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How we can improve our English writing skills



Hello Readers,  This blog is about how to improve your English writing skills. Specifically, this article is for beginners and intermediate English writers. Let us know the basic format and skills to Improve our English writing skills. Writing is a complex process. Similarly, like any other art, it needs a lot of practice to perfect the skills. Let us learn how to improve our English writing skills.  Here are some tips and rules to Improve our English writing skills.  

Improve our English writing skills

English is a  second language all over the globe.  We can Improve our English writing skills.  Since every company adapts English as an official language.  Official writing requires extraordinary skills to write formal emails, project reports, advertisements, blogs, etc. Indeed speaking in English is much easier than Writing in English.  If you know grammar, you can be sure to write English. One of the simple ways to form your thoughts is by creating an outline in mind. It is an easy way to generate ideas in an unorganized format. 

You can practice your writing skills through the online course.  There are various institutes to master English writing skills.  The online course trains the students through individual mentorship.  The live online sessions are proven to be the best among all the institutes.  Henry Harvin is one of the best institutes in the Language Training Academy.

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Henry Harvin is renowned for providing training from qualified trainers for imparting these skills, professional experts with significant industry experience carefully handcraft action-oriented learning solutions. A select group of IT industry professionals are appointed subject matter experts with the academy to provide these learning solutions. This prestigious educational establishment takes great pride as an industry leader in training, skill development, and assessment facilities. The training program is of different levels.

English Writing Training Program – 6 levels.

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The English Writing  Course Curriculum is 4 Modules.

  • Instruction in basic communication skills
  • English language proficiency program
  • Sessions on writing techniques
  • Sessions for writing in practice

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KeyPoints to Improve English writing skills.

 Improve our English writing skills

1. The Habit of Reading Books. 

If you do not want to be a writer but for the sake of passion, just want to be a perfect writer.  But how?.  Indeed, you can improve your writing skills. You need to read a lot of books as much as possible. You can simply read as a hobby.  Automatically you will learn the vocabulary and understand the language used in the writing material.  This set of words remains in the subconscious mind.  It helps to regain it during the writing process. 

Eventually, you will have an interest in and passion for writing. As a result, as a start,  you can read a novel by your favorite author in English. Likewise, try to write the same in your thought process and words. It is one of the options for improving writing habits. Reading is more important than writing. Don’t forget to read as and when you have time on any reading material available.

Reading keeps the mind active and creates new thoughts and ideas. Check what best suits you for reading. A lot of books are available in Amazon paperbacks.  You can purchase a few and start reading the same. There are E-books and audiobooks for people on another schedule. You can continue with regular work and still develop the skills while traveling or doing another chorus of work at home. For innovative ideas, read books and articles on the same subjects. This habit helps to improve your grammar skills, and in turn, it will help in writing.

2. Think Before and Write – to Improve our English writing Skills.

An idea and plan by the mind can help you to create a format for the content.  It will help you to get new ideas from your mind.  To learn these details, prepare your mind to write. Grammar and spelling help in writing simple and readable content.  Similarly,  The right words ensure the reader understands the idea of the topic.

Consequently, if you want to write on a particular subject or describe a product.  Enjoy reading other writers’ articles, magazines, brochures, and books on the same topic.  It will help in improving your ideas and build your writing skills. The other similar way to learn is through the internet, e-books, and audiobooks.  As already discussed.  Subsequently,  it will help you by providing fluent grammar in your writing. Ultimately,  try to write the article in the same format. Eventually,  it will become much easier to write. Start by reading some of the blogs on the same subject.

3. Practice writing as a daily exercise.

Like many other skills, practice is one of the primary ways to improve your writing. So create to frame the outline in mind before starting to write. Firstly, you should have a clear plan of what you want to write and a basic idea of ​​how to write it. One of the ideal writing tips is to write every day.  Writing is a physical activity to do as practice. Every note of writing has to be clear, concise and organized to convey the message in an orderly way to the audience.

You can write as per your choice on various topics, such as social awareness, children’s safety tips, environmental greenery, women’s security, etc.  Subsequently, you start writing on various topics. In turn, it helps you to build your writing portfolio. Improve your basic writing skills. Write to practice every day.

Another way to practice writing is to write blogs on social media posts. It is what everyone does these days. Write a blog or post with a  few words about what you are promoting or doing.  Further, it will improve the writing skills for any social media posts.  It improves your writing skills and helps your writing experience with an online audience. 

4. Maintain a Personal Diary to write English.

The best way is to maintain a writing diary to fill up new and unknown words.  These words are used again in the content.  Learn to practice writing as a daily exercise. Further, writing for yourself gives you a sense of freedom and satisfaction.   Additionally, you can write simple sentences or complex as per your choice. The writing skills will improve to look up new words to know their exact meaning and learn similar words or phrases.

