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In digital India, technology is in our palms. Tools are what we are totally reliant on. To run an organization, one must hire individuals with enhanced knowledge of automation. To manage the pace with innovation and intensification of the technology, one must upgrade themselves from time to time. 

Software developed by a German company SAP is the answer to these questions. SAP FICO course will teach you to generate and manage financial statements. This course will help you to analyze and report. You also get helped with business planning and decision-making.

SAP FICO course in India is prospering. With digitalization in small and large businesses, SAP FICO has become the answer to all financial and accounting problems in hand. Before we discuss the best places to get enlisted for the course, let me give you an understanding of what SAP FICO is.

What is SAP FICO?

SAP FICO course in India is gaining the pace with more and more use of technology in business development. For both internal and external financial reporting, SAP FICO is the solution. SAP FICO helps to record and analyze all the pecuniary transactions.

SAP FICO course is the incorporation; of SAP FI and SAP CO. SAP FI is Financial Accounting whereas SAP CO stands for Controlling. It is a comprehensive guide to manage and understand commercial investments and their data. To do this, SAP FICO generates financial statements.

SAP FICO does a simple thing. It helps in reviewing and recording your data. SAP FICO helps you to plan and decide what is best for your business. SAP FICO course in India is a comprehensive guide. It certainly helps to acquire and apprehend all the far and near implementation phases of the financial dealings of a company.

If you are looking for a career option, SAP FICO is your one-stop-shop. SAP FICO will give you wings to fly in the sky of corporates as an SAP Consultant. SAP FICO course can help you build your business or even start a new professional chapter as it is highly in demand these days. 

SAP FICO will cover the major parts of financial accounting that include chapters like 

  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payables 
  • Asset Accounting
  • General Ledger Accounting and 
  • Bank Accounting.

SAP FICO is an essential part of the SAP ERP. The modules of SAP FICO are interconnected and integrated with live projects. The best part about SAP FICO is, it covers all the trade cycles across industries. 

There is a list of institutions, practically the best ones, to enroll for an SAP FICO course in India. In this blog, we will talk over each establishment in detail. There are many points one must consider before investing their time and money. We will consider a lot more to help you decide which the finest institute is for your SAP FICO course.

Best10 Places To Learn SAP FICO Course In India

1. Henry Harvin SAP Academy

The govt. of India has acknowledged Henry Harvin Education’s SAP FICO course. Henry Harvin Education was among the first to bring in professional and technical courses in India.

Henry Harvin’s learning is not temporary; it is for a lifetime. SAP FICO is substantial, and at Henry Harvin, they understand how significant it is for you. Henry Harvin gives you optimum benefits if you enlist for a course.

  • Recognition and Requirements: Hindustan Times, Business World, and many other prominent publishers mention Henry Harvin SAP FICO course on a regular basis. Leading channels like News World India and Aaj Tak acknowledged their quality education.

Henry Harvin is a known face and is trusted by more than 60 premium institutions and more than 1000 top-notch corporate houses. An award-winning institution and even an ISO-certified company, Henry Harvin is famous for its uniqueness. 

There are no particular requirements to enlist in this course. SAP FICO course in India is well suited for individuals working with Finance Department, Fresh Graduates, Employees looking for promotions, Individuals considering to build a stronger resume and upgrade their skill-sets.

  • Faculty, fees, and fullness:  Henry Harvin’s prime factor is their mentors. Each of their trainers has more than ten years of industry experience. With 100s of keynote classes, 500 lectures, and recognition from numerous organizations, each of the mentors is best at what they do.

The SAP FICO course in India needs multiple modes of instruction. There are several options available at Henry Harvin. You can choose from a self-paced course or even a live online classroom. They also have an opportunity for corporate training and 1-on-1 learning scope. The fees and the benefits that they offer are the best in the industry. The course is 44 hours of live online sessions.

Self-paced course fee – INR 20,250

Live online class course fee – INR 22,500.

