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Henry Harvin vs Alliance Francaise online courses Review


The blog is all about the French Course of Henry Harvin and Education and Alliance. Both courses go hand in hand, but Henry Harvin is chosen to be the better institute because of their name, the way of teaching, and many more. 

But, let us understand both french institute courses, to get a deep understanding and clarity about the course.  

The Internet is the resource of knowledge; you will get a lot of things to learn. But, choosing the best institute and course is the major factor. So, once you are decided on your course, look for the best institute to take the knowledge. So let’s know about Henry Harvin Vs. Alliance French Course. 

Henry Harvin French Course Review  

Henry Harvin Education is a remarkable and leading educational institution globally known to provide certified courses for over 98 countries. It is such an organization that focuses on educating candidates to increase their knowledge in various training programs, giving them exposure to different cultures, and raising the level of awareness, values, and morals.

Henry Harvin is a famous training institute that is operated globally to provide high-standard education to students. It provides high-standard education through IT certification to students around the globe. In addition, it offers various training programs based on the students. The institution has trained over 300,000 candidates in over 97 countries and continues to be one of the leading educational providers worldwide.

Henry Harvin has been creating a powerful impact on the minds of students and corporate companies since its inception. With a client base of over 110 colleges, it is one of the leading online education centers to impart quality student training. Henry Harvin Education enables the students to master skills and gains expertise in their area of interest. The total number of online classes conducted by Henry Harvin in a month is 700!

Full of life and expertise related to different educational domains, Henry Harvin, is an institute that provides the best online education to the students leading to their bright careers. The institute helps young minds build up their skills and get ahead of their competitors in today’s fiercely competitive world, becoming more and more technology-oriented.

Henry Harvin Education, the French language academy, is a great way to learn French or any other language. It provides not only an online platform but also a hard copy. In addition, Henry Harvin Education is a unique way of teaching through an easy-to-understand method.

Henry Harvin’s education is dedicated to imparting knowledge in the best possible manner to all its students with a firm reason of enhancing their career growth. They have developed an apt teaching method that attracts the students towards learning French with great interest. The institute provides online French language training courses that are structured effectively. The courses are designed with the help of experienced expert trainers who have expertise in teaching the French language individually and in group settings.


About Henry Harvin French Course review


Henry Harvin Education Institute offers a comprehensive French course that is recommended to study by those excited about the French language training program. In addition, Henry Harvin’s french course review contains 25 hours of video lectures that explain the basics of simple French grammar. Thus, it serves as an excellent introduction to non-native French speakers. 

The course emphasizes speaking and understanding the French language, with complete practical guidance for pronunciations. The practical approach of the French language course helps you to become a wonderful speaker of the language.

The French language training program at Henry Harvin focuses on a practical approach where candidates can comfortably learn the language and understand every topic discussed. In addition, the course instructors share their knowledge, experience, and expertise with the candidates to assist them in improving their communication skills and building a sound foundation of grammar.

The course has various levels, such as Levels A1-B2 are called the Elementary levels. They teach you all the basics of French grammar and help you learn to understand the language. Levels C1-C2 are called the Intermediate and Advanced levels. They build on your understanding of French grammar, introduce more complex grammatical constructions, and expand your vocabulary. You get native-like pronunciation from a tutor with real-life experience in teaching French. They regularly update the course to keep pace with developments in French education. 

A1 and A2 French courses are meant for students who have zero knowledge of the language and want to learn the fundamentals of the French language.

B1 French is a comprehensive course covering everything you need to reach a high standard in your language learning. It marks the beginning of HSK Exam Preparation, which focuses on grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and pronunciation. This course adds to the B2 level. 

The C1 level further heightens the usage of French as an everyday language as they spoke it in a typical day environment. Finally, the C2 level deepens the learner’s knowledge base as they will understand other literature written in French. 

Key Features of the course:-


Henry Harvin French language course is immersive learning with key features like training, projects, internship, certification, placement, e-learning, boot camps, hackathons, and gold membership. Therefore, we consider Henry Harvin French language course as the 9 in 1 training course with all the amazing benefits. 

