engines on the internet. The website offers a complete platform for job seekers to search for job opportunities by keyword, location, industry, and job title. Job seekers can create a profile and upload their resumes, cover letters, and other relevant documents to apply for jobs.

Key Points 

  • Employers can use to post job listings, review resumes and applications, and find the best-fit candidates for their job openings.
  • They offer employers a combination of tools and services, including resume searching, applicant tracking, and career fairs, to streamline the recruitment process.
  • Additionally, job seekers can get career advice, job search tips, and information.
  • However, they also offer different training and educational help to job seekers, including online courses, career coaching, and resume writing services.

4. Indeed

best job sites in India for freshers

The next leading name in the best job search websites in India for freshers is It was founded in 2004 by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan in Austin, Texas, and has since grown to become one of the most popular job search platforms in the has a global presence, with websites and services in more than 60 countries and 28 languages. One of the most significant job search engines in the world, with a significant presence in India.

Key Points 

  • One of the unique features of is its salary comparison tool, which allows job seekers to compare salaries for various job titles and locations. 
  • has gained popularity due to its user-friendly interface, comprehensive job search results, and advanced search filters. It has also developed a reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy job search platform. 

5. is the following well-known name when it comes to the best job search websites in India for freshers. It is a subsidiary of The Times Group, one of the largest media empires in India, and was launched in has a strong presence in India and offers job listings in a variety of industries, including IT, finance, healthcare, and retail.

Key Points 

  • Search jobs according to location, Salary, industry and job title. 
  • Create a profile, upload their resumes, and cover letters, and apply for jobs through the website. 
  • The platform also offers advanced search options, including a keyword search, to help job seekers find relevant job openings.
  • Employers can use times jobs .com to post job listings using advanced filters such as skills, experience, and education.
  •  The website offers employers a variety of tools and services, including applicant tracking, resume search, and automated job postings, to streamline the recruitment process.

6. Glassdoor

It was Founded in 2007 by Robert Hohman, Rich Barton, and Tim Besse and headquartered in Mill Valley, California, Glassdoor is one of India’s best online job sites. Its job search and recruitment platform also provides company reviews, salary information, and interview questions from current and former employees.

Key Points 

  • You will get employee-generated content here.
  • It has anonymous company reviews, salary information, and interview questions.
  • Get to know about company culture, Salary through the genuine reviews and ratings of companies by their current and EX  employees. 
  • offers various resources and insights for job seekers and employers, including career advice, interview tips, and industry trends. 
  • conducts regular surveys and publish reports on topics such as job satisfaction, salary trends, and workplace diversity.

7. Jobs for Her is one of the job search websites in India and a career platform for women who are seeking to return to the workforce after a break or looking for new career opportunities. It was founded in 2015 by Neha Bagaria and is headquartered in Bengaluru, India. has gained popularity in India due to its focus on women empowerment, gender diversity, and flexible working options.

Key Points 

  • Employer branding services, including company profiles and sponsored content, to help companies showcase their culture and values.
  • offers various resources and insights for women job seekers, including career advice, resume writing tips, and interview coaching. 
  • conducts regular webinars, mentorship programs, and networking events to help women connect with potential employers and other women in their fields.


best job sites in india for freshers

It’s one of the best online job sites in India.  was launched in 2008 and has since extended to become one of the largest job portals in the country, with over 3 crore registered users and more than 2 lakh job listings. is owned by HT Media Limited, a leading media company in India. 

Key Points 

  • offers a wide range of job opportunities in  IT, engineering, finance, marketing, sales, HR, and more. 
  • Along with normal features like creating profiles and job searches it also provides various career resources and tools, such as resume writing services, interview preparation tips, and career advice articles.
  • A job portal that focuses on mid to senior-level job seekers, with a strong presence in metro cities.


best job sites in india for freshers

Another name for the best online job sites in India for freshers is It’s a  job search website in India that caters to recent graduates and entry-level job seekers. They have 1.5 cr resumes on their portal and more than 60k Recruiters hiring through 

Key Points 

  • One can search for private and government jobs at this portal. It’s the only website which sends notifications for government jobs also
  • They do offer services like power resume, and placement preparation also apart from job search according to category, courses, cities and companies. 


Finding a good job is a dream for every fresher after completing their education. Best job search sites in India for freshers help these candidates by bridging the gap between the employers and the potential candidate. Knowing the best online job sites in India will help aspirants in finding the right job. Candidates can be registered with a few of these websites and start their job search. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1- which is the best job search website in India?

Ans-  There are many job sites in India but the top ones are,, and a few more. 

Ques 2- what’s the price to get the paid services of

Ans- Their paid services start from Rs.859 per month. 

Ques 3- what’s the best time or month for searching job?

Ans- The most popular months for hiring are January and February as in summer or in holidays periods companies get slow down in hiring. 

Ques4-  Does an employer need to pay for posting a job at

Ans- No, it’s free for employers to post the job but if you want to sponsor your job to attract potential candidates then you need to pay. 

Ques 5- Is it safe to use these online job sites in India for freshers?

Ans – Yes, these websites are safe to use. 

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