The ability to look up words to clarify their meaning and learn new words to avoid using words or expressions will help you write in English more clearly.  Several AI-based tools, such as Grammarly or the spell check feature in your word processor, can assist you in identifying and correcting common grammatical and spelling mistakes. No matter how experienced you are, still, you will learn something new by using these resources. 

Ultimately, all of these ideas help with reliability. Observe the rules to highlight the subject. To prevent getting back the same mistakes, write them down. You will learn and improve your writing skills in English.  Eventually, the writer has to extend their vocabulary. However, start a basic wordbook. Specifically, any words that you come across that you don’t know, write down and rephrase them.  Further, take a self-test to check how many times you can recall, and start using them in your write-up.

Improve our English writing skills

5. Vocabulary – To be Fluent and Precise in Writing.

In fact, the knowledge of words and their meanings is known as vocabulary. More specifically, it relates to link words that the writer must be familiar with to read any books with the ability to understand.

Specifically, you must improve your vocabulary if you want to write with more importance and flexibility. As and when you come across any new words, translate them, list them in a diary to remember, and then start using them for future writing.

One of the essential tools for writers is their vocabulary. Use vocabulary that is meaningful and simple to convey your message. Many words have similar meanings. Particularly, precise vocabulary words help the writer express the content more simply.  Moreover, this enhances English creative writing skills. 

6. Keep the content simple and plain.

Eventually, professional writers use simple and plain English in their write-ups. Moreover, the use of plain English has several benefits. Further, to convey your idea to the readers, use words and phrases that are easy to understand. Besides, using simple English helps the readers to understand the content more effectively.  Finally, It means the content will be readable and less likely to be misknown. 

Specifically, your question is how to write in the simple English language. Absolutely, the answer is to follow the writing rules. Using simple language shows that you value both your summary and intelligence. Specifically, try to enhance your English writing by using plain words.  Ultimately, these may require some time and patience. Keep it simple. That’s right. Particularly, articles with strange and unfamiliar phrases will not help you gain blog business or audience. What’s better is to write clear sentences instead of big fancy words.   Finally, your writing should be like talking.

7. Uses of  Right Punctuation.

Firstly, Punctuation refers to the set of commas and other marks. In other words, punctuation is marks used in rulings to help separate clauses and clarify meanings. Moreover, correct punctuation is necessary for clarity and perfection in writing.  Ultimately, they can be anything from a simple comma or any other sign in each sentence offering a different meaning and a different way to read the article as it is on a page. Effective operation of this tool improves readability.

Improve our English writing skills

Punctuation and  Rules.

Period – Full Stop – (.)

One of the common punctuation marks is at the end of the sentences. It’s at the end of some declarative sentences that are complete.  It is often at the end of some condensations for longer words.

Example:  He is not worthy of this job.

Comma. (,)

A comma is a punctuation mark that helps to separate ideas within a sentence. It helps to break up the sentences.  Besides, it helps the reader to understand better.

Example: The child is sleeping, and the child seems to be sick.

Colon  (:) 

Colon is applicable after a word to present a list, clarification, or quote. It is between two self-dependent clauses if the first clause explains the another.

A colon usage gives emphasis, presents dialogue, introduces lists or text, and clarifies composition titles.

Example: All of us are very excited: We are leaving for Kashmir.

Semicolon (:)

Semicolon is a  conjunctive adverb or transitional phrase.  A semicolon is most generally used to join two independent clauses related. Semicolon is to join two or more ideas, to give equal position or rank.

Example:  I like thriller movies: my sister likes comedy.

Question Mark (?)

A question mark is a relief for the period when the finding is a question rather than an affirmation. It is generally in speech or asking rhetorical questions in a document.

Example:  How did you do your question paper?

Exclamation (!)

The last way to end a sentence is to add an accent or denote that someone is sounding off or speaking loudly.

Example:  She screamed!

Hyphen / Dash (-)

A dash separates words into tabs and has two common types.  It is in place of a comma or gap. The lower relation of a hyphen is to link two generally independent words together to form one word.

Example: Job-oriented, Part-timer.

Apostrophe (“ “)

Utmost,  an apostrophe is to forget a letter or a group of letters from a word.

Example: “I can’t believe it’s raining again.”

Parentheses / Bracket ( )

Firstly, Parentheses contain additional studies or data to a clause that does not take down from the inflow of the sentence. Parenthetical statements should not be in use.  If the object is a priority in the sentence, it should be a part of that sentence. Information within parentheses is usually supplementary.  Even if it does not exist, the meaning remains the same in the sentence. 

Example: (CBI)   – Central Bureau of Investigation.