  • Takeaways: What you earn is much more than what you spend. At Henry Harvin, you get a certification that is industry-acclaimed. Access to LMS or study material for one year even after the completion of the course. They organize monthly Bootcamp sessions to clarify doubts. You even get access to recorded videos, opportunities for internships, project support, and also 100% placement assistance.

Pros: Henry Harvin is probably the best choice for the SAP FICO course. The reason is quite evident. Henry Harvin was the winner of the top corporate training award. Gold membership benefits with complementary modules, and interview preparations. Live projects for practical training help you to learn hands-on.

Cons: Henry Harvin’s course has more benefits than one can think of.

2. Udemy

Udemy is one of the largest online course providers in the world. It is mostly used by students and professionals already in business. They have a wide range of courses to choose from. With almost 150,000 courses Udemy has gained huge popularity in India. 

Udemy believes in delivering unique course materials by specialized mentors. The best part of choosing Udemy for certification is you can decide the language and even the level of the course. Here we will discuss the basic SAP FICO course in India that they have to offer.

  • Recognition and Requirements: Udemy is a famous platform across the world. They have been acknowledged by the “San Fransisco Business Times”. They were also awarded by “Silicon Valley Business Journal” for their services.

The pre-requirements to undertake this course need basic accounting knowledge. This course is designed for individuals who want to study SAP FICO configuration and its implementation. This course is perfect for working professionals. This will help them to upgrade their knowledge or for fresh graduates who wish to learn SAP FICO basic.

  • Faculty, fees, and fullness:  Udemy gives the best mentors with huge industry experience. Most of their trainers have 14 – 15 years of experience in ERP systemsTheir trainers are well qualified to handle queries, assist in projects, and prepare you to face the real world out there.

This course is a 45 hours training program. This is just the basic SAP FICO course, and the fee is easily affordable. INR 1280 is what Udemy charges for the SAP FICO course in India. They only offer a self-paced learning method for your handiness.

  • Takeaways: Udemy gives you 18 downloadable materials that include videos and study resources. You get lifetime access to the course from anywhere through your mobile or TV. It frees you to learn from your comfort zone at a convenient time. You will be awarded a certificate at the end of the course.

Pros: The tutorial from Udemy is of extreme value for professionals already working in the financial area. They can implement their learning into practice. A beginner can enroll in this course as it gives you the basic idea of SAP FICO.

Cons: The major flaw with this course is it is for beginners. Definitely, it is not enough to get yourself recognized in the job market. This course is a recorded tutorial so, clarifying doubts on the spot is not feasible. The certificate you earn only upon completion, and there is no proper exam conducted by Udemy or in association with SAP Academy.

3. Igrowsoft – 

Based in the city of pearl, Igrowsoft is one of the best SAP FICO course providers in Hyderabad. Their course has a balance between practical implementation and theoretical knowledge. Many MNC’s are their clients.

They have flexible timings to match the convenience of their learners around the world. Igrowsoft Solution is a well-known name for the SAP FICO course in India. Founded by Mr. K. Srinivasa Rao and Mr. P. Venkat, Igrowsoft had dedicated to providing world-class training and placement assistance.

  • Recognition and Requirements: Igrowsoft claims to be the best SAP trainer in Hyderabad. They were awarded “Best Employer” for the year 2014. 

Igrowsoft has a very basic requirement to enroll in the SAP FICO course. You must know accounting to register for this course.

  • Faculty, fees, and fullness:  Most trainers are well-experienced individuals with working backgrounds in top-rated companies. Mr. Saikiran, one of the best, holds more than 16 years of extensive experience. He is a CA and Controlling certified professional. Both online and offline modes of instruction are available.

The course they offer takes 4 months. This can be customized to a fast-track course with just 3 months time frame. The fee is affordable and has multiple modes of payment. INR 20,000 is what Igrowsoft charges for the SAP FICO course in India. This can be paid by cash, online transfer, and cheque. 

