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Top 8 Artificial Intelligence Courses in Bangalore


Artificial Intelligence is an emerging technology disrupting driving, healthcare, education, defense, etc. In simple terms, this is the utilization of machine intelligence compared to traditional human intelligence. This technology has its advantages and disadvantages; if utilized consciously, it could result in advantages, e.g., Artificial intelligence in education. Using technology in education has benefits such as dictating notes, reiterating key points, and providing academic updates. However, overuse hinders the trainer-student relationship. This would eventually destroy critical thinking, creativity, imagination, analysis, and coming up with solutions, which are the core elements of education. We all know Bangalore is the IT hub of India. Artificial intelligence is disrupting every sector, including IT. So, keeping this in mind, we are going to discuss the Artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore.

By 2030 Artificial intelligence is going to replace data entry operators and billing executives. The influence extends to our daily lives, and various startups are emerging that utilize artificial intelligence technology. These startups are working in the fields of water management, home security, education, and shopping. The above-mentioned fields are crucial in our daily lives, and utilizing startup services mindfully would result in a handful of advantages. When Artificial Intelligence has such an impact, it becomes necessary to know about Artificial Intelligence courses in Bangalore. Bangalore is an IT hub known for its cool climate and greenery. These benefits make it best to take an artificial intelligence course in the city.

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What is artificial intelligence? 

As the name suggests, this technology is about to replace simple tasks such as billing, which were earlier done by humans. Else May transform the way we work on complicated tasks; for example, AI technology will help us know if crops are infected, unlike checking for symptoms manually.

Top 8 Artificial Intelligence Courses in Bangalore

1. Henry Harvin Academy

The institute starts a new batch every week. The cost of the course is 15000 rupees, and the time you have to sacrifice is 32 hours. The course explains the purpose, scope, and impact of Artificial intelligence. In detail, they teach you Fundamental concepts of machine learning and deep learning, machine learning workflows, performance metrics, clustering, and classification of applications. It offers placement assistance and one year of membership.

Why Henry Harvin?

  • Work on 12 or more projects and gain experience in them.
  • Deloitte, Apollo Tires, and Avon Cosmetics have recognized this course.

                 Course duration: 32 hours

                 Fees: 15000

                 Batch: starts Every week

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2. 360digitmg

It provides 80 hours of classes, 100 hours of assignments, and 100 hours of live projects. It also gives you two capstone projects and a certificate recognized by IBM. The other benefits are interviews, complementary courses, lifetime LMS access, and offline Hiring events. The tools covered are Spyder, python, tensor Flow, etc. This is the only institute that provides quizzes out of all the other Artificial Intelligence courses in Bangalore provided by institutes.

Why 360-digit mg?

  • Unlimited quizzes
  • Top companies are placement partners.

3. Datamites

This institute offers classes in three modes: online, blended, and offline. The fees are 92000, 55005, and 1,05,355, respectively. There are three types of courses in Artificial intelligence: an Artificial Intelligence engineer course, a manager course, and an Expert course. Because of this one can choose the course according to their expertise. The course consists of six phases: self-study videos, Intensive live online training, IABAC certification Exams, internships, Live client delivery projects, and Resume Preparation.

Why data mites?

  • One can choose the course according to their Expertise level.
  • Online, offline, and blended-mode classes are available.
Artificial Intelligence Courses in Bangalore

4. Besant technologies

      This course’s duration is 100 hours, including practical classes. The fee for the course is 15000–25000 rupees. The institute provides weekend and weekday classes, as well as online and offline classes in specific locations. You can grasp the concept easily as you get exposed to projects in the field of medicine and Insurance. The trainers are working at CTS, TCS, and HCL Technologies, and placement assistance is also provided. Even so, other institutes provide Artificial Intelligence Courses in Bangalore, only this institute’s trainers are Industry professionals.

 Why Besant Technologies?

  • Their trainers are working professionals themselves.
  • The cost of the course is affordable.

5. My Tectra

The classes are conducted in both offline and online modes and offer soft skills worth 25,000 rupees. The course offers certificate placement and industry-aligned projects during the internship. The syllabus is linear model, dimensional reduction, and q-learning policy gradient. Moreover, it offers a free session even before you make any payment, which helps you decide whether or not to join the course. If ever you missed a class due to an emergency, you could attend the particular class in any other batch you wished to.

Why My Tectra?

  • Could get into another batch for a single class
  • Access to the Global community form to learn with your peers

6. Learn bay

The course duration is 11 months; it has tie-ups with 250 companies and has established careers for 10,000 people. The cost is 110,000 rupees, and an EMI option is available for 10,816 per month. You can choose what you wish to pursue out of the twelve domains. Additionally, they teach project handling and data science. Course completion certificates issued by IBM, You could also get micro certifications up to eight in machine learning with Python, etc. Compared to other artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore provided by institutes, this institute provides the option you wish to pursue.

Why Learn Bay?

  • Earn micro certifications issued by IBM
  • Earn certification from IBM

7. Edvancer Eduventures

The course duration is 180 hours, with 250 hours of assignments and projects. The cost is 41,495 rupees for interactive mode and 31,395  rupees for self-paced mode. It provides lifetime access to premium videos and content and exposes 12 Industry projects. Their trainers are from TCS, Deloitte, etc. The industry-recognized certificate is offered, and their students are placed at Accenture. Cognizant, Tiger Analytics, etc. Learn R, Python, SQL, etc.; Finally, various tools are covered that would be beneficial. Out of all the institutes that provide Artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore, contrarily this one only provides 250 hours of assignments.

Why Edvancer Edventures?

  • Self-paced and interactive modes are available
  • Lifetime access to premium videos and content


The institute offers 40 hours of training and 3 hours of learning through live projects. With 25+ practical assignments and course material access for life, the institute has trained 15000 students and partnered with 890 clients. It has over 12 years of coaching experience in Artificial Intelligence. Out of all the Artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore, only this institute offers a group discount If you bring three students, you will receive a 10% discount; for 5 to 9 students, a 15% discount; for 10+ students, a 20% discount. Various tools are covered, for example, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure AI, Docker, and twenty other such tools.


  • If you join as a group discount is offered
  • Various modes of training, such as classroom, one-on-one, customized, etc.

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This blog talks about Artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore. The Institutes mentioned offer online and offline classes, and the fees range from thousands to lakhs. To get back to the point, when looking at the adoption of artificial Intelligence technologies by various industries, one must know about them. Artificial intelligence is also used to do manual tasks and solve complicated tasks, such as decision-making in business. Looking at its future, one must enroll in the course if one wishes to. 

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1. What is the minimum eligibility requirement to enroll in the course on artificial intelligence?

Bachelor’s degree in computer science, statistics, or STEM   (Science, Technology, Engineering, and mathematics) and knowledge in programming languages such as Java, Python, etc.

2. What are the career prospects after completing the Artificial Intelligence course?

 The career options are

      Data science, machine learning, data analysis, and software engineering. These jobs are available in Bengaluru after completing Artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore.

3. How much can a fresher expect in this field?

Freshers can expect a salary of 6 Lakh per annum (LPA)

4. What is the scope of Artificial Intelligence?

The scope is massive, as the impact has spread to transport, healthcare, cyber security, Entrepreneurship, etc

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