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Henry Harvin vs Simplilearn Six Sigma Certification Reviews

Henry Harvin vs Simplilearn six sigma certification reviews: Detailed comparison and course details


The six sigma certification is proving its importance in management processes. It has become an essential certification that will ace your game up in the hiring process. The concept of certification is introduced by an American guy named Bill Smith. 

To tell it shortly, six sigma certifications are about the tools and techniques that are required for the improvement of business processes. It helps in identifying and eliminating the defects in the process and helps in guaranteed improvement in quality. Commonly known as six sigma belt certifications, this course is divided according to various levels that are known as a belts-white belt, yellow belt, green belt, black belt, and master black belt. After getting certain years of experience and proficiency in a career, six sigma certifications will surely improve your career path. 

There is no compulsion of having Six Sigma Certifications while applying for the job. Having said that, certified six sigma professionals is highly qualified for job like production managers, supervisors, analyst, etc.

Knowing the value of the course, many institutions are now offering six sigma certification courses. In India alone, seven institutes are offering the course. There are different modes in which the course is being taken. As there is no set curriculum for this course, many institutes have come with some unique programs. In today’s article, we will compare the reviews of two of the most popular institutes that offer six sigma certifications, i.e. Henry Harvin and Simplilearn.

Henry Harvin vs Simplilearn Six Sigma Reviews

Both the institutes offer six sigma certifications. They have different methods of teaching, some of the best trainers, curriculum structure, fee structure, etc. There are several reviews available for Henry Harvin’s six sigma review and the same for Simplilearn. In this article, we will compare them and their reviews based on the different points. These points are valuable in choosing the right six sigma certifications courses.

Point 1: Trainers

About Henry Harvin

All the trainers of Henry Harvin are some of the best industry experts. When we say industry experts, that means they have practical knowledge of applying six sigma rules. As the main purpose of the course is to get high paying jobs, having a practical approach of a trainer is quite essential.

At Henry Harvin, trainers are highly qualified and are known to teach the hands-on approach to the real-time work experience. They will teach and help to enhance the problem-solving and decision-making qualities in you. Also, according to Henry Harvin reviews trainers at Henry Harvin, positively reply and feedback to each candidate.

About Simplilearn

As per the Simplilearn reviews, the trainers at Simplilearn are qualified professionals of six sigma courses. They have good knowledge of theory as well as practical aspects of the six sigma course. The trainers are well-equipped to held classes and teach according to their experience.


When we compare both, Henry Harvin only hires industry experts. These are the individuals who have good knowledge about the current trends and updates regarding six sigma tools and applications. On the other hand, Simplilearn’s trainers are good at teaching the theoretical and practical parts. But, students at Simplilearn struggle to understand the application of six sigma tools. Thus, Henry Harvin will be a good choice based on trainers.

Point 2: Course Structure

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is known for its uniquely designed course structure. As there is no set curriculum for six sigma courses, Henry Harvin took the opportunity and incorporated maximum aspects (modules) that will help in covering concepts of the six sigma tool in the best way. These aspects include evaluation and introduction, define, measure, analyze, improving, and control. 

Along with this, two complementary modules pay special attention to soft skill development and resume writing. The entire curriculum is designed as per the IASSC book of knowledge. Henry Harvin offers courses for every level of the six sigma belt. For detailed information about the course curriculum at different levels, one can refer to their official website.

Henry Harvin does not leave you only with theoretical knowledge.  Their curriculum also includes some case studies and several hands-on projects. Incorporating these will help in getting practical applications of six sigma tools. This practical approach will help to get a good job easily.  Once you finish training, there are monthly Bootcamps and revision sessions held to brush up on the knowledge. Also, they offer lifetime support and e-access to their study materials. 


The course structure of Simplilearn includes the basic knowledge of six sigma structure. In the first module itself, you will get introduced to the lean management step. By learning this from the beginning, you will know the path of your curriculum. 

Their course structure also includes learning about nature and waste management methods. They also include various case studies such as Toyota production system, Cash flow improvement, etc. In all, with Simplilearn you will get theatrical knowledge with a practical approach.


Based on Henry Harvin’s six sigma reviews, the course structure of six sigma certification covers every step including the most basic to advanced levels. Also, it is mentioned in the reviews that to gain maximum outputs from this course, one has to have the basic knowledge of six sigma basic levels.

As far as Simplilearn is concerned, there is a blurred approach to the course structure. The reviews do not emphasize the steps covered in the curriculum. Thus, Henry Harvin will be the better choice.

Point 3: Mode of Training and Duration

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin offers their six sigma certification classes through online mode and lives training. In their six sigma green belt certification course, they offer a total of 32 hours of online training spreads across four Sundays. For six sigma black belt certification, the online training is of 48 hours that is spread over six Sundays. 

As several working professionals and students choose to do this certification classes are held only on Sundays. These classes are highly interactive and knowledgeable.