  • Takeaways: The reviews reveal that they have highly qualified faculty to train. With the course, Igrowsoft also provides flexible class timings that is a perk. They conduct doubt-solving sessions. They do furnish both hardcopy and softcopy of study materials. Practical projects to work on and expert lab-coordinator to use the lab facility whenever the students want.

Pros: There are lots of things offered by Igrowsoft. They have expert faculty, a digitalized classroom, unlimited access to the lab, and placement assistance. They also provide SAP software installation at a reasonable rate and have flexible timings.

Cons: They issue certificates once the training is completed. Though they claim to be the best, their recognition on the world stage is not verified.

4. Multisoft Virtual Academy – 

Multisoft Virtual Academy has intensive and comprehensive programs for the students. It is one of the widely popular and one of the best online platforms for learning SAP FICO course in India.

Their course consists of an introduction to ERP and the SAP software package. They have quality learning materials and an equally innovative learning experience.

  • Recognition and Requirements: MVA has been recognized by the Globeeawards. It is known for its vivid choices of course.

They have a simple requirement to get enrolled for the course. Individuals with the necessary awareness of financial concepts must join this course.

  • Faculty, fees, and fullness:  Mentors at MVA are highly experienced and helps you to enhance your skillset. Flexible time is a perk that MVA gives you.

The course fee is just INR 22,500 and quite reasonable as per the market rate. The course is 24 hours of a training session with weekend classes.

  • Takeaways: Mock tests, assessments, and access to the E-learning portal for a lifetime are the most lucrative things you earn. You also get project training for the benefit of the students.

Pros: There are lots of benefits that one can ripe from MVA that includes a collaborative sharing platform. This helps you to unite with other learners across the globe.

Cons: The benefits they give are not the same as other competitors in the market. Henry Harvin, on the other hand, is providing a lot more with the same fee structure.

5. Besant Technologies 

Their first branch was inaugurated in the year 2011 in Chennai. They are a part of They use updated technologies, well-planned and structured procedures for the learners. Besant Technologies has its branch in two cities, Chennai and Bangalore.

  • Recognition and Requirements: Besant Technology is not unfamiliar name in the IT industry. They are a leader in IT software courses. They were awarded the best training institute by in the year 2014.

They provide 85% of placement for every course. There are no prerequisites mentioned for this course. It is evident that an interested individual can easily apply for this course.

  • Faculty, fees and fullness:  The SAP FICO course in India has gained a lot of importance in recent past. Many experts or freelancers took an opportunity to become a trainer after completion of the SAP course. The mentors at Besant Technologies have great industry exposure. Each one of them has more than 7 years of working experience in SAP. 

Besant Technologies organize only online training for SAP FICO. The course fee is nominal. Their syllabus is specially designed to teach you SAP finance and control architecture. The SAP FICO course in India is available at INR 28,000.

In 30 hours of course training, 15 hours assignments will be provided which is a great feature of Besant Technologies. The learner’s level is basic for this course. With the skillsets of a beginner, you can earn the certification. They provide one-on-one training sessions as well.

  • Takeaways: The certification of Besant Technologies has global value. It is recognized by almost all top-notch enterprises. You can be a consultant within a month of training from Besant. Real-time industry projects to learn hands-on experience. Healthy environment to support learning. Also the faculty and the staff are cordial. Mock interviews and presentation skills are the bonuses to look for.

Pros: Besant Technologies does not speak a lot about their perks but their review does. Reviews recommend that they have a healthy learning atmosphere.  They have inordinate connections with hiring individuals of conglomerates.

Cons: Not a lot of data is available online about the details of SAP FICO. No additional benefits are mentioned. Post completion profits are not at par with other institutes. 

6. GangBoard – 

The SAP FICO course in India has received a great response as it is very advantageous. For performing all the finance-associated tasks and completing the work at hand quickly, SAP FICO is of great aid. 

Therefore, many small and big organizations hunt for candidates who are skilled at using the software. The GangBoard’s SAP FICO Certification Training in Bangalore can help you achieve great success in your career. They are accredited by all major companies.

