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  • The stock market is a place where shares of public listed companies buy and sell their goods and services. In a stock market, you can find varieties of buyers and sellers of stock. Many companies raise stock to earn and grow their company’s profit in the future.
  • Many institutions provide training in the stock market; they have numerous courses regarding the stock market in Kolkata for those who chose this as their profession. In Kolkata, there are many institutions that teach how to trade. If you are opting for trading as your profession or need to learn about trading, the best choice is to opt for courses.
  • Kolkata is one of the best places for trading. If you are beginner in trading and want to make trading as their professional, then you must know in and out of stock marketing. There are various stock marketing courses in Kolkata. And many institutions which offers different courses in both online and offline.

Top 10 stock market courses in Kolkata

1. Henry Harvin: 

  • HH is one of the leading educational institutions in career development stock market courses in Kolkata. It has more than 100+ courses that they teach both online and offline.
  • Well-trained and experienced faculties are here to teach you how to deal with stock market
  • They are also providing stock market specialization courses by teaching student’s equity, fundamentals, capital markets, and technical analysis.
  • This institution is providing internships for those who complete the course and providing certificates after completing the course and assessment test.
  • If the score is above 50% then only they will issue certificates

2. National stock exchange:

  • NSE Academy gives basic financial knowledge and education to beginners who are planning to start their career in the stock market.
  • This academy is based on sharing financial knowledge with the learner and providing certification. They focus mainly on financial markets and are certified market professionals.
  • They also provide both practical and online courses to operate a financial market.
  • They teach you how to deal with entry and exit of stock market.

3. Learn markets:

  • It is one of the leading online financial education providers; they provide certified financial courses, and they are jointly certified by the NSE Academy.
  • They provide chapter-wise study materials and live-recorded online classes.
  • Learn Market provides stock market courses in Kolkata on marketing strategies, and they will teach how to come up with several trading strategies to meet prevailing marketing conditions.

4. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE):

  • BSE is Asia’s first stock exchange and the world’s fastest stock market, with a media speed of 6 microseconds. This stock market is located in Mumbai.
  • They provide sufficient knowledge about stock exchanges and also analyze entry and exit points. BSE institutions provide good trading knowledge through stock market courses in Kolkata.
  • They provide interactive and informative live classes, and they include projects and quizzes. They also provide some courses for free.

5. Nifty Trading Academy (NTA):

  • NTA is India’s ISO-certified trading academy, and it provides market share courses. They provide interactive classes and also engage in the learning process.
  • This academy will provide you with the strategies required to become a stock marketer. NTA is one of the institutions that provides stock market courses in Kolkata.
  • The courses offered by this institution are the stock market basic course, the mastery in intraday course, the timing trade course, and the pure profit application course.

6. Udemy:

  • Udemy is one of the leading global platforms, and it gives access to all stock market courses as it is a mobile application.
  • This academy provides courses in 65 languages on many topics.
  • The stock market course from Starch is good for beginners.
  • In this academy, one should select the courses based on reviews and ratings.
  • In Udemy stock market courses are free; if the students want to know more, they should go for premium and pay for it to know detail about stock market

7. Coursera:

  • It is a platform where you can develop skills and explore your interests.
  • It also offers online courses as well as degrees from leading universities and companies.
  • In Coursera, you can access free homework exercises, videos, lectures, and community discussion forums.
  • The paid courses will provide positive quizzes, and they will provide certificates after completing the project.
  • If the score is more than 70% then they are eligible for certification

8. Booming Bulls Academy:

  • This academy is basically in Noida and has been considered a good stock marketing course.
  • It teaches you to understand the market in better ways and how to analyze the charts in your own way. If you are new, it helps you understand the stock market and teaches you when to enter and exit.
  • It also teaches the strategies, risk management, and psychology that are required for trading.

9. Stock Pathshala:

  • Stock Pathshala is one of the stock market courses that runs through a mobile application.
  • It is one of the start-up financial education programs, as it teaches about the stock market briefly with examples and also provides text, audio, and videos for references.

10. Skill Share:

  • This is one of the online platforms where the courses are taught by industry leaders as well as working professionals.
  • They have the opportunity for anyone to join and share skills from anywhere.
  • They also provide many courses and a variety of topics, techniques, and other tools for investigating.
  • This platform provides two-month free trials for students; after that, they can join or else quit.

 Conclusion :

The stock market is a place where public listed companies buy and sell their shares. Many institutions offer training in stock market courses in Kolkata, including those offered by Henry Hravin, National Stock Exchange Academy, Learn Markets, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Nifty Trading Academy (NTA), Udemy, Coursera, Booming Bulls Academy, Stock Pathshala, and Skill Share. These institutions provide various courses, internships, certificates, and interactive classes to help students become successful in the stock market. Some of the top stock market courses in Kolkata include the stock market basic course, mastery in intraday trading course, timing trade course, and pure profit application course.

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ’s)

Is it necessary to learn about the stock market?

Yes, it is necessary to know about the stock market if you wish to become a full-time professional trader.

Are they courses regarding stock market for beginner?

Yes, many institutions provide online and offline courses for those who are interested in learning about stock market.

3.Which is the best institution to learn about stock market?

There are many institutions who provide varieties of courses in stock one of the institution which provide both off line and online education about stock market and give an opportunity to do internship in their institution is H

4.Is it a good choice of becoming an all-time trader?

f one’s perception is to become an all-time trader, then he can go for it.
But he should be able to handle the losses which occurs while trading.
If he/ she is opting their profession in stock market then they mu know in and out of stock market.

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