                (B.Ed) –  Bachelor of Education.

8. Write a clear topic.

Primarily, clients need writing skills relevant to the topics and the exact meaning of the subject. Specifically, the ability to interact with the reader is through writing. So it is necessary to learn the skill of writing. Moreover, try to rewrite and edit it several times to reform the content readability. Finally, to submit readable content to your client of the draft, you must recheck and edit it.

Eventually, a clear message needs to be conveyed by the writer. Initially, the draft presented is in an uneven format or consistent structure. Besides, the article’s writing style will determine these terms. Does include humor make it simpler to convey a message in a text? Taking the audience into account can be a constraint. Moreover, try to gauge the audience’s interest in what they wish to learn and how they would like the information delivered.

In fact, every written content is in its style of writing. The way the text encourages the readers to continue reading. Absolutely, the content should be clear to read by the client. Next, the format, spelling, punctuation, grammar, and tone of the content are all factors that affect the article’s style. Further, small paragraphs, headers, and lists make the reader much easier to read and comprehend.

9. Paragraph structure.

Eventually, the content of each paragraph Each paragraph’s content consists of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The write-up of the content and the conclusion are the next themes. Besides, the main ideas of the paragraph are introduced to the reader. Subsequently, the topic of the content is not narrated at the initial stage of content.

Specifically, all sentence needs details and support to form the total mass of the paragraph. Moreover, structured sentences and supporting phrases are the two types of a Paragraph. Further, formatted sentences explain the subject in specific detail. Besides, these sentences in the context provide expression, the actual meaning of phrases, and other arguments that support the paragraph.

Improve our English writing skills

10. Editing and Proofreading.

Writing, Editing, and proofreading are part of document checking. Editing involves rereading your manuscript to check for consistency, clarity, and content. However, proofreading involves fixing grammar language, and spelling mistakes. The content is mistake-free.  Moreover, when the spots mistakes and improves language skills. Proofreading is an editing process in writing.

Think twice and check every mistake on the first try! when you concentrate on the writing. You’ll be able to focus better and edit the content to improve its readability. Always focus on common mistakes. Knowing the errors will help you write more perfectly. Finally, complete writing abilities in English will enhance this writing process.

The process of editing the content is for fluency and accuracy. Writing mistakes can disturb readers from concentrating on the reading process.  In fact, using online editing tools is appreciated as the human brain can make minor errors during the editing process.

English writing skills

Scope of Writing.

Eventually, if any candidate has a niche they enjoy or are passionate about writing, or you want to write accurately, then you must consider the above rules. Having this skill mastered will allow you to solicit reader comments. It is a fantastic way to evaluate the writing’s quality based on their feedback.  When writing blogs or other types of content, it’s a good idea to see if people other can understand the topic apart from yourself.

Identify the precise area of the content that needs editing. It might be something to pay close attention to, such as the argument’s effectiveness, structure, or conclusion. Speak with a dependable friend, relative, coworker, or teacher. You can join a writing course simultaneously. Find writing classes or any nearby independent workshops online.

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In addition, writing is a physical, mental, and creative activity. Further, these actions involve a variety of tools for writing, including chisels, pencils, brushes, chalk, dies, keyboards, touch screens, etc. Next, each of these tools has particular advantages that give impact writers’ workflows.

Additionally, because writing processes are highly task-specific and individualized, it is acceptable for them to involve other activities in addition to writing. Moreover, written language comprises many semantic structures of the languages they represent.

Although a written language can acquire characteristics that make it different from other spoken languages, writing systems share many semantic structures in the language they represent. Ultimately, a collection of linguistic symbols that have been physically inscribed, mechanically transferred, or digitally represented results from this activity.


Q1. How to improve our English writing skills?

A1. English is a worldwide business language. Everyday practice helps to improve writing skills.

Q2. Are reading books essential to improve writing?

A2. Yes, to refine the vocabulary. Books are mandatory

Q3. Why skills of grammar necessary to improve English writing skills?

A3. Content with the right grammar is easy to read and understand by the audience.

Q4. What type of sentences helps to improve my English writing skill?

Writing in simple English helps the reader to understand the content without any constraints. 

Q5. Why add Questions and Answers at the end of the content?

Every content is a puzzle for the reader, and they will have many queries to ask. So it is necessary.


  • This comprehensive guide on improving English writing skills provides valuable insights and practical tips. The suggested techniques, such as practicing regularly and seeking feedback, are essential for honing one’s proficiency in written communication. An excellent resource for anyone looking to enhance their English writing abilities.

  • This resource is a gem for honing English writing skills. The step-by-step guidance and emphasis on grammar practice resonate with me. It’s a great find for anyone aiming to enhance their language proficiency.

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