  • Recognition and Requirements: GangBoard is a well-known face in the field of training. A sister concern of Besant Technologies, GangBoard was established in 2016 to furnish the learning requirements of professionals.

There are no specific prerequisites mentioned by the institute to get enlisted in this course.

  • Faculty, fees, and fullness:  Subject Matter Experts with exclusive industry experience are the mentors at GangBoard. With skills and knowledge, they are highly qualified instructors to learn from.

GangBoard claims to be affordable with its fee structure. They charge you INR 35,000 for the SAP FICO training.

They provide only live online classes for this course. You get 30 hours of learning followed by 15 hours of the project. This course is designed for beginners.

  • Takeaways: The GangBoard course materials are prepared by specialists in the subject. Trusted by more than 10,000 learners so far, GangBoard has come a long way. They hire IT professionals as mentors and provide hands-on training.

Pros: GangBoard is known for its unique study resources, 24×7 live support, and well-experienced mentors. They have an expert counseling team to help you choose the best course that suits your budget and interest.

Cons: The fee is quite high compared to the other competitors in the market. The facilities they have are not at par with the fees they charge.

7. Institute of cost accountants of India

Founded in 1959, this 62 years old institution is accredited by the Govt. of India.  ICMAI’s SAP FICO course in India is in great demand. They exclusively manage courses for cost and management accountancy. The foundation of this institution was through a special act in the parliament.

  • Recognition and Requirements: This institute is worldwide recognized. With alumni like Subhash Chandra Garg, Finance Secretary, ICMAI doesn’t need any introduction.

You must have a CMA degree, or a CMA pursuing professional to enlist in this course. Graduation is the minimum criteria here at ICMAI. Postgraduates and other corporate individuals are welcome.

  • Faculty, fees, and fullness:  They have experienced and industry-recognized mentors to facilitate your learning.

ICMAI provides one of the low-cost course rates in the market. Their fee structure is quite innovative as it depends on the qualification of the person enrolling for the course.

CMA Final Level Student (Graduate) – 15,000 + 18% GST

CMA’s – 18,000 + 18% GST

Postgraduates or corporate professionals – 20,000 + 18% GST

Their E-learning module is designed for an extensive learning period of 80 hours. They also provide knowledge support additionally for 12 hours. The total course duration is for 200 hours.

  • Takeaways: Access to e-learning platform during the course. You earn a skill that will empower your resume. Hundred hours of learning. Doubts clearing sessions online will be arranged.

Pros: Acknowledged by the Govt. of India, ICMAI is one of the best choices. Deliverable LMS through both theory and practical classes is their key feature. Access to SAP portal, webinar, and recorded classes, ICMAI gives you a great deal for the money.

Cons: When the competitors are offering the same course for 30 to 40 hours, they have a 200 hours training time which is quite high considering the fast-paced life. The course fee is different for different individuals, does this means the learning strategies are also different? These points are unclear.

8. Finoptions – 

Finoption is an exceptional institute for financial training. They provide an environment of office and academics to make you corporate-ready. They have cross-functional courses to meet the needs of their learners.

  • Recognition and Requirements: Their popularity is increasing in India. They are one of the best in Indore, and their course has its benefits like hardcore training and an office environment.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate individuals with an interest to grow in the financial accounting area can enroll for their course.

  • Faculty, fees, and fullness:  The instructors at Finoption have experience in various fields like construction and media. They have worked on global projects and are now in training. Mr. Shailendra Ostwal, one of their best, has an exclusive experience of 23 years in the SAP FICO course in India.

Their fee is affordable and as per market rate. The in-house training course fee is INR 15,000 + 18% GST.

Their course is a 2 months training with a maximum of 20 participants in each batch. They also provide logistics support to the learners.

  • Takeaways: The sessions are conducted daily for 2 hours. The trainer explains a topic followed by a discussion and practical implementation.

Pros: Small batches are their essential feature. They do provide logistics support like training halls and laptops for the participants. The classrooms have in-built projectors for better learning.

