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How to Start a Career in IoT in 2024


In this era where the graph of technology is increasing tremendously, the Internet of Things creates a remarkable spot. The domain is spreading its branches everywhere. From Information Technology to kitchen appliances, the significance of IoT is noticeable, and so is the demand for a thriving career in IoT. The growing industry is a boon for seasoned engineers and IT professionals. The constant question of the hour is how to start a career in IoT. Talking about the opportunities for having a career in IoT are immense. According to recent studies, the demand for expertise in IoT is increasing without fail. 

How to start a career in IoT?

A thriving career in IoT has to be on the priority list of aspiring candidates. The ones looking forward to a prolific future in the industry, the following are a few of the skills required to commence a career in IoT: 

  • Eligibility Criteria: Nothing is defined as such to become an IoT expert, just the relevant skills. The IT graduates and the people with a degree in B.Tech. have a cut above.
  • Computer Language: The candidates wondering how to start a career in IoT must have hands-on knowledge in Java, C, C++, Python, etc. as the stepping stones for a career in IoT. Language is the basic requirement in any kind of software development.
  • Management and Analysis of the Data: There is a tremendous amount of data to be looked into and analyzed for better results. A filthy amount of raw data is managed and put to its best use. One must be good at data analytics and converting data into valuable insights, something Engineers are proficient at. In layman’s language, sorting through the data and putting it to the most suitable use is a definite requirement.
  • Nexus: An IoT professional must have clarity in networking and connections. To establish communication between the software and the hardware, there is a compatible design and management between the two through the cloud. The resource person should be thorough with the decorum and equipment required for the same.
  • Data Visualization: Having in-depth knowledge in some data visualization tools like Power BI, Infogram, Tableau, Google Charts, etc., is required for detailed visual representation of IoT data.

Apart from the above-mentioned skills in having a career in IoT, the specialist, in none of the ways, compromises with the security standards. All the necessary measures are taken into consideration when it comes to cybersecurity.

How can we forget about Artificial Intelligence while discussing having a career in IoT? 

The deep learning and neural network skills are uncompromised for an IoT engineer. 

From data analysis to creating applications, machine learning is a must to create better applications.

For those thinking about how to start a career in IoT, find some options below for having a career in IoT. Listing down a few opportunities and narrowing down the search on what branch of IoT interests you the most: 

  • Data Scientist: Performing the data analysis, processing, and putting it to the best use is their core responsibility. A data scientist digs into the requirements and finds ways to meet them.
  • Network Engineer: The designing and establishing of a new network or working on the existing network to improve the performance is something that a network engineer looks into.
  • IoT Architect: One of the most promising prospects of a career in IoT. As the title suggests, they are the strategy planners in designing better IoT solutions. The primary focus is on meeting the client’s requirements.
  • IoT Systems Administrator: Responsible for providing access to IoT systems, they look into the proper functioning of the software and the hardware including the monitoring system.
  • IoT Security Engineer: Any lag in the security that leads to disruption in flawless functioning is taken care of by the IoT Security Engineer. Knowledge of cybersecurity leads to an exceptional preference to work in this department.
  • Sensors and Actuator Professional: The specialist has a sound knowledge in the sensor connections and the actuators linked to the hardware. The role includes continuous examining of certain tools and choosing the perfect solution. Besides, they look into the latest industry trends and keep upgrading accordingly.

Here are some established institutions providing just the right courses to begin your career in IoT: 

  • IoT Course Training Certification by Henry Harvin

      Having a rating of 4.3 out of 5, Henry Harvin is ISO certified and is recognized by UKAF, UK cert, MSME, and the American Association of EFL. The academy is associated with prestigious institutions like IIT Guwahati, IIM’s and industries like KPMG, IBM, Tech Mahindra, and many more. The elite institute has been providing informative and industry-relevant courses for over a decade. 

      The Institute provides the quintessential guidance and live interaction sessions with a chance to work on multiple live projects followed by a dedicated placement assistance team for one year after completion of the course, practical learning, and exposure to the latest market trends. The curriculum of the course is tailor-made by the experts to provide holistic learning and endow the learners with all the necessary skill set. One-to-one training is offered with a flexible schedule and there’s a policy of a complete refund of the fee if the learner is not satisfied with the initial session. A distinctive place to gain expertise on important modules of IoT and get certified with international recognition if planning to kickstart a career in IoT.

  • Learn Internet of Things by Udemy
  • IoT Networking by Coursera
  •  Internet of Things Foundation Series by AWS

Frequently asked questions:

What is the future of IoT in 2025?

As per the sources, there’ll be rampant growth in this field as IoT focuses on developing a smart environment aided by technology leading to a boost in the lifestyle. Hence, IoT undoubtedly has a blooming future and one can dive in deeper to create an established career out of it.

Is IoT a high-paying job?

IoT professionals are highly in demand with no prior experience required to get a job in this domain. The average salary of an IoT fresher lies between 3,50,000/- to 6,10,000/- annually and for someone having a defined career in IoT, it goes as high as 15,00,000/- annually. 

Does IoT require coding?

IoT is all about creating and maintaining the networks and for that coding is a must. To make the devices communicate through the interconnection, programming needs to be done and that’s done through coding.

Which computer language is required for IoT?

The most preferred language is C. Apart from this C++, Java, and Python are also some good options.

Can I work from home as an IoT expert?

Yes, all that’s required is a compatible PC or a laptop and a flawless internet connection. The work can be done from any location fulfilling the above requirements. One can even pick this up as a freelancing job.

Winding Up:

A career in IoT is a great idea in case you want to step into the world of IT.

These insights on how to start a career in IoT provide clarity on the futuristic scope of the domain and how exactly to go about it as a fresher. An IoT expert earns a better income than any IT professional with better growth opportunities and a horizontal scope.

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