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Is sustaining in the business world and aiming to have an irreplaceable career possible with just any random degree? Well, the globalised era of today strictly says No. The competitive world we breathe isn’t just looking for educated professionals, it instead is wanting to invest in professionals who are well trained and hold an in-depth understanding of the field and the firm they are investing their time and effort in. 

Thus, this phenomena gave rise to numerous JOB ORIENTED platforms that introduce aspiring learners to programs that drastically shape their understanding in terms of their field and firm. Do these platforms just stop there? No, there are numerous other aspects that these platforms responsibly serve their potential learners with. 

From bringing in the best-structured curriculum to assisting you spot firms of your choice; these training institutes have simply got their hands extremely well placed on the learners who enrol for specifications to boost their career graphs to new heights. 

What is even more exciting in getting yourself enrolled with training institutions is that you can choose the specifications you want yourself to be trained in and to help you do that you will be having extremely prolific trainers and mentors from similar backgrounds to give you the best insights possible. 

Zell Education is one such platform that has wonderfully managed to keep up with learner’s expectations and even exceeded several times. The platform is dedicated and specialises in providing courses related to Accounts and Finance. 

Various Zell Education reviews have mentioned the platform as one of the most reliable ones when it comes to learning and exploring accounts and finance. So what makes this platform a choice of worth? Is it really going to shape the overall learning and exploring experience? Is the institution trustworthy? 

Well, keep your questions coming because by the time we bind up you will be introduced to all the necessary aspects associated with Zell Education and even more. We understand that Zell Education Reviews alone will not convince you to take that step and therefore we have got you these reliable facts on Zell Education with 100% transparency that you simply cannot ignore. 

So what are you waiting for? Let us step ahead and unveil everything that Zell Education Reviews with Facts has in store for us today! 

What is Zell Education? 

Zell Education is an ed-tech platform that is dedicatedly working towards creating an environment where learning is accessible to anyone and everyone within the best comfort of time, effort and cost. 

Zell Education is continuously coming up with the best courses on Accounts and Finance with an aim to provide the best learning environment to all those potential learners out there who are wanting to have a career with the best firms in the industry. 

Thus, Zell Education is training learners to learn and excel better in an effective manner in the field of their choice. These pieces of training are supervised by the best industry experts to mould learners in the best possible ways. 

A Brief Overview – Zell Education Review

Zell Education is one major platform that is tirelessly working to create a learning platform that you and I can confidently rely on. Whenever we look to enrol for programs we are always taken back due to some or other reason. And as a responsible learning platform Zell Education is working towards eradicating these problems that resist learners from availing quality education.

Affordability, Accessibility and Effectivity to any and every learner wanting to learn and explore is what Zell Education is trying to hold a foundation on. And it feels proud to mention that a part of the journey has already begun. 

Zell Education has successfully by now managed to touch more than 10000 learners by providing them platforms they truly can be proud of. The institution has 200+ industry experts serving as the responsible faculty team here. These faculty members hold utmost experience and knowledge about the in and outs of the industry which eventually is a great asset to all those learners out there. 

Zell Education has effectively managed more than 150 corporate trainings that have helped professionals shape their overall working experience in the business world. 

These are a few impactful contributions Zell Education has priorly marked and wishes to continue for a really long period of time. But the proud list of batches does not end here. There are a lot more to add and celebrate. 

If an overall strata is to be believed then around 95% or even more satisfaction ratio is achieved by Zell Education. More than 80% of learners have successfully been assisted for placements and thus have been given better exposure to opportunities. 

60%+ learners have been certified from Zell Education whereas more than 40% of enrollees coming to Zell Education come through recommendations. This means the platform of Zell Education is managing to grab learners attention efficiently. Also if you consider Zell Education reviews you yourself will know how effective it has touched and impacted so many aspiring lives. 