Cons: Not much information is available on the web about Finoptions. Their website does not provide any data. The course fee is less compared to the market.

9. ICA Edu Skills

Founded in 1999, ICA Edu Skills is rated top-most vocational training institute. They have special courses for Taxation, Finance, and Accounts. With more than 200 training centers around the nation, ICA is a brand you can trust.

  • Recognition and Requirements: The list of achievements is too many to list here. ICA wins every year for being one of the best in the industry. Global Quality Awards, Mumbai University, and Brand Academy are a couple of the prestigious awards; they have in their kitty.

The SAP FICO course in India is especially for graduates. Individuals with B.Com or M.Com or B.Tech have added advantage of joining this course.

  • Faculty, fees, and fullness:  They have the best in the industry faculty to conduct courses.

80 hours of SAP FICO training is what you can expect from ICA with a fee of INR 22,500.

  • Takeaways: 80 hours of training in SAP FICO from a recognized institution. Both digital and physical classes are available for this course.

Pros: ICA is partnered with NSDC and Skill India to give you the best of what you deserve.

Cons: Not a lot of information is available on their website. For further information on the course, you must get in touch with them.

 10. ZaranTech – 

ZaranTech is one of the leaders in the SAP FICO course in India.  They have top-rated learners working in the corporate sector. Many Fortune 500 companies are their clients. They give you hands-on exercise and real-world project exposure.

  • Recognition and Requirements:  It is a well-known name in the industry. ZaranTech has been acknowledged for people skills and training skills by their clientele. 

The best part of ZaranTech is there is no criterion to join their SAP course. Individuals with basic knowledge of information technology can apply for the SAP FICO course in India.

  • Faculty, fees, and fullness:  Their list of faculty is highly trained and experienced mentors with more than eight years of industry knowledge and a lot of teaching experience.

60 hours of SAP FICO training is given by ZaranTech but with a hefty fee of INR 66,000. They have self-paced training. They also provide instructor-led video classes and live classes to select what suits you the best.

  • Takeaways: Six Steps of success is what they follow at ZaranTech. From enrollment to placement, everything is taken care of. You learn and then also acquire to implement your learning.

Pros: The six steps from registration to placement is an essential feature. This will be taken care of at ZaranTech by a dedicated team.

Cons: The exuberantly high fee structure is not affordable by many.

Conclusion – 

Other institutes offer SAP FICO training too. SAP FICO training can polish your skills and give your career the right boost. If you are an SAP FICO-trained individual, you can be an asset to the organization. If you are an SAP consultant, you have multiple opportunities waiting for you.

After a discussion; on which institute provides the best deal, I believe Henry Harvin wins over other big names. Henry Harvin’s benefits are huge when compared to the other institutes. Henry Harvin is providing a lot of post-completion benefits that others are not. Some of the reasons to choose Henry Harvin are:

· Value for money 

· Bootcamps 

· Hackathon 

· Gold Membership


Q1. Can a fresher apply for this course?

Yes, a fresher with knowledge of computers is the best fit for this course.

Q2. Is SAP FICO a difficult course compared to other modules of SAP?

SAP FICO aspirants have a lot to learn. SAP FICO is an amalgamation of SAP FI (Finance) and SAP CO (Controlling). Hence it is detailed but not difficult.

Q3. Is SAP FICO a bright career choice?

SAP FICO is the most generously compensated job profile these days. With the rapid development rate, it has become the need of the hour. It has a huge requirement in today’s job market.

Q4. Is an online class as recognized as an offline class?

Online classes hold the equivalent reliability as an offline classroom. Online tutoring has its perks. They are flexible, can be taken from the comfort of your home. They are easily accessible from a computer or even through your smartphone. Both these modes of instruction cover the same syllabus and follow the same curriculum.

Q5. What are the skills essential to be an effective SAP Consultant?

An SAP consultant must know these SAP modules:
Sales and Distribution
Material Management
Advance Business Application
Financial Accounting

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