  • Training Method- Training is offered in 6 different levels of learning for students to progress. Each level comprises 30 or 40 hours of training on an online interactive medium with professional experts as trainers. Students can contact their teachers directly. The French course comprises 6 levels. Each level comprises 30 hours of training. They specifically created this means that the entire course consists of 180 hours of learning for beginners or people interested in learning the French language. The sessions are an interactive medium with expert trainers intervening. 
  • Live Projects – The program assists the learners to improve their level of command over the language by dealing with projects. They encourage the candidates to solve the problems by themselves to enhance their skills in understanding and comprehending the language. It enables the learners to practice the language with full confidence, which helps them grasp its essence. 
  • Internship Opportunity- The French course will equip you with all the basic skills of the French language. Alongside the course, the candidate will benefit from an internship. 
  • Certification – The Henry Harvin French language course provides the candidates with a certificate that they can use for many purposes. The certificate can mention the training program in CVs, resumes, etc. It will enhance the confidence level of the candidates in their knowledge about the French language. 
  • Placement Opportunity – Henry Harvin Education offers a 1-year placement opportunity for the candidates having completed the French language course. They placed the students in different companies where they learn to interact with people efficiently, even if it is their first job. 
  • Bootcamps and hackathons- The French course develops proficient knowledge, with free access to Hackathons and Boot camps. It offers intensive studies for people having work commitments. 
  •  Gold membership of Henry Harvin – Candidates can access their recording sessions for one year with the gold membership. It will help the candidates to practice their language skills more easily. Also, they can learn better pronunciation.

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Alliance French Course Review

The Alliance française, or French Cultural Center, is a series of cultural centers created by the French government. The network of Alliances françaises aims to promote the French language, showcase the culture and develop cultural ties between France and its countries with cultural centers. In addition, alliances françaises organize cultural events such as theater shows, art exhibitions, music recitals, and workshops for children.

Alliance française works on a two-pronged approach: first, our centers provide a permanent space where French is taught, and cultural events are organized. Second, the Alliance’s françaises encourage learning the language and participating in cultural activities that have promoted a better understanding of the French language, identity, and culture.

The Alliance Française in India offers a range of French language courses, from general to business and exam training. A Director designated and remunerated by the French government oversees all Alliance. One course does not fit all needs; the Alliance française in India offers several options. Many of the teachers whose courses they offered at the Alliance Française in India can speak English fluently. As an ardent Francophile, you must find this to be a plus. But what is more important is that they are all experienced teachers who the Ministry of Education has instructed in Paris, the French capital city. Francophiles living in India or abroad can now learn French through Alliance française, thanks to their new internet portal.

Key Features of the course:-

Registration: To enroll for a course, become a member of the Alliance Française. Then you have to fill up the form online or at any of our teaching centers or even fill it up on the spot. After that, you have to come for the exam. Alliance Francaise de Bombay has been teaching the French language since 1883. Since then, our courses have helped thousands of people learn French, enabling them to unlock new opportunities in their lives.

Level of education: They have courses designed for Beginner A1 and A2, Intermediate B1 and B2, and Advance level C1 and C2. The courses are available for Adults and also for young kids.

Study Material – The Alliance Francaise Course comprises 10 levels. Our Exclusive Course Fees cover the cost of 9 Levels and do not include Level-10 as it is meant as a review level for those who have previously already passed Levels 1-9. The fees also do not cover the purchase of study material–this has to be purchased separately. They will send you an email to know how to get hard copies of the course.

Certification: They provide you with certification after completion of your level. You can easily download the certificate via the Alliance portal. 

Workshops: Alliance Française of Bombay offers a variety of workshops to help you improve your French-speaking skills. From a phonetics workshop to a workshop for Indian students, a critical debate workshop, a fun-filled workshop on clumsiness, and a humorous storytelling workshop, they have plenty for you to choose from. This trimester’s Alliance Française workshops will help you improve your French! Besides helping you perfect your French pronunciation, our workshops will prepare you for official French examinations and real-life situations. So come along and enjoy a fun day full of activities that will further enhance your mastery of our beautiful language.

Importance of Learning French language

The French language is one of the most widely spoken and written languages globally, and you can learn it with Berlitz. The French embassy and trade commission sponsors several institutes that conduct courses for diplomats and government employees: Berlitz runs similar courses to help people worldwide learn this complex language that you can use to bring international understanding into your life! Learning French is the key to unlocking the cultures and countries of the world francophone. So fly with us, discover new horizons, and expand your mind. The ability to speak even a little French makes it so much more enjoyable to visit Paris and all the regions of France and offers insights into France’s culture and way of life. French also comes in handy when traveling to French-speaking parts of the world. Learning French opens up all kinds of possibilities for you and your family in today’s increasingly interconnected world. Whether you want to travel the globe, watch international TV and movies, make business connections, or access a wealth of culture and knowledge from one of the world’s most influential nations, the ability to understand French opens a new world for you.

The French language is an important base for learning other Romance languages because French is a descendant of Latin. Double the number of French words are shared with English, compared to Italian. Your total vocabulary will be larger if French is your base since they also derived many spoken English words from French.



These are the best factors of both the academics teaching French courses. In my experience and according to my research I would rate Henry Harvin’s course better than that of Alliance Francaise French Course. I have enumerated my points that led me to this conclusion and now its up to the reader to use their discretion and choose the best for themselves.


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  • Alliance Française’s online courses are a fantastic option for language learners seeking quality instruction. Their comprehensive curriculum and experienced instructors ensure a rewarding learning experience. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced learner, their courses provide excellent opportunities to enhance your French language skills.

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