Moving ahead, Zell Education has collaborations with some top-notch institutes that meet the basic criteria of offering quality and opportunity over cost. There are three major institutes, Zen is in collaboration at the moment. They are:

  1. Suresh Gyan Vihar University
  2. Bennett University
  3. Mumbai Educational Trust
  4. KC College
  5. ACCA 
  6. Ernst and Young Delhi 
  7. Schbang 

Another surprising aspect of Zell Education is that it is not only accessible to India but has its presence strongly mentioned in western countries like Canada, UK, Dubai and Singapore too. Having secured such a wider reach also allows learners to learn beyond boundaries and explore opportunities beyond boundaries. 

Zell Education has managed to not only receive strong mentions from its loyal learners but also from numerous prestigious media platforms. These media platforms include Business World, Live Mint, Hindustan Times and many more. Having been mentioned by such strong platforms gives us as learners the conviction and confidence of choosing the right. 

Thus, undoubtedly Zell Education is one major learning platform that you cannot lose your attention from. 

Learning at Zell Education is equally exciting as exciting the opportunities shared here are. From accessing Learning Management Systems ( LMS ) to receiving constructive feedback and assignments from the faculty every concept is just presented in the best possible format. These well-structured formats help learners to grab their bit comfortably and effectively. 

The faculty dealing with training and other associated aspects here come from extremely well-experienced backgrounds and have hands-on almost all the essential necessities of the industry. Therefore learning with these professionals is of extreme quality and experience. 

Another benefit of the advanced learning process at Zell Education is that you have a special Student Coordinator who is solely responsible for maintaining the communication between the students and their mentors. This helps learners to pass their program tenure in an easy manner. 

Last but surely not least, the learning process at Zell Education consists of Job-Readiness. This means that the learners here are excessively trained and supervised under the best hands. These trainings compile mock interviews, aptitude tests, group discussions and many more. Having received the gist and flair of interview understanding surely can make your going through the process a lot easier. 

Now that we have had our hands clear on numerous vital aspects of Zell Education let us dive deep and find out about the courses one can get to explore here. Here we go! 

Programs – Zell Education Review

The programs at Zell Education are segregated into two major parts. One consists of the Accounts section while the other consists of the Finance section. Each section has its own specialised courses. A few of them are mentioned below:- 


  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants ( ACCA ) – Duration:- 06 – 24 Months 
  • Diploma in IFRS by ACCA – Duration:- 03 Months 
  • Certified Public Accountant – Duration:- 1.5 years. 
  • Finance and Accounting – Duration:- 09 Months 


  • Chartered Financial Analyst – Duration:- 06 Months 
  • Introduction to Financial Markets – Duration:- 03 Months 
  • Personal Finance – 02 Months 

These are some top programs offered at Zell Education with utmost responsibility and guidance. 

Some Major Key Points of the Programs – Zell Education Review

  • Experiential Learning

( To encourage learners to learn and explore in the most innovative ways possible. ) 

  • High-Quality Faculty

( With a vision to allow every individual to learn and grow from the best. ) 

  • 100% placement assistance

( Not just learning but exploring opportunities too. ) 

  • Collaborations 

( Helping learners to understand different aspects of the industry by giving utmost exposure to well-celebrated firms of the field. ) 

  • Projects and Case Studies

( With a vision of allowing you as a learner to hold a wider understanding of the essential aspects of the industry. ) 

  • 24 x 7 Support 

( Get your any and every query related to the subject resolved in the best possible way. ) 

These are some super beneficial points that you must know before investing your time and effort in Zell Education. With the above factual representation of data, you might have already made up an image of the institution and can clearly now decide if this is the space you have been looking for so long or not. 

So go ahead and make your choices in order to have the career you desire of. 

Final Words:- 

The Zell Education review presented before you had only one aim to mention and that was whether the institution is worthy of your time and effort or not. Well, the above-mentioned data is quite a detailed answer for you to decide and act upon. 

The information shared through the Zell Education review is kept 100% transparent with facts so that you get a clear idea of in and outs of the institution and can thus make wise decisions. 

We hope this piece of shared information helped you find answers to your questions effectively. If in case you still have any query or question on the above-discussed subject then please feel free to voice it using the comment section below. We would be more than happy to help you with the best knowledge available on the same. 

Thank you. 

Keep Reading! Keep Learning! 

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