While reviewing the mode of teaching for Simplilearn, we found that they have various kinds of modes. Their six sigma courses are self-paced, blended, and cooperative training. The self-paced mode is similar to learning support with training material. You will get the recorded videos.

If you choose to cooperate mode, then you will get customized requirements. You will be in the learning team that included other trainees. This mode of learning will increase the information and knowledge among the group assignments and discussions.


Shortly, self-paced training shows the highest failure rate in completing the course. Simplilearn reviews suggested the confusing mode of teaching that is not conformable for many. On the other side, between Henry Harvin vs Simplilearn reviews, Henry Harvin offers the clearest and disciplined mode of training. 

Point 4: Certification After Completion

Henry Harvin

According to Henry Harvin reviews, in Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, you will get a hallmark certificate of CCSE-GB from Henry Harvin. This certification is extremely valuable and holds great power in international markets. On other hand, certification of Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is CSSEBB accredited. Both these certifications hold great value in the job market.

Talking about the recognization, Henry Harvin certification is globally recognized. If you are aiming for the international job market, Henry Harvin certification ranked at number 1. It holds immense power and value in landing a high-paying job.

Henry Harvin certification is considered even by international brands and companies. In short, having Henry Harvin certification will add extreme value when applying for the job.


Simplilearn offers four master’s certificates with their lean six sigma expert program. The certificate is accredited by LSSBB in technical and functional aspects. You need to attend a combination of online and classroom classes to avail your certificate. 

After completing the course and examination, you will get certification for course completion. Then, you are supposed to submit a DMAIC project that roughly takes nine months to complete. After this process, Simplilearn will issue a functional certificate. Accessing both of these certificates will add up more value in getting jobs.


According to Henry Harvin vs Simplilearn six sigma reviews, acquiring a certificate from Henry Harvin is much more straightforward in comparison with later. Also, Henry Harvin certificates come with accreditation and recognization at the global level. Having a Henry Harvin certificate will simply open many doors for a bright future.

Point 5: Course fees

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the institutes that offer its course at affordable fees and they are valued for money. The six sigma green belt course is at Rs. 17500 including certification. As for the six sigma black belt certification course fees are Rs 30000 including certification.

For more details, you can check the Henry Harvin website as everything is mentioned there to clear the rest of the doubts.


As we mentioned, Simplilearn offers three modes of six sigma certifications. The first one, the self-paced course is available at Rs 12999 that includes pre-recorded videos and study materials. The next mode, blending mode is available at Rs 16999 with added advantages. For its Corporate training, course fees are decided as per requirements demanded by the candidates.


In short, Henry Harvin’s six sigma reviews tell that we get the complete package that includes perks like live training, e-access to learning materials, Bootcamps, etc. They do not demand any hidden charges for examination or certification.

Point 6 After Course Support

Henry Harvin

There are lots of benefits offered once you enrolled with Henry Harvin’s six sigma course. To start with the gold membership offered with the course. This includes some support during the course. But after completion of the course, Henry Harvin offers monthly revisions and Bootcamps, Hackathons, and projects. Also, the course curriculum will enrich you with 20 different types of tools that are required in the real-time industry. They offer guaranteed internships and 100% job placement support.


After completion of the course, Simplilearn will offer you the course certificate and monthly Bootcamps. Also, you can do various projects that are available with them.


Simplilearn reviews say that having a certificate in six sigma certifications did not make the journey of getting a job smooth. It is tricky to find a job with Simplilearn certification.

On the other hand, Henry Harvin supports all its trainees and alumni with great interest. They offer lifetime access to learning management systems. You can work with them in various internships and projects. Thus, Henry Harvin will be a good choice over Simplilearn.

Final Words

According to this article about Henry Harvin vs Simplilearn six sigma reviews, everything is greener in the favour of Henry Harvin six sigma certification training. Henry Harvin’s six sigma reviews reveal that they offer exactly as they mentioned on their website. They keep a uniform approach towards each candidate and offer them the best solution. 

Henry Harvin also offers job assistance and various internship to help you to start with your journey. Their monthly Bootcamps and revisions will help brush up and update your knowledge quite effortlessly. You can also clear your doubts with their learning support team. In all, Henry Harvin offers you a complete package in the form of their six sigma certifications courses.

Despite having so much popularity, Simplilearn fails to keep the promises that they offer through their websites. Simplilearn reviews sing exactly opposite songs that portray somewhat betrayal stories. To start with, they offer a self-paced six sigma course that only includes learning support and study material. As most working professionals choose to do six sigma courses, it is a hectic job for them to complete their self-paced or blending modes of teaching. 

Also, they do not offer or guide through the process of getting placed somewhere. Hence, despite having a six sigma certification, the struggle of finding a job remains the same. Many international companies do not recognize the certification from Simplilearn.


Based on Henry Harvin vs Simplilearn six sigma reviews, Henry Harvin is the best option if you are looking for certification courses in six sigma certifications. They offer an unmatchable curriculum, Industry-experts trainers, 24/7 learning support, and 100% job